BetAnySports Sportsbook Bonus

In terms of a mobile site, it’s very good. In fact, when we look at usability, the mobile app looks and functions better than the online platform, which is pretty impressive, to say the least.

BetAnySports EU 2022 – Claim a $700 BetAnySports Bonus without Promo Codes

Betanysports bonus offers and promotions largely go against the grain how they work compared to other online casinos. There is no need for any promo code, but you must contact customer support to activate them.

On this page, we’ll go through how exactly these work, as well as the types of bonuses available at the casino and the sportsbook, and more.

Betanysports welcome bonus

It’s pretty easy to fund an account. For deposits, you can use major credit/debit cards, person-to-person money transfers, checks and money orders, wire transfers, plus the electronic methods like Click2Pay, Gold-Pay, Moneybookers, Neteller, InstaDebit, and eWalletXpress. When you want to get your money out, you can make use of Gold-Pay, Moneybookers, Neteller, InstaDebit, while also receiving withdrawals through wire transfers, person-to-person transfers, and checks.


Out of the wilderness of online sportsbooks that sometimes appear to be a maze of graphics and navigation that is dying to be solved comes, a comprehensive one-stop wagering shop that makes the whole process go down smoothly.

As a brand, BetAnySports has been in operation since 2010, although its roots are originally with the 5Dimes organization, which is a giant in the industry, its now no longer with them any hasnt missed a beat. So you know that there is a lot of expertise that goes into what they have to offer.

This is an easy-to-use interface that lets you get in and out quickly. No, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles in the world, but that works out pretty well for you as the player because it operates so fluidly. There aren’t endless drop boxes or buttons to click. All you have to do is log in and it’s all in front of you – the sports book, the casino, mini-blackjack, racebook action, and lottery. This is truly a full-service brand, and you’ve got some economy of movement while negotiating your way through it.


Once you’re inside, you’re going to find one of the most pleasurable things any sports bettor can experience. It’s called “reduced odds wagering.” What does that mean? Well, it means that you will have the option of laying less juice than usual on a game. You’ll simply look for the checkbox that says “Reduced” and away you go! Remember, traditionally you’re going to lay $1.10 when you’re betting a football game. In the case of BetAnySports, you can pay -105 or less, or even take a price. This way, it can really work to your advantage.

Let’s talk about what that means in straight betting. To illustrate, we’ll use a consistent model of laying -105 rather than -110 (you can get even better prices than this). When you have to overcome the “11-to-10,” you need to pick winners at a 52.38% rate to break even, assuming the same wager each time. On that basis, at -105, you only need to win 51.22% of the time. Over the course of a season, that can and will make a difference.

Pocket Casino: Rebate games that give you a return percentage from all risked wagers. Roulette 4% – Baccarat 0.4% – Blackjack 0.2% – Video Poker 0.2% – Grid Iron 0.2%. Options blackjack you can choose when to settle and it adds a monetary value to your play. Also offers 5 different kinds of solitaire games.

BetAnySports Online Sportsbook Review

Customers can be assured of very fast payouts, especially when accessing the person-to-person transfer option, which is processed within 48 hours. Lots of advantages, including reduced juice, live in-game wagering, and of course the live casino dealers. With an extensive selection of wagering options, players will never feel neglected. Credit cards, as mentioned, are accepted for deposits. For United States customers, this is about as fine an all-around experience as there is.

BetAnySports First Impression

BetAnySports has been in business since 2002, and no gaming destination gets to that point without being able to exhibit a strong spirit of service toward its customers. Because of this, in addition to a wide-ranging menu of gaming “products” that includes a world-class sportsbook, “BAS” has made tremendous gains with audiences in the United States, from where they cheerfully accept business.

BetAnySports wants the customer to be happy and be in touch. That is why they not only offer email, along with a toll-free option for customer support by telephone, but also the option to communicate via live chat, which is manned by professionally-trained representatives. The retention rate produced by such personalized service has been impressive, to say the least.

The process by which customers can open an account at BetAnySports is pain-free, because the options are so plentiful. Credit cards are accepted, as are person-to-person transfers and wire transfers. For customers located in jurisdictions in which it is permissible, certain electronic wallets (also known as “e-wallets”) are accepted as well (please check with the BAS website for the full breakdown on availability).

Withdrawals are always a concern for sportsbook and casino customers, and we are happy to report that this is an area in which BetAnySports really excels. This entire process is relatively simple and fast when compared to many other sportsbooks, in the respect that person-to-person transfers, bank wire transfers and checks are used (check with website for details along with possible associated fees). It can be safely said that BetAnySports facilitates withdrawals as quickly as anyone in the industry. For example, when the person-to-person transfer option is used, the payout is generally executed within 48 hours.

