Parimatch Sportsbook Bonus

When you arrive at their site, head to the top of the page where you will see the green sign up page. Clicking on that will see the appearance of the registration form. It’s not a difficult form to fill in and within minutes you will have completed it. Now it’s time to take the steps that are required in order to get your hands on the welcome offer and receive those £30 in free bets. The required steps are:

Parimatch bonus

Claim the Parimatch welcome bonus today. No promo code is needed when filling in this form.

You can receive £30 in bonuses just by placing a £5 qualifying bet. That’s an easy way to get an offer and it’s one that can be put to good use on the Parimatch site.

There is never a dull moment at the new Parimatch sportsbook. Throughout the day they have a great range of betting opportunities from around the globe. Signing up with Parimatch is definitely a move you should consider making. You can find out more about what awaits you on this site by reading our comprehensive review of the Parimatch site.

£30 in bonuses can be received just by registering and then placing a qualifying bet of £5. This will give you a great start to your time on the Parimatch site. The site is full of betting opportunities, excellent odds and more promotions, so sign-up now.

Not every online gambling site requires there to be a promo code attached to welcome offers. Not having a promo code does make it easier to claim the welcome offer that is available at Parimatch. You can read our information-packed review of the Parimatch bonus to find out more about them.

The fact that Parimatch doesn’t have a promo code at present doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. If there is, it may well be for a special event such as a major final or boxing match. If that is the case, we will let you know about it right away and supply you with all the relevant details.

In the meantime, you can claim the Parimatch bonus of £30 in free bets and a slot bonus that can be obtained simply by placing a qualifying bet of just £5.

One of the biggest conditions of almost all bonuses and promos is that you have to bet the bonus funds before you can withdraw any money you’ve accumulated in your account, which means as long as you’re not clearing even a $25 cash, you’re not going to get your money.

You’re Up! Parimatch Bonus Code & Promo Code 2022

Even though Parimatch is one of the most famous betting sites in the iGaming industry, it only gives a few welcome bonuses and promos for its customers. This tells us that the site can do a lot without incentives.

But in this review, we’re going to focus on what Parimatch has to offer for its newcomers and loyal players alike. The site gives different sets of bonuses depending on the countries of their customers and we’ll go over what the Indian players can get versus what the Ukrainian players can get. Most importantly, we’ll discuss the bonuses for everyone.

Nothing grabs gamblers’ attention more than spicy welcome bonuses and promos, which is why gambling sites keep offering and endorsing them like there’s no tomorrow. There are many kinds of these bonuses such as the match deposit bonus, the cashback bonus, the free bet bonus, and the free tickets bonus.

There are bonuses for different betting markets as well. Nearly all of the promos we’ve just mentioned are only often found in casinos and sportsbooks, except the match deposit bonus. It’s the most famous type of welcome bonus and the best signup offer for eSports in our opinion.

$25 Match Deposit Bonus

This welcome bonus may be small but it’s the welcome bonus that’s available to you regardless of your country. That is, as long as you’re in a place where you can legally access Parimatch. As you’ll see, other Parimatch promos are only available if you meet their conditions, like if you’re in a specific country or if you receive a message.

There’s no Parimatch bonus code required to activate this welcome bonus, and you only need to deposit at least $10 within 7 days from the date of registration to claim it. That’s no hassle at all, especially when you add the fact that you only have to bet 10 times with odds of 1.50 minimum.

The amount you have to bet is the same as your bonus amount. For example, if your initial deposit is $25, Parimatch will match that by 100% to give you another $25 in your account. You can only withdraw your bonus money once you’ve made ten bets with your bonus funds, which is $25 in this case.

If you prefer a more lucrative bonus, take a look at Rivalry. The site also offers gambling on casino games and betting on sports and eSports but, unlike Parimatch, this operator promotes a $100 match deposit welcome bonus that uses a Rivalry promo code.

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500 Match Deposit Bonus for Ukrainian Customers

Remember when we said other Parimatch bonuses have conditions? Well, this welcome bonus is one of them, and the main conditions are as we’ve mentioned: you have to be in Ukraine and you have to receive a personal message directly from the Parimatch company. It doesn’t end here though.

As usual, you have to follow legal age restrictions and clear the wagering requirement before you can withdraw your bonus funds. To claim the bonus, you also have to fund your account with at least 100 (the sign means UAH or Ukrainian hryvnia) within the promotional period.

The wagering requirement for this bonus is almost the same as the wagering requirement in the $25 match deposit bonus. Except for the ₴500 maximum bonus amount, everything else remains the same: you have to place 10 times the bonus amount you’ve received on bets with 1.50 or higher.

