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And if you don’t want to stop the action when the game begins, you can take advantage of a number of live wagering options – Live Betting Ultra, Live Betting Extra, and in-play betting that takes place during breaks. This adds an extra dimension of excitement to the proceedings!

BetAnySports 2022 Sportsbook Review (55% Welcome Bonus)

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There is literally something for everybody at, where you have more choices than any other sports/casino gaming destination has to offer. Nobody welcomes customers any more warmly than these people, who have been doing business out of the world capital for online gaming – San Jose, Costa Rica – since 2010.

BetAnySports brings you aboard with a 55% Welcome Bonus good up to a $1,000 deposit (Please use bonus code “BOS” ) and then they put more and more value in front of you every step of the way.

Reduced Juice at BetAnySports

Let’s talk about REDUCED JUICE for a moment. If you are wagering through the sportsbook section of the website on the day of an event, BetAnySports will allow you to place your wagers while laying less in the way of “juice” or “vig” to the house. For example, during football season, where you may bet a point spread and lay -110 (11-to-10), you will see that reduced to a smaller number like -105 or even lower. This works in other sports as well. Over the course of time, you’ll save a lot of money!

BetAnySports Sportsbook Options

There’s an amazing number of options available in the sportsbook; that includes all major North American sports in addition to international soccer, MMA, boxing, auto racing, golf, tennis, and many more. They even have special odds on pro wrestling, politics and pop culture. And the interface is incredibly easy to use.

Plenty of props, futures, halftime lines, quarter lines, team totals and other wagering alternatives are available, and the payouts on exotic wagers like parlays and teasers are very favorable.

Live Wagering Options at BetAnySports

And if you don’t want to stop the action when the game begins, you can take advantage of a number of live wagering options – Live Betting Ultra, Live Betting Extra, and in-play betting that takes place during breaks. This adds an extra dimension of excitement to the proceedings!

And while we are on the subject of what is “live,” you will have to check out the Live Dealer Casino, which features dealers and games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette from a remote location that you can play in real-time.

Casino Action offers much more in the way of casino action than the others, with three different no-download options – the Grand Casino (which features over 90 Real Series slots), the Bonus Casino (which pays out higher than traditional casino games) and the Jackpot Casino, which has a dazzling array of 3D games. There is also a collection of “Mini Games” that can be played on any mobile device. In fact, this whole operation is OPTIMIZED for mobile use.

Live Dealer Casino

You can play on the Live Dealer casino and get great bonuses and action with real-life dealers in real-time. You’ve got lots of games and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can play for any state many Live Dealer casino games like Bullet Point BACCARAT, Bullet Point BACCARAT SQUEEZE, Bullet Point BACCARAT SUPER 6, Bullet Point, BACCARAT INSURANCE, Bullet Point FANTAN, Bullet Point DRAGON/TIGER, Bullet Point ROULETTE, Bullet Point XOC DIA, Bullet Point SIC BO, Bullet Point BELANGKAI.

BetAnySports Racebook

Oh, and don’t forget the hot racebook action as well. You’ll have the opportunity to visit any Thoroughbred track in North America, playing at either the “Plus 10%” racebook, which offers regular track payout, plus 10% to the customer, or the “Rebate Racebook,” which gives you a rebate up to 9% on your daily bet volume.

There is every reason to be a “volume” player at BetAnySports. And to reward you, they have set up a VIP program that has some goodies for regular players (call the customer service line at 800-604-5922 to get the lowdown.

If you want to open up an account, it’s easy. Just use your Visa card, a person-to-person transfer (like, say, Western Union) or Bitcoin, the virtual currency that is completely headache-free with their automated system, gives you all the privacy in the world, and never incurs a transaction fee! And here’s the best part – withdrawals here are SUPER-FAST.

Customer service couldn’t be any more delighted to help you. So don’t hesitate to reach out and discover how you can get in on the action right away! Facts

Established: 2002
Betanysports Location: Costa Rica
US Players: US Players Are Accepted
License: Curacao Gaming
Betanysports Phone Number: 800-604-5922
Customer Service Hours: 24/7
Email Support: [email protected]
Languages: English and Spanish
Betanysports Bonuses: 55% up to $5,000
Betanysports Banking: Visa, MC, AMEX, BTC, Bank Wire and More

You will not find a more complete and more user-friendly gaming destination anywhere in the world. Don’t forget about that 50% Welcome Bonus, and make sure you use the special Bonus Code of “BOS” when you request it. We’ll see you in the winner’s circle!

Deposit Methods at BetAnySports:

Joining BetAnySports Sportsbook

Head to and click on the sign-up button. Choose your state and create your account. You can register and bet from anywhere across the United States with BetAnySports, the only places you cant bet are Hawaii and Puerto Rico. You will only need to give a few details, mainly your first and last name and email. Then press continue, enter the necessary personal details, and then choose a username and set a password. Click on Join BetAnySports, and you are good to go.

One of them is the “Vegas Live Dealer Casino,” which features Baccarat, Blackjack, Blackjack Early Payout (an invention of the providers at Visionary iGaming), Single Zero Roulette and Enhanced Payout American Roulette.

A Superb Sportsbook for over 17 years

If you are looking for a bunch of bells and whistles in the sportsbook software, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. BAS uses a very simple and easy to use platform, with drop-down and check boxes to take you to all the menu items in a few seconds.

If you love sports and exploring betting options, Bas will be your playground. When you go to the sportsbook area, what you’re going to find with a lot of these offerings, you can pick any number of alternative lines. In other words, if the price in a football game is that one team is a three-point favorite, you can find a line of 2-1/2, as long as you are willing to lay a little higher price than -110 on your end. It may sometimes work out and sometimes not, but the opportunity and the choice is yours, and that can’t be said about most sportsbooks.

This place gives you all the options, such as an extensive array of propositions and futures. In other words, if there is a televised event you’ll be watching, you can place wagers on player points, hits, yards – whatever the case. This applies to teams as well, as you have first half sides and totals, team totals – you get the idea. Futures bets allow you to put something down on the winner of any league of significance over a longer span.

And they have “minus-1” run lines on baseball, in addition to those in which you lay a run and a half (that’s unusual). As baseball bettors can tell you that is a legitimate draw.

You’ll find extremely competitive payouts on the so-called “exotic” wagers as well. We’re talking about parlays, teasers, action reverses, round robins and much more.

In that regard, the BetAnySports casino does excel because there are hundreds of games to choose from. We just wish it was easier to get them under one link instead of five.

Verify Identity To Unlock Options

Betanysports supports deposits done through bank money order, bank card, person-to-person, or Bitcoin. However, the first three options aren’t available until you verify your identity via an ID, passport, or monthly bill of some sort. Bitcoin, however, is accepted with or without verification.

Bitcoin: The Most Convenient Way To Deposit

What’s not like about Bitcoin deposits? They’re free of charge, have the highest deposit limits of $10,000, and don’t require identity verification. We just wish Betanysports would accept other cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin. Regardless, Bitcoin is the most hassle-free way of funding your account on Betanysports.

Credit Cards: Harsh Limits Imposed

For US- and Canada-based players only, deposits with Visa and Mastercard are allowed on Betanysports — in either credit or debit card form. But get this, the max deposit limit is a measly $500. That’s overly constraining and pales in comparison to the higher limits offered up by competing sportsbooks.

BetAnySports Sportsbook

While the selection of sports wagering at BetAnySports is fairly good, players cannot wager on eSports at least not yet and considering the rising popularity of eSports, this is definitely a huge minus. It should be noted that BetAnySports offers only sportsbetting activities without casino and poker games included that its sister website 5Dimes does offer.

That’s why you shouldn’t bet at this operator

If anyone currently reading this has already attempted to deposit at his or her online account with some offshore sportsbook had some trouble, it is most likely due to the UIGEA’s efforts. Our strong recommendation is to avoid doing so not only because the UIGEA bans payments which are made to unreputable, unauthorized sites, but because a variety of other reasons which will be discussed further.

Even though offshore sportsbooks have long been active, and even though they maintain a massive share of the ever-growing US gambling market, transferring your money to offshore sportsbook form the United States is still considered illegal. Since these operators hold no licensing, players put their money to a great risk.

  • Bet on licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

Furthermore, players do not only risk their money, but also their personal data which is not protected as when signing up for an account at a licensed sportsbook. Besides, these operators cannot guarantee safe and fair play, so players are once again exposed to all sorts of risky business. Speaking of funds, payment processors including banks and every other are prohibited from processing transactions made to these operators without licensing.

For this reason, many of them accept cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin as these are fully decentralized, non-dependable on the government. While using cryptocurrencies has its perks such as greater anonymity and no transactional feels applied, they are far away from being safe banking options to use.

In a sea of reasons to avoid offshore operators, another one stands out and that is possible support of tax evasion as many operators of this kind encourage failing to pay taxes on online gambling winnings which is once again illegal. When you take into consideration advantages and major disadvantage of registering at an offshore operator, it is the best idea to avoid them altogether just as suggested by many other comprehensive BetAnySports reviews and other similar online sources which are readily available to you at any time.

Limits/Ease of depositing money: 10/10

BetAnySports Sportsbook Review

BetAnySports is yet another awesome sportsbook that used to be featured loosely under the 5Dimes umbrella of books. As you will come to realize after reading this review, BetAnySports is really a great sportsbook. Not only are they reliable, but there entire operation is easily one of the best ones out there. Anyways, we thank you for taking the time to read our BetAnySports sportsbook review and we hope you enjoy it!

