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For the past few weeks I have not been getting new games. on my tablet. The last one I received was Gecko gold rush I play high5 on mytablet and I also play it on my desktop. My desktop game plays perfectly and I get a new game each week but suddenly my tablet version is not working properly. Is there anything that can be done to correct this situation? Barbara Versailles. My email is [protected]@cox.net. My

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino reviews & complaints

I was playing on sirens cove at 11:30 a.m. 2/18/2022 and won a rapid reward for 100.00 they said my account would be credited with in 24 hr and that the casino would be notified right away. Needless to say i ayed the run around with the casino because not one customer service rep even knew what i was talking about . They had no knowledge of an outside promotion going on in the casino they work for. Very frustrating

I emaed several times and each time i get the same email back . Asking game sequence code and all .it doesn’t tell that i won a rapid rewards on that game log so its completely useless information there asking for .

Desired outcome: I would like the rapid reward i won. 100.00

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – Rapid rewards program at betmgm

Hello on the night of 01/23/2022 through the early morning hours of 01/24/2022 I was playing online casino at BetMGM in Michigan. A promotion going on right now is during play of certain High 5 games you can be awarded instant rewards. I’m not sure all the rewards you can win. I know you can win an instant $1,000 also an instant $100 and I believe there a.

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – Ability to play

I have the app on both my iPad and iPhone. On my pad with your latest update it cannot find my internet. This problem happened a couple of years ago and I had to delete and reinstall. As I have all the games open I have no wish to do that again. On my phone it comes up and then cuts out almost immediately. Really annoying. It would be very nice to be able to relax and play again. You really should care more about your long term customers

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – I hate your site now

You changed the web site took my coins and lowered the spinning wheel and the amount you get for the free spins. You finally had it set up good and then you go and change it yet again and took my coins which was 1 million 500 give them back and change the site back to the way you had it with the wheel spin in the 100s instead of 10 and 20s cheap cheap cheap I am no longer going to play this site will play my other slot games which give me 7 million every day. Again cheap cheap cheap so much f0r being there f0r you so called people right like every other person on the world you just want us to spend our money . Never again your cheap so I will be even cheaper I will just keep collecting until I get enough coins to play but at the rate you game site is going I quit this site. I used to love this web site now it just plan sucks

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – Missing Coins

High 5 Casino Real Slots

December 28, 2020

At approximately 9.55 A.M. I excite the game “BABYLON CITY” on High 5 Casino Real Slot site I had 28, 000.000 Coins, when I went to main menu to my surprise it shows only (8, 535.226). I would like to know where the 20, 000.000 went to, and can someone check into this for me and return missing coins. Thanks

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – The entire site

I am having trouble playing any of the High 5 Casino games, because I keep getting a message telling me I am not connected to WiFi. And yet, I can play the games from High 5 casino on my laptop & old IPad. Both of these are older and very slow.
For many years, and a very high score on each individual game, I just don’t know why I cannot play any of these. My WiFi in our home and our service provider is working on every other application, and that is why I don’t know why one day I’m playing just fine, and the next day I continually receive the note. Sorry you need a internet connection.
Please help me with this, as I do not want to have to delete my games and start over.
Thank you, Kathy

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – Double charged

I bought a package deal for 20 dollars (can’t remember the name, but it was something like 13 days of Spooks). My bank statement says the 19th of this month but I am almost sure it was the 18th. I got double charged. I tried sending them an e-mail to rectify this and have heard nothing back. I live on a tight budget and need that money back. Thank you for any help you can provide.

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – Purchase game packages and didn’t receive the coins.

I purchase a game package for 19.99 on February 13, 2020 and never received the coins. I tried again on February 14, 2020 to purchase a package for 9.99 and again I didn’t get the coins. I don’t know if there is a problem with the site or not but, if it is you need to fix it. I have already requested a refund from Apple. Also this is not the first time this has happened but, this is the first time I have contacted you about this problem.

