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So far though I’ve been quite disappointed. For some reason, none of the cheat codes work. Even more frustrating is that I can’t find anything online as to why this is or what to do about it. So I reluctantly went through the first casino scenario which was actually very easy. However, unlike what most reviews have stated, the second one is not easy at all. I started building it up the same way as the first one but had all kinds of disasters going on, including the health department shutting down my food service (for what reason I have no idea). And the money doesn’t come in nearly as easy as in the first scenario. in fact, I pretty much broke even.

Hoyle Casino Empire – PC

Casino Empire must have been a game that someone designed to fill a niche when the Sim City games were a rage. Sadly this game was never a hit but for true Casino goers, it’s sort of fun to play around with.

Obviously the Themed Casinos represented on their “Vegas Strip” take after Real World properties such as the Luxor, Excalibur, Circus Circus, Hard Rock and the Stratosphere but clearly they could not license the use of the actual names. If this game would have sold at all and generated further development, I would have liked to see an Atlantic City edition as that’s where I like to spend time at since I’m here on the East Coast.

Game play is pretty simple but I did have a tough time winning the final scenario taking several tries before getting it right. A reasonable number of Table Games are represented here to place in your Casinos, I think it would have been a stretch to try to put all the offshoots like “Let it Ride” and “Carribean Stud” in along with the Standard table games so they did a pretty good job there. The Slots and Video Poker games are good enough but I would have switched the “Video Blackjack” games for “Video Slots”, I like how when you put in a “bank” of 16 games you get a Feature Topper that can be seen throughout the casino, a nice touch.

The Card Tournaments which you can actually play within the game are OK but I found the Full Versions in Hoyle Casino which I also have to be better so I leave them alone.

One fun thing you have are the VIPs who enter your casino once You have the facilities that draw the High Rollers. I found the Voice Talent pretty good especially with Arnold and Clint, the Real Fun happens when you jack up the Alcohol Content of the Drinks served to 200%, you get some lines that truly cracked me up! You may also get a “Star Trek” convention or an Elvis Convention to visit your Casino and that can be interesting as well.

Though some reviewers here have downplayed this game, I find it entertaining enough, I like the sound and visual atmosphere in Real Casinos about as much as the actual gaming myself so I continue to be amused trying to lay out my Casinos in different ways and different decor when I fool around with this little gem.

Casino Empire was made to fill a Niche which it does nicely, too bad that they missed the mark by overestimating how large the audience would be for this title, I would have liked to see more but it’s not going to be developed further.

Top critical review

I became interested in this game after downloading and playing the online demo. I didn’t have any interest in going through the scenarios; it was the sandbox mode that interested me. I don’t like constraints in these types of games. I just want to relax and build to my heart’s content. So I looked online and saw that there were several cheat codes that would allow you to bypass the scenarios, as well as obtain $100,000 in cash. That, along with an extremely cheap price, was enough to get me to buy.

So far though I’ve been quite disappointed. For some reason, none of the cheat codes work. Even more frustrating is that I can’t find anything online as to why this is or what to do about it. So I reluctantly went through the first casino scenario which was actually very easy. However, unlike what most reviews have stated, the second one is not easy at all. I started building it up the same way as the first one but had all kinds of disasters going on, including the health department shutting down my food service (for what reason I have no idea). And the money doesn’t come in nearly as easy as in the first scenario. in fact, I pretty much broke even.

I’m sure I can figure out how to turn it around without much effort, but that’s not what I wanted in the game in the first place. I expected it to be much more like Sim City, where you could have fun on your own. I had never played a Tycoon game before, so perhaps I just wasn’t aware of how they worked. Fortunately this was a very inexpensive lesson learned, since I got it for 99 cents through an Amazon seller.

I’m sure to some people that this game can be fun, but be sure of what you want out of it before you buy.

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From the United States

After reading many reviews here I decided to write one of my own. The game itself is fun but needs a little more work. I myself dont play games that are super involved, shooting people and blowing stuff up. This game and games like it are right up my alley.

First off I have to agree about the cafe’s keno rooms and others being 2D. It would be nice if you could go inside, set some gaming machines in the lounge or betting room. Maybe make a menu for the dining area which could coinside with the biggy lights outside. I know a seafood buffet gets my attention on a Friday night! When a restaurant is built maybe room service could be added. That option should come sooner in the game in place of the ammusement ride.

