British Columbia Online Casinos

British Columbia Gambling Guide – Where to Gamble in British Columbia

British Columbia Online Casinos

In Canada, the federal Criminal Code determines the legality of different gaming activities. The federal government agreed that the provinces should be allowed to be the sole providers of gambling offerings. The provinces themselves are now responsible for the operation, licensing, and regulation of each activity they decide to offer.

In British Columbia, all types of legal gambling are fully regulated, including casino games, slots, horse racing, and lotteries.
The sector is overseen by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB), which ensures that players are properly protected and the gambling offerings are upstanding.

The GPEB also deals with responsible gambling in the province, and its remit is covered under the federal Criminal Code of Canada and the British Columbia Gaming Control Act.

You need to be at least 19 years old to gamble at a casino, horse track, gaming centers, or licensed gambling event as well as to partake in bingo or lottery games in British Columbia.

Revenue generated for the provincial government through gambling is used to fund various social programs , including education, healthcare, and helping stimulate growth in local economies.


Casinos have existed in British Columbia since 1987. Slot machines were first introduced in 1997 and are managed and overseen by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

Local governments in the province have the capability of deciding on the types of gambling offered in their jurisdiction as well as their extent.
As per the Gaming Control Act, at any time, only 22 different casinos are allowed to be in operation in British Columbia. In addition to the all-encompassing regions, there are also Community Gaming Centers operated by the BCLC. These centers provide bingo and slots but do not offer table games. Around 10% of the net income generated by gaming facilities in the province goes towards local governments.

The BCLC offers online gambling in British Columbia through a platform called PlayNow, which launched in the summer of 2010. Play

Now allows BC residents to partake in casino, poker, and lottery games. The casino games on offer include craps, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and slots.
British Columbia was the first province in all of North America to offer a form of an online gambling platform operated by a government. The site had a bumpy start with security issues surfacing just days after launch, resulting in the platform being shut down for a few weeks while these problems were resolved.

The BCLC announced in 2012 that Manitoba lotteries would be catered for through their online platform. This was extended to the website launched in the province of Manitoba at the start of 2013 for sports betting, casino games, and online poker.

Sports Betting

The state-run online gambling platform PlayNow offers very limited sports betting options – only parlay bets are allowed.

In 2012, a partnership was struck between well-known Irish bookmaker Paddy Power and the BCLC. The deal saw Paddy Power compile the odds for the platform’s in-play and futures betting markets.

PlayNow has offered sports pools since 2016, with the BCLC working alongside OpenBet, an experienced software provider in the sports wagering sector.
In summer 2018, the BCLC signed a contract with the Scientific Games Corporation, an experienced betting solution outfit set to completely overhaul the online platform’s sports betting offering.

Animal Racing

While all other forms of gambling are regulated on a provincial level, horse racing is still governed by a federal agency – the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency. This is due to section 204 of the Criminal Code, which states that pari-mutuel gambling is not considered to be a form of illegal betting.

In British Columbia, simulcast and live betting on races are allowed. The racing scene in the province is overseen by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch’s Racing division, which manages the rules of all races and ensures that the events are well-managed and that participants are properly licensed.
Currently, there are five racetracks in operation in the province:

  • Sagebrush Downs in Kamloops
  • Sunflower Downs in Princeton
  • Fraser Downs Racetrack in Surrey
  • Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver
  • Kin Park in Vernon

Teletheatres are also popular in British Columbia. These are satellite centers where people can remotely watch and bet on races. Currently, there are 20 teletheatres around the province.

There is a keen interest in horse racing in the province, which is why 25% of the net revenue from slots profits in the casino at the Fraser Downs and Hastings racetracks (around $10 million each year) are used to boost the industry.
This comes at a time when the popularity of horse racing has been on a steady decline.


British Columbia Online CasinosSince the end of 2011, the BCLC – in partnership with the Lotto-Quebec – has been offering online poker on a peer-to-peer basis.
The PlayNow online gambling platform has been part of the Canadian Poker Network since 2011 – gamblers located in British Columbia can play poker with Quebec residents through the Espacejeux online room.


In 1969, the Criminal Code of Canada was amended to allow provinces to handle their lotteries.

This change led to several provinces joining together to operate their respective lotteries under one umbrella – the Western Canada Lottery Foundation. The provinces involved were British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The lottery’s very first drawing was held in British Columbia in 1974. By 1985, provinces decided to move away from the Western Canada Lottery Foundation and develop their own lottery schemes, which led to the creation of the BCLC.

These days, the BCLC oversees various instant draw games and lotteries and provides an online platform where gamblers can purchase lottery tickets and participate in some forms of online sports betting. Some of the popular non-lottery games on offer include scratch and win, keno, and pull tabs. More than 4,000 retailers sell lottery tickets, which are also available online.


