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From the first year of its existence onwards, Niké has been publishing a weekly Odds List. From 2008, a mutation of it is a regular part of the Tuesday issue of the daily Sme. The bookie also prepares its own sports teletext pages in STV and JOJ TVs. Special games for cash and non-cash prizes – such as “Top bettor – Christmas Bonus”, or competitions on big sporting events such as “Second Chance”, “Will Slovakia win a medal at Winter Olympic Games 2010?”, or “Get a great winter cap and win a trip for 2 persons to Football World Championship” – are a regular part of betting with Niké. If you are a fan of online betting, why don’t you try Bwin, which also provides new customers with a great welcome bonus.

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The first Slovak betting company Niké has been on the betting market since 1991. It opened a branch, the first of its kind in the Slovak Republic, in Bratislava, on January 29th, 1991. Its main activity is operating the fixed-odds betting business (betting on results of sporting and other social events) that has been approved with a license issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. Niké permanently works on improving the comfort and availability of its services. That is why it has got several hundreds of its branches around the whole of Slovakia. Thanks to its reliability and professionalism Niké won thousands of patrons. And from its establishing until now, it is the biggest betting company in Slovakia, organizes lotteries and fun and competitive programs from among which the most known and popular was the scratchcard lottery “Game by Niké”, which was connected to a regular TV game. Throughout organization of the “Game by Niké” in years 1992-1996, more than 90 million scratch cards were sold and more than 120 episodes were broadcasted in “prime time” in the Slovak Television. In 2010 Niké participated together with TVs Markíza and Nova and the Czech company Sazka in a talent competition Talentmania which was very popular among the bettors. In order to support its activities, Niké uses the national daily Šport that has a more than 60 year tradition of publishing daily supplements to a minimum extent of four newspaper pages.

From the first year of its existence onwards, Niké has been publishing a weekly Odds List. From 2008, a mutation of it is a regular part of the Tuesday issue of the daily Sme. The bookie also prepares its own sports teletext pages in STV and JOJ TVs. Special games for cash and non-cash prizes – such as “Top bettor – Christmas Bonus”, or competitions on big sporting events such as “Second Chance”, “Will Slovakia win a medal at Winter Olympic Games 2010?”, or “Get a great winter cap and win a trip for 2 persons to Football World Championship” – are a regular part of betting with Niké. If you are a fan of online betting, why don’t you try Bwin, which also provides new customers with a great welcome bonus.

Here’s a first for the #NFL and for a Canadian wagering outfit/agency: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation & @OLGproline become an official sportsbook partner of NFL, just days before #SuperBowl in California. (by @GregwarrenBC) — Sports Handle (@sports_handle) February 7, 2022

British Columbia — British Columbia Lottery Corporation — PlayNow

Rams -4, total 48.5

British Columbia’s local sportsbook is on track to double its Super Bowl betting record now that players have the option to place single bets on the big game, according to Matt Lee from BCLC communications. BCLC is estimating that more than $2 million in wagers will be placed on for the big game and is taking over 80 different Super Bowl bet types. (All data accurate as of 12 p.m. ET on Tuesday.)

Moneyline: 82% of bettors wagering on the Bengals.

Spread: Just over half of wagers on Cincinnati.

Total: More than half of bettors wagering on over 48.5 points.

Most popular game prop: MVP. Clear split between Rams receiver Cooper Kupp and Rams defensive end Aaron Donald.

Most popular player prop: Odell Beckham Jr. number of receptions. Over five receptions is getting 92% of the action.

Most popular novelty bet: Bettors believe the national anthem will be under the 100-second total. BCLC did not provide an exact percentage of bets for this prop.

Which player prop are you jumping on for Rams vs. Bengals on Sunday? An early look at the most popular player props at PlayNow Sports!

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— PlayNow/SportsAction (@PlayNowSports) February 8, 2022

Nike’s shares were trading at $153.28 at 1:30 pm ET, after hitting an all-time high of $154.18 earlier Friday.

This is how Nike just sent Foot Locker stock plummeting

Peloton stock surges on speculation of takeover by Amazon, Nike or Apple

Vaccinated Nike employee fired for denying vax proof to third party: report

Nike sues Lululemon over Mirror Home Gym

Shares of Nike surged over 15 percent to a record high Friday after the sportswear giant forecast full-year sales of more than $50 billion, riding on pent-up demand for sneakers and athletic gear from US shoppers.

The company’s fourth-quarter revenue also nearly doubled, topping $12 billion for the first time and overshadowing a weaker-than-anticipated performance in its fast-growing China market.

“The strong momentum in Nike’s brand globally is more than offsetting pressure in China and supply chain constraints,” Telsey Advisory analyst Cristina Fernandez said.

A rapid vaccination drive and the easing of restrictions in Europe and the United States have encouraged people to go on a shopping spree, unleashing demand for expensive items, including sneakers.

Still, analysts are optimistic of a swift demand rebound in the region as company executives noted that sales trends in China for June were already reaching 2020 levels.

Man looking at window display of various Nike sneakers

The easing of pandemic restrictions in the US has spurred an increase in shopping and demand for expensive items, like Nike sneakers. Getty Images

“We’re confident about what we’re seeing in China … We’ve been in China for over 40 years … And today, we’re the largest sport brand there,” Nike Chief Executive John Donahoe said on Thursday. “We’re a brand of China and for China.”

At least 13 brokerages raised their price targets, with Stifel’s $213 target the highest on the Street. The median target is $175.

Nike’s shares were trading at $153.28 at 1:30 pm ET, after hitting an all-time high of $154.18 earlier Friday.

The jump also helped push the S&P 500 index to a record high, while lifting shares of German peers Adidas and Puma about 6 percent and 2 percent, respectively.

“We are encouraged by increased certainty in the pace and strength of recovery, … The worst is now behind (for Nike),” Barclays analyst Adrienne Yih said.

A joint project by the NBA and FIBA, the Basketball Africa League will launch its inaugural season on 13 March 2020.

The Basketball Africa League, or the BAL, is the NBA’s first professional league outside of North America. A joint venture by the NBA and FIBA, the format of qualification and competition was modeled after the UEFA Champions League.

While six of the participating teams qualified by winning their country’s domestic competition, the other six participants gained entry through a separate qualifier tournament.

The BAL’s inaugural season tips off on March 13th, 2020.

Kaep is a dyed-in-the-wool, bought & paid for Fraud.

Here’s the Nike Commercial With Colin Kaepernick

FIRST LOOK: New Nike “Just Do It” ad, voiced by @Kaepernick7, scheduled to air, as of now, on tomorrow night’s Falcons-Eagles season opener.

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) September 5, 2018


25 Responses

Kaep is a dyed-in-the-wool, bought & paid for Fraud.

Anyone who doesn’t see this is a complete fool.

Remember when he refused his player option, then complained that no one would sign him when he himself turned down a contract?

Fuck this lowlife, dashiki-wearing poser.

When pressed about why he was wearing a Malcom X/Castro shirt, Kaeperdick replied, “One thing Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here even though we’re fully capable of doing that.”

Hey Kaeperdick, did you also know Castro’s regime is also responsible for more than the 73,000 deaths of innocent people killed for political opposition, being Christian, or being gay. Guess that type of oppression doesn’t exist to him but as long as the t-shirt looked cool on him, right?

Putting aside any feelings towards Kapernick regarding the kneeling/political stuff, his voice over work is about as inspiring as a bowl of plain porridge.

Gatorade… Is it in YOU?

He sounds like he cant read.

Went to the gym earlier and felt really un-American wearing Nike shorts

I hope one day I can meet Colin and talk to him about Meek Mill. He’s mad dope!

Is he wearing the “pigs dressed in police uniforms” socks? Because that’s really classy and definitely resonates with Nike’s core demographic.

Maybe Nike will introduce a line of Che Guevara shirts like Colin likes to wear. I’m sure one with the photo of Che executing a peasant with a gunshot to the head will be a big seller.

Good for Nike. Cops and out military are nothing but a bunch of macho thugs. Total reformation and disarming of police and military is essential to Elizabeth Warrens 2020 campaign.

Warren will have to hold a pow wow with her fellow Native Americans. They’ll have to make a reservation. I’ll get my ticket from a scalper. When it’s over we smokem peace pipe and drink fire water. Me scalp em pale face

The best part is the Kap grew up in a very wealthy white neighborhood and went to one of the best private schools in the country…. then he started listening to rap music in San Francisco…. now he’s Malcom X …. lol.

Hahahhaa! You know dis n1gga was wearin Reebok’s and shit in high school. Hahahahaaaaa! Listenin to Dave Matthews Band . Lol! Kap ain’t black! Mad corny yo!!

I hate the kneeling, and Kap wasn’t that good after the super bowl. But the commercial was pretty awesome. Well done.

More like talcum x am I right.

Can I borrow your towel? My car just hit a water buffalo.

Don’t sell yourself short judge your a tremendous slouch.

Hah.. wotta crock of shi-ate. Someone ask Kaep how his dreams worked out.

Love to see his diary from when he was a kid. Especially the entry that reads how he wants to flunk out as an NFL quaterback and become an SJW activist because he is desperate to stay relevant.

Oh, and show me the one about his sanctimonious virtue signaling too.

He played in a Super Bowl and made $43 million. And he has an endorsement deal with Nike worth millions. So he is out of the NFL avoiding CTE and has made about $45 million.

Matt Ryan will exploit the Eagles weak linebacking corps with lots and lots of screen passing as well as keeping the d -line in check with quick throws, therefore I have the Falcons in a route of overrated Eagles 27 – 13.

Dust off that 1995 Super Bowl tape again. It’ll be alright.

Matty Ice will come up short like a puddle of “pee-pee” in a drought. Though, I worry about the Pregame SB celebration hangover at this game. Our SUPERIOR Defense allows me to sleep soundly and venture outside into the scawy world by myself… knowing we will BRUISE and demoralize any team who attempts to dethrone us; at our HOME field… leaving them incapacitated in a heap of over-hyped, under-achieving candy coded-shells leftover in the Streets of the BF Parkway gutters. Time’s Ours…!

Kap deserves a statue . He the real hero

Kapernik was 2-19 in his last 21 starts in the NFL. Everyone seems to forget this.

Pricing on fixed odds markets is very good. During the NFL season, we often found reduced juice on NFL games: -105 on both sides, though most were -110. For regular season basketball, they post standard 20-cent lines with -110 both sides or -105 and -115. Moneylines were generally comparable with the other best-priced options, but MLB runline bets had wide-ranging spreads that ran from -105/-115 all the way to +145/-171.

PointsBet mobile app


  • Availability: The app is available on both Android and iOS systems.
  • Speed: It’s super fast (best to use on WiFi).
  • Stability: Testing repeatedly on an Android system, we found the app maintained its level of performance consistently. The app did not crash or stall during any of our testing.
  • View: Game spreads, totals and moneylines are displayed in one single frame, so you don’t have to toggle through different dropdowns as in other sportsbooks, which is annoying and can get you lost.
  • Bet Slip: Make your pick, then you’ll get a menu showing the wager (so you can be sure), and underneath you can use the premade increments (from 50 cents to $500), and either add to your betslip for a parlay, or just continue going through the slate of games or menu.
  • Bet Now’: You can also choose to “bet now,” which bypasses the usual confirmation process. It’s helpful if you’re betting in-game and want to make sure you get place the bet in time.
  • Quick Parlay: Easily pick legs of a parlay (moneyline, spread, and over/under) from a list of upcoming games. Nice option for those interested in parlays.
  • Design: Account-related and functional screens are easily accessible and give identical information on the app and web platform. Hit your username on the web or your balance and the arrow on the app, and you will see a dropdown showing:
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    • Rewards balance
    • Deposit options: Multiple funding options are available.
    • Account details

Transaction History

  • Pending bets
  • Settled bets
  • Account history (sortable, showing bets made and details on the bet by hovering over, without having to scour through sub-menus, deposits, withdrawals)
  • Withdrawal option
  • Log out

Overall it’s a breeze and stands out from competitors.

If I’m Durant, I’m taking that money, provided Nike doesn’t match. Nike’s been in the game forever, and I’d trust it to put a better-looking shoe than Under Armour. And judging by how fashion-conscious KD is, a tie would have to go Nike, I think. And who could blame him?

Under Armour Vs. Nike: 11 Of Your Favorite Writers Weigh In On Kevin Durant’s Decision

$265 million. $285 million. Two dollar amounts that represent the range that Under Armour is willing to pay as it tries to acquire the 2014 NBA MVP in Kevin Durant as its pitchman. This sponsorship deal could prove to be one of the largest ever signed, and it would give the Maryland-based company an in-state export to lay the foundation in an emerging basketball retail ecosystem.

However, as it stands right now, Kevin Durant is an endorser of Nike. For the last seven seasons, KD’s put on for the Seattle Supersonics Oklahoma City Thunder and The Swoosh, and both have taken him to the highest levels of superstardom. From being named the league’s Most Valuable Player, winning a gold medal and becoming a brand leader (per Jalen Rose, KD just might’ve sold more shoes than LeBron James in 2013-14), the world has been Kevin Durant’s … as a Swoosh man.

No deal had been completed as of Tuesday, but the idea that a player as big in sports as Durant could switch brands seems crazy. In fact, that we as fans are so consumed about what brand a player endorses seems crazy, and that’s pretty cool.

