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When it comes to withdraws at Bodog, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, LiteCoin and Bitcoin SV have the smallest minimum withdrawal amount of $10, with a $9,500 maximum. For claiming funds from Bodog by check there is a limit of $3,000 in withdrawals and a minimum of $100. Here’s the full breakdown of the minimum and maximum payouts for each withdrawal method:

Bodog Review

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Bodog is still going strong as one of the safest and most recognizable offshore sportsbooks. They’re not as big as they used to be, but they still have an impressive sportsbook with attainable bonuses. They have an extensive betting menu that covers all major sports as well as niche markets like eSports and rugby, each with a solid selection of betting props. Bodog also has a fully-fledged casino and poker room, so if you want to step outside of the sports realm during off-season you won’t come up short looking for ways to stay entertained.

Note: Bodog accepts Canadian-based players. If you are a US resident, we recommend you try out ?? Bovada ??, which offers a near identical product and similar odds.

  • Visa Debit/Credit Cards
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Click2Pay
  • MyPayLinQ

How to Download a Bodog Apk for Android?

Bodog offers a web-based mobile application that is accessible to all android users via mobile browsers. Unfortunately, a downloadable Bodog app Android version is not yet made available. However, the web app is well designed and optimized for the mobile gambling experience. It features all of a mobile application’s major functionalities, such as retractable menus, easy navigation, faster pages, and a sleek design.

The Bodog android app provides its players with unrestricted access to well over 200 games. The registered players can place their bets on various slot machines and table games, including Poker Roulette and Blackjack. You can read more about the available games below in the App Games section.

Accessing Bodog mobile app is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is type in the URL in your mobile browser and press enter. The URL will automatically redirect you to Bodog’s app Apk. Ensure that you have allowed the browser to access your location so the app can optimize according to your region.

With the mobile betting app from Bovada lv, you will have access to all the bonuses that you can get on the desktop version. Plus, the convenience of being able to bet from anywhere you have an active internet connection!

Bovada Mobile Bonuses and Promotions

Great bonuses are key to a smooth and exciting mobile betting experience. You can access all the bonuses via the app. There are no restrictions here, so you will have free reign over all the promotions and bonuses. We will lay them out here, so you can be sure to make the most of them as you enjoy the Bovada mobile experience.

Sportsbook Bonus

The Bovada mobile sportsbook bonus is good on your first deposit. You will enjoy a 50% match worth up to $750. This bonus is only good for the sportsbook and the racebook, whether it be desktop or mobile. The rollover requirement, in this case, is just 5x. This is a shockingly low rollover compared to the industry standards.

Mobile Casino Bonus

The bonus for the Bovada mobile casino is also truly excellent. In fact, we should say bonuses, because you can claim two welcome bonuses in the mobile casino.

The first and second are a 100% match up to $1,000. Claiming both of them, you can get an additional two thousand dollars for your casino ventures! This bonus gets even juicier if you make your deposit with Bitcoin or other cryptos. You can earn up to $3,750!

A small caveat is that you cannot use your bonus for craps and live dealers. The rollover requirement is 25x but will take a bit longer if you use it on poker wagers.

more like if u bet the dog you get the other lines. favs are priced higher to start


Anyone use it? Good or bad? Fill me in with things I may need to know about Bodog.

It’s the Canadian version of Bovada. Bovada is generally not liked in r/sportsbook. One of the reasons is that they charge fees to deposit – this is not true for Bodog though. The main other downsides are that they post odds later than everyone else, and tend to lean towards the favourite more (so it’s a great site for betting underdogs). They will also monitor your betting patterns, and put you on different sets of lines based on how you tend to wager (e.g. if you tend to bet favourites, your going to get worse odds on favourites than most customers).

Aside from that, they are very quick to pay. If you are just looking for a book to play around with, go for it, but if you’re quite serious about your betting, maybe consider alternatives.

more like if u bet the dog you get the other lines. favs are priced higher to start

Is it confirmed that they monitor betting patterns? Do other books do that?

Their are plenty of bitcoin books, all you need to is sign up here, there, over there, here, then here, then make a wallet, then make an account here, then transfer use to btc and finally you deposited 10 bucks into your book after numerous hours of research /s

The online book you choose makes no difference if you’re an amateur nobody and can’t consistently hit 55% day in day out tbh, pinching pennies.

Dude, didn’t you see my post the other day, asking who here actually makes money? Virtually everyone in r/sportsbook is winning big!

Still haven’t figured out how to swipe my paper wallet. Tried for days. Fuck it. I’ll stick with pinnacle.

Bodog is fantastic. Not sure where you’re located but in Canada and use They have terrific customer service, quick payouts and I feel confident in them in terms of large payouts, no bullshit etc. Ive used them for 5+ years along with other sites but they stand out People here always bitch about bodog/bovada not having lines out either

A) early enough OR

B) their lines arent “sharp”enough.

Im sure to these guys who complain the 5 cent difference is a dealbreaker cause theyre just mowing down whatever book they use. hahaha

But seriously if you can watch lines throughout the day or week elsewhere youll have an idea of where it will end up once posted by bodog.

NCAA Bball lines are pretty late most days but nhl lines are posted by 9am ish and you can gauge where they move throughout the day. I tweeted them a pic over superbowl and they DMd me on twitter and gave me 10 dollars just for enjoying their party props sheet. Nothing massive but enough to make me happy and my boys were mildly impressed as well.

Bovada was launched in 2011, and was previously owned and operated by Bodog. Bovada Sportsbook has since become an independent entity, and they are known for their long-term, reputable presence in the US online sportsbook industry.

Bovada Sports Betting Options

Bovada covers the most popular college and professional sports occurring around the globe. Even in niche categories like eSports, celebrity divorce odds, or professional wrestling betting, you’ll often find a full assortment of lines and odds.

Point spreads, over-unders (totals), and straight money lines, are offered for nearly every contest, as well as parlay options, prop bets, round robin bets, and more.

Bovada Live Betting

Live betting is offered for most sports at Bovada, and the bigger the matchups, the more live lines you’ll get. With traditional betting, sportsbooks require that your wagers be in before the game in question gets underway.

Live betting lets gamblers put money on all kinds of in-game action as the contests play out, from the opening whistle to the closing buzzer.

Live lines are immersive and offer bettors not only extra entertainment but also the ability to make up for bad pregame bets (or double down on good ones). Our staff often takes advantage of Bovada’s live odds because it allows for us to set our own bet schedule.

New Bovada Prop Builder – Make Your Own Prop Bets!

Bovada has a new tool that may interest proposition bet enthusiasts. Bovada’s Prop Builder is an interactive feature that allows members to make their own props from all of the day’s or week’s action.

To access the Bovada Prop Builder, simply navigate to the Bovada Sportsbook, select the “All Sports” tab in the top menu, and click or tap on the Prop Builder icon. Access to every major sporting event on the upcoming calendar of games is available for custom prop bet selections.

Legal Super Bowl Prop Builder odds offers gamblers thousands of options for every selection, and the live bet calculator shows you exactly how much you stand to win on all the permutations you select.

The following sports are available via the Prop Builder, though their presence on the list will be determined by whether or not the leagues/events are actually in season:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • AFL
  • EPL
  • FIFA
  • UCL
  • Bundesliga
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • NFL Sims
  • + More

Sports You Can Bet On At Bovada

  • Bovada Football: NFL, College Football
  • Bovada Basketball: NBA, College Basketball
  • Bovada Baseball: MLB, College Baseball
  • Bovada Celebrity Boxing
  • Bovada Soccer: MLS, MWLS, Most International Leagues
  • Bovada Hockey: NHL
  • Bovada MMA: UFC
  • Bovada Golf: PGA, Minor Tours
  • Bovada Nascar
  • Bovada Esports: Esports lines for League of Legends, CSGO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Sports Simulations, and more
  • Bovada Virtual Sports: basketball, soccer, car racing, horse racing, greyhound racing, camel racing, and more
  • Bovada Sports Sims: Madden 21, NBA 2k21, MLB the Show 20, UFC 3, FIFA 20, NHL 20, NASCAR 21
  • Bovada Politics: Political betting on 2020 Presidential Election, International Politics
  • Bovada Horse Racing: Domestic and International races
  • Bovada Misc. Betting Options: entertainment betting, martial arts, tennis, cricket, volleyball, wrestling, handball, rugby, Olympics, financials wagering,cryptocurrency wagering, commodities and business betting lines, and more.

The minimum bet that can be placed at Bovada is

Banking Options

Sure, Bovada has all the usual suspects here, like credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), bank transfers, cashier’s checks, etc., but what makes Bovada a premium banking suite is their convenient cryptocurrency options.

Online sports gambling banking methods have really evolved well past credit cards and bank transfers. Some people are looking for payment options that are more reliable, quicker, and more secure.

The list of such newer options currently available at Bovada includes the following:

Bovada Banking options

To learn more about all the banking options offered by legal sportsbooks see our detailed comparison guide to online sportsbook banking options.

At Bovada, you don’t have to hand over your CC info or your bank’s routing numbers. Like most reputable online sportsbooks, Bovada is considered a Bitcoin betting site.

That means members can simply enter their BTC or crypto wallet address and deposit and/or withdraw whatever they want without ever having to hand over their personal financial information.

Bitcoin/crypto is perhaps the most secure payment method on the planet, and it’s also 100% free. Plus, the transfers go through in an instant! As soon as you deposit your money with crypto, you can start gambling.

For those who are brand new to using Bitcoin/crypto for legal online sports betting, we’ve explained how easy it is to do just below.

*Bovada Bitcoin SV (BSV) deposits and payouts are reserved for VIP members. Eligibility is determined by your lifetime Bovada Rewards level, and players who unlock BSV support will see the option in their deposits menus when logged in.