As far as the sportsbook is concerned, BetAnySports has a menu that is comprehensive enough to cover virtually every major sporting event taking place in the world, and then some. Sports betting enthusiasts have the capacity to place wagers on events that are popular within the United States, such as baseball, pro and college football, pro and college basketball, hockey, in addition to golf, tennis, auto racing, boxing and mixed martial arts. What’s more, international soccer is thoroughly covered, as are sports that may be normally left off the menu of some sportsbooks, such as volleyball, rugby, lacrosse, wrestling and various specials.

Not only does BetAnySports offer the opportunity to wager on straight bets and totals, they have a very impressive selection of so-called “exotic” bets that are accommodated, including teasers, parlays, round robins, progressives, “If” bets, reverses, and more. If customers are interested in placing wagers on futures in all sports and propositions that are associated with various major events, they are not going to be disappointed.

And in the way of even greater incentive to play at BetAnySports, there is a “reduced juice” option on many of the events in the popular team sports, as well as a full selection of alternate lines. It can be said that a customer could bet a football, baseball or basketball game at almost any price.

For those who are not content to just place a bet and sit back to watch the game, BetAnySports has great features including Sports Betting Ultra, Live Betting Extra, Sports Betting Prime, and Sports Betting Plus, in which dozens and dozens of propositions, offered in real-time, are offered on selected games, covering sports as diverse as football, basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis.

The minimum bet for most wagers is $1 online and $50 when those bets are placed over the phone (into the call center). There is information on the BAS website covering the maximums that are allowed for the various sports. Also refer to the website for payout charts on some of the exotics. One of the things that should be mentioned about the BetAnySports sportsbook is that the interface is extremely simple and user-friendly, so one does not have to be a technician to navigate it.

The sportsbook is by no means the only quality gaming product offered at BetAnySports. Customers have access to 3 live dealer casinos and 7 rng casinos that do not have to be downloaded. The “live dealer casino” represents a special treat in which customers can play blackjack, roulette, or baccarat in real-time with actual dealers through a high-definition video feed. There is also a racebook covering al the major thoroughbred tracks, a daily lottery and a poker room, where players can compete against others from around the world.

As we mentioned at the top, BetAnySports has been making tremendous gains with its audience, and part of that involves some of the more competitive bonus programs that are available. When players sign up for a new account, they are offered a 50% first deposit special, although customers are advised to consult with the website to get the latest updates on bonus offers.

Live Betting!

  • Ultimate Lines
  • Super Lines
  • Premier Lines are back!


Diamond Casino: The house of fancy slots machines and baccarat. (Coming soon!)

3D Casino: Provider: Betsoft. Best 3D slot machines in the industry.

Pocket Casino: Rebate games that give you a return percentage from all risked wagers. Roulette 4% – Baccarat 0.4% – Blackjack 0.2% – Video Poker 0.2% – Grid Iron 0.2%. Options blackjack you can choose when to settle and it adds a monetary value to your play. Also offers 5 different kinds of solitaire games.

Classic Casino: The vegas classic slots machines casino. You can open multiple machines simultaneously.

Vegas Live (Live Dealer): Professional dealers ready to take your call. The closest experience to sitting at a table in Las Vegas.

Lucky Live ( Live Dealer ): The real Asian casino experience.

Euro Live ( Live Dealer): Europe casino tables streaming 24/7 for you.


  • Premium rating for both the sportsbook and casino
  • A proven track record during its tenure
  • Reduced Juice, which benefits the customer
  • Extremely generous selection of propositions, futures and exotics
  • Live in-game wagering that covers the major sports
  • Live dealer games that are accessible around the clock
  • Credit card deposits available for United States players
  • Lightning-fast withdrawal process
  • Highly-professional 24/7 customer support
  • Sportsbook, Racebook
  • Grand Casino, Jackpot Casino, Gold Casino, Bonus Casino, Match Play Casino
  • Diamond Casino – Coming Soon!
  • Vegas Live Dealer, Lucky Live Dealer, Monte Carlo Live Dealer
  • Bingo
  • Mini Games
  • Lottery


  • None that we can see


Hours of Operation: 24/7

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Phone Numbers:

  • Toll-Free +1 800 604 5922
  • Back Up +1 888 991 9131
  • Local # +506 2252 6335
  • Fax +1 800 878 0225




  • English
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese


  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Auto racing
  • Boxing
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Rugby
  • Lacrosse
  • Volleyball
  • Olympic sports
  • Horse Racing

Betting Types

Accepts not only straight bets and totals on the applicable sports, but also exotic wagers such as rolling standard “If” bets, parlays, teasers, progressives, round robins, reverses and action reverses. There are futures offered on team sports and major tournaments, not to mention a selection of props, depending on the event. Also, with Live Betting Extra, there are dozens of propositions that can be wagered upon while events are in progress.