I think it has a lot of effect on him. He has built a reputation as being humble and homegrown but is now leaving the company that has invested seven years into him. I think that takes a hit at some of his credibility, especially with the money he is receiving for it. If he spins the move in a sense that he didn’t like the price of his shoes with Nike and wanted it to be more affordable for the youth, then I think it could work. And I think that that scenario instantly builds a new brand for UA.

The issue I see is that the consumers who follow him to UA will always remember what he had at Nike. This isn’t a Kobe leaving Adidas scenario, where the shoe line was young and very provocative to the consumers. This was an established line with a following that was successful. Leaving it behind leaves a large gap at Nike product-wise, especially with the KD7 just launching, but Nike is amazing at building stories and will build a new story around a new player. The one flaw that all of these brands don’t seem to grasp is their storytelling isn’t original. It follows everything Nike has done and Nike has proven already.

For Under Armour to be successful with KD, it has to go in a whole new direction. If the folks at Under Armour don’t, it won’t work as everyone has a preconceived notion as to what KD is — which in return affects how we see KD as a whole. If they piggyback off of what has already been created, then what’s the point of all of this? Just for UA to say it finally took something from Nike?

I want to see Under Armour take KD in a whole new direction. There is no aggressive marketing with athletes anymore. Everyone is too nice. Make KD be tenacious. Make him be stronger then he really is. Make him not be a “nice guy.” If they do that, they can succeed. But one thing is for sure, if he leaves Nike, don’t think the Nike folks will take this lightly. Nike will do everything in its power to make sure it more than compete and flat out destroy UA. I hope Under Armour believes competition is healthy because it just started a war.

Brett Golliff | Footwear Extraordinaire |

While “hey bro, I’m saving funds for those new KD Under Armours” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it’s very much a reality. KD — Iceberg Slim, Durantula, whatever you want to call him — is already his own brand. The fact that he could slide on over to Under Armour and actually create success for UA in its basketball shoe sector speaks volumes on Durant himself and also on how the public views brands.

Can Durant really lose here when he’s guaranteed at least $265 million no matter which company he chooses? His decision will likely affect the endorsements market. What will other athletes do when faced with the “underdogs” vs. the popular brand decision? If Nike still lands him even with the incentives UA threw in, it could mean game over for competitors. The one at risk here is Under Armour. If it’s marketing to a younger demographic, which admires Durant, it will work.

It will be harder to get the 20-somethings to leave their Nike allegiance and find Under Armour “cool.” Based on the look of its current basketball shoes — well, good luck.

Tanisha Robinson | Queen Sports Bee Of New Orleans |

I’ve been following this story for a few weeks now, and I haven’t formed an opinion as of yet. I’m eager to see what Kevin Durant decides to do. His relationship with Swoosh has been so fruitful. Durant has been a staple in Nike’s basketball line, and the marketing has boosted Durant’s global recognition. Their brands are woven together so tightly. Apparently Nike owns the trademark for “KD.”

It’s no secret that the kids aren’t fond of Under Armour’s kicks. Basketball makes up 1% of UA’s business, but maybe that’s why it wants to ignite growth with a major signing. The only problem is that it’ll spend 10% of its marketing budget on one dude. What happens if Durant has a big injury a la PG-13 (weak-ass nickname, btw)? It is difficult for me to envision one of my favorite players running the court in some fugly kicks, but it’s not about me. It’s about how the Slim Reaper (& Jay-Z) envision career, brand and legacy.

At this point, the offer is on the table. Kevin’s gonna get paid. UA is trying to make moves, and the executives are willing to gamble for immediate impact. Nike needs to assess whether it sees Durant as part of its future.

Larry Luk | Designer Of Dope Stuff |

For me, it’s all about those pros and those cons.

Pros: First, Kevin would finally get out of the LeBron and Kobe Nike shadow. While it’s not a bad place to sit, he’s a marquee player, and he wouldn’t be numero uno in Nikeland for quite some time. The Under Armour deal brings Kevin right to the top of a brand hierarchy that will not only pay him at a premium, but will give him more creative control. Second, this bold of a move could very well change the way we look at monolithic brands. Personally, I think it’d be pretty dope to see a more varied landscape on the sneaker front. Third, let us not act like damn near $300 million wouldn’t make each and every one of us hit a swift .

Cons: Name your favorite Under Armour shoe. Exactly. There is absolutely no guarantee that KD’s joints would even be a silhouette folks want to wear after the hype. Lastly, there really is something to be said about staying loyal to one place, aside from the obvious ride-or-die story line. I’d love to see Leo Chang be to KD what Tinker is to MJ.

Channing Beumer | Baroness Blogger Of Music x Kicks |

Two sides to the coin. One side says KD stays with Nike to maintain a relationship with the brand he’s favored since he was a kid. The creative team at Nike has done a remarkable job telling his stories, developing him into a star. The other side of the coin says get the money while you can (because an athlete’s earning years are limited) and take the chance on building a whole new legacy with a brand from closer to home.

As much as I love Nike and know UA hasn’t shown any potential game-changing designs for the hardwood, I wouldn’t be mad if Slim Reaper jumped ship. Nike’s been coasting with no true competition for too long. Give it a reason to show its muscle again.

John Gotty | Sneaker & Music Sensei |

Durant leaving for Under Armour would be major for UA Basketball. The company’s been slowly building its basketball roster over the past couple years with names like Kemba Walker and Steph Curry, but it doesn’t have anyone the with the elite status that KD has right now. I don’t doubt that Under Armour’s design team could put together a performance-ready shoe for the reigning MVP, but Nike’s marketing and insight on demand creation is on another level. So when it comes to KD’s personal brand, Nike might offer the better platform. But then again, with Roc Nation sports behind you, Nike may not be necessary. And, that’s a lot of money on the table.

Gerald Flores | EIC & Sneaker Savant |

As someone who closely followed Stephen Curry’s departure from Nike to Under Armour, I don’t want Kevin Durant leaving the Swoosh. Maybe I’m selfish, but I feel that Curry is just now establishing himself as a superstar, and as UA’s primary basketball client (sorry Corey Brewer) I want the company to build with him. Plus, with Nike’s fantastic history with advertising and creativity, I feel that Durant’s brand would be best served sticking around. Now, as for Durant’s wallet …

Jordan Ramirez | Warriors Nerd Extraordinare |

If I’m Durant, I’m taking that money, provided Nike doesn’t match. Nike’s been in the game forever, and I’d trust it to put a better-looking shoe than Under Armour. And judging by how fashion-conscious KD is, a tie would have to go Nike, I think. And who could blame him?

But if Nike doesn’t match, $26 million to $28 million a year of UA money tops his current salary, plus stock options, rec center, etc. How can you pass that up? Even if UA doesn’t put a dent in Nike’s market share — and it won’t, because come on — that’s money in the bank.

Will Thompson | Curator Of Insane Amounts Of Content |

The way endorsement deals are going, you’d think this was the EPL Transfer Window for how much money is being tossed around. That being said, Durant and Nike have a fit about them, something a $285 million deal with UA cannot replicate. Sometimes, brands only enhance the player they’ve signed. Nobody is copping Li-Nings, and Under Armour’s main product to me has always been athletic wear for everything but your feet.

UA wants him to be its Jordan. The only problem is, you simply cannot re-create lightning in a bottle. Under Armour has gotten good press from this, but it hasn’t even done the most basic step — create a shoe for anyone the consumer will buy.

Brandon Caldwell | The Musical Word Of The 3rd Ward |

If Kevin Durant leaves for Under Armour, it would broaden the sneaker brand representation of high-profile athletes more so than it has ever been. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen stars like Dwyane Wade, Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo and others leave the major and most popular brands for lesser-known sneaker companies for various reasons — money, individuality, stake in company, etc. — and all of these enticing reasons seem to play big parts in Durant’s decision to potentially move to UA.

I think, whether he moves to UA or remains a Nike Basketball athlete, his personal brand will substantially grow from this summer; this deal has been followed closely by seemingly everyone. From a brand standpoint, if he remains with the brand that he signed with as a rookie, it would further prove the power Nike holds in the playing field amongst the masses. If he leaves, the brand representation for Under Armour to have the second best player in the NBA would be huge, and that would further confirm Under Armour’s ever-increasing growth in the basketball sneaker field.

George Kiel III | Kick & Roller |

For Kevin Durant, this is simple to assess. You either bank (pun intended) on having the biggest endorsement deal in world with Under Armour taking baby steps in basketball’s shallow water with just 1% market share, or you lean on the foundational brilliance that Nike has built for over three decades with quality shoes, storytelling and innovation. There’s something to be said about being a trailblazer, but you have to wonder if that’s what would translate into something successful in the long term.

For Nike versus Under Armour, this much is clear: Under Armour desperately wants to get into the basketball market that Nike dominates in. Can Nike afford to match UA’s offer? Would that mean that LeBron would get a raise? Also, is Kevin Durant good enough to build a newly branded empire when other athletes on the brand are Steph Curry and a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of before .

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