casino cruise reviews

casino cruise reviews

Having a bit of a nightmare withdrawing from Casino Cruise. I bet fair and square a lot of money. Thought i would cut my losses and withdraw what i had left (£250). I requested it 2 days ago and they kept rolling it back to my account saying they are having issues with Skrill.

This is an extremely long complaint which i an just going to try and keep as short as possible. In september 2020 i or slightly before i signed up to the casino. Shortly after i won R1900. It tooks months and months to verify as everytime they kept asking for the same details over and over and they do not come back timeously, you have to keep requesting and sending the same items. They delay the process out so long that you just get so tired and frustrated. Then eventually months later in about December or so the account was eventually verified. At that time it took so long that it said there was a system error and i had to redo the withdrawal process. But now once i clicked withdrawal, it said that i needed to make a deposit before i could withdraw. I found this very strange considering i had already deposited funds numerous times so why do i have to deposit again just to withdraw my winnings. The next problem was because they took so long to verify my account, i could no longer deposit money via EFT, it kept declining my cards, i tried various methods and still it kept declining, i spoke to their support team numerous times to rectify the issue which they could not and then eventually again months later they finally said oh no its because the eft option is no longer available in south africa and i must try to use a different card. During that time i just got so frustrated and then just played the money out and lost and then during January this year, my sister was staying by me and i said maybe we should try playing this casino but it keeps declining my card so she said its fine i can use hers so i transferred money to her card and then from her card onto the casino which worked perfectly. Eventually i played with the R500 which i brought up to R 5000 and decided i wanted to cash out then when they required the proof of deposit so in that initial email i sent the details i also along with it sent my sisters details and her ID and a written consent to say that she allowed me to use the card which they came back and said that the deposit was made by a third party, i said yes i know which is why i originally sent you all her details and i was the one who told you that it was to her card so then they sent me a form to complete to fill in her details from a third party declaration which i sent and which again took weeks and months requesting various documents which we did just for them to decline it anyway. And then they just refunding my R500 and the R150 that i put in via net teller because again i had to deposit money just to withdraw. So i had R650 in the account. Then i withdrew the R500 and they came back and said no i cant withdraw it because it needs to be put back to the card that it came from so i tried to do that then all of a sudden the minimum amount needs to be R1000 to withdraw so i said now how am i able to withdraw the funds if the minimum is R1000 and i only R500 and they said i must deposit money and i said they how can i deposit money if i am constantly saying that my card keeps declining which is why i asked my sister if i could use her card then they said no i must use swifty or something and i said but whats the point in adding another wallet when i already have one and also that contradicts what they said of depositing the money into the original account that it came from so im just going to do it through net teller since i already had to pay all the charges and extra fees just to deposit again in the account to withdraw what was already my money and now i check my balance and my pending withdrawals and its R0. I am now in April 2021. This whole problem started last year in September 2020. And i have no money since just losses of time and energy spent on them. I have even asked for all my chat history with their support because i am going to put this over all social media platforms so that no one else gets scammed into loosing money. I have all their emails apologising for their system error but i believe theses things are done intentionally so that they never pay anyone out. I want to expose them to the scam artist that they really are! I would not be in this situation had they not advised me to use a different card and just paid out the original R1900 but due to their constant system errors im the person in the wrong!

I have been playing here since they opened years ago and they hardly gave me anything to complaint about. However, I consider myself a very experienced online gambler and know how to get out of the way of “trouble”. Just read their T&Cs, specially the bonus T&Cs and stick to it. Otherwise they will show now mercy.
The selection of games got better and better over the years. Also the support staff was ok when I contacted them.

I deposited and never took any bonuses etc. I won and was unable to withdraw. Apparently I did not meet min requirements. So i contacted customer service via live chat and it was like speaking to a 200yr old person. They never understood what EFT was I had to explain it to them and at the end of everything they forgot what my problem was. OMG
Then I was back and forth with this person clearly not educated to have this job. I was so upset I took my winnings and played it all. I requested my acc to be closed and they have the nerve to tell me that they don’t see I made a deposit!