The slot machines, I’ve played one slot machine over a buck in my entire life. There should be nickle dime quarter and fifty cent machines. Maybe throw in penny machines just for kicks. I have to agree there is little difference in machine design other then the fact the only way you can pick them out is by building multiples and having the spinner on top. Some blazing 7’s or All American’s would do nicely in this catagory and maybe the number of lines to play.

On the two larger jackpot machines, I think I’d like to pick the item that goes on top. I think I saw a ride on lawn mower in there at one point, maybe announce big winners?? Ok maybe thats a little too realistic. I think its great to watch the patrons playing, graphics on them were done in a realistic fashion. Sometimes I find it hard to find my staff even with the overlay on, but easy to pick out the patron levels, especially the VIP’s.

The gaming tables are ok, once you get high rollers and VIP’s in you can set the levels on them higher, and the money starts rolling in. Most seem to be popular. but would like to see carribean stud or let it ride in there. Another feature would have been to have the ability to just change the table type when you get an upgrade rather then have to blow it out and rebuild it. Being able to change the felt colors was a good addition.

As far as the attacks, it seems to make little difference when you try to pay them off. I’ve played it both ways and saw little or no change in my patron count or money decline. You do however have to hire more security to toss them out and extra machine opporators to fix them and on some casinos this is hard due to little wall space. IE: The rock and roll casino which I’m currently stuck in. There is little decor to choose from and only certain ways machines or pit tables fit. It takes forever to get to the first upgrade but once you get the pit patrons and money start coming in, but I have yet to draw enough patrons to go on to the next casino. I’ve read hints and cheats (which I have yet to get to work) the hints of dropping advertising down for two months does ok. Any other ideas?

My game saves work ok so far no problems there.

Overall this is a good game, it just needs tweaking a bit. I like the fact I can listen to my mp3’s while playing, how many games can you do that with? It keeps me busy while I’m caring for my mother and housebound for the most part. I can play for hours in both modes.

You’ll meet tongue-in-cheek parodies of celebrities on the strip.

Casino Empire Review

Casino Empire lacks a lot of features that you’d expect from any good management game, though it still manages to be enjoyable at times.

on October 4, 2002 at 6:32PM PDT

Casino Empire is the first management strategy game from Sierra Attractions, the developer of the popular Hoyle card, board, and casino games. It’s a game in which you must manage one of eight Las Vegas-style casinos and draw in as many gamblers as possible by decorating the exterior with neon signs and fireworks and by filling the interior with different casino games and amenities like restaurants and gambling rooms. It’s like Infogrames’ remarkably successful RollerCoaster Tycoon, only in a casino, and unfortunately, it’s not nearly as polished or complete, and the developer’s inexperience with creating this sort of game is pretty obvious. Casino Empire lacks a lot of features that you’d expect from any good management game, though it still manages to be enjoyable at times.

Casino Empire lets you build a gaudy, bustling casino. Casino Empire lets you build a gaudy, bustling casino.

At a glance, Casino Empire looks extremely promising. You’ll probably be intrigued by the game’s colorful appearance, its huge casino areas that you can fill with slot machines and card tables, and what appears to be a conventional management game interface. The game has an event ticker at the top of the screen that will bring important issues to your attention, and it has various buttons and icons at the bottom and edges of the screen–including icons that let you zoom your view of your casino in and out–to pull up various information menus, as you might expect. Just like in RollerCoaster Tycoon, you’ll have various objectives, like earning a certain amount of money, getting a certain approval rating for your casino, or attracting a certain number of guests–or some combination of these and other goals. In order to maximize your cash flow and casino rating, you need to attract lots of new customers (represented by tiny figures that pace the floor) and keep your current ones happy by making sure you build restaurants, restrooms, and bars for them, and you can even keep track of your customers’ current moods individually. At all times, you’ll be competing with two other rival casinos that may send spies to your casino to rough up your dealers or dump garbage on the floor, so you’ll need to hire security staff to keep the peace, as well as various other staffers like custodians, waitresses, and dealers.