How To Deposit Crypto At Bovada Sportsbook

This section explains how to deposit crypto at Bovada. The process is the same for all supported crypto coins at the site (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, BSV).

In order to make a crypto deposit at Bovada, simply go to the deposits section of the site and select the appropriate cryptocurrency option. From there, you’ll enter Bovada’s crypto wallet address for the coin in question within your own wallet or exchange software, select the amount you wish to send, and initiate the transfer. It’s just that easy.

For players who have never bought Bitcoin or crypto before, there are several ways to go about it. The most common option is to use a commercial crypto exchange (Coinbase, Binance US, etc.), but these exchanges institute a 5-10-day wait on first-time purchasers before they can send their coins off-platform. If you want to bet ASAP, this is a bad option.

Luckily, there are several alternatives available to you:

  • Zelle-To-Bitcoin – Most US residents have access to Zelle through their bank accounts, which means they can use Zelle to buy BTC from private sellers at the LocalBitcoins exchange. This process takes 1-2 hours at most, after which time you simply make your Bitcoin deposit at Bovada.
  • Cash App-To-Bitcoin – Cash App users can use the popular P2P app to purchase Bitcoin directly within the app itself. Account verification takes just a few minutes, and you’ll be able to make same-day BTC deposits at Bovada even if you’ve never used crypto before.
  • Coinify Exchange – Coinify isn’t exactly an “exchange,” it’s more of an instant crypto store that allows users to make credit card purchases of popular crypto coins. You can use Coinify to buy any crypto Bovada accepts and deposit quickly and securely.
  • Atomic Wallet – Atomic Wallet is the only mobile crypto wallet that has a built-in cryptocurrency store. You can use Atomic to buy all the most popular crypto coins on the market, and you can get them in just a few minutes instead of waiting a week or more.

We could go on about some of the other options at Bovada, but other than CC and crypto, there’s not much more Americans typically use (though vouchers and MatchPay could change that – see below). Regardless, our team suggests that you use the Bitcoin/crypto option, as it is the most beneficial all-around deposit and withdrawal method.

.50, which is an advantage over other major online sportsbook sites that feature minimum wager requirements of $2.

The maximum bet that can be placed on a single wager varies from line to line. A nice feature of Bovada’s Sportsbook is that each maximum bet total can be tested by clicking the “bet max” button inside of the bet slip.

Members of Bovada can opt to try for a wager that is higher than the maximum bet allowance, but only when a pop up appears after selecting the bet max option.

Inside of that pop up, bettors can enter the amount they wish to bet, and the wager will be reviewed by Bovada’s internal team. The bet will appear as “under review” until it has either been approved or declined.

The actual website is clear and easy to navigate. On the home page, you are given the option of which area you want to browse i.e. Sports, Casino, Poker and Horses. From there it’s just one click to access your desired book. With Bodog Canada, you are given the five most popular markets at that moment in time making betting on these markets very quick and easy. In addition, you have all markets available on a sidebar and tabs to access promos and live betting.

Bodog FAQs

Is Bodog Trustworthy?

Absolutely, yes. It has become one of the most well-established online sportsbook providers in the world, with thousands of dedicated users from across the globe. There are few others who can claim to be as big as Bodog.

When was Bodog founded?

Bodog has been in the industry for well over two decades now. They were founded back in 1994 and have grown exponentially since then, positioning itself as one of the very best.

Is Bitcoin accepted at Bodog?

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly relevant part of the gambling industry, as major providers adjust to the demand from customers to access crypto as a payment option. Bodog not only offers this service but offers great rates on bonuses and first-time deposits for new customers using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Do Bodog services function with Mac?

Yes, users can access the site through their Mac. It doesn’t matter what web browser they use with a Macbook, whether it’s the default Safari or something else, Bodog is compatible.

Does Bodog provide a mobile app service?

Yes. Bodog offers a great mobile app service, giving users direct access to the sportsbook, casino and racebook from mobile or tablet devices. This is a great addition and adds to the overall user experience for customers.

Does Bodog offer bonuses?

Across the casino, sportsbook and racebook, BoIt dog users are regularly updated with bonuses and provided with excellent promotions related to special events and major leagues.

What are the key three requirements to signup with Bodog?

There are a number of requirements, but mostly it relates to the following three; They must be 18 years or older, the true owner of the credit card being used to deposit, the person to whom the withdrawal payments will be paid to.

Can the user deposit and withdraw funds using the same payment method?

Well, simply put yes. However, It really depends on the payment method in question. Using one of the cryptocurrency methods available (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, LiteCoin and Ethereum), this would be possible. Or, using more traditional payment methods like Visa/American Express.

Is withdrawing a speedy process at Bodog?

Withdrawing money for Bodog is a very quick process. There is an array of payment options available and paying using these methods is typically a swift process and, in some cases, funds can be in the customer’s account almost instantaneously.

Does Bodog offer poker through their Casino?

The Bodog Casino features a range of poker options to users, with some great themed poker games as well as traditional poker tables available to all users.

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