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – credits purchase

While playing a game last night I stopped to answer the phone when I returned to the game there was a screen shot of special offers and I tried to get it off and then it said that I had purchased 3.37 billion credits and to press ok which I didn’t. My account has been debited for this. I have made purchases in the past but not for such a huge amount. Could you please look at this and reverse the credits and my money. Regards dora.[protected]@bigpond.com

Need a answer soon

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – High5 Casino Game as a whole

Ever since the redesign of your game and website, the reels don’t spin smoothly, you can’t see what you have won when you win, and in general, the new version sucks. I really enjoy High5, but these issues are beginning to wear on my patience with the game. Is there anything you can go to at least make the reels spin more smoothly? I can deal with the rest. If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at [protected]@yahoo.com.

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – high 5 casino

i have beeen playining for at least 5years, the last 5 days it coms up to the first collect page and it is dark so i cannot play it .. hope you can help my e-mail address is [protected]@yahoo.com on face book. i really like the game and at over 270 plus level. i play it every day and sometimes i go in and get points every 4 hours. my name is jackie ruhland in phoenix .az.

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – high5casino. my tablet

For the past few weeks I have not been getting new games. on my tablet. The last one I received was Gecko gold rush I play high5 on mytablet and I also play it on my desktop. My desktop game plays perfectly and I get a new game each week but suddenly my tablet version is not working properly. Is there anything that can be done to correct this situation? Barbara Versailles. My email is [protected]@cox.net. My

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – high five casino

My credit card is failing when making purchases. Therefore, I’m not receiving credits. This has happened two months in a row. What is happening is my credit card is getting charged for the failed purchases at the end of the month. but, I never receive any credits! Please respond because I enjoy your game and wish to continue playing and making purchases. You have charged me 9.99 4 times and have never received credits for those purchases.

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – not getting my spins and bonuses

when i log on high5 casino the screen comes on then in a few seconds the screen turns white and wont let me do anything. so I refresh the game again then it acts like its coming on then it turns white again. its been acting like this for almost all this week. I have lost all my spins and all my bonuses as well.I play high 5 casinos all the time im not happy

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino – paying for coins and not getting them

I bought your stupid deal 12.97 for 3.5 million coins and got absolutely NOTHING! Not impressed with your company and want the money I spent refunded. Not a way to run a casino. I don’t want the coins I want my 12.97 back then I can get rid of your cheating game. If that is how you cheat people you and your company should be ashamed! And have the BBB look into you

I would like a rep from your casino to email me and tell me that they are going to resolve it.

The best thing to do is to simply keep your eye on the brand’s Facebook page. This will allow you to see all of the special offers for High 5 Casino chips that are made available. It’s important to note that you won’t just be getting High 5 Casino coins. This is because the brand will frequently put on promotions that can boost your wins on the site’s range of enticing activities.

High 5 Casino Free Coins 2022

Welcome to our guide to picking up some High 5 Casino coins. We’ll explain where you can get a High 5 Casino reward and reveal what you’ll get with some of those High 5 Casino codes. This will help you see how these High 5 Casino coin offers rank in comparison to some of the deals put on by other social casinos. such as Slotomania Free Coins.

But why would you actually want to collect some High 5 Casino codes? After all, there are plenty of decent casino outlets out there. We’re going to tell you all you need to know about this brand. This means examining everything from the site’s customer support to looking at what kinds of diversions are featured with the High 5 Casino promotion codes. Check out Mohegan Sun Casino no deposit bonus page.

This should mean that you’ll be perfectly placed to see whether you want to collect the complimentary High 5 Casino promotion codes. Plus you’ll be able to understand how these deals compared to Free Bingo Blitz Credits or the offers found in our review of the House of Fun free coins. So keep reading to see how you can put those High 5 promo codes into action and collect your rewards.

We saw that over 1.1 million people like High 5 Casino on Facebook. This means that there has to be a lot more to this brand than just a handful of High 5 Casino codes. So we thought that it would be helpful if we gave you a broad overview of what this gaming site is all about.

This means covering everything from the High 5 Casino welcome deal to the VIP program. We’ll also let you know how easy it is to use the site and take a look at what kinds of customer support options there are. So keep reading to see why you might want to pick up a High 5 Casino complimentary coin or two. To get an idea of the amusements you will find, head to our Solar Disc slot machine review.

  • 300+ slot activities to take part in
  • Complimentary coin rewards every four hours
  • Lots of promotions and special offers
  • Only slots at High 5 Casino
  • Lack of a standard welcome offer
Company High 5 Games
Headquarter 1200 MacArthur Boulevard, Mahwah, NJ 07430
Year of Founding 1995
CEO Anthony Singer
Website club5.high5casino.com
Available Languages
Customer Support
Email MR@H5G.com
Phone 201-825-1711
Verified by
Payment Methods

Looking for High 5 casino promo codes? Many casino platforms will put on special sign up offers to encourage new customers to register accounts on their sites. So will you get a complimentary High 5 Casino reward for signing up to this brand? Unfortunately, it looks like High 5 Casino doesn’t have a standard welcome deal for new customers. If you are looking for pastimes to spend these promotional tokens on, head to our best Slingo sites page.

However, don’t let that put you off signing up to High 5 Casino. This is because this site will give you High 5 Casino coins every four hours. As a result, you’ll be able to have a constant supply of complimentary credits without needing to use any High 5 Casino promo codes at any point.

While it might have been nice to have a standard High 5 Casino reward upon signing up, we think that receiving these free coins could work out to be better over the long term. Plus we saw that the brand will regularly put on plenty of free coins deals that let you get even more High 5 Casino coins.

Such efforts mean that both new and existing customers are equally valued by the brand, and it was also nice to see that no High 5 Casino codes are necessary for any of these deals. If you are a fan of the traditional casino choices, head to our Baccarat online strategy page.

The best thing to do is to simply keep your eye on the brand’s Facebook page. This will allow you to see all of the special offers for High 5 Casino chips that are made available. It’s important to note that you won’t just be getting High 5 Casino coins. This is because the brand will frequently put on promotions that can boost your wins on the site’s range of enticing activities.

So although it might be a little disappointing to not have a standard welcome deal, it seems that this site is still keen to give you your complimentary High 5 Casino offer amounts.

Bonus Requirements:

  • Amount: Not specified
  • Offer Types: High 5 Casino free coins
  • Example: 100% more coins
  • Rollover: Not specified
  • Max. Time: Not specified
  • Cashable? Not specified

You won’t have to waste any time in picking up your free High 5 Casino reward. This is because everything that this brand does is designed to help you start playing straight away.

Some casino sites will make you undergo a lengthy registration process. But High 5 Casino makes it simple to get started. You will just have to go to the brand’s homepage and then find simple links to sign up. This means just clicking on the tabs to sign up via email, Facebook or Apple.

Beyond these sign-up links, the High 5 Casino website is actually a fairly sparse place. While it tells you all about how many slots pastimes it has and how you can get High 5 Casino free coins every few hours, there’s not too much information to share here about the promotions it offers.

Instead, you get to see a very colorful graphic that’s artfully composed of the main characters and themes from some of the site’s biggest draws. To be honest, you’ll probably only be spending less than a minute on the High 5 Casino site.

This because once you’ve registered your account, you’ll be straight into the gaming action and you won’t need to return to the homepage. There’ll be no need to worry about making deposits as this is not your typical casino site. Plus you won’t have to enter in any High 5 Casino codes at any point as the brand’s special offers can simply be gained by following the relevant links.

So while High 5 Casino offers a fairly simplistic take on web design, you’ll be glad to know that it offers you a straightforward way to get your free High 5 Casino reward amounts and get straight into the gaming action. To get an idea of the different diversions you will encounter with High 5, head to our Celestial King review.

High 5 Casino is all about slots gaming, and you’ll have to pick up those coins to get involved. Thankfully it’s very straightforward to fund your wagering. This is because the brand will be giving you a free High 5 Casino reward every few hours.

So if you have run out of coins, then the chances are that you should be able to pick up more in less than four hours. Just keep your eye on the High 5 Casino reward credits Facebook feed, and you’ll be given plenty of coins in next to no time.

So what happens when you need some help with your High 5 Casino codes? As High 5 Casino is not a typical casino site, it means that you might not require quite as much assistance as if you were at a regular online casino site. After all, you won’t be making any real money deposits or withdrawals here.

Despite this, we hoped that High 5 Casino would show that it at least cares about its customers. We took a good look on the High 5 Casino homepage and couldn’t find any evidence of there being any customer support options.

So we then went to the website of the parent company. We took a look around the site and found that the brand has plenty of email addresses available, but none of them appeared to be dedicated to customer support. Despite this, there were a number of handy links to the brand’s communications channels on Facebook and Twitter which could give you some decent ways to get in touch.

However, we found that the best way of getting in touch with High 5 Casino would probably be just to message the brand direct on its Facebook page. This would offer you the most direct way to get help with things like playing the activities and using any High 5 Casino codes that you might have.

We have to admit that when we carried out this review, the Facebook status for High 5 Casino was set to ‘away’. This might not inspire a lot of confidence in how the brand handles its customer queries. But as the gaming site seems to be serving up free High 5 Casino offers every few hours, we think that you’ll be in safe hands here.

It’s always a good idea to think carefully about where those High 5 Casino coin offers come from. After all, you will want to be sure that you are joining a site that can take ample care of your sensitive personal information. This is because you’ll probably be signing up either through Facebook, Apple or your email address, and you’ll want to be sure that your data is being well-handled. For fans of mobile casino options, head to our casino app PokerStars page.

We found that High 5 Casino is actually powered by High 5 Games. This is a multinational online gaming company that has offices as far afield as New York, New Jersey, Kansas, Malta and Bulgaria.

What’s best is that the company has got full licensing and regulation from some of the most discriminating online gambling authorities in the world. This can be seen in the fact that the firm is licensed by the likes of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and the Danish Gambling Authority. For another regulated online operator, head to out PlayMGM App review.

All of these licenses could have only been granted as a result of the firm showing that it offers customers a safe and completely fair way to embrace online gaming. Still worried about how High 5 Casino handles your data? Then you can take comfort from the fact that the brand’s website offers SSL level encryption that should be able to keep your personal information in safe hands. You will be safe and sound when using the High 5 Casino promotion codes.

Plus we should mention the fact that platforms like High 5 Casino are a little different from the standard online casino site. While real money gambling sites are still prohibited from operating in much of the US, these specific platforms are legal in many states. This means that you won’t have to worry about the security of any real money deposits, and can instead look forward to putting your High 5 Casino chips into action. For fans of the industry giant, head to our review answering the question, is PokerStars legit?

You might have come here to see what you get with your High 5 Casino codes. But we think that you should definitely learn what it means to be a High 5 Casino VIP. This is because the brand has put on a special loyalty scheme that can give you a range of perks and benefits, such as free coins. Check out our Mohegan Sun Casino review for another reputable operator.

You can do this by picking up special High Five VIP Points. You won’t need any kind of High 5 Casino codes to do this but you will have to carry out certain tasks. These could include taking a spin on the Daily Wheel, buying certain products from the Coin Store, or even sending special gifts to friends on the High 5 Casino site.

We should also note that you can pick up those important VIP Points simply by levelling up on some of the site’s mini-diversions. All of which shows that there will be plenty of ways for existing customers to get some High 5 Casino no cost coins. If you are interested, head to our page explaining how does a trixie bet work.

Plus we have to say that High 5 Casino will put on many more complimentary High 5 Casino deals. Last month we saw the brand giving away plenty of goodies just by getting you to vote for your favourite game on the site. This was equally as good an offer as some of those deals found in our review of the Slotomania free coins.

Other times you could get special benefits for picking your favourite characters in top features like Majestic Road. Sometimes the brand simply put on a High 5 Casino coins promotional deal just as a thank you to its loyal customers.

What’s best is that you were never required to use any High 5 Casino codes to get these deals. Just click on the links and follow the instructions. By doing so, you could quickly get plenty of High 5 Casino coins to play with. For a real money online casino, head to our 888 free spins no deposit page.

Looking to use your free High 5 Casino offer on a smartphone or tablet? Then you should definitely download the brand’s awesome mobile gaming app. The High 5 Casino app is available for iOS and Android devices, and it gives you the perfect way to game on the go.

By downloading this app, you’ll get direct access to all of the brand’s awesome casino choices. This is like putting over 350 different activities in the palm of your hand. All of these pastimes have been made with mobile gaming in mind. This means that they load quickly and look great on the smaller screen of your device.

We should also note that the High 5 Casino app gives you a chance to take part in the brand’s excellent promotions. This means that you can pick up High 5 Casino complimentary credits by spinning the Daily Wheel, claim a free High 5 Casino reward up to six times a day in the lobby, or even get extra bonuses by showing your gaming skill.

All of which makes it just as easy to pick up these bonuses as those special offers that we found in our review of the Billionaire Casino free chips. Plus you won’t have to worry about typing in any High 5 Casino codes into the small screen of your mobile to get these deals. So make sure that you download the High 5 Casino app.

So what can you use your free High 5 Casino offer on? At the time of writing this review, we found that High 5 Casino had no less than 382 top quality slots activities to choose from. Pick of the bunch had to be the endlessly popular Foxfire option. However, plenty of gamers share a love of the likes of Pele’s Paradise Extreme and Sacred Jewels.

The main thing to remember is that High 5 Casino has a slot game for every kind of taste. If you want a glamorous take on your casino gaming, then you should give Disco Nights a try. But if you prefer a historical twist, then Legends of Troy: Achilles’ Glory might be better suited.

However, there’s simply so many options here that it would be impossible to fit them all into one review. There’s plenty of fun mystical amusements like Crystal Kingdom and Lady Hope, as well as some adventurous gaming options like Temple of the Golden Monkey and Lost Kingdom.

Don’t forget that Valley of Fortunes gives you perhaps the best Egyptian-themed game anywhere on the internet. Plus Majestic Road offers you a good excuse to take your casino gaming for a walk on the wild side. You could even enjoy playing special seasonal themed amusements like the fun Founding Fortunes slot.

While these give you plenty of opportunity to put your credits into action, there will be some gamers wondering where the table gaming options are. After all, if you have read our review of the DoubleDown Casino code, and the insights we share, you’ll know that that site has no shortage of quality table gaming options like blackjack and roulette.

But it looks like High 5 Casino reward credits will mostly be used on slot gaming choices instead. So if you want to play anything from blackjack to baccarat or even poker and roulette, then you will probably need to use another gaming site.

In some ways this isn’t a bad thing as you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you come to High 5 Casino. Just as you don’t need any High 5 Casino codes to get the brand’s offers, you don’t have to worry about any complicated rules on free coins at this site. Just spin those reels and see if luck is on your side.

As High 5 Casino is a social casino, there are no restrictions when it comes to limits.

All in all, we’d highly recommend that you visit High 5 Casino to enjoy a quality social casino experience.

As legal online gambling gathers pace in the United States, online casinos have seen a surge in popularity. One of the newer concepts in the industry is online social casino sites, otherwise known as sweepstake casinos . High 5 casino , which launched in 1995, has made a splash in the social casino space. High 5 gaming has built a reputation as one of the better software developers for slot games and has offices in Malta, London, Gibraltar, Kansas City, and New Jersey.

Games Available At High 5 Casino

Slots mainly dominate high 5 games. In fact, this casino could be deemed the ‘home of slots’ in the social casino world. As soon as you access the website, you will be able to play seven different slot games. These titles include:

  • A Night of Mystery
  • Double Da Vinci Diamonds
  • Empress of the Nile
  • Goldstruck
  • Russian Wolf
  • Triple Monkey
  • Wellspring

However, the more you play, you will start to unlock more games. As you move up in levels, you will increase your VIP status, and new slot games will appear. Alternatively, you could just purchase them outright.

High 5 casino app

Hello and welcome to our review of the High 5 Casino social casino welcome offer. We will be taking a look at what kind of offer this fantastic social casino currently has in store for new players on the site.

High 5 Casino social casino bonuses FAQ

This has become an age old question with online casinos and social casinos alike, can you claim more than one bonus? Well, not every site operates the same way so there is never a simple answer to that question which is why our High 5 Casino review takes the time to analyze whether or not new players on the site can claim multiple social casino offers from High 5 Casino when they sign up.

If it’s a social casino you are after, you will naturally want to know what kind of games they have available on their site before you sign up. We take a deep dive into the High 5 Casino catalogue of games to bring you a comprehensive look at the range and overall quality of their offering. Check out the rest of our review to learn more about the games you can play on the site right now.

Even at a social casino you can top up your credit by buying more coins or the fictional currency on the site. As such, you need to know what kind of payment methods are available to make sure that you will have the capability to do so. Our review of High 5 casino will show you what methods are currently available on the site and how quickly you can go about topping up your coins.

Whether it’s a real cash casino or a social casino it’s always nice to know that you can get in touch with the customer support whenever you run into an issue of some kind. Our review of the High 5 Casino social casino welcome offer will shed some light on the different avenues you can use to get in touch with the support team on the site right now.

Live games streamed directly from land casino

How we rated the High 5 Games casinos

There’s a fair number of factors to consider when picking the best High 5 Games casinos. Beyond searching for a casino that features the provider’s games, we know players also want generous welcome bonuses, payment choices, great game specs, and guaranteed safety. Get the lowdown below:


We’ve already said that every casino we’ve listed on this page offers High 5 Games slots. But we also look at the quantity and range of titles available from other software providers in the global iGaming market. That being said, we don’t just look for quantity. we also take into consideration the quality of the software providers on offer. It might seem obvious, but without top software providers, there’d be no quality games. Quality content by the best studios is a crucial factor when players pick a casino — which is why they keep coming back for more


The range of games on offer from High 5 Games is a big deciding factor for us. Do casinos only offer 50 of the most well-known games from the studio? Or do they have a full range of 300+ slots from classic games to newly minted hits? What about the range of games? Does the site host online slots, or do they offer live casino games from the studio as well? Before signing up and playing, can users play free demos? These are all questions we look at when picking the best High 5 Games casinos


Variety is the spice of life, as the old saying goes — and that’s just as true when it comes to the specs of each High 5 Games casino’s offerings. Seasoned players know the higher the volatility of a game, the greater the risk and the potential reward. Other questions to consider: what are the bet limits, and has the casino picked higher-than-average RTP from the studio’s library of titles? Transparency on all the above specs, from both the studio and the casino, is a big plus here, too


It probably goes without saying that users don’t normally associate bonuses with software providers. But they can be connected. The kind of bonus you get at an online casino — say, 200 free spins on top of your welcome bonus, might specifically relate to a High 5 Games slot. That’s a big plus for us!


How mobile-friendly are the best High 5 Games casinos? An online casino could have a native app, but we look at how well it actually functions. Many casinos and studios have successfully paired up to produce specific series’ for mobile —with features that make playing smooth and fun. We’re on the lookout for those mobile-friendly features

Full offering

So, a casino offers High 5 Games games content with high RTP and great bonuses, but is that enough to get it to the top spot? Not necessarily. The range of payment options — such as if casinos that take PayPal — and the cashout time might sway the first-time gamer as much as the range of games on offer. Players want to feel comfortable sharing their information with an operator. They want to know that customer service response times are reasonable. They want a site that feels like it’s been regularly updated (not stuck in a late 90s time warp). We keep all of these firmly in mind when picking the best.

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