Unfortunately, the game’s interface lacks a lot features that you’d expect from a game of this sort. For instance, though you can check on your guests’ current moods, you can’t lock the camera onto any of them, or onto any of your casino employees, so you can’t tell whether their needs are being fulfilled unless you constantly scroll the screen to follow them. You also can’t give your guests orders or suggestions on where to go, and since they’re quite stupid, they’ll angrily leave your casino in disgust after repeatedly complaining that they weren’t able to find a restroom, even though they’ll pass right by three of them on the way out. You also can’t snap your camera onto any important events from the ticker, including when saboteurs from rival casinos are causing trouble. When you’ve built up an extremely large, bustling casino, it’s next to impossible to locate each individual vandal because you can’t quickly snap the camera onto either the event or the vandal–instead, when you’re being attacked, Casino Empire turns into a very slow game of cat and mouse in which you must manually direct your tiny guards to seek out each tiny, hard-to-see saboteur. Casino Empire also lacks a minimap feature that could have been used to jump quickly about the map. Some of the game’s eight different casinos are huge (relative to the tiny patrons and staff, anyway), and scrolling continuously from one end to another doesn’t cut it–the best you can do is zoom out your view and scroll, which takes an unnecessarily long time.

Though you’ll occasionally come across some really problematic situations in which you’re either under attack by an unmanageably large mob of saboteurs or in which you’re running out of money much faster than you can earn it, you can still manage to complete the game’s single-player campaign without too much difficulty. That’s because aside from the occasional difficulty, Casino Empire is an extremely straightforward, even simplistic game in which you can win practically every scenario by building some games, buying up some advertising, waiting for your existing games to make more money, then repeating the process. In fact, you’ll find that once you reach a certain plateau level of hotel rating, clientele, and income, you can literally sit back and twiddle your thumbs until you win. Casino Empire isn’t a deep or even challenging strategy game by any means, but there’s certainly something relaxing about having a bustling, colorful casino full of happy patrons and bright, flashing slot-machine lights while the money keeps rolling in.

You You’ll meet tongue-in-cheek parodies of celebrities on the strip.

Casino Empire doesn’t look spectacular, though it does sound a bit better than it looks. You can fill out huge casino lots that can look extremely active, thanks to Casino Empire’s simple, colorful graphics, but the game’s plain-looking card tables, slot machines, decorations, and patrons that would have looked a lot better had they been more detailed. Fortunately, Casino Empire features fairly decent voice acting. Your employees and patrons will make short, occasionally witty remarks when you click on them, and you’ll also meet celebrity patrons and new casino bosses that hire you on at the beginning of each of the game’s eight missions–they have more-interesting voices that spoof well-known celebrities like Bill Cosby, Siegfried & Roy, and Regis Philbin, and they’re good for a laugh or two. The game also has good ambient, jazzy background music that’s fitting for a casino, and though it also has a soundtrack consisting of songs licensed from Vegas mainstays like the Brian Setzer Orchestra, these tracks are few and far between, and you’ll be able to access them only later on in the game’s missions. The game also has a free-form sandbox mode that helps extend the game’s replay value somewhat, though it’s still tough to justify the $40 retail price.

Casino Empire was based on an idea with a lot of promise, and it’s a shame that the game doesn’t really realize that potential because of gaps in its design–like its incomplete interface and its overly simple, straightforward gameplay–and because of its less-than-impressive graphics and sound. However, if you’re more interested in the relaxing sights and sounds of Las Vegas than you are in playing a highly challenging strategy game, you might want to take a gamble with Casino Empire.

Hoyle’s been a great developer of the Casino series and this is their first attempt at the simulation department. The casinos all have a familiar theme to them. You’ll see knock offs of Excalibur, Luxor, and Stratosphere to name a few. Each one has various objectives that must be accomplished in a certain time frame. Among those goals are generating a certain amount of income, reaching a specific casino rating, and succeeding in achieving a build level to name a few.

Casino empire reviews

If you ever want to try your hand at running at Las Vegas Casino, Sierra and Hoyle has a game for you. Dubbed Casino Empire, it tries to give you the sense of owning and operating your own gambling paradise. Along the lines of Roller Coaster Tycoon and SimGolf you try and achieve certain goals before a given deadline. If you succeed you move onto bigger and better casinos or you can continue playing in the current casino without any deadlines. Casino Empire is a valiant attempt at developing a fun and addicting tycoon type game but it ultimately fails in keeping you interested after a few scenarios.

Hoyle’s been a great developer of the Casino series and this is their first attempt at the simulation department. The casinos all have a familiar theme to them. You’ll see knock offs of Excalibur, Luxor, and Stratosphere to name a few. Each one has various objectives that must be accomplished in a certain time frame. Among those goals are generating a certain amount of income, reaching a specific casino rating, and succeeding in achieving a build level to name a few.

You start out with a few table games in blackjack and craps to out fit your casino. You’ll also be able to put down some slot machines, decorations, and other attractions. At the basic build level of 1, you don’t have much to play with but you try and do the best you can with what you have until you can upgrade your build level which gives you more toys to play with. Your casino will look rather bland with just blackjack tables, craps tables, and slot machines so increasing your build level to access more games and decorations will make your casino a lot more attractive to the customers. There are a few games missing from the selection that could’ve given the game more variety.
Along the way certain events will pop up needing your attention. For example, a person might come by and offer you some improvements for your casino at a price. If you do purchase them, they can backfire on you. You might also get an opportunity to purchase equipment at a lower price. Competing casinos will also launch sabotages against you while you can also do the same to them. One time I had a bunch of clowns from the Big Top Casino walk through and harass my dealers. It’s these little events that do make the game a little more interesting.

The standard isometric view of the casino floor is presented to you. Certain areas are colored differently which signify areas you are allowed to build on so you can’t just place machines and games on any part of the casino floor. Walls allow for other attractions such as keno rooms, poker rooms, and restaurants. Wall space is a premium because for some unknown reason Sierra didn’t allow for you to rotate the map. You’re pretty much stuck with one view and one view only, which is a pretty bad design decision. Even the old SimCity games allowed you to rotate the map to view the areas at different angles. So if you don’t have room for your buffet that you want in your casino, you’ll have to sell some of the other establishments that you place against the wall.

Various casino staff is hired to try and keep your establishment clean, safe, and entertaining. You’ll need a good security staff to catch and toss out cheaters. Waitresses will walk around and serve drinks to the patrons. You can even hire showgirls to parade around the casino floor. You can assign a route for each worker to make sure the area on the floor is covered by a specific employee.

Outfitting the outside of the casino allows you to make your establishment more attractive, thus getting more people into your place. You can put up some lights, roller coaster rides, fountains, and other decor. You can’t really do much on placement on the outside, as you will just see your purchases appear in their pre-established areas but it is kind of interesting to watch as your dull exterior become like one of those high profile casinos on the Las Vegas strip.
One of the neat features that I did like was the ability to play in poker tournaments. After building a poker tournament room, you can enter in one of these high stakes games. You’re treated to either Texas Hold’em or Five Card Draw. Once you do enter in one, the game switches to that familiar Hoyle style look complete with recognizable characters if you had played Hoyle’s other games. There are 16 rounds and the one with the most money at the end wins. Some tournaments will let you put the money you win into your total earnings. If only Hoyle expanded this feature in all of the games on the casino floor. Yes you could play the regular games if you have Hoyle Casino and Casino Empire is suppose to just simulate the building of one but it would’ve been really cool to have included the ability to play a craps table or pull the slots in a casino you built.

The graphics in Casino Empire are ok but certainly not up to par by today’s standards. The sprite-based game allows for a massive number of people to be on screen without taking down your system. Details in the characters and games are pretty minimal with but the animation isn’t too bad. You’ll see drunken patrons staggering around and excited gamblers jumping for joy when they win. But the small sprites don’t have that much detail to them. What Casino Empire lacks in the visuals it makes for in audio. Some of the “celebrities” you’ll encounter in your casino have some great voice work behind it. You’ll get a nice little laugh when you encounter the likes of Michael Jackson and Arnold Schwarzennegar. A Hoyle Casino like character representation appears in the bottom left corner when you click on the patron. You can also listen to your own MP3s instead of hearing the casino music that’s outputted from the speakers.

A major problem with Casino Empire is the control scheme. Besides the lack of rotation of the casino, there isn’t a mini map to help you navigate. When events happen in your casino such as an attack by another casino’s spies or a cheater is caught, you can’t quickly go to the area on the map. You have to try and navigate around the map playing where is Waldo in trying to find out where it is. Another problem is you can’t follow a patron around the casino by locking the view onto them.
After a few scenarios, I started losing interest in the game though. Part of it was I was getting tired of scrolling around and trying to find the events that were occurring. Another is the fact that I was annoyed at the interface and lack of various features. I did enjoy the first few times I played it but my interest waned pretty quickly.

Casino Empire is fun for a few moments at the beginning. After you go through a few scenarios though, you’ll probably get bored with it. The control scheme is lacking a lot of what is offered in other tycoon type games. The process of hunting for the events that take place in your casino can be tedious and annoying. It’s not a bad idea and I hope that Hoyle expands on their initial attempt and improve on their execution. I wouldn’t say that this is a $40 game but rather a $20-$25 at best. It will offer some fun for those looking for an easy tycoon type game.

Most online casinos will have a bonus of some sort or another for new members, but Casino Empire has a particularly substantial welcome bonus: 200% Up To $2000 . To put that in context, online casinos rarely provide a match bonus of more than 100%, let alone one that goes all the way up to $2000. Even taking into account the 50x wagering requirement, this is an astonishingly generous bonus and makes the prospect of signing up for Casino Empire a tempting one indeed.

Casino Empire Methods of Payment

Will your preferred payment method be accepted at Casino Empire? This section of our review aims to answer all of your questions about how deposits and withdrawals are handled by the site. After all, the last thing you want is to end up unable to deposit cash or to withdraw your hard-earned winnings.


There is no shortage of payment methods to choose from when you come to make a deposit. Those traditionalists who favour credit cards can go with Visa, MasterCard or Amex. Alternative methods are Interac, PaysafeCard, Trustly, Neosurf, Skrill and Neteller. In line with an ever-growing number of online casinos, Casino Empire also caters to those who prefer to pay via cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and Litecoin are all accepted for deposits. The minimum deposit sum is C$20.


Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise: while even the best online casinos almost always offer a restricted range of options for withdrawals compared to the payment methods accepted for deposits, Casino Empire is a shining exception. All of the payment methods listed above for deposits can also be used for withdrawals. You can withdraw a maximum of C$5000 per week and can expect to wait for between 1 to 5 working days for the withdrawal to be completed.

Casino Empire is an online casino owned and managed by Geomatic Marketing N.V, a Curacao-based company. The platform offers games such as Live Casino, Slots, Poker, Keno, Lottery, Table Games, and more. It operates with a gaming license signed by the government of Curacao.

Casino Empire Review

Pros / Cons
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Accepts payments in Indian rupees
  • Decent selection of Indian games
  • Offers different categories of games
  • Supports payments in bitcoins
  • Only two payment options
  • Unfavourable bonus conditions
  • No FAQ section

Casino Empire offers a neat and beautiful website which is easy to use. The games lobby is also user friendly. You can easily locate games using the search bar and filter options. More importantly, the site works perfectly on all types of smartphones and devices.

Even though the games collection on the site is not as huge as other casinos, it covers different categories. Whatever type of games you love, you’ll certainly find one to play. In addition to this, it offers enough Indian titles for you to enjoy.

In terms of payments, there are two options available. However, what makes it beautiful is that you can pay conveniently using Indian Rupees. It also grants you a welcome cash offer when you start making deposits.

There are so many areas Casino Empire can improve on. Firstly, their payment system is limited to only two options, which may not be convenient for all players.

Furthermore, the customer support system does not seem as effective as it should be. We tried out the live chat button on our visit and it doesn’t seem responsive. There is also no FAQ page, and this leaves you with only phone and email options.

Another downside is the strict terms and conditions for the welcome bonus. There is a high wagering requirement of 50x with a limited time to claim and use all the bonuses. This makes the bonus not as generous as it looks.

The roman theme of this casino is a unique approach that many players will appreciate with a lot of excellent game options such as slots, poker, blackjack, table, and more. Players can access the platform through various platforms, including mobile and PC devices. The customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email with payment options such as cryptocurrency, bank cards, and e-wallets. The casino has a license from the Curacao Gaming Authority and is safe for players to visit. You can register on the casino to claim your welcome bonus as a recruit.

If you become a player on Slots Empire and find yourself struggling with gambling addiction, then the responsible gaming page on the casino is there to help. It also has helpful tips for players who don’t face this problem but want to avoid it as they play on the casino. You can visit any of the links provided on the page to get help from professional support groups.

Does Slots Empire accept players from the United States?

Yes, players from the United States are accepted on the casino and can play with real money deposits.

What type of license does this casino have?

The casino has a license from the Government of Curacao.

Do I need to register on the casino?

Yes, the casino requires players to register to enjoy games with real money, but demo games are available to guests on the casino.

Can I play on Slots Empire using my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can play on smartphones or tablets.

Is Slots Empire scam or safe?

The casino is safe for players to visit, and it uses the latest technologies and SSL security to provide maximum protection. The license from the Curacao Gaming Authority assures players that this casino isn’t a scam.

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