Since this bonus is only for sports bettors, Parimatch Ukraine customers who gamble on casino games might feel left out. But don’t worry. Most sites offer many promos for all of their customers. To give you one example, Pinnacle is an operator that offers cashbacks, free spins, and a live casino welcome bonus without any Pinnacle bonus code required.

Lastly, like most of the site’s bonuses, this bonus doesn’t use a Parimatch promo code.

₹12,000 Match Deposit Bonus for Indian Customers

Parimatch is one of the largest betting sites in India and the site exclusively gives a grand bonus to reward its loyal Indian customers. This grand bonus is the ₹12,000 match deposit bonus that works just like most normal match deposit bonuses except there’s a little bit of twist in how you claim it.

Instead of being required to bet your bonus funds on whatever casino games or sports you like whenever you want with the amount of your choice, this match deposit bonus requires you to bet only on sports in a single instance. This means you can’t withdraw your bonus funds as a whole and you can’t save them all for later.

1. Bet Your $25 Bonus Funds as Soon as Possible

Parimatch’s $25 is just like the main PZBuk signup offer: modest in amount but is very convenient to clear. The problem is, some people don’t bet their bonus funds for some reason. Such an issue happens more when the bonus is small as it can easily get ignored. This is made worse since this particular bonus doesn’t use a Parimatch bonus code.

One of the biggest conditions of almost all bonuses and promos is that you have to bet the bonus funds before you can withdraw any money you’ve accumulated in your account, which means as long as you’re not clearing even a $25 cash, you’re not going to get your money.

2. Bet Your 500 Bonus Funds on Different Matches

As the old saying goes: “Diversification is key”. Because Parimatch doesn’t allow you to directly withdraw the bonus funds you get from this welcome offer, the next bright idea is to at least make some money off of it. It isn’t that large sum of money and spending it all on a single sports match doesn’t guarantee a return.

We recommend finding a couple of matches and divide your bonus funds across all of them. Choose the sports that you prefer and only place your money on the winning team. This way you maximize your chance to land some decent wins instead of choosing an option where you either waste all your bonus funds or take home a not-bad prize.

3. Claim Your ₹12,000 Match Deposit Bonus on a Busy Day

You can only bet your ₹12,000 bonus funds once, which means the more money you put in on your first deposit, the riskier this Parimatch signup offer gets. Spending $10 on one bet is acceptable, spending $200 on one bet is a different story altogether, especially if you’re not one to spend your money on anything just because you can.

So, what’s the trick with this rare kind of bonus? If you can’t control how much of your bonus funds you can spend, you should control the events themselves. What we mean is that you have the power to activate the bonus on a day where there are many upcoming or ongoing sports matches, perhaps during the sports season.

4. Keep Track of the Deadline

Parimatch and other betting sites put a deadline on their welcome offers not only to motivate you to immediately start playing on the site but also to encourage you to keep playing. Smaller bonuses, like the $25 Parimatch welcome bonus, often have shorter time frames since you don’t have to do much to claim them.

Deadlines for bonuses with humble amounts often range from 3 days to 1 week, so you better make sure to clear them before your time runs out. The same strategy we’ve mentioned previously works here too in the sense that, to have many betting options, you should activate small bonuses on a day when there are several sports events on the list.

5. Use Your Bonus Funds to Get Familiar with the Site

Betting sites have another important reason why they’re so eager to give out free money and free gambling opportunities: they want to help their customers know the layout and features of the site. Since Parimatch put their customers’ needs above all, they’ve designed a budget Parimatch signup offer to achieve that goal without risking money.

What is the latest Parimatch bonus code?

At the time of writing, there’s no Parimatch bonus code associated with any of the site’s welcome bonuses and other promos. This is because Parimatch is one of those betting sites that want to make it easier for their customers to just start activating their promos and immediately get to the good part.

Can I use the $25 match deposit bonus funds to the casino?

No, you can only use your $25 match deposit bonus funds inside the Parimatch sportsbook. Fortunately, you can bet it on whatever sports you want as long as the odds are at least 1.50, which is one of the bonus requirements. There’s a Parimatch signup offer for the casino though. We’ll get to this later.

What if I fail to clear my 500 match deposit bonus?

If you fail to meet the wagering requirement of this Parimatch welcome bonus within 7 days, your bonus amount will be deducted from the balance of your gaming account. Once the bonus funds are deducted and there’s an amount on your account balance that is less than your bonus amount, all the winnings of these bets will be forfeited.

Which Parimatch signup offer can I use more than once?

