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Once again, there is limited information on the actual limits implemented by HPIBet CA. According to HPIBet ratings, the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits are friendly. In terms of limits in wagers, you’ll have to create an account to find out more. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Creating an account is free of charge and you’ll receive $2 CND free of charge. This can be used to test the betting limits of HPIBet. However, we’re positive that you won’t be disappointed. HPIBet ratings are consistent in this regard.

HPIBet Reviews & Ratings Canada

We think that HPIBet CA is one of the best racing bookmakers in the nation. Not only does it have the best racing odds, but it has plenty of other cool features that you can read in our HPIBet review!

HPIBet allows you to watch live streams of many top race meetings taking place all over the world. Plus it has all of the licensing you need to stay safe when you bet on horse racing. There’s even a cool $2 no deposit bonus. Sound good? Read the rest of our HPIBet reviews to find out more.

  • Solely focus on horse racing
  • Live multi-stream video of races
  • Access to real time statistics
  • Limited payment methods

HPIBet CA reviews state that they offer great promotions on the latest horse racing events. Upon signing up, you’ll receive a welcome bonus. This comes in the form of a no deposit bonus. All you need to do is create a verified account, and you’ll be credited with $2.00 CND. This can be used to bet on your favorite horse or jockey. The bonus offers are shrouded in mystery, as one can only access information on them if you’re a verified customer. However, you’ll be confronted with unique offers that are best-suited for horse racing events. Check out the 22Bet welcome bonus for a great alternative.

Added to which, you’ll be faced with some enticing promo offers. These offers are tailored to enhance the betting experience, and you’ll be itching to take advantage of them. For more information about all these exciting offers, check out the latest HPIBet bonus offers. Otherwise, take the plunge and sign up. Click on ‘Promotions’ on the left of the screen. Here, you’ll find all you need to know and more. In addition to that, we urge you to take a peek at some alternative offers via our Pinnacle bonus code deals review.

The HPIBet CA platform has undergone regular change over the last 15 years. However, it was not until recently, that the entirety of the platform was recreated. Today, they boast a sophisticated platform that provides users with an optimal horse betting experience. A slick, new design has improved navigation and improved technology features have made for a more secure connection. All horse racing markets are clearly visible and one can jump from page to page effortlessly. Finding your favorite horse, jockey, or trainer and placing wagers has never been easier.

The entire user-interface has received a facelift and it shows. With a one-touch sign in feature, you’re even able to access your account with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. HPIbet ratings have increased five-fold due to the convenience of the HPIBet CA platform and its subsequent services and features.

A great feature of the new platform is the option of keeping notes. You can access the ‘My Horse notes’ tab and keep track of all your thoughts and race summaries. They’re automatically saved, so you’ll never lose them.

HPIBet accepts a limited number of payment methods. Unlike other major bookmakers, HPIBet only accepts card payments, MasterCard and Visa, Interac Online, and UKash funding. However, you can also make withdrawals in person. You’ll need photo identification and a signed withdrawal slip. As we’re more geared to making use of the convenience of online betting, we’d recommend using your debit or credit card. Otherwise, you can create an account with Interac or UKash and use their services to fund your HPIBet account. If you appreciate a bookmaker that has a wide variety of payment options, check out our 22bet operator review.

Their online presence might be overshadowed by more dominant bookmakers, but HPIBet is able to offer customers a unique user experience. Each customer feels as if they’re a valued part of the entire operation. The mere fact that the customer service department is so attentive to one’s needs, is certainly a testament to their gratitude. You can call an HPIBet CA representative toll free at 1-888-675-8886 or locally at (416) 675-8886.

The HPIBet reviews of their customer service are top-notch. You can also access the live chat function if you are experiencing any issues.

You might be asking yourself, “Is HPIBet reliable?” When Woodbine Entertainment decided to give their HPIBet platform an overhaul, one of the focuses of the project was to improve the security of the site. This aim was certainly met. HPIbet offers customers a secure and reliable betting experience via their website (or mobile app). The horse racing industry is strictly regulated. HPIBet is owned by Woodbine Entertainment, as previously mentioned. Woodbine Entertainment is under supervision by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the Canadian Pari-mutuel Agency. You can rest assured, the operations conducted by HPIbet, are above-board and fully transparent.

We also asked ourselves, “Is HPIBet secure?” They’ve introduced the latest in SSL technology (SSL SHA -2 encryption). The flow of sensitive data is encrypted and their databases are protected from third-parties. The mere fact that you can link your HPIbet account with your social media accounts, allows for an added layer of security.

HPIBet reviews tell us that they offer an exciting rewards program. Here, you will receive rewards points based on your account and wagering activity. Points are earned for placing wagers and your points balance will be updated periodically. The accumulation of points will mean you can claim some fantastic prizes. If you’re looking for a conclusive list of all that is on offer, contact the HPIBet support centre and ask to speak to a rewards centre representative.

However, what we can tell you pertains to certain terms of the rewards system. You must have a verified account and reside in either, Ontario or British Columbia. If you do not reside in a ‘Home Market Area’, you will find it difficult to access this service.

What’s exciting about the HPIBet CA platform, is the fact that the sole focus of their betting services falls under horse racing. You’ll receive a streamlined service that provides you with an in-depth horse racing betting experience. They’re fanatics, just like us.

By using the HPIBet platform, you’ll have access to over 450 race tracks from all over the world. HPIbet covers races from North America, Australia, Japan, Dubai, Europe, and South Africa. Access to these racetracks will allow you to bet on Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing, enabling you to watch and wager on the best in the business.

Moreover, you’ll be able to place basic bets such as win, place, and show. There’s multi-race wagers for the discerning punter. Exotic bets such as exacta and quinella, will get you jumping out your seat in anticipation.

If you enjoy bookmakers with extensive betting markets, take a look at the latest Unibet operator review.

Live Betting & Streaming

Live streaming of horse racing action has never been better. HPIBet ratings are sky-high when it comes to their live streaming services. With the introduction of their newly-improved mobile app, punters can tune in via their mobile devices and catch the latest action. HPIBet offers streaming services. You’ll even be able to watch multi-stream videos of the latest races.

If you’re a serious horse racing punter, enjoy live coverage, and daily updates on all things horse racing, then HPI TV is for you. It will also provide you with new insight into the horse-racing industry, allowing you to analyze and craft the best betting strategy. Picking a winning horse has never been easier!

The HPIBet CA platform provides punters with the latest betting odds. You’ll receive regular updates and can view morning-line odds prior to events. You’ll also be able to view revised odds right before races begin.

As for the actual odds, there’s limited information about this. You’ll need to sign up and become an active member to find out more. However, based on HPIbet reviews and HPIbet ratings, they offer pretty decent odds. These are in-line with industry averages.

Furthermore, you can tune in to the HPITV odds channel. Here, you will be informed of all the latest odds. Receive live pool odds for all tracks carried on HPITV.

Once again, there is limited information on the actual limits implemented by HPIBet CA. According to HPIBet ratings, the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits are friendly. In terms of limits in wagers, you’ll have to create an account to find out more. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Creating an account is free of charge and you’ll receive $2 CND free of charge. This can be used to test the betting limits of HPIBet. However, we’re positive that you won’t be disappointed. HPIBet ratings are consistent in this regard.

What should be noted, is the fact that you are not permitted to establish an overdraft on your account balance. Plus, vouchers that exceed $1,000 in value cannot be cashed at Champions Teletheatres.

All in all, HPIBet boasts a pretty exciting sportsbook. What makes it so appealing, is the fact that you’ll be able to access horse racing, and only horse racing. Their unwavering interest in horse racing has allowed them to offer a sportsbook that covers every single facet of horse racing and associated betting practices and services.

You’ll find the best coverage of events from across the continent, and globe. With a dedicated horse racing network, you can tune in to HPI TV and catch all the latest news and updates.

If you’re one to learn from past bets, then HPIBet will prove worthy. Apart from their notes tab, where all your personalized notes are stored, you’ll be able to access your wagers from the past 60 days. This provides you with the perfect foundation to learn from past mistakes, and improve your chances of future success.

Our HPIBet reviews recommend the online sportsbook to punters, especially die-hard horse racing fans. Newcomers will also find the platform intuitive and informative.

Exotic bets can offer bigger payouts than straight bets. However, you’re also less likely to win these bets since there are more variables. This is why we suggest that you thoroughly research a race before placing any bets.