Use code: FISH during your account creation to make your account eligible for the bigger promo offers.


BetAnySports offers gamblers that old school vibe that you might remember from gambling online back in the early years from an old favorite sportsbook of ours known as 5Dimes. BetAnySports feels the same, or at least really similar. Some of us might get a tad misty-eyed when thinking of the reduced juice, great lines and stellar reputation that the former offshore book offered. While BetAnySports is not the same company, they have been around since 2012 after all, and they employ the same style of online sportsbook. From the simpler appearance of the website to the promotions available, (Really, the promotions are almost identical to what 5d offered back in the day) BAS offers a seasoned approach to the US facing offshore market.

Let’s talk a second about the promotions and ways to save yourself some cash on your gaming over at BetAnySports. That’s what you are here for after all.

There’s the familiar “Less Juice” option that many gamblers are going to want to be all over and there’s also “Kickback Packages” and “Casino Rebates” and all kinds of stuff in between that are sure to grab the attention of anyone heading that way! Oh yeah, and if an exclusive bigger than offered elsewhere free play bonus of 55% with a 6x rollover sounds good to you then be sure to use our links and BAS exclusive promo code FISH when creating your account.

As for the legitimacy of the site themselves, we can currently treat BetAnySports like any other site on our list of supported places. We have used them ourselves with some of our personal gambling and received nothing but quality, top-drawer service. While we haven’t been working with BetAnySports for a super long time, in the short time that they have been around they have earned themselves toward the top of the list here.

This page here shows you what the peeps over at BetAnySports are offering right now and any associated promo codes or links for the savvy gambler to use and take advantage of.

The Less Juice package may be the one of the best bonuses around anywhere.

Why pay full price when you can pay half on options from NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, MMA, and many more?

Here’s how this works:

The industry standard calls for a player to normally risk $110 for every $100 they would want to win on a wager, but with Less Juice that same player will risk less and win more.

The Less Juice options are generally posted on the day of the event, and considering the hundreds, or even thousands of bets that can me make over the course of a season or year, these savings are really going to add up!

When wagering at -105 odds you are wagering $105 to win $100, this equals a discount of 50% when compared to standard -110 odds!

Betanysports Less Juice offerings on football and basketball can also include 10-cent moneylines, 10-cent sides, and 10-cent totals (-105 pricing)!

Betanysports has made the MLB 5-cent overnight money line famous, these lines are available overnight until 8:00am EST.

Once again, these lines will usually pop up on the day of the event.

Parlays, if-bets, and rolling if-bets are not available using the Less Juice lines which are only available in straight wager format.

You can receive up to $700 in Free-Play to use in the Sportsbook. The amount of your bonus is based on the amount of your deposit which can be done using any of our available methods but must be between $100 and $2000.

The Free-Play bonus will equal 55% of the deposit amount. This is an exclusive bonus not offered if you go directly to the BAS website. You must use our links and our promo code, FISH.

Plays in the Sportspools, Casinos, Lotto900/9000, Racebooks, Ultimate Lines, Super Lines, Premier Lines, Platinum Lines and the Poker Room will not qualify towards earning this Free-Play money.

The rollover requirement for Free Plays is 6x action of the amount of deposit + bonus and 30 days.

  • A $500 deposit getting a $175 Free Play must give $4,050 in action before paying out below $675.
  • This is the deposit amount + amount of Free Play.
  • Anything above this $675 would be considered “winnings” and can be paid out at any time.
  • Once the rollover is complete and 30 days have passed you may cash out all you would like.

Use code: FISH during your account creation to make your account eligible for the bigger promo offers.

This may be what you were looking for to make up your mind and start playing Lotto!

You can get your Lucky100 Reward and receive 5%, 10% or even 15% Lotto Rewards on any eligible deposits.

The Lotto Reward program offers the player two types of rewards making sure that you’re ready to go and can benefit from the get-go!

  • The Lucky100 Reward, for your initial deposit, and
  • The Lotto Reward with multiple percentages available for reloads

The Lucky100 reward is available to new customers on their initial deposit only.

