Tune in for "For What's Happening on Campus this weekend" Thursdays at 4:45pm, Fridays at 8:45am and Saturdays at 9:45am with Jillian Martin -- Born and raised in good ol’ toon town but am a travel junky. Been coast to coast across Canada, then California, Washington, Florida, Mexico, Dominican, Japan and adding Kenya to the list in May. Disney is the greatest and don’t tell me otherwise. I bleed green for the Riders all summer long and as soon as that first jump ball is thrown for the NBA I’m cheering for the Raptors all the way. I can lace up a tie up dress in less than a minute and you can never leave a bag of chips unattended around me or you will never see it again. Former High School, All Star and University cheerleader and there was this one time where my face was on an elevator and some buses. Oh, and Luke Bryan can shake it for me anytime he likes.