There’s no Parimatch welcome bonus that you can use more than once. In fact, you can’t even create a different account to reactivate any of their bonuses. The rule is clear: one bonus per person, one bonus per household, and one bonus per IP address.

While welcome bonuses can only be claimed once, however, other special Parimatch promos can be claimed daily.

What kinds of bets can I make with Parimatch’s sportsbook bonuses?

When spending your bonus funds, you can use all kinds of bets except system-type bets, bets on match statistics, and bets settled with odds of 1.50 or lower. Also, using the CashOut service won’t count towards the bonus wagering requirements when betting your bonus funds.

We’ve mentioned in one of our Parimatch reviews that the site doesn’t have any additional rewards or loyalty programs to offer.

Unfortunately, not much has changed since we wrote that review. We tried contacting their customer support but all we got was the usual “We’ll let you know,” which isn’t really assuring anymore at this point.

Unless you’re living in Ukraine or India, Parimatch’s collection of welcome bonuses and promos will be limited. As you’ve seen, the only Parimatch signup offer you can get if you’re not located in these countries is the $25 match deposit welcome bonus.

Compared to other welcome bonuses offered by dedicated sports and eSports betting sites, this amount certainly looks inferior. Those other sites have welcome bonuses and promos that can reach thousands of dollars.

If you’re a person who has no problem with a small welcome offer, then you should consider Parimatch. Other than incentives, the site has a lot to show for, such as innovative betting features, tons of casino games and sports and eSports events, and lots of payment methods.

Apart from the live chat support, you can also use the support team’s official email to raise a complaint. In addition, Parimatch also reaches out to its customers through WhatsApp as well as Telegram.

Website & mobile app – usability

The Parimatch website and the mobile app have a modern outlook with a great color scheme and sophisticated layout. While using the website, you will find a list of all the sports you can bet on, and your bet slips on the right side.

Further, by drilling down, you can find different betting markets available for each sport, options, and odds. There is not much information about history or stats, but it feels simple and convenient for new users.

Coming to the casino, it has a different layout, with a sidebar menu for diverse game categories with relevant icons. It has a darker background than the sports betting section with colourful icons.

The website is highly responsive, lightweight, speedy. Even at a slower internet connection, you can easily open the website and place your bets.

Likewise, the mobile app mirrors all the features and functions of the official website. It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The mobile app adds more convenience an intuitive design, even though the website can also be easily accessed on any mobile device.

A little skeptical, with Russian being their main language, we were right to be leery of the Parimatch customer service department. That is due to LIVE Chat specialists providing consultations in Russian only. Canadians looking for English answers to their questions need to contact Parimatch via email and sometimes translate their Russian language response. After jumping through a few hoops – our questions were eventually answered.

Parimatch Canada Sports Betting

Founded by Eduard Shvindlierman and Tetiana Biloruska, Sergey Portnov signed on as Parimatch CEO in 2014. Portnov was recognized as the “Leader of the Year” at the 2018 Sports Betting Community (SBC) Awards. Focused on their sportsbook, Parimatch offers to handicap odds on over 200 leagues and 600 sporting events daily. Live casino and poker action, quick sign-up, plus multiple banking choices, are also featured every day.

Parimatch Sign Up Bonus

Currently, Parimatch is offering Canadian players a 100% sign-up bonus of up to $500 in the sportsbook. Terms and conditions apply.

The sign-up bonus offered at Parimatch Casino is higher: 150% up to $1,500.

Many proprietaries, Parimatch bonus offers to revolve around sports that are in their playoff season. Events like the NBA Finals, English Premier League, English Championship and the IIHF Hockey World Championship are often featured annually in the Parimatch promotions rotation. View more Parimatach free bonus offers below.

Parimatch Promos and Contests

Offered across each of their main betting platforms, contests and promos are subtle but available at Parimatch. Casino fans receive the bulk of the rewards as slots and table gameplay is rewarded throughout the week. Players hitting 777 in the LIVE casino are eligible to receive a $500 bonus while all players can collect 10% cashback on all funds lost during weekend play. Rewards are always evolving so visit Parimatch for all the details.

Parimatch Website

Available in desktop and mobile versions, Parimatch website navigation is quick and simple. That said, things do get weird at times as certain areas of the site don’t fully translate from Russian to English. A theme at all top online bookmakers these days, LIVE Parimatch betting options load at login and there are hundreds of in-play odds posted daily. From there, access to other betting platforms, and the banking section, is seamless.

Parimatch Live Betting

Locked in on sports wagering, featuring events from around the Planet, LIVE betting options are a hallmark at Parimatch. Offