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Untagged  21 Jun 2010
Aerial Footage of the Trans-Canada washout. by Hudson

YouTube user Vicodinkid shot some amazing footage of the Trans-Canada Highway getting washed out near Maple Creek, check it out:



Saskatchewan Flood of 2010 - Maple Creek, Irvine Trans Canada Hwy 1



Also, posted a video  and is keeping us updated on the story .

 I'd like to think I could say more about this, but "Wow" is the only thing that comes to mind.

 what do you think?



Drivetime with Pat & Hudson 15 Apr 2010
the end of an era... by Hudson

 ... wait, that title was lame...

this isn't the end of anything, this is just damn awesome!

At 7:07 in the morning on April 11th the legendary Texas Stadium was demolished. It is where some sporting type teams from Texas played against teams not from Texas in some sorta sport sport. Who cares about the history, lets watch that baby get blowed up... FROM THE INSIDE!

Texas Stadium implosion 

double panorama view TWICE, once real time, once slow mo.. so thats like 9 times (not good at math)


 Now... am I the only one that watched that and suddenly started thinking about Mosaic Stadium in Regina...





Untagged  14 Apr 2010
She's a lady! by Hudson

Well, my kinda lady at least...

(please note, if you are my wife and are reading this... it is TOTALLY platonic)

So, the other night in Kalamazoo, Mich. the ever lovely and vivacious Miranda Lambert stopped a cat fight. yes, you read it right... check out the video


Miranda Lambert breaks up a cat fight


gotta get the intern better seats next time 

 Halfway through singing "Stay With Me", the gorgeous and totally awesome Miranda Lambert spotted to girls in mid cat fight. With the voice of an angel she told the band to stop and confronted the combatants. No, for real... she even did the whole "Don't make me come down there" thing and the crowd cheered. 

Both women didn't wanna mess with Mrs. Huds... uh, Ms. Lambert and stopped, and the show went on.


 damn she's good.




Untagged  7 Apr 2010
The Next Susan Boyle?? or Whitney Houston??? by Cristy Beggs

OK, this is nuts!! A Taiwanese boy named Lin Yu Chun NAILED the classic "I Will Always Love You" on a talent search show called Super Star Avenue....taking First Place...$1 Million and a Recording Contract! Check out the video.......xox Cristy



Drivetime with Pat & Hudson 20 Mar 2010
and the other shoe... er skate drops. by Hudson

Just... a few of them will have some extra time on their hands.

If you missed last Sunday's Blades game (and, if you did... wow. you missed some damn fine Don Cherry Hockey) they have the highlights up on the Blades Website. Now, has the aftermath.

Five suspensions total including GM and Head Coach Lorne Molleken and almost 5k in fines for the Blades, and Josh Cowen from the Rebels out for 4 games and the team fined $250 total.

Watch the video... It turns into total chaos.

 Now, we're not here to say if it was right or wrong, or judge the level that one team was punished over the other...

I think we're just saying... wow. THAT's some Hockey.

Gonna make for an interesting first round.






Untagged  7 Mar 2010
The Meal the won my heart! by John The Producer

 This is the meal I proposed to:

the start

the middle

the end

We hope to be wed in the spring, and yes we are registered at Schryer's Smoked BBQ Shack .

(you can hear more about the happiest day of my life in the BullCast )


Drivetime with Pat & Hudson 3 Mar 2010
The Bull Nation Starts Young! by Hudson
This kid ROCKS!
Thanks to Darren for emailing the vid!
Got a video to share? email me:
Drivetime with Pat & Hudson 28 Feb 2010
Podium, consider yourself Pwned! by Hudson


In this photo: Sidney Crosby, Scott Niedermayer, Drew Doughty & Team USA
In this photo: Sidney Crosby, Scott Niedermayer, Drew Doughty & Team USA

So, it is the day after Team Canada's epicly massive win... Am I talking about the USA vs Canada Men's Hockey game? Yes. Am I talk about the Olympics as a whole? Yes.

We've heard over and over again about Own the Podium , the Goverment program mandated to give Canada the most overall at the games. Now we are hearing the questions... "Did it work? Should it continue?"

Yes, Canada placed third overall. Yes thats not quite what the program was set up to do. Yes, the Germans landed 30 medals total (10G, 13S, 7B) and  yes, the Americans came out on top overall with 37 (9G, 15S, 13B; making them amazingly good at coming in 3rd and 2nd! way to go team!)

Technically, that means the program didn't set out to do what it said it would. I say nay nay to your technicalities (yes, thats right, nay nay... not sure why chose that, but lets move on).

Canada set the record for the most Gold ever at a Winter Olympic Games. So we didn't own the WHOLE podium the whole way through, we did grab 14 gold so we owned the prime real estate... THE TOP. The penthouse of the podium if you will.

In my humble little opinion as a chubby ginger that spent the whole Olympics glued to the couch and the screen, I call it a success and congratulate each and every member of Team Canada and the Own the Podium program. From an office clerk in Ottawa to Jon Montgomery to the dude that picked competitors up at the air port.

Traditionaly, we Canadians are reserved and not prone to gloating in victory... But we earned it this time Canada.

Good game World, good game!

- Hudson




Drivetime with Pat & Hudson 11 Feb 2010
some V-Day help! by Hudson

Hey, it's Hudson...

 and I am still scrambling to get the Trophy Wife the Valentines Day she deserves (She, puts up with me... so obviously she deserves a good one)

 50's Cowboy ValentineSo, I'm thinking as part of my preperations well... music is a good one, right? I work at a radio station, this should be a no brainer!

 ... and 3 hours later I came up with the definative list for theValentines Day Country Music mix tape!

 I figured short of getting discs made and trying to sell them out of the back of a van... I'd just share the liste with you:

  • Brooks & Dunn: "Proud of the House We Built," "Ain't Nothing ‘Bout You"
  • Jason Michael Carroll: "Livin' Our Love Song"
  • Kenny Chesney: "She's Got It All," "Me and You"
  • Sara Evans: "I Could Not Ask for More," "Perfect"
  • Alan Jackson: "A Woman's Love," "Livin' on Love," "Remember When," "I'd Love You All Over Again"
  • Martina McBride: "I Just Call You Mine," and of course, "Valentine"
  • Montgomery Gentry: "Lucky Man"
  • Craig Morgan: "Love Remembers"
  • Jake Owen: "Don't Think I Can't Love You"
  • Brad Paisley: "Then," "Waitin' on a Woman," "She's Everything"
  • Dolly Parton: "I Will Always Love You"
  • Chuck Wicks: "All I Ever Wanted"
  • Gretchen Wilson: "Come to Bed"
  • Chris Young: "Gettin' You Home"

Hope that helps and have a happy Valentines Day!




Drivetime with Pat & Hudson 19 Jan 2010
Finally, the Late Night Talk Shows wars explained! by Hudson

The past week and a half has been rather confusing if you are a fan of late night TV talk shows. The roller coaster ride of who's going where and whats going to be on at what time can be rather hard to sort out.... until now.

Taiwan News explains NBC's Late Night mess

Hope that helps,

Team Conan Member and Fellow Ginger, 


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