All the player needs to do is make an initial deposit of up to $100 using any deposit method and BetAnySports will credit a 100% Reward to their Lotto Reward Balance.

For those taking advantage of a reload deposit, they may receive a 5%, 10% or 15% Lotto Reward up to $150 credited to their Lotto Balance.

The reload balance must be between $100 and $1000 to qualify.

Get 15% Cash Kickback 3 times a year!

That’s right, players can earn a 15% Cash Rebate on all of their overall losses in:

  • The Sportsbook
  • The Racebook
  • The Casino
  • Lotto900 or Lotto9000

The kickback is calculated using the following formula:

(new deposits for the period) – (payouts for the period) – (current & pending balance) – (accumulated winnings from previous periods) X (rebate percentage) = Kickback Award

You must contact BetAnySports to request a conversion of your account to a kickback account.

You can receive a 15% kickback on all of your overall losses once every 30 days.

If you find yourself to be a casino player, then this one will be for you.

With this, you can earn yourself a 20% Rebate on all of your overall losses in the casino.

This cash back is calculated on your overall losses in the casino which does include the Live Dealers as well as the Mini Games.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program you will have to first contact the Customer Service Staff at BetAnySports to request that your account be converted to this program.

Once your account has been converted, you can request to have your Casino Rebate manually calculated.

The Casino Rebate is calculated as follows:

(Cumulative Casino performance for each platform in the period) – (Cumulative Mini Games performance for the period) – (Cumulative Live Dealers performance for each in the period) – (Accumulated Casino/Mini Games/Live Dealer from previous periods) x (rebate percentage) = Casino Rebate

Like the Kickback Package program, you can request a payout with this program every 30 days.

Get your 7th deposit On the House and your winnings can be paid out immediately!

In order to be eligible for the The House Money deposit bonus, your account must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must have made 6 consecutive deposits since registering for this promotion program
  • Must have lost the full amount of the prior 6 deposits in order to be credited with the 7th deposit On the House, (no payouts can be processed between the 6 consecutive lost deposits)
  • Net losses in sports pools and live dealer tips count against the sum of the 6 qualifying deposits
  • All payouts must be re-deposited in order to start the deposit count towards the 7th deposit On the House
  • Deposits made prior registering to this program will NOT count towards the calculations of the 7th deposit “On the House”
  • The formula applied to calculate your 7th On the House deposit will be: (Sum of all 6 eligible deposits – Net losses in sports pools – Live Dealer Tips) divided by 6

And the last thing here that you need to know, $5000 is the maximum bonus deposit that you can get from this.

Betanysports doesn’t openly promote a new player sign-up bonus on its site. However, there usually is one running, just discreetly. Your best bet to find out what’s available is reach out to customer service upon sign-up and ask directly. For us, it was a 50-percent initial deposit match that could top out at $1000.

Free and Paid Options

You can withdraw funds at Betanysports in one of four ways — bank wire, Bitcoin, check, or peer-to-peer. However, three of this will cost you a price. An $80 surcharge comes with a bank wire or check, while a peer-to-peer transfer can range from $30 and $140. You might as well go with the free option, which we cover next.

Bitcoin Withdrawals: Free-Of-Cost Method

Yep, Bitcoin is charge-free. Not just that, it’s also the quickest turnaround time. But wait, there’s more. The withdrawal limit is also the highest at $10,000, while the other options top out at $3000. There’s no question Bitcoin is the most advantageous way to cash out at BetAnySports.

Prop betting is one of the more entertaining and unique forms of wagering on many sports. A prop bet, short for proposition bet, is essentially any wager that is not directly decided by the game’s final outcome. Open a new account at BetAnySports with Spooky promo code and find one of the largest selections of props available from individual player props, team props, halftime lines, quarter lines and live wagering.

Live Betting

BetAnySports now offers players multiple options when it comes to in-game betting. All of them offer a wide array of betting options throughout a wide array of events. Check out the following options to see which fits your style.

Live In-Play Wagering offers in-game betting on Football, Baseball, Basketball, UFC and so much more.

Live Betting Ultra is one of the latest in-game betting products that offers a variety of ways to bet on your favorite sports events such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey and Tennis. From halftime and quarter lines, props, moneylines, pointspreads, over/under totals, team totals and lots more. Also US & Canadian customers will receive a 2.941% rebate on winning and losing wagers. See live betting ultra rules for more details.

Live Betting Extra offers an awesome selection of in-game betting from Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Baseball and Hockey. Sign up with Spooky35 promo code and then log into the sportsbook and click on “Live Betting Extra” from the drop down menu. From there you will see current events that are available.

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