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It’s an old school method that works and many bettors are familiar with, but we much prefer the new-school betting engines where you don’t have to change pages to add to your betting ticket or see the lines, and you can quickly confirm.

LooseLines Sportsbook Review: Blacklisted

Payout problems are as big of a red flag as they come. It’s like a chic telling you up front she’s got an STD: sure, you can play with her but you are playing with fire. With so many other good options out there, why take the chance?

About LooseLines Sportsbook

LooseLines is part of the JazzSports family, which means right now they’re a stay away. They’re having some serious payout problems, which have been considered delays for now but because of how long it’s taken them, it’s looking more and more like the money will never arrive. Don’t play with fire; deposit somewhere else.

How To Contact LooseLines

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What’s Their Reputation?

Being part of the JazzSports family smashes any possible credibility. With current players still being owed money and no explanation for the extreme delays, reputation will obviously nosedive.

The key here is that it’s not just LooseLines; it’s all of the books from that family of shops, so it appears to be a consistent strategy in play.

Until further notice, their reputation is not a good one.

Who Bets At LooseLines?

LooseLines is definitely a place for recreational players. With high limits and big bonuses, Joe Q. Public is more likely to chase the carrot and deposit before noticing their payout problems.

Overall, there isn’t much that attracts sharps here.

Deposit Methods

Withdrawal Methods

How Is Their Customer Service?

What’s customer service if they don’t pay out? Sure, they are plenty cordial when you’re opening an account and trying to deposit, but Looselines has been having severe payments delays since early 2010 and until that changes, there’s no need to even delve any further.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

While the home page looks crisp and clean, the back end of the site is actually the old school checkbox system.

Once you log in, you’ll be presented with all of the categories and you just check off which one you want, and then click continue at the bottom to get to the next page. Then you keep narrowing it down until it’s confirmed.

It’s an old school method that works and many bettors are familiar with, but we much prefer the new-school betting engines where you don’t have to change pages to add to your betting ticket or see the lines, and you can quickly confirm.

Methods of Betting

Reviewing The Rest Of The Looselines Website

There’s not much to say about the rest of the Looselines website. It looks nice, but it lacks plenty of substance.

It quickly became clear that the pretty-looking homepage is just an empty skin as the back end is the old school checkbox system. Not that that’s bad, it’s just that the nice home page kind of leads you to believe there’s something a little more up to date.

On the left hand side of the home page, it supposedly gives you a live lines section but in two separate tests there were no lines available when we checked even though the lines were up in the back end. It’s not a big deal if you’re a customer, but if you’re someone new surfing by and you want to browse their lines, it obviously takes away from your experience.

Other than that, their website is just a normal sportsbook and doesn’t do a whole lot more than that.

Betting Variety

There’s a decent variety of betting lines Looselines but nothing that will blow you away.

It’s not bad, by any stretch, as they do a good job of covering the major sporting events. They have plenty of game props and player props for weekly NFL games, and lots of futures on major sports.

One thing that’s noticeably lacking is live betting and that’s a bummer. For a rec book, you’d definitely want that to be part of the repertoire but it’s not offered here.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $10000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

One thing that Looselines does do well is offer big bonuses, but that’s likely because they want to get your money in (since they clearly don’t pay it back out).

On your initial deposit, you can opt for either a 40% freeplay bonus or a 20% cash bonus. Both bonuses are capped at $500.

The freeplay bonus comes with a 10-time rollover while the cash bonus comes with an eight-time rollover.

Looselines pays you a double bonus on special promos when you deposit using Bitcoin for your first time. To qualify, you should make a Bitcoin deposit of at least $100. Under the promo offer terms, you can get a double bonus under the Reduced Juice and a 10% Cash promo, or the 50% Free Play and a 15% rebate on your losses promo. The maximum bonus value for any deposit under this promotion is $500. All bonus funds from the promotion are subject to wagering requirements of 12x.

Kawaii Kitty

Kuwaii Kitty by Betsoft has ten paylines and five reels that pay both ways; the visual side of the slots is impressive. There aren’t any free spins, Scatters, or multipliers; however, there’s a cute cat, a bonus game, and an expanding Wild Yarn that offers ReSpins. The slot machine pays out a top jackpot cash prize of 500 lovely coins and offers big swings. The paying symbols that appear on your reels are the milk carton, tins of tuna, yarn Wild, brush, fish, mouse, and cat food bowls. The one that offers the best reward is the milk carton image. Five at the maximum bet per spin pays you 250x your wager, and the RTP return to player percentage is 95.6%. The customization features include AutoPlay, Audio, coin betting options, and graphics settings. The soundtrack is upbeat, and you will not hit the mute button after a few spins. The coins are from