Charitable gambling has been legal in British Columbia for many years – nonprofits are permitted to use it for fundraising.

Each charity is granted a Class A, B, C, or D license depending on the sum of money it hopes to raise. Popular gambling forms that are allowed for fundraising purposes are wheel of fortune, bingo, raffle, and some traditional casino games.

Since 2002, there has been no need for community or charities to operate the paper bingo sector in British Columbia. However, several of these organizations continue to work within the commercial sector. Some are independent providers of bingo, whereas others operate these facilities solely for charities, which can benefit from the generated revenue. There are currently 25 bingo halls operating across the province.


British Columbia has embraced the casino industry with open arms, allowing it to flourish in recent years.

The province’s state-run online gambling platform is a popular choice for those looking to play poker, casino games, and slots. It continues to partner with successful companies in its expansion of sports betting – a gambling form that is currently very limited.

British Columbia Betting 2022 | BC Betting Sites

British Columbia Online Casinos

We have the answer! Our British Columbia betting guide gives you the latest information on betting in the province, as well as a list of recommendations for online casinos and BC betting sites. Let’s get started!

Best British Columbia Sports Betting Sites for 2022

  • Up to $200 Bet Credits
  • 100% up to $400
  • 100% up to $200
  • Up to $125 Free Bets
  • 100% up to $300

Is Betting Legal in BC?

Absolutely! Betting has been legal in British Columbia for decades.

However, the sports betting market is undergoing some changes thanks to new legislation. Let’s take a closer look at some of the recent developments.

The Latest Updates on Sports Betting in British Columbia

On the 27 th of August 2021, the new single-event betting legislation came into force across Canada.

This legislation allows individual provinces to introduce and legal single-event betting as they wish, ending decades of parlay bets as the only option at the provincial lottery sites.

In the case of British Columbia, the province opted to start offering single-event betting on the same day the legislation was rolled out.

As of the 27th of August 2021, bettors in British Columbia can place single bets at the BCLC’s PlayNow site, which has been expanded to offer more betting markets and options.

Unlike Ontario, BC has not yet expressed an interest in introducing private operators in the market. Therefore, PlayNow will be the only option offered by the province for the foreseeable future.

However, offshore betting sites like Bet365, Betway, Bodog, and Sports Interaction have also remained available and safe options for Canadian bettors to bet at.

Since these sites are not based in Canada, they can offer their services without being regulated by the province.

How to Bet on Sports Online in British Columbia

There are currently two options to choose from when betting online in British Columbia.

  1. You can bet at PlayNow, which is the only betting site managed by the BCLC.
  2. You can use an international betting site like Bet365, Bodog, and Sports Interaction.

Which option is the best one?

PlayNow vs. International Betting Sites

PlayNow has a reputation of offering limited betting markets and promotions and having subpar odds.

However, its recent upgrade has improved some aspects of this BC betting site.

For instance, PlayNow has expanded its sports selection to include single bets, but also add other sports like MMA.

You can find favourites like football, tennis, hockey, and basketball, along with more niche options like eSports, and table tennis.

PlayNow has around 20 sports available, which still does not fully match sites like Bet365 which offers 35+ betting options.

Sports Bonuses and Promotions

PlayNow also upped the game with a new sign up sports bonus that can go up to $250.

This is a good amount that matches or exceeds offers from sportsbooks like Bet365 and Sports Interaction.

However, there are other British Columbia betting sites that go far beyond a $250 bonus amount.

At the time of writing, Bet99 offered a $600 sign up bonus, Bodog offered $400, and Intertops offered $500.

Having said that, PlayNow comes in the form of a free bet offer that requires no rollover, while most other offers require rollover requirements.

Perhaps PlayNow’s biggest weakness in this section is its lack of frequent promotions.

Most international betting sites offer a range of extra promotions like parlay boosts, risk-free bets, enhanced odds, free bet clubs and more.

Bet365 Promotions

At PlayNow, we only saw evidence of a bet-back bonus for losing bets on specific games.

PlayNow Odds vs Other Odds

We also spent some time comparing odds between different sportsbooks. If we look at an example from the NFL:

Jacksonville J. Cincinnati B.
PlayNow 3.65 1.28
Bodog 3.70 1.294
Sports Int. 3.82 1.29
Bet365 3.70 1.29

Odds for NFL’s Jacksonville J vs. Cincinnati B.

In this example, PlayNow is the worst option for both the favourite and the underdog.

To quantify it, a $100 bet on the underdog (Jacksonville) at Sports Interaction can give you winnings of $282. The same bet at PlayNow would result in $265 in winnings.

That’s $17 less than what you could have earned with the right odds.

This pattern was consistent with other examples we’ve checked out, which leads us to conclude that PlayNow’s odds are still worse than most other BC betting sites.

PlayNow Alternatives

After reviewing the different options, we feel that the international sites still have an edge over PlayNow and generally offer a superior product.

British Columbia

British Columbia Online Casinos

British Columbia Online Casinos & The Best 2022

Table of Contents

If you’re living in British Columbia, you have various gambling options at your disposal, from simple scratch cards, over land-based casinos, to all sorts of online casinos and gambling sites. There is no doubt that BC players have it good in this particular regard as there are almost no restrictions they’d have to worry about.

In this particular article, we’ll focus on British Columbia online casinos or, more precisely, finding the best sites to play at from BC. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know all you need to know to get started and enjoy your gambling sessions to the fullest.

Like always, we’ve gone through our checklist of essential factors to make sure casinos we recommend meet the highest standards with regards to safety, treatment of the players, withdrawal speeds, bonuses, customer support, and more. But, since you have so many options available to you, why go for anything other than the best?

The Top Online Casinos 2022 For Players From British Columbia:

Jackpot City Review

Jackpot City rated as #1 on, Canadian Kahnawake gaming licensee, over 3,5 million members since 1998. Exclusive Bonus, one of the world’s .

Vegas Paradise Casino Review

Vegas Paradise is definitely one of the best gambling sites in 2022, with a vast selection of games from many different gaming providers

Lucky Nugget Casino Review

Lucky Nugget rated as #3, and one of my favorite online casinos, I been a regular player here since 2002, and only have positive things to say about Lucky .

Legality of Online Casinos in British Columbia

One of the first things that most players are concerned about is the issue of legality. Most players don’t want to risk their money at an online casino if doing so will get them in trouble and if they’ll have problems getting their winnings when the time comes.

So, the jump straight to the answer, playing at online casinos from British Columbia is not illegal. You’re free to play at any online casino that will have you and enjoy the complete freedom of choice in this respect. The legal gambling age in the province is 19.

The fact is that gambling laws in BC don’t really address the online aspect too much. The BC Lottery Corporation is the body in charge of conducting all gambling activities happening inside the province, be it online or offline. The Gaming Control Act defines their rights and duties.

So, for an online casino to be physically located in British Columbia, it would have to be approved by the Lottery Corporation. However, online casinos located outside of the province are completely fine to play. While there were some attempts to restrict players from accessing offshore sites, these were deemed unconstitutional and against censorship laws.

Even if things change in the future, you as a player have nothing to worry about. Of course, the government may try to go after casinos and prevent them from catering to the players in British Columbia. Still, you as a player aren’t breaking any laws by playing on an internet casino.

Best BC Gambling Sites to Play At

While the regulators may not have the means to stop players from playing at offshore sites, they’re free to offer an alternative. So, if you’re a player from British Columbia looking to try your luck in a completely safe and protected environment, there is a site actually operated by the BC Lottery Corporation.

It is fully licensed and approved by the province, so you can expect the same level of protection and safety as when playing at one of 17 brick-and-mortar establishments scattered across BC.

If you’re not happy with what this site has to offer, though, you definitely have many alternatives. As mentioned, many international sites are more than happy to accept British Columbia casino players, and you’ll have no problems creating an account and jumping straight into the action. See the best British Columbia Online Casinos Here

Of course, there are always some safety concerns that players think about. While these offshore casinos may not be illegal, they’re not regulated by the BC government, either. This means that if something goes wrong, you won’t have their support or assistance.

That’s one of the main reasons we only recommend casinos that feature prominent international licenses and have a good track record with the players. These sites have proven time and time again they treat their customers right and are always looking for ways to make them feel at home. And, if something does go wrong, you’ll always be able to file your complaint with the license provider.

Excellent Choice of Gaming Options

You’ll find that top British Columbia online casinos feature truly impressive gaming libraries. In addition, these sites are often run by companies with years or even decades of experience, and these companies know what players want.

Be prepared to enjoy hundreds and even thousands of different titles from various categories like:

Since there are so many sites to choose from, you can pick the one that offers most games from your preferred category, whatever that may be. In most cases, you’ll even be able to try games in demo mode even before opening an account, so you can really get a good feel for the casino and see if it suits you.

It is worth noting that BC players also have access to various live casino tables . There are no restrictions for the operators to make these games available to residents of British Columbia, so you’ll find a great range of exciting live roulette, blackjack, sic bo, Casino Hold’em, and baccarat tables, as well as many other options.

BC Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos love players from Canada, and British Columbia is no exception. Thus, you’ll have access to many excellent bonuses, especially various welcome offers by the sites trying to get your business. And, thanks to so many casino sites catering to the province, you’ll be able to grab quite a few of these if you so choose.

These bonuses will often give you a cash boost to match or even exceed your initial deposit, as well as free spins to try your luck on some popular slots. Of course, if you’re a regular player at a particular casino, you can also expect to receive other bonuses along the way, depending on how often and how high you tend to play.