Depositing Money

BetAnySports Deposit

As with most sportsbooks, there are a number of ways to deposit money into your BetAnySports sportsbook account. While it should be noted the the customer service is top-notch, it is still highly recommended that everything is done online as the minimums are much lower.

With the shift in the industry going toward Bitcoin, it is highly recommended that you do all your transactions this way. The main reason this has become so popular is that the transaction fees are very low and the limits are much higher. Not only will you be able to deposit very high amounts, but you’ll also then be able to withdraw high amounts as well (We will discuss this in further detail in the Payouts section below). As of this writing, the minimum Bitcoin deposit is $100 and the maximum deposit is $25,000.

If Bitcoin still isn’t your style, then there are a variety of other methods for deposit that are available. The second most popular option is to use a credit card. Going this route (or any other deposit routes) will typically have a minimum fee of $50. Also, you can send them a check with no maximum limit. If you choose to do this then it is highly recommend that you contact customer service first.

Limits/Ease of depositing money: 10/10

Betting Interface

The betting platform for BetAnySports is very simple and easy to use. Critics will say that it looks like it is a bit behind the times, and while we do tend to agree with this there is no doubt that it functionally gets the job done.

BetAnySports Dynamic Lines

BetAnySports has made improvements recently to their betting interface by also offering another way to bet in their “Dynamic Lines” feature (pictured above). In this feature, they simply take the most popular events and make it a one click process. Once a betting line is clicked on then the user is asked to a place and confirm their wager.

BetAnySports Dynamic Lines Confirmation Page

BetAnySports Dynamic Lines Confirmation Page

With Dynamic Lines, BetAnySports really helps to fix what many call their biggest weakness. But again, whether using the old way or the new way, you will never feel lost or confused when trying to find what you are looking for.

Look and feel of the betting interface: 8/10

Odds/Bet Limits

BetAnySports Dime Lines

BetAnySports Dime Lines

What makes BetAnySports extremely impressive is that even with the low juice on all their offerings, they are consistently one of the first sportsbooks to have their lines available. This is especially helpful to sharp bettors who can take advantage of the lines early before they move more closely to their market value. This is sort of a dream scenario in the betting world and it provides an advantage that is hard to find anywhere else.

All this being said, it is impossible not to give BetAnySports a perfect score in this category. If you are the type of bettor that is experienced and has the discipline to jump on the lines as they are published then you can make a significant amount of money betting with these guys.

Odds Prices and minimum bet limits: 10/10

Mobile Betting

There is no doubt that if there was any section of the BetAnySports site that could be improved that it would be their mobile section. With the growing trend of people betting on their mobile phones, it’s actually a little bit shocking that they haven’t spent more effort perfecting their mobile platform.

If a strong mobile platform is of the utmost importance to you then we would suggest using BetOnline (for more on them: BetOnline Review). In our opinion, it isn’t so bad that we would suggest using another sportsbook but be weary that this is a weakness.

Mobile Betting Platform: 6/10


Payouts are another area where BetAnySports knocks it out of the park! Payouts are reliable and timely and by using Bitcoin, it is practically guaranteed that you will be paid out completely within 48 hours. The limits for this method are the same as they are for deposits. The minimum payout is $100, while the maximum payout is $25,000. If you are lucky enough to win really big then you can still request and get a payout once every week.

BetAnySports Payouts

Other methods are available but these come with pretty stiff fees unless you meet the requirements for a free payout. Our recommendation is that you do everything in Bitcoin as this will greatly improve your satisfaction with the payment systems.

Ease and price of payouts: 10/10


BetAnySports isn’t really known for having amazing promotions. One has to understand that there is a trade off between having amazing odds and giving out promotions. We’ve never seen a sportsbook do both, because it wouldn’t be long before they were out of business.

All this said, it is actually somewhat surprising that BetAnySports has any type of the promotions at all. We are happy to say that they do. All deposits come with a 20% free play up front. This free play comes with a 5x rollover requirement which compared to other sportsbooks is pretty good. The free play is also contingent on the user not having an account at any other of the 5Dimes umbrella of sportsbooks.

Offers/Promotions: 8/10


Pro: Reliable/fast payouts
Pro: Very strong customer service.
Pro: Low juice with betting lines available before most sportsbooks.
Pro: Under the 5Dimes umbrella.

Con: Mobile betting is available but lacking.
Con: No sportsbook promotions.
Con: Slightly outdated betting platform.


The original posting of this blog was on May 6th, 2016.

6/2/2017: We reviewed everything again and have no immediate updates on BetAnySports.


BetAnySports is a great sportsbook for beginners and experts alike. As one can infer from reading this post, BetAnySports impresses across the board. They really only have one or two weaknesses that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t hurt our perception of the sportsbook.

If you choose to give BetAnySports a try then you can feel rest assured that you are betting in a good place. Since joining the 5Dimes umbrella of sportsbooks, we have received only positive feedback about this book. That reliability is especially crucial when deciding who to trust with your money.

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