What should you expect from our recommended horse betting sites? Let’s look at some of their top features!


Bet365 leads the list, and with good reason. Bet365 is one of the only sportsbooks that offers a lot of horse racing promotions, including a price promise, best odds guaranteed, and payouts on disqualified horses.

bet365 horse betting promotions

Some Horse Betting Promotions at Bet365

Bet365 also allows you to build a ‘stable’ of your favourite horses and receive updates when they run.

What we also like about Bet365’s horse racing section is the sportsbook’s overview of the horses’ last run, which helps give more context when placing bets.

Horse Context at Bet365


Bodog tends to offer competitive odds for a lot of horse racing events. For example, when we compared the two favourites for the Breeder’s Cup Classic:

Essential Quality Knicks Go
Bodog 5.00 6.00
Bet365 5.00 4.00
Sports Interaction 4.50 4.50

Horse Racing Odds for Breeder’s Cup Classic

In this example, Bodog offers the best odds for both Essential Quality and Knicks Go.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is a Canadian-focused sportsbook that covers Canadian horse racing events like the Triple Crown and Canadian International Stakes.

William Hill

On the other hand, William Hill is particularly great for UK races like the Royal Ascot as these events get covered with a lot of betting markets. William Hill also offers the best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish horse racing.


Finally, Betway offers good value for money by offering frequent money-back promotions. Have you backed a horse but it finished second? Chances are that Betway will give you your money back in the form of a free bet!

Do you want to find out more about the racing-specific sportsbook HPIbet? Well, then you came to the right place. Continue reading to find out the most important details about the platform on this Sportsbook review.

Commonly Asked Questions About HPIbet Sportsbook

Does HPIbet keep a betting and transaction history?

Yes, they do. You can view your deposit/withdrawal and betting history for up to sixty days of wagering.

Do I have to verify my account information?

Yes, you do. You will have to verify your identity and location before you can use the services that HPIbet provides to customers.

Is my information secure on HPIbet?

Yes, it is. HPIbet uses all the latest encryption via SSL SHA –2 encryption.

Can multiple people use the same computer to place a bet?

Yes, they can. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that each person has to have their account to place the wager.

When is the HPIbet reward points accumulation updated?

You can check out the updated point balance via your profile every twenty minutes.

How can I contact the HPIbet support team?

You can contact an HPIbet representative via the contact form or directly via a telephone call. There is a live chat function available, but when we reviewed the platform, the function was offline.

HPIBet Sportsbook Review

There is one promotional offer available to bettors on the HPIBet sportsbook. Users can benefit from the “First Bet On Us Promotion”, which is available to newly registered users of the HPIBet sportsbook.

Bookmaker MetaScore Bonus Margin Cash Out Live Streaming
89 30 USD 5 – 7% Yes Yes
88 100 USD 2 – 2,5% Yes Yes
80 50% 7 – 10% Yes No

HPIBet Sports Betting Options

This sportsbook is strictly a horse racing sports betting service, so bettors can only wager on horse racing.

What Kinds Of Bets Can I Place?

Study the list below to learn about the different types of betting markets users can place their bets on.

HPIBet sportsbook bet types table

Basic Bets Win / place / show
Other Bets Daily double / picks 3 – 6 / win 4 / grand slam / magna 5 / place pick all / sixty minutes six.
Exotic Bets Exactor/exacta / quinella / traictor / superfecta/superfector / super hi5 box / key part wheel / wheel

Eligible new account signups have 30 days to wager $100 on any product from the date of opening the account (the “Eligible Period”). Once this betting requirement is met, the account will receive a deposit of $100 after the 30 days Eligible Period has ended. If the betting requirement is met outside of the 30 day period, the account is not eligible for the $100 deposit. Negative break wagering will be excluded from total. Deposits will be made into eligible accounts within 3-5 business days after the end of the Eligible Period. The deposit amount cannot be withdrawn from the account and must be used for wagering purposes. This promotion expires October 31, 2019.

Pretty straightforward promo from HPIbet.com. For those who don’t know HPIbet is a legal Canadian horse race betting site operated by Woodbine Entertainment. You signup (with ID, no you can’t signup for multiple accounts) and wager $100 within 30 days and they will credit your account at the end of the 30 day period. * NB only 1 signup per household * New accounts only*

The terms have changed since I did this promo some time ago ( thanks to oo7ibm for making me read the terms & conditions more thoroughly) which makes it less attractive. Now you must wager $100 and they will give you $100 which can only be used to wager. Which means you get essentially $200 in wagers for $100. Though you still need to make some winning bets to break even or show a profit it’s still a +EV proposition where a trained chimp should be able to show a profit after take out.

*Must be 18 years of age or older (19 years of age in British Columbia) to open an account. Promotion is available to non-account holders only and cannot be given to a member that had previously had an account within the last 18 months. Only one (1) account per household is eligible for this promotion.

Eligible new account signups have 30 days to wager $100 on any product from the date of opening the account (the “Eligible Period”). Once this betting requirement is met, the account will receive a deposit of $100 after the 30 days Eligible Period has ended. If the betting requirement is met outside of the 30 day period, the account is not eligible for the $100 deposit. Negative break wagering will be excluded from total. Deposits will be made into eligible accounts within 3-5 business days after the end of the Eligible Period. The deposit amount cannot be withdrawn from the account and must be used for wagering purposes. This promotion expires October 31, 2019.

†Upon new sign-up, an amount of $2 will be deposited into the new sign-ups account (“Your First Bet is On Us Promotion”). If there is no wagering activity on the account during the Eligible Period, the initial $2 First Bet is On Us Promotion will be removed. Woodbine Entertainment reserves the right to terminate, modify or alter this promotion at any time before or during this Promotion Period.
Entry and all aspects of this promotion are subjects to federal, provincial and local regulations. By participating in this promotion entrants waive all recourse against Woodbine Entertainment Group and its respective affiliates and each of its directors, officers and employees, relating to entrant’s participation in the promotion.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Manitoba, Canada?

Manitobans do have access to legal online and mobile sports betting through PlayNow.com. The array of sports wagers offered is impressive, both in terms of betting markets and betting lines. The MLL is already working on the site’s software so that it will be ready to roll out single-sports betting on Aug. 27.

Sport Select Manitoba

There’s a lot to like about Proline Western Canada. Working with the PlayNow Manitoba lotteries, the ability to buy Proline online is a factor available in few Canadian provinces. The variety of sports available for wagering is richer than many of the legal, regulated sports betting sites in the USA. However, the limited ability to only play parlay wagers inhibits the odds of winning significantly and makes Proline a losing wager when it comes to how to gamble in Manitoba.

Who Regulates Sports Betting in Manitoba?

The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MLL) oversees all the gambling laws in Manitoba. That includes the licensing and regulating of casino gambling, bingo, and lotteries. However, when it comes to sports betting, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is the purveyor of Pro Line Sport Select.

It’s quite common for online gambling sites to offer bonuses for signing up, making your first deposit, or with a loyalty program. HorsePlayer Interactive is no different.

Horseplayer Interactive Review Canada 2022


Helping you find the perfect bookmaker & make some wins

Welcome to our Horseplayer Interactive review Canada. If you live in Canada, you’ve probably come across HorsePlayer Interactive, more commonly known simply as HPIbet. With trackside betting roots dating back to the 1800s, this operator established itself as the first online horse betting platform in Canada, in 2004.

Before that, in 1997, it offered telephone account wagering (or TAB) which it still provides today for the old-school bettors.

Its parent company, Woodbine Entertainment Group, now boasts two racetracks, and even a four-channel television service dedicated to horse racing – HPItv.

With a rich history in Canadian horse racing, Woodbine was formerly the Ontario Jockey Club, whose president, William Hendrie, was inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 1976 for his contributions to this well-loved sport.

Having a background like that, it’s easy to see that HorsePlayer Interactive is no fraud or scam. In keeping with the times, it revamped its online presence in 2015 to give bettors an improved, streamlined betting platform that we’ll tell you more about in our HorsePplayer Interactive review for Canadian bettors.

You can place bets with your computer, via telephone, or on the go with a tablet or smartphone. Multi-race live streaming from around the world, real-time odds and a wealth of resources are just some aspects included in our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada. Our review takes a closer look at these features to give you the full picture.

  • Longest running online horse betting platform in Canada
  • Live streaming of local and international races
  • Loyalty Program available
  • Local, with its own land-based locations and racetracks

It’s quite common for online gambling sites to offer bonuses for signing up, making your first deposit, or with a loyalty program. HorsePlayer Interactive is no different.

There are fantastic promotions for all types of players. Our HorsePlayer Interactive review for Canada’s bettors has the details.

Firstly, when you sign up for a new account, you’ll get a free bet worth $2. You’ll then have 30 days to wager at least $100. Do this, and receive $100 into your playing account within 3 to 5 days. Your bonus cash must then be used for placing bets, and can’t be withdrawn.

It’s a superb way to start your betting journey with HorsePlayer Interactive. Canadians must review the terms and conditions, though, to be sure of what’s required.

While there were no other promotions at the time of writing our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada, there’s sure to be other offers available from time to time.

Creating our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada requires us to dig a little deeper to see what its online platform is like.

The site is navy, light blue, white and grey with clear tabs to navigate various sections. You’ll find tabs for horse racing, jockey, multi-track live streaming, alerts, and trainer search. It’s simple in looks, but organized and easy to understand, which makes the betting experience even better.

There’s also a search bar, where you can look up races, horses, past stats, win percentages and much more with just a few keywords and a click. This feature saves you a lot of time and to get the information you want quickly.

We believe the live streaming element of our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada is one of the main highlights of the site. If you enjoy betting on horse racing, then you probably want to watch those races too. You can either watch one or multiple tracks, up to 4, for free for the first month.

Although there isn’t an app, you can still set up alerts on your phone to stay informed, what you’ve won, when your favourite horse is going to race, the results of races and much more.

It is fully customizable, so you’ll only get the alerts you want. Besides not having an app, we can’t fault the site in our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada, in this department.

During our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada, we found the variety of payment methods to be slightly lacking.

Although an effortless process – log in, click on “MY HPIbet” and select “Deposit/Withdraw”, the options are limited. Deposits can be made using a credit or debit card, Interac Online or UKash.

For withdrawals, however, you must register a bank account to receive an electronic funds transfer (EFT) through the website. The withdrawal time is a few business days, and you’ll have to verify your identity beforehand.

You can see a log of your transactions with HorsePlayer Interactive for your last 60 days, and refunds can be requested within certain parameters.

On the other hand this HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada found that if you’re close, you can make withdrawals at a few race tracks. You’ll need to go to Woodbine Racetrack, Hastings Racecourse, Fraser Downs, Western Fair, or Northland Parks and then go to the HPIbet West Express or HPIbet Player Services booth.

Bring along your valid government-issued photo ID, like a license or passport, and a signed withdrawal slip to get your cash in person at these locations. You can withdraw up to $1,000 without notice, and if you have a larger balance, notify them at least 24 hours before collecting your money. Next in our Horseplayer Interactive review Canada, we look at the standard of their customer service.

We found in our HorsePlayer Interactive review that Canadian bettors have excellent options for customer support. You can call in with two different telephone numbers and the response time is usually pretty quick unless it’s during peak hours.

There’s also an email address, and a representative should get back to you within 24 hours. However, during our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada, it was clear that its live chat, accessible 24 hours a day, is the best way to contact customer service.

Click the “Chat Online” icon at the bottom of the screen, and a messenger tab will open up. There you’ll get a quicker response than the other methods.

If you’re not interested in talking to a representative, but want to know the answer to something, you’ll find an in-depth FAQ page with a host of general questions and answers. It could save you some time. Look there first, and if your issue still isn’t resolved, go ahead and contact customer support.

We mentioned earlier in our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada that HorsePlayer Interactive was Canada’s first legal online horse betting site. Backed by its long history and reputation, you can rest assured that this operator is 100% safe.

Its parent company, Woodbine, is licensed by both AGCO (the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) and CPMA (the Canadian Pari-mutuel Agency).

You don’t have to worry about your online security either. All your personal information, as well as your banking information, are protected with cutting-edge SSL SHA-2 encryption.

Some online gambling sites have special programs to reward customers for their loyalty. Exclusive bonus codes, free bets and ongoing promotions are some of the most common kinds of perks.

Our HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada found that you’ll get points that advance you in the loyalty program. The more you wager, the more points you’ll receive. These accumulate and won’t usually expire.

Don’t panic if you can’t see your rewards points increase when you place a bet. The system updates every 20 minutes or so, and your points balance will reflect then.

If you cancel a bet for some reason, your rewards points will also adjust and decrease. The loyalty program gives you access to special offers and rewards. There’s even the chance to win free tickets to some horse races or invites to exclusive events. Further on, this HorsePlayer Interactive review Canada takes a look at the odds and limits on offer.

Our Horseplayer Interactive review Canada shows that it doesn’t feature an online casino, though you’ll find a land-based one owned by its parent company – Woodbine Casino, at the Woodbine Racetrack. This isn’t much help though if you’re looking to play slots at an online casino.

Not to worry though, because here at Gambling Guy, you’ll find a range of online casinos to suit your needs. Check out our Zodiac Casino review in Canada or our Royal Vegas review for Canadian gamblers – there’s more where that came from too.

Some sportsbooks also have an online casino that bettors can easily navigate both through using one account, our Coral review for Canada is a perfect example of this. If you prefer a sportsbook with an online casino, then why not try it out?

This Horseplayer Interactive review Canada found that Horseplayer Interactive specializes in one sport, horse racing. Many online gambling sites indeed include horse racing with other sports as well. While some bettors prefer a wide array of betting markets, others are happy with sites having one main focus.

Horseplayer Interactive is Canada’s longest-running online horse betting platform. It even has land-based locations and its own racetracks. You’ll find betting markets for over 450 race tracks worldwide, including Australia, Dubai, Japan and South Africa.

With all of its history and experience, you can be sure that the betting markets won’t disappoint – if you’re only interested in horse racing, that is.

There are many bet types you can make with Horseplayer Interactive. Some basics include win, place and show wagering. A win wager is the easiest of them all. If your horse wins the race, you get your winnings.

A place wager is when the horse you select comes in first or second place. A show wager is similar to a place wager but also includes third place. These bets are perfect for beginners.

However, there are more complicated bets to get involved in as well. With Horseplayer Interactive, you can place a multi-race wager. This is just what it sounds like, selecting multiple horses to win from consecutive races.

There’s also a wager called daily double. This is when you pick the horses to win in two consecutive races. Variations of this kind of bet can even go up to daily sevens.

Another wager is called the Grand Slam, which is a multi-race bet where you select a horse for three consecutive races. In the first two races, the horse you choose must come in first, second or third, and in the last race, it must come in first for you to win the bet.

There are betting types that involve multiple horses too. One called exactor is a type of wager where you select two horses to come in first and second.

If that’s too precise for you, there’s a wager called quinella, which is similar to an exactor, but either horse can come in first and second. There’s no exact order to win. You can bet on more than two horses too.

With triactor wagers, you’ll choose three horses to come in first, second and third in an exact order.

A superfecta is when you select four horses to come in first through fourth in an exact order. Lastly, a super hi-5 is where you choose five horses in an exact order from first to fifth.

Our Horseplayer Interactive review Canada found that although Horseplayer Interactive only has one sport to bet on, you can get creative with the types of bets you place. Some are riskier than others, but the riskier ones could lead to higher winnings.

When you make an account, you’ll have access to real-time odds for all horse races. Horseplayer Interactive also has posts, probables, results, minutes to post, intervals, pool sizes and more. You’ll always be informed about the horses and races you want to bet on.

The limits vary depending on the horse race and what type of bet you’re placing. To know more about this, you should know what kind of betting you want to do and look for the specifics of that race, horse, or betting type.

If you have questions, get in touch via the live chat option that Horseplayer Interactive provides.

Horseplayer Interactive is an established name in its industry, with everything you’d want in a gambling site exclusive to horse betting. Some of its top-notch features include a variety of horse races nationally and internationally, assorted betting types and live streaming.

However, because it only offers horse race betting, if you’re looking to wager on popular sports like soccer, football, or hockey, you’re better off finding a sportsbook with a more diverse portfolio.

Have a look at our Sports Interaction review for Canada residents, or our bet365 review for options that would suit you better.

If you’re only into horse betting though and want an excellent and safe place to do it, then Horseplayer Interactive is the site for you.

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