Freaky Frankenstein

Freaky Frankenstein is a 3D slot featuring free spins and original bonus features. It’s rather challenging at times; however, Freaky Frankenstein will impress you in graphic and general ambiance. Freaky Frankenstein takes place inside Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, a visionary man with a dream to reanimate a dead person by channeling the power of lightning. The game draws from that source of inspiration, with a superb 3D underground lab full of buzzing machines, animated characters, and the doctor with his creature. The game is spooky and funny; Freaky Frankenstein is yet another skillfully designed video slot game from the Nucleus Gaming team. Freaky Frankenstein contains 5-reels, 20 paylines, and a betting range of

Casino Bonuses & No Deposit Bonus Codes

Looselines offers bonuses and promos as a way to entice new and current players. Here are the details on the bonuses and promotions that Looselines has to offer. Be sure you check out the promo page to see the latest bonuses and promotions that they have to offer. Looselines offers an excellent friend referral program. Under the Refer A Friend Bonus terms, you can score a free play bonus equal to 50% of your referred friend’s initial deposit. The maximum reward from this promotion is $250. For you to score the total $250 maximum bonus, your referral friend will need to deposit at least $500. It is worth noting the bonus funds from the promo are subject to wagering requirements of 8x.

.20 to $100 a spin. The commands bar has the usual buttons and switches to help you customize your playing experience, with an AutoPlay to speed up the process. Another option is the betting max for players who want to take a risk from the outset. Every time you win a prize, you get an opportunity to play a coin flip game, which can double your rewards instantly. Freaky Frankenstein has a higher volatility than average slots, which translates into long gaps between winning spins. The paytable is full of original symbols, including several pieces of equipment essential when trying to animate the dead, like the doctor and his monster. The highest payout you can win during the base game of Freaky Frankenstein corresponds to 500x your wager.

The fun of Freaky Frankenstein doesn’t stop, as you can stumble on the Wild symbol at any time. It can substitute familiar icons instantly and unlock extra winning payouts. Fantastic combinations alone are tough to come by but worth a maximum of 1,000x your triggering stake in the exchange. There are two special symbols available in Freaky Frankenstein, and they are both Scatters. That essentially means you do not need to worry about the paylines. Firstly, you’ll have a normal Scatter that appears on your reels. If you get three at the same time, that awards you eight free spins instantly. The good news is if you score another Scatter-winning combination, you’ll win eight more free spins. Yeep your eye on the reels, where the bonus Scatters can appear any time. You will gain access to an original mini-game, where your task consists of a machine in the laboratory to send electric shocks to the creature and animate it, which translates into a surprise cash reward payout.

.02 to $1, and you can set bets from

How to Sign Up & Deposit at Looselines

Depositing at the casino is organized and streamlined, and with a couple of clicks, you are ready and sign up at the casino. The cashier section contains instructions, and if you need assistance, you can contact customer support. You should verify your casino account with documents to prove your identity, such as a recent utility bill. If you use a card payment method, you should send copies of the front and rear. Once your casino account is verified, you’ll have no delays withdrawing your winnings.

.20 to $100. You can wager p to a maximum of ten coins per payline can be wagered.

A cat’s favorite plaything is yarn, or so I’m told, they can entertain themselves for hours on end with it. It’s also the wild symbol that expands to cover the entire reel when it appears in conjunction with three or more of the same characters. Another decent feature of the wild is that it offers a ReSpins quality until the remainder of the reels finishes spinning. You can win several ReSpins in one session; however, don’t rely on that, and the Wild Yarn doesn’t offer any payouts. Since Kuwaii Kitty pays left to right and from right to left, it offers the best payouts in each direction. If the Wild pitches on the middle reels, you receive two wins on the same payline because it provides two winning combinations. If the wild icons appear in conjunction with two cans of tuna and two food bowls, the cash prize will be three cans of tuna and three bowls of food. So when five identical symbols appear, you receive a double payout prize since it pays out both ways.

Looselines sportsbook offers trust and supports players from all over the world to bet. It does not restrict its clients from any country. As long as your country’s jurisdiction permits betting, you are not prohibited from playing on the platform.

What Is LooseLines?

Looselines Management has been in the gambling business for a long time. It provides a gateway for online crypto sports betting that provides an array of sportsbooks, reduced juice Looselines casino games, exciting horse racing venues, and more.

This casino has maintained its constant presence in the betting sector for more than 20 years. It has been recognized widely in the gambling industry for its unprecedented reduced juice prices, incredible payouts, and quick approach to its business practices.

Looselines User Interface

Looselines casino has been appreciated by its loyal members and numerous sports betting fans because of its easy and simple platform, dedicated customer support, and faster payout processing times that are on par with growing demands along with technological advancements. Bettors can place their wagers anywhere and anytime through their mobile device or from the comfort of the home.

Aside from several offers in sports odds and with proportional bet types, the user should note that this site provides several unique perks that are incredible in its value, like Looselines Casino giftcard, a live streaming channel for loyal players, big televised events, and live betting, generous bonuses to help the players to win and fully utilize the hard-earned money.

Is Looselines Platform Legit?