Customer service absolutely shocking they don’t stick to times given for withdrawals and verifying account I won £140 off £3.50 which i won on the 55free spins iv met all wagering requirements sent all i.d and all I get is someone will contact u soon still waiting 3 days later

Seems like i have the same complaint about the casino, withdrawals take forever to happen its been a week. All im promised is that my concern has been forwarded to relevant department…

I made a withdrawal of 615 on October 19th, same day it was processed and was told the money would be in my bank account the following Monday, as it was a Thursday. On Monday, still no winnings and was told they would be in my account on the 25th, that Wednesday, come Wednesday I was told it sometimes takes 7 days and it would be in my account on Friday, can you guess what happens next? Right you are!! Still no winnings. Another week of being told my case is unique and the security team is dealing with it and will be in contact and still nothing, security team never even got in touch. Turns out my winnings were deposited back into my casino balance, and I had to withdraw again, of which I did two days ago and have been notified that they have been processed. Live chat says nothing about the previous two weeks and just says the money should be in my account soon.

I sent an email in April asking to be blocked from the site due to a gambling addiction but was still able to open an account. Despite saying they had received this email will not give 5000 refund. They did not ask for verification documents within 72 hours as they are supposed to. Customer care realllllly unhelpful. Refusing to give copies of online chats.

I can recommend you to file a complaint at thePogg!
He is a good independent ADR for free.
He is handling my case as we speak on the same kind of issue. I asked for multiple permanent closures but was able to open every time without a waiting period of 7 days. The casino cruise people are professional though and they will give you the chat records if you ask again! Good luck.

I won 400 pound took 2 weeks to get documents variefied then told they had confiscated my winnings unbeknown to me said I had had previous account a year ago with them how was I allowed to open an account play deposit money no problem but cannot now get my winnings

I have been asked for documents twice. And on each occasion you have to wait 72 hours for a response. Were they tell you the documents are not accep table . So far it’s been 12 days and my documents still aren’t accepted even though they are perfectly viewable. Maybe I need to rent a photographer. I wait for baited breath for the next excuse and me being unable to withdraw money I’m owed.

I like the casino and the games are fine.But when I made deposits there the link said That I would receive free spins but I never got any and when I asked the first time he offered me $15 instead with playthrough restrictions.I made two more deposits and still no offer of spins.I don’t think this is a good way. To say something and advertise free spins . I am a new player and I joined this casino because of the free spins .

Wouldn’t pay out due to duplicate accounts as me and my partner both registered from same IP address. They decided to put my deposits back in my account and offered me a bonus if I continued to play. Obviously this contradicts what they are saying and I refused. They then decided to close my account but my partner can keep his account. Funny how they close the winning account? Oh and to top it off the amount confiscated was £10,000

Iam also having trouble getting my 3 withdrawals for just over £1000 and have posted various bank statements passports debit card photos bill statements you name it and iam still waiting for my 3 withdrawals.Great site great promotions just need to sort out there withdrawal system.

Yes am having trouble with this at the moment for £300 owed to me, seems they want a professional copy of documents although other websites have all accepted these previously.
You got any resolution yet?

Im having the same problem. I sent everything they asked for so I could withdraw the £2000 I won. They then asked me to send photos of a debit card which I used many many months ago. I explained that I have not used that card as it was replaced a long time ago.
I can not understand why they would need that card as I have been using my new card to deposit. Luckily I found the old card and sent photos but im still waiting to hear back. It seems they are trying everything to prevent me getting my winnings.

I also had the same challenges with sending the identifying documentation. It took so long before they finally said they got what they needed. I resent it several times. This along with trying to get your withdrawals is very painful. Have not received any of my $ yet.

Like many other punters here withdrawing from casinocruise is a nightmare ive sent so many documents all of which have been accepted by other casinos but they keep saying daft wee things like picture abit blurry,still trying to get my winnings.

Took 5 days and multi pics of same documents. Said couldn’t see number. Couldnt see all four name it they came back with excuse. Then on the Friday I was told 3 to 5 days for withdraw. Chased them.several times to be told money sent .not their problems it’s the banks. Then on 5day told some story about issue with payment have to wait even longer. I feel and have emailed them several times asking why I was lied to and why still no money.

Did u get ur money?

Having a bit of a nightmare withdrawing from Casino Cruise. I bet fair and square a lot of money. Thought i would cut my losses and withdraw what i had left (£250). I requested it 2 days ago and they kept rolling it back to my account saying they are having issues with Skrill.

I still don’t have my money and it is still in pending so we will see.

Great customer service and a guy actually contacted me directly to say he is dealing with it so i will keep you posted.

Did u get ur money?

played on casino cruise recently with the welcome bonus offer & won £3800.00 and then I was betting over £5 in certain games to meet the wagering requirement and lost £3800.00 due to it being confiscated….and breached T & C’s …. but they left my deposit amount in the bank roll…..
Not happy about this rule don’t bet over £5…..if you do you will lose everything.

must say, i have been a customer on mostly all casinos i know of, but casinocruise has been the most complicated ever to get my account verified, my driving license is old and a bit damaged, but casinocruise is the first one ever to not aprove it….and when you send them documents, it takes up to one day to get an reply about send more documents, so getting verified and your withdraw takes days! if ever, they even at one point said at suppoert i wont get the money. but hey taking mine is okey?
well, its not the end of this story yet and hoepfully i one day will get my win, but for now im not feeling very sure about it, so no i cant recommend you casinocruise at this point, im sorry,everything is too complicated and takes too long

well, i got my win afterall, but was complicated if you compare to other casinos…and for me thats a dealbreaker,so many casinos out there so i do not feel confident trying them out again..make sure you are verified before you play, think that way you will save yourself alot of stress

It took 3 Days Before casino Cruise even said that they wanted photos of my card i had paid with trustly so they wanted a screenprint of my bankaccount. and then they sent back that my photos was not good so i took Another and again the day after i got mail said the back of the card was not good then i talkt to chatt and they found it and it was good. feels like they staling as much as they can I have been sending and chatting for houers this week i give up soon

Very good place to place your bets . , i must disagree with my fellow punters here. I started playing in December and lost about 1k. Then in mid January i started hitting it, and i posted a withdraw of about 2k, unfortunately, they informed me that due to an issue with their tech supplier checking my eligibility for withdraw, it will be delayed a bit. I was sure i was not going to get my money but eventually it was resolved in about a week. I thought ,well,i got payed but i am not going to take the risk and play with them anymore. For some reason , i found myself playing with them a couple of weeks ago, and eventually won 2.5k. I started feeling, well, maybe i am not going to get my money . But i was wrong – i got it in about 12 hours + an apology for the delay last time. i played again a couple of days ago and won 1k – got it within 4 hours. And the staff is very friendly. I played in over 30 casinos in my life, and currently with about 7. They might not pay as fast as Guts or Bet365 on average, but they do offer much better promotions and bonuses, which increase my chances of winning (i actually win there, which i cant say about the others) + their support is much more personal and friendly than the other casinos i am playing with. i highly recommend this casino.

Waiting 10 days for withdraw 6800 $ , just the time to invent a new rule that other casino dont have they do a confiscation they rollback and zip no money in my account for a stupid rule : they email me and say that :

In order to fulfill the wagering requirement, you cannot place a wager which (i) for slots and video slots – is more than (€5, 50 NOK, 50 SEK, $5, £5); for any other currency, you cannot place a bet which is more than the equivalent to 5 USD; and (ii) for any other game – is more than (€30, 300 NOK, 300 SEK, $30, £30); for any other currency, you cannot place a bet which is more than the equivalent to 30 USD. This rule also applies when using any double up/gamble feature in any game. In case of a breach of this rule, you agree that your Bonus Balance will be forfeited, apart from the original deposit amount, to the extent that it was not wagered and lost less 10% administrative fees and bank charges.

Playthrough requirement was done before my withdraw, after 5 days i go on live chat to ask agent why it so long they say it a techical issue and apologies.. 5 days after i receive the email confiscation.

I have to agree with others, Casino Cruise is not the site to be at, machines are playable and a great selection until you get to withdraw, I am at 6 days now and still pending, verified my account with all the documents they requested.

Dear Sir,
I am a VIP customer at casino cruise and am not very happy to say the least… My problem is they payout is much to slow and to be honest I am wondering if they are actually going to pay me ( I have taken photos of my winning transactions)!
I have spoken to VIP manager and he tells me that my winnings have been processed but it is still not in my bank account…
Other casinos I am a member of pay in one or two days…but not CasinoCruise it has been a week now. Watch this space…

Please note this issue has been fully solved to Carol’s satisfaction.

I didnt like casino, coz winnings were quite small. Customer service was ok.

I have to agree with the rest here, I won £1300 from my £20 bonus and a week after trying to withdraw they say my money has been confiscated as i bet £10 a few times.. This is basically like stealing from you, as they purposely con you….and i would advise everyone never to take them up on any bonus as they will find a way of not paying you out if you win…Try other sites as much much much better.

I played there and won fair and square. After that I was able to withdraw with no bigger problems except the usual proof of ID trouble. But I did have to read the terms (twice) first. As long as you play by the(ir) rules you should be able to enjoy it there.

Be really aware of their bonus terms and conditions. I won a nice pot of money and got it accepted as an deposit. So after like 4 days i decided to buy myself some new stuff for the money that i won.
But after a week i got a e-mail that said that my money was roll-backed because i’ve bet to high with the bonus money. No warning or nothing, they just took away the money i won (even though i was done with the x40 bonus and everything.
I sent them an e-mail trying to explain that i didn’t know, and maybe get an warning because i hadn’t read the terms to full.
But their answer was just strict no.
So, as far as my experience i think this casino blows, because i think we all need a second chans and there were no possibility for this. They WON and i LOSS, as it always will be in this world.

I gave Casino Cruise a try and so far I don´t regret it. Sadly I took only advantage of their normal welcome bonus. Didn´t see this one here on this site early enough 🙁
I´m currently up 50 bucks and almost met my playthrough requirement. So hopefully I will be able to withdraw soon.


Silversea Cruise line is considered a luxury cruise line, but has a very simplistic casino vibe. A luxury cruise on Silversea is focused on quality service and exotic routes. Silversea only offers three table games; Blackjack, Oasis Poker, and Roulette. There are an assortment of slot machines, plus Video Poker.
The casino on Silversea seems to be more of a place of meeting because the casino staff offers tournaments with jackpots, receptions, seminars, and gaming lessons for the high class, business elite guests. For novice players, this cruise line has a Champagne Reception, in which you can enjoy a complimentary drink while learning to play. Cash and cash advances are accepted methods of payment, and smoking is not permitted.

Games Available on Casino Cruises

The types of games offered on casino cruises vary depending on the cruise line, but all come standard with a mix of slot machines and table games. Overall, there is typically a game available that will meet your needs.

No matter which cruise line you choose, different variants of all the traditional casino games can almost always be found. These include blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps. More niche games like Let It Ride, Three Card Poker or Ultimate Texas Hold’em may also be available upon request on some ships.

Claw machines – games typically found in arcades, boardwalks, or family restaurants – can be spotted onboard some ships with the opportunity to win stacks of cash. Coin pusher games are also popping up on cruise lines more and more. Every cruise ship casino has penny slots, but access to high stakes table games are usually limited.

Almost all casino cruises have some form of a tournament available, with the most popular being. poker, blackjack and slots. Winnings can include money from a pool of cash, deposits into an onboard account, or future stays and vacation packages on the cruise line.

After that, we went back to the deck for the next half an hour, as we headed back to the dock. There was  a crowd of people exiting the ship at once, but it moved at a decent pace. We were back to our car quickly and it was easy to get out of the parking lot and cruise terminal area. 

Casino cruise reviews

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. My husband surprised me with what we were going to do for it. He had bought a Groupon for the Victory Casino Cruise. With the Groupon, two people get to take it for $45, and it includes admission on the cruise, lunch or dinner, four drink tickets, and $10 in slot play. He bought the Groupon when it was an additional $5 off, so he paid $40. This was our first time taking the Victory Casino Cruise, so we thought it would be fun to check it out, especially since it's only an hour from our house. The boat is at Port Canaveral, right by where the large cruise ships depart from. We drove our car down there, but I found out when we were there that they have a coach bus that takes people to and from it ever Friday for $10 per person, with stops in New Smyrna Beach, DeLand, and DeBary.

It's easy to get into the cruise terminal for the casino cruise. And it just took minutes to check in, go through security, and board the boat. There are several floors, which include casino areas, a buffet, a stage for shows, a tiki bar, and deck area for people to relax outside. There are places to also sit inside. There were lots of gaming machines, tables, and there is a sports book. 

We signed up to get a players card (free), and for doing so and giving them our email address they gave us both $5 on it to play. The $10 we were supposed to get didn't come so easily. As it turns out, you have to gamble $24 to get the $10 in play added to your card. Well, I'm not a big gambler and we didn't want to waste/lose a bunch of money, so we didn't even get the $10 each in play credit. 

When we boarded we were given the time that we could go to the buffet for lunch. If you eat meat the buffet seemed fine, a typical cruise ship type buffet. There were numerous meat dishes, pasta with seafood in it, etc. Being a vegetarian, it was tough for us to get a good meal. We ended up having a salad, which wasn't bad, but more options would have been nice.  We also had some of the desserts (my husband had the cheesecake and I had the carrot cake, both of which were good). 

After lunch, we found a nice spot on the deck to just relax and watch the water. It was lovely! It was a beautiful day on the water, we spotted dolphins several times, and we just enjoyed relaxing there on the deck. I don't drink alcohol, and the sodas are free (your alcohol drinks are also free while you are gambling). I gave my husband all four free drink coupons to use so he could get beers with them for him, and I had a Coke. We sat there relaxing and talking for over three hours. I had heard that they stop the gambling at 3:30 (gambling can only take place once three miles away from shore), so at 3:05 we went in to the slot machines. I planned to spend only $5 gambling, plus the $5 they gave me on the card. I lost that pretty quickly. My husband gambled his $5 that was put on the card and put in his $5, but at 3:20 they stopped the gambling, and he had to get $2 back. Total we spent $8 of our money gambling. 

After that, we went back to the deck for the next half an hour, as we headed back to the dock. There was  a crowd of people exiting the ship at once, but it moved at a decent pace. We were back to our car quickly and it was easy to get out of the parking lot and cruise terminal area. 

Overall, we enjoyed the day. It was beautiful outside and we really enjoyed sitting there on the deck watching the water. It was very relaxing. While the food selection could have been better for us, we still enjoyed the experience overall. Total it cost us $40 for the groupon, and we spent $8 gambling, plus the gas money there and back. Not bad for the experience, which is a 5-hour boat ride. If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke it is important to note that inside the ship it is strong. It was horrible and about gagged me. Out on the deck it was great.

Casino Cruise has joined hands with tens of payment providers to give its players a wide variety of options for making deposits and withdrawals from their accounts. Most of the Casino Cruise banking methods are available across the world with some accepting local mobile wallets in some countries.

Terms and Conditions for the Casino Cruise Bonus

Casino Cruise welcome bonus comes with some conditions that you must meet to withdraw the bonus winnings. When the no deposit bonus is available, there will be a Casino Cruise no deposit bonus code offered on registration. Similarly, codes for the second to the fourth bonus are also on the site. To get a Casino Cruise bonus, you must deposit at least $10 for each of the four deposits. Each deposit will be matched up as the percentage indicated on the bonus. You can maximize your bonus by depositing an equal amount with the maximum bonus for the first deposit, twice the bonus value for the second and four times the bonus value to get the maximum bonus for third and fourth bonuses.

All bonuses come with a 40 times wagering requirement, which you must fulfil before enjoying the winnings. The same applies to the winnings from the free spins. The wagering times may go up if you choose games with less than 100% contribution towards the wagering requirement. A list of the games and their percentage contribution is available at the website. There is also a list of the games that you cannot play with the bonus amounts. The maximum stake that you are allowed per bet when completing the wagering requirements is $5 per bet for slots and $30 for any other games.

18+.Available on live casino games only.Opt-in required.20x wagering applies.Real money wagered required.Max bonus £200.Т&C Apply.

Casino Cruise Cash Points

casino cruise cash points casino cruise cash points

Casino Cruise gives you points for every bet you made. These points can be exchanged for cash anytime. Here’s how to get your points: with every £20 bet made, you get 1 point. When you collect 1000 points you can exchange them for cash. You can exchange 100 points for £1. It’s easy, right?

Our biggest complaint is that the ship is definitely in need of some updating. As mentioned above, it definitely shows its age. Wear and tear are evident in many places. Keeping any ship in tip-top shape is difficult given the salt and the sea, so we understand. Still, it would be nice to have a more updated casino to play.

15 Things to Know About Victory Casino Cruises Before You Sail

Want to go try your luck spinning the slot machines, throwing the dice, or trying to get blackjack? If you’re in central Florida, one of the most popular choices to gamble is Victory Casino Cruises . Departing daily from Port Canaveral, the boat heads out beyond state waters where it is legal to play casino games.

If you’ve never sailed on the gambling boat, there are quite a few things you might want to know before you book your spot. We recently sailed on the casino cruise and have everything you need to know.

Billboard for Victory Casino Cruise

It’s $13 Per Person to Sail

Most casinos are happy to let you in the doors for free. Victory charges passengers $13 per person to board. You can book your tickets ahead of time on the cruise line’s website. As well, many regular players who are members of the casino’s players club can get free boarding vouchers for their play. You can also just show up and book your spot to board at the terminal.

The Gambling Age is 18 Years Old

Head to Las Vegas and you have to be 21 to gamble. On the ship, however, you only need to be 18 to board and gamble. No one under 18 is allowed. If you want to drink on the ship you will still need to be 21 years old, like on land.

Victory Casino Cruise ship

Trips Sail 7 Days a Week, Twice Daily

While the departure and arrival times may vary slightly, there is a morning and an evening cruise seven days a week. Most morning cruises depart at 11 a.m. and get back at 4:15 p.m. Most evening cruises leave at 7 p.m. and get back at 12:30 a.m. Sunday cruises depart at noon and return at 6 p.m., while Friday and Saturday night cruises leave at 7 p.m. and get back at 1 a.m.

If You Book Online You Can Skip the Line

As we said, the entry fee for the ship is $13 per person, and you can book your ticket online. One of the advantages of booking early is that you can skip the line that most people stand in to get their tickets. Instead, when you arrive, just enter the terminal and head to the left to the security metal detectors. It can save you a lot of time on boarding.

The Ship Has Four Decks, With Gambling on Each

The Victory has four decks, and each has a different purpose and feel. Deck 1 features the ship’s buffet and ala carte restaurant. As well, there are sports betting terminals here where you can bet on nearly any sport you can think of.

Deck 2 features slot machines, video poker, and table games. Deck 3 is the “Slot Atrium” with nothing but slot machines spanning the entire length of the ship. Deck 4 features the ship’s nightclub, lined with slot machines. There is also an outdoor bar on the back of the ship.

Victory Casino Cruise gaming floor

Tables Games Options Are Impressive Considering the Size of the Ship

You might think that a casino boat would only have a few table games. In fact, the Victory has an impressive variety of games. There are several craps tables (the only ones in Florida), roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Let It Ride, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, and more. There are also electronic roulette machines (a real wheel but betting terminals) and even bingo. If you don’t want to play slots or video poker, there is plenty for you to do. All told there are 27 tables. Note that there is no live poker.

It Takes About 45 Minutes of Sailing Until You Can Play

Due to state laws, it’s not legal for gaming until the ship reaches three miles from the shore. That means for the first part of the trip — and again when the ship comes back in — you can hang out on the deck or grab a bite to eat, but you can’t play. The trip out to sea takes roughly 45 minutes until reaching the 3-mile mark. There will be an announcement that gaming is now open.

The Ship Is a Fantastic Vantage Point to Watch Rocket Launches

Sailing from Port Canaveral, the channel from the port is literally right next to the Kennedy Space Center. Rocket launches draws tons of people to the area, and finding a spot to watch the launch can cost money and mean fighting for a spot. However, the ship heads just a few miles out to sea offering a fantastic vantage point with no obstructions like buildings in the way. It’s the perfect spot to have some fun and head to Deck 4 to watch a launch if it goes up while on your cruise.

Slot machines on Victory Casino cruise

Limits Are Usually Low

Are you a low-stakes gambler? Good news, you’ll fit right in on the Victory Casino Cruise. With 600 slot machines, penny slots are plentiful, as are quarter video poker machines. During our cruise — which wasn’t very busy — we saw multiple tables with $5 minimums. The highest minimum we saw was one table at $15. Bottom line, you don’t have to bring a huge bankroll to have some fun.

The Ship Could Use Some Updating

If your experience gambling involves the big swanky hotels in Las Vegas or similar venues, then you should temper your expectations. The Victory casino ship is a bit worn and could use some updating. Things like worn carpet are common and in general the furnishings show some age. There is also a bit of rust and wear on spots around the ship itself.


The terminal as seen from the parking lot.

Parking is Free

Many people drive to the terminal and the good news is that parking is free. While parking for a regular cruise is around $20 per day, the casino cruise doesn’t charge. You can park across the street from the terminal and walk right to the check-in area and the ship. It makes it extremely convenient for those coming to the casino by car.

The Terminal is at the End of the Port Complex

Need a little help in finding where to go? There are abundant signs pointing the direction, but the port is at the end of the Canaveral cruise complex, close to the beach. We’ve labeled the map below to give you a sense of where to go:

Map of Victory Cruise Terminal

Map data: Google

Transportation Is Available

Don’t want to drive to the port? You’re in luck. Victory has a number of bus routes that will pick you up all over the central Florida area. This includes everywhere from Ocala to The Villages, to Vero Beach to Palm Coast. Rides are also affordable at just $20. Call the company to arrange your spot on the bus.

Get $5 Freeplay with a New Card and Email Address

Want a little freeplay to start your day at the casino? Sign up for the casino card when you get on the ship. It’s completely free and when you track your play on the machines and at the table with the card, you can get casino offers. If you provide your email address when you sign up, you also get $5 freeplay to use on the machines.

Victory Casino Cruise deck 4

Drinks Are Free When Playing

Want to have a drink or two while you try your luck? There is drink service from waitresses that roam the casino floor. Drink service is free while you play (be sure to tip). If you want something from the bar, you will have to pay for that. There is coffee and soda available on Deck 1 if you want to sip something non-alcoholic.

Our Thoughts of the Victory Casino Cruise

As mentioned above, we recently sailed aboard the ship to check it out. So what is our impression of it?

In general, we had a good time. Our cruise on a Monday night didn’t have many people, meaning it was easy to find a place to play without having to fight for a spot at a table or a machine. It was also extremely easy to drive right up to the terminal, park, and board.

We found the machines to be “loose” and came out ahead on our cruise. Slot machines consistently gave good play, even when we ended up losing. Video poker machines were either 7/5 or 6/5 (be sure to check the pay tables to find the best for you), which does leave something to be desired. One thing that stuck out to us was that nearly every game you can think of was available on the ship. Normally smaller casinos offer only some games you might find at a larger venue.

Our biggest complaint is that the ship is definitely in need of some updating. As mentioned above, it definitely shows its age. Wear and tear are evident in many places. Keeping any ship in tip-top shape is difficult given the salt and the sea, so we understand. Still, it would be nice to have a more updated casino to play.

Overall, if you are in the central Florida area the Victory Casino ship is a fun way to spend a few hours… and hopefully make some money.

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