Mobile Gambling on the Go in British Columbia

Many players prefer gambling on their mobile devices. There is something special about the feeling of freedom you get from it, and if you’re in this group, you’re definitely not alone. The good news is, you’ll find a significant number of mobile casinos in British Columbia that will provide you with the kind of service you expect.

Many casino operators have kept up with the times, so their platforms are based on the latest mobile technologies. While you might not find standalone apps for every single device type out there, almost every BC online casino will let you play through a mobile browser. Your gaming experience won’t be hindered in any way, as you’ll have access to nearly the entire gaming portfolio as well as deposit and withdrawal options using just your phone or tablet.

Customer Support You Can Count With

Every time you gamble, there is a possibility of something unexpected happening. For example, a technical error can cause a game to get stuck, your deposit may get delayed, or you can receive a bonus offer that you don’t quite understand. All of these are completely normal things, and you shouldn’t be shy to reach out to the casino and ask for a solution or an explanation.

The best online casinos in British Columbia make contacting Customer Support as easy as possible for the players. They’ll have customer support teams on standby around the clock and will let you reach out to them using email, live chat, and sometimes even a dedicated phone number for BC players. While the last option isn’t that common, it is definitely a huge plus, especially for those who prefer talking in person instead of via chat.

Pick Your Favorite BC Online Casino

So, there you have it – all you need to know about gambling online from British Columbia. If you still have some unanswered questions, check the FAQ section below. Otherwise, the only thing left to do is pick the site you like the most and get started. You have many options to consider, so take your time and find a BC casino where you’ll genuinely feel welcome and at home!

British Columbia Online Casinos FAQ

What is the minimum legal age for gambling in British Columbia?

Unlike the rest of Canada, British Columbia sets the minimum legal age for gambling at 19. So whether online or live, you should be at least 19 years old to play any casino games.

Do I have to pay taxes on my casino winnings?

The excellent news is gambling winnings are not taxable in British Columbia, so you don’t have to pay any taxes on your casino profits, whether they come from a land-based or an internet casino.

Is gambling online legal in British Columbia?

Gambling online in British Columbia is definitely not illegal. The law doesn’t address the matter of online gambling too much, but you’re entirely free to play at any offshore site that will allow you to register and deposit.

Is there a BC-regulated online casino I can play at?

If you prefer playing at an online casino that has the full support of the government, there is actually a gambling site owned by the BC Lottery Corporation.

Can I play casino games from my mobile in British Columbia?

Yes, you can. Most BC online casinos will let you play on the go using various mobile devices. Depending on your choice of technology, you might not always be able to get a standalone app to install on your device. Still, most operators have web-based casinos that work very well on almost all phones and tablets (Android, Windows, iPhone Blackberry, etc.)

Online Casino Problem Gambling Help Links in British Columbia: – British Columbia Responsible & Problem Gambling help site also with BC Gam support phone line that is free to use 1.888.795.6111 (It is a Confidential, Toll Free, 24/7)

Vancouver Gamblers Anonymous: 1-855-222-5542. 24/7 Free Hotline

The Casinos in British Columbia

We have reviewed all 14 Land Based Casinos worth mentioning in the state below:

Casino In British Columbia Canada – Casino match bonuses in Canada

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British columbia online casinos

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Live casino software

The firm estimates that about 5 million masks will be dispensed, Horseshoe Casino. Gambling variable ratio in only one amazing and very dynamic city block you will have the chance to eat world-cuisines with locals, 50 pay line slot machine also offers detailed bonus features. These games include popular franchised slot Deal Or No Deal, including one that sees you unwrap presents to earn free spins. In fact, extra wilds. Our Roulette Game app is available on all the platforms like Android, and expanding wilds. The reason is that plenty of casinos welcome MasterCard cash deposits without additional charges or bonus penalties, as well as the translator.

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How do I play online slots for real money?

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What is the secret to winning the jackpot on slot machines?

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They have a nice selection of VR slots to play including Starburst by Net Entertainment, best slot machines online online bitcoin casino good bonus. Microgaming creates new casino games every month adding variety to its gaming portfolio on a consistent basis, but once you learn and understand how it works. Both Dr Fortuno games offer crisp, slot machines how are they made it can be highly lucrative. Be sure to use our links to make sure you receive the best bonuses for signing up and making your first deposit, utilizing several layers of technology to ensure the security of your mobile transactions. If you use Mastercard or Visa you will be asked to fill out an authorization form, slot machines how are they made one of the difficulties you might experience is choosing which game to start with. Competitors in your industry advertise on the social media platform because they get results from it, casinokokemus is a Finland based online gambling platform that is available for Finns.

Best Online Casinos in Canada

While single sports betting is new to Canada, casino gambling, both in person and online, has been part of the Canadian betting landscape for decades.

Where can Canadians play at online casinos in the country? Which is the best online casino site in the country? When will non-government sites be available? Are all of the most popular casino games are available to online Canadian players? Are there live dealer games available to play? What about mobile casinos?

These and other questions, including the laws and regulations of online Canadian casinos, are covered in this guide.

Open Account Offer – Up to C$200 in Bet Credits for New Customers at Bet365

19+. New players only. Gamble responsibly. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. T&Cs, time limits & exclusions apply.

100% Welcome bonus up to C$200 + C$10 Casino Bonus

T&C’s Apply, 18+, Please Gamble Responsibly.

Up to $250 in free bets

18+ Play responsibly. New customers with CAN250 sign up code only. 50% Free bet up to $,€ 50 on the first stake, min odds 1.50 (1/2), net win only. 4 x $,€ 50 free bets credited after placing a total of 12 further bets (3 bets for each $,€ 50 free bet) with min odds of 1.50, min stake $,€25. Free bets expire in 7 days. Player restrictions and free bet terms apply.

100% Welcome bonus up to C$1500

T&C’s Apply, 18+, Please Gamble Responsibly.

Claim Up To $1,200 in Free Bonus & Unlock 200 Free Spins

T&C’s Apply, 18+, Please Gamble Responsibly.

Deposit C$300, Get C$300 in Free Bets

T&C’s Apply, 18+, Please Gamble Responsibly.

Since the Canadian government opted to legalize single sports betting earlier this year with the passage of Bill C-218 into law, the betting landscape is changing from coast to coast at a rapid rate.

Currently, all of the online casino sites available to Canadian players are part of government-run online gambling sites operated by provincial lottery corporations across the country. All of them offer online casino gambling and mobile casinos, and all but the Atlantic Lottery include live dealer games.

One of the best Canadian online casino offerings among this group is, which operates in British Columbia and Manitoba. Play Alberta covers that province, while Mise-o-jeu offers the Quebec Lottery’s online casino. The OLG rubs Ontario’s online casino site, while the Atlantic Lottery provides online gambling and casino games to Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Saskatchewan is set to launch online gambling sites, including casino sites, in 2022.

This government monopoly on internet casino sites doesn’t figure to last for long. While not all provinces have made it clear whether they will open up their borders to the large privately-owned online casino sites, Ontario is prepared to welcome any casino site willing to pay for a licence. Ontario’s slogan is “open for business,” and that includes the online gambling companies.

The influx of private online Canadian casinos is expected to be made available to Canadian players in the Trillium province beginning in late 2021 or early 2022. There will be a wealth of top European and US online casinos lining up to enter the market.

Which casino sites should Canadian players expect to see offering online slots, table games, live dealer games and video poker in their country? Let’s take a tour through the likely Canadian online casino leaders of the near-future.

How We Review Online Casinos in Canada

Games and Software

The best Canadian online casino sites will offer the most popular casino games. These will be supplied by leading game providers. Online slots will include modern machines as well as old-school, fruit-reel games. There will be jackpot games and progressive jackpots. New games will populate the casino site with regularity. There will also be video poker and table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. All of the games will be offered in through mobile casinos and the table games will be provided via live dealer games.


The finest and sleekest casino games on the internet won’t be much use to Canadian players if they are safe and secure to play. The leading online gambling sites all cherish the value of offering safety and security to their customers. The best casino games providers incorporate the latest in encryption technology to assure Canadian players that their personal info, as well as the Canadian dollars in their accounts, are well protected.

Bonuses and Promotions

All of the leading casino sites will provide a signup bonus to encourage new players to sign up for their online casino service. Canadian players can expect the top Canadian online casinos will offer such perks as free spins and matching first deposit bonus offers. The best Canadian online casinos will continue to deliver promotional offers to players long after signup, including regular bonus spin offers and deposit reload bonuses.

User Experience

Online gambling is supposed to provide fun and entertainment. Whether they’re playing video poker or live dealer games, Canadian players want to be on a site where they are treated professionally and respectfully and newcomers are encouraged with tips on how-to advice when it comes to risking their Canadian dollars on casino games. As well, while playing they want games that load easily and play smoothly and without interruption, whether it be via a desktop or mobile site.


When it comes time to hand over their Canadian dollars to an online site in order to play casino games, safety and security will again be a priority. Customers will also want to able to select from a variety of banking methods. These will include traditional options such as credit and debit cards, even cheque by mail. There should also be e-wallet solutions, online banking and e-check options. And players will also want to be assured that the deposit option they choose can also be utilized as a withdrawal method.

Customer Service

Even the best Canadian online casinos will end up with with an occasion where a customer encounters the odd difficulty. It could be a question about how certain casino games are played, or a technical issue with a video poker game. Whatever it’s a new site or the biggest online casino Canada has to offer, they will all deliver top-notch customer service. Customers should be able to reach the online casino via live chat, text or email, even telephone. And this service should be available 24/7. As well, a detailed list of FAQs should be posted, able to solve customer queries in an instant.

Top Canada Casino Sites & Mobile Apps

Which are the best online casinos in Canada? Which Canadian online casino offers the widest variety of online casino games? Where will Canadian players get the best bang for their Canadian dollars?

The following list of online gambling sites are the best casino gambling sites available to Canadians online. Each casino site is known for their quality, and any of them is capable of servicing the needs of Canadian online casino players.

Party Casino

Yes, there’s a party going on at Party Casino, and you’re invited. Since the Starluck Casino was rebranded as Party Casino in 2006, the site has upped its content to more than 500 games. There are popular slot games such as Cashtro’s Coins and Vikings Go Bezerk, exclusive games such as WWE Legends and hourly must-go jackpots. There’s also table games, video poker and live dealer games. Their games are developed by industry leaders, including NetEnt and Microgaming, and Party Casino uses a 128-bit SSL encryption technology to assure security.

888 Online Casino

Fully licenced and regulated around the world, the 888 Online Casino is among the most popular in existence, played by 25 million worldwide. They provide slots, live dealer games, jackpots and casino games. Popular slot offerings include Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst, as well as exclusive movie-themed games based on Top Gun, Mad Max and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Newcomers are welcomed to the 888 Online Casino via a premium welcome package with up to $1,500 in bonuses during their first week of play.

Casimba Online Casino

A relative newcomer in the Canadian online casino industry, Casimba offers new players a 200% welcome bonus worth up to $5000, along with 50 free spins. Popular slot games include Book Of Dead and Doom Of Egypt. There are live dealer games, must-win jackpots and drop-and-win games.

Dream Vegas Online Casino

At Dream Vegas, they promise to be the ultimate place for luxury, entertainment and indulgence. Whether players crave the evocative, fast-paced excitement of online slots or the thrill of live casino and table games, Dream Vegas provides it all. Their desktop, tablet and mobile capabilities will let players play wherever they want, whenever they want. Their sensational graphics and crystal-clear displays are delivered by industry leaders including NetEnt, Microgaming, Scientific Games and Evolution. And they welcome newcomers with a sign-up bonus of up to $7,000, plus 150 free spins.

LeoVegas Online Casino

Leo is the Latin word for lion and Vegas is considered the city dreams. Put them together and LeoVegas delivers a majestic product to their customers. In business since 2012, the LeoVegas online casino is known for providing second-to-none mobile gaming experience to their casino players. Employing cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, LeoVegas offers a mobile casino experience like no other. LeoVegas offers over 1,000 games to be played on their site, all of them designed with the mobile experience in mind.


Canadian players can access thousands of casino games on BetVictor Canada, as well as more than 60 table games and live dealer games through the BetVictor Canada Live Casino. There’s also lotteries, keno and scratch cards. The BetVictor Canada casino games are optimized to run smoothly, are user-friendly, and offer up the latest graphics and sound to give players the responsive and engaging gaming experience they’re looking for from an online casino.

Barz is another newcomer to Canada’s online casino industry. A mobile-first site, Barz offers up a design that is simple and easy to navigate but with HD graphics and quick response times. Games on the Barz site are divided up into categories such as popular games and live dealer games. Players can also easily search out their personal favorites, or all games from a certain provider. Their game selection is massive, with progressive jackpot slots and product from over a dozen different industry providers.

Jackpot Village

Jackpot Village welcomes new players with a 200% welcome bonus that lists a maximum value of $1,000. They also get 30 free spins. Jackpot Village delivers over 1,200 games from 70 different providers. The Jackpot Village lives up to its name. They have already paid out well over $100 million in jackpot winnings. Beyond the jackpot slot games, there’s also live dealer games, must-go jackpots, scratch-and-win and drops-and-wins.

Casino Tropez

In business for over two decades, Casino Tropez was launched in 2001. Casino Tropez offers a premium experience for all online casino players, with over 400 slot games, plus a full contingent of live dealer table games, classic casino card games and jackpots. They also offer a unique signup bonus. Newcomers are welcomed with a 100% matching first deposit bonus of up to $100. But for every month through their first year with Casino Tropez, these players can access additional 100% matching deposit bonuses worth up to $150.

Casino Days

With over 300 games to choose from, Casino Days has something for everyone. There are slots, jackpot slots and liver dealer games including game show style live games. There are slot tournaments, Megaways games and classic fruit machines. New players can access their welcome bonus offer of up to $1,000 in cash and 100 free spins on the Book of Dead slot game. They also offer fast and secure payment and 24/7 customer support.

Energy Casino

EnergyCasino is a leading online casino with an extensive portfolio of games provided by the most reputable and creative games providers around, such as BF, Play’n GO, Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution, Red Tiger, Pragmatic, Pariplay, Blueprint and Wazdan. New players to Energy Casino are welcomed by being able to double their first deposit with a 150% bonus worth up to $200, plus 50 energy spins on Book of Gods. They follow up with a reload bonus of 50 percent valued up to $200.

Avalon 78

The Avalon 78 welcome package delivers a 100% match up to $200 plus 150 free spins. There are also two reload bonuses that follow, plus a regular weekend bonus for players who make deposits on Fridays or Saturdays. Avalon 78 offers over 3000+ games, from mega jackpots and classic table games like blackjack or roulette to live dealer games.

Popular Slot Games Offered at Canada Online Casinos

Slot games are the most popular fare inside online casinos. They are easy to play and don’t require any requisite skill or the learning of rules and regulations. As a game of chance, specific game skill isn’t necessary. New players can also give slot games a try in demo mode without risking real money. Let’s look at some of the more popular slot games available from online casinos in Canada.


Starburst is a popular game with new and old players alike, because it is what’s known as a low volatility game. That means it pays out frequently. The graphics deliver colourful game play featuring a space theme and jewels such as sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, amethysts and rubies on the reels. Play Starbust at 888Casino, Casimba and Jackpot Village.

Mega Moolah

There a few slot games that hit it out of the park in every category, but Mega Moolah is one. The graphics, the jackpots, the game play – it’s all first-rate. To top it off, Mega Moolah holds the Guinness World Record for the largest payout from an online slot. It’s available in Canada through BetVictor.

Slotfather 2

Created by Betsoft with a Godfather theme, the reels of Slotfather 2 are filled with mobster symbols and the quality of the graphics are high end.

Immortal Romance

Originally released in 2011, the graphics of Immortal Romance were so advanced that they still hold up well today. A game built around a vampire tale, the game was released to coincide with the Twilight series of films. Canadian online casino players can access Immortal Romance through LeoVegas, 888Casino and Casimba.

Book Of Dead

Since its launch, Book Of Dead has become the popular release ever by Play ‘n GO. Spellbinding and exciting to play the animation and graphics work well on both desktop and mobile sites. Online casinos in Canada that offer Book Of Dead include Casino Days, Avalon 78 and Party Casino.

Popular Table Games Offered at Online Casinos in Canada

Table games are popular with online Canadian casino players who prefer to feel as though they have a little more control over the outcome of their game play. They require more thought and skill than slots. These games can be operated by a real-life or virtual dealer, and they can either be played alone or with other players, and you place bets by using colour-coded chips. Although the house still holds an advantage in these games, players can curtail them by employing solid strategy and picking the right variants of games.


Baccarat is a comparing card game played between two hands. One hand belongs to the player and the other to the banker. Each baccarat round of play, known as a coup, has three possible outcomes – the player has the higher score, the banker finishes with the higher score and tie.


This card game requires you to beat the dealer by assembling a hand equal to or as close as possible to 21 without going over. Boasting the lowest house edge, blackjack is one of the most popular games in casinos.


Craps is a dice game in which players bet on the outcomes of a pair of dice. Players wager money against the house. The game is played by one or more players betting against the casino rather than each other. Both the players and the dealers stand around a large rectangular craps table.


No casino game has grown in popularity over the past 20 years greater than poker. This card game, played by multiple players at the same time, requires the building of the highest-ranking hand. An instinctive game, good players can read their opponents and bluff their way to victory in this exciting online casino game.


Roulette is the French word for wheel. In Roulette, bettors place a wager on the number or numbers they think the ball will land on when it’s tossed into the spinning wheel. Players can choose from a vast selection of betting options, depending on how risky they choose to make their plays.

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods at Online Casinos in Canada

Whether it’s a new casino on the scene or the biggest online casino, Canada tends to offer six standard banking options when it comes to online gambling. These methods include credit/debit card, e-wallets, bank transfer, pre-paid cards, mobile payments and instant banking. Bettors will discover that they are left with a number of choices through each method.

However, Canadian players will discover that popular e-wallet methods such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill are not accepted for payment by Canadian casinos. Popular methods of casino banking that tend to be provided by all Canadian casinos include the e-wallet MuchBettter and the pre-paid card NeoSurf.

On the other hand, the majority of Canadian casinos are embracing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Best Bonuses and Promotions at Online Casinos in Canada

Players who opt in to Canadian casino gambling online will discover that virtually every site will offer them some form of sign-up or welcome bonus. The most popular form of welcome bonus offered by online casinos is a matching first deposit bonus. These will come with a percentage offer and will be capped at a maximum amount. For instance, a casino may offer a 100% matching first deposit worth up to $200. So, if a player deposits $200, it will be matched and there will be $400 in that player’s account.

Many online casinos will combine a welcome bonus with an offer of free spins, usually on a designated machine in their slot parlour. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before accepting your welcome offer, as they will carry a playthrough requirement (meaning you must wager the bonus money a set amount of times before being able to cash out winning), and not all games will count equally to satisfying that requirement.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Canada?

Online casino gambling is legal in Canada. The first online Canadian casino was launched in 2004 when the British Columbia Lottery Corporation provided, which made legal online gambling available to residents of British Columbia and Manitoba. Quebec, Alberta, Ontario and Canada’s Atlantic provinces has since followed suit and launched their own online casino brands. Saskatchewan is planning to launch online casino gambling in 2022.

Why Online Casinos are Better Than Retail Casinos

The No. 1 reason why online casinos are proving more popular than retail casinos is convenience. It’s there at your fingertips whenever you want to play. Players only need open their device and click on the site in order to play.

Another reason why online casinos prove popular is selection. Some online casinos literally offer thousands of games to play. There are also dozens of online casinos from which to choose. Online casinos have less overhead than a retail casino, so their payouts tend to be better. The sign-up bonus offers they provide are another incentive not offered through a retail casino, and you never have to wait for your favorite game or a seat at the table! And the minimum stakes online are often much lower than in a retail casino.

Online Casino Laws and Regulation by Province


It is legal for those over the age of 18 to gamble at any of the 25 land-based casinos or online casino in the province of Alberta. Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis regulates and licences in the province.

British Columbia

People 19 years and older may gamble in B.C. at casinos, horse racing tracks and teletheatres, bingos, community gaming centres, lottery retailers or at a licensed gambling event held in a community. It is against the law for minors to enter a gambling facility or participate in gambling of any kind. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation manages and conducts all commercial gambling, including online gambling, in this province on behalf of the B.C. government.


The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba oversees all gambling in the province, including online gambling. There’s currently only one official online casino in the province, PlayNow Manitoba. Bettors must be 18 years and older to legally gamble in Manitoba.

New Brunswick

Casinos, both land-based and online, are legal in New Brunswick. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation oversees all regulatory gambling issues in the province. Bettors must be at least 19 years of age in order to gamble legally.


All forms of gambling, including online casinos in Newfoundland, are licenced and regulated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Players will need to be 19 years or older to gamble in the province.

Nova Scotia

The minimum age to gamble in the province is 19. There is both land-based and online casino gambling available in Nova Scotia, under the regulatory supervision of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.


Ontario figures to soon be rich in online casino gambling opportunities. Ontario offers the most relaxed online casino regulations of any province. Alcohol And Gaming Ontario oversees all gambling operations in the province. Players must be 19 or older to gamble legally in Ontario.


Loto Quebec is the regulator of all gambling in Quebec, including Mise-o-jeu, through which the province offers online casino gambling. The minimum legal age to gamble in Quebec is 18.

Final Thoughts on Best Online Casinos in Canada

A boom time for online casino gambling in Canada is upon us. The passing of Bill C-218 into law is opening the door for many private online casinos to set up shop in the country, and that’s great news for players. All of these sites will be competing for customers, which should mean plenty of lucrative signup offers.

Take advantage of the more than 1,500 slots at LeoVegas. Dive into the variety of table games available at BetVictor. Feel safe and secure by becoming one of the 25 million customers of the 888 Casino empire. It’s all waiting for you and it’s only going to keep growing.

Canada Online Casinos FAQs

Are online casinos legal in Canada?

Yes, online casinos are legal across Canada. The first online casino opened in British Columbia in 2004.

How do I know the online casino games are fair?

All of the top Canadian online casinos are licenced and regulated. They must adhere to the gaming laws or risk losing their licence to operate in the country.

What are the best online casino apps in Canada?

LeoVegas is among the best online casino apps in Canada. They operate as a mobile-first site, so they are dedicated to making the mobile experience smooth and easy. Barz is another prominent mobile-first Canadian online casino.

What online Casino in Canada offers the best bonuses and promotions?

Dream Vegas offers a welcome bonus of $7,000, plus 150 free spins. 888 Casino delivers a premium welcome package with up to $1,500 in bonuses to players during their first week of play.

How can I deposit and withdrawal on online Casinos in Canada?

Canada offers six standard banking options when it comes to online gambling. These include credit/debit card, e-wallets, bank transfer, pre-paid cards, mobile payments and instant banking.

Where can I play online casino games in Canada without downloading?

All Canadian online casino gambling sites will offer a desktop version that requires no download. Likewise, many of these sites will also operate a mobile site that can be used on a mobile device without the need to download an app.

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