As per several Looselines reviews, the sites are well-known bookmarkers that focus on American players. It is a part of the Jazz Sports family that has both advantages and disadvantages linked with the parent company. Looselines sportsbook has been in the market since 1998, and it is considered a good casino for entertainment purposes as it offers many advantages. If the user is looking to play online along with sports betting, then Looselines is the best choice.

Looselines User Experience

Looselines online casino offers an easy-to-use interface. As per our Looselines sportsbook review, the color scheme and entire home page are easy to navigate, and it is very easy to locate whatever the user is looking for. The platform is highly intuitive, and this site’s speed is good; the entire page loads very fast, and it does not have any error or slow loading time.

Looselines Basketball Betting

The site’s UI is equipped to handle different sports wagers. The site’s interface has made it easy to sort any game or bet. The user can find the menu bar filled with different bet type options on the left-hand side. The user can select any game or sport and have the ability to place any type of bet. This casino will show the user a decent selection of different types of sports and events available to place bets and win.

8.9 /10

11. Customer Service 9.2 /10

I recently reviewed Jazz Sports and was very impressed with the quality of their customer service.

As stated, Looselines is owned by Jazz Sports so it was no surprise to me that their customer service was as good or maybe even better.

Looselines is available 24/7 through their chat feature and their support center.

8.9 /10


The deposit methods available at Looselines are the following:

Credit Cards

Instant Banking



  • Dash Cryptocurrency logo

Instant Banking


  • Dash Cryptocurrency logo

There are 3 telephone numbers for wagering, promotions and sales and customer department. One can also use live chats, which are available not all day long too. There are separate chats for wagering and customer support.

Mobile betting and promotions

The website perfectly fits for the mobile gadgets. Customers can look through the website and the lines movement.

There are two types of promotions at LooseLines sportsbook. Bettors can make use of reduced juice and other standard bonuses.

If the customer opens bitcoin account, he can get double bonus. Minimum deposited sum must be $ 100 and maximum bonus can be $ 1000. Such bonus unites reduced juice, free bets and rebate on losses.

LooseLines also offers referral system and free bets. Any player can pick promotions and bonuses based on his own preference.

This opportunity is great for bettors who want to take the underdog, but what if you think there is value on the favorite? Sharper sportsbooks will not adjust their lines based on square bettors, and do not change their lines lightly. For that reason, typically sharp sportsbooks offer the best favorite lines.

SI Suggested Sportsbooks

All sportsbooks are not the same. Where you place your bets can be just as important as who you bet on. There are a number of ways to analyze a sportsbook and although it may come as a surprise to most readers, bonuses are actually the least important factor to consider when choosing an online sportsbook. They come with huge strings attached and offer little true value (for instance having to roll your money over 5 times before being able to make a withdrawal). The most important factor to consider when evaluating a sportsbook is the type of bettor the sportsbook caters to. This answer will affect your bottom line more than anything else.

The following article examines the various types of sportsbooks and the sports bettors they cater towards. SportsInsights.com leverages its 10 years of sports betting knowledge to help sports bettors find the correct internet sportsbook for their betting style. We have broken down the sportsbooks into three major categories: Loose Lines, Sharp Lines and Reduced Juice (RJ) Lines.


Every bettor has a different style and philosophy, and only by utilizing multiple sportsbooks can you ensure that you consistently find the best line. For example, an uninformed (or square) bettor is more prone to bet on the favorite regardless of the point spread. At some sportsbooks, this will force bookmakers to adjust their lines to encourage action on the other side. While this can deter some bettors from betting the favorite, it creates an excellent opportunity to bet the underdog at an artificially inflated price.

This opportunity is great for bettors who want to take the underdog, but what if you think there is value on the favorite? Sharper sportsbooks will not adjust their lines based on square bettors, and do not change their lines lightly. For that reason, typically sharp sportsbooks offer the best favorite lines.

The third type of sportsbook is known as reduced juice because they do not utilize the traditional dimeline (i.e. -110). This is great for everyday bettors as you can win at a lower rate and still turn a profit. Some books will actually give bettors the option between deposit bonuses or reduced juice and many are tempted by what they see as free money. The truth is that most beginning bettors will take the deposit bonus, but will see their account balance hit zero before they actually qualify for their bonus. Additionally, this bonus is a one-time payment, whereas bettors who select reduced juice will continue reaping the benefits for years to come. For patient players who are getting into sports betting for the long haul, a reduced juice sportsbook is ideal for everyday betting.


1. Loose Lines – Sportsbooks that are considered loose will deviate from the ‘real’ line. In some cases this is because they’re taking heavy favorite action and will shade their lines accordingly. However it could also be they just don’t follow the crowd.

2. Reduced Juice – A sportsbook that offers reduced juice; that is something other than the standard -110 juice on sports.

3. Sharp Lines – A sharp sportsbook deals its own line and caters to sharp players. They will not move on air, they don’t follow the crowd and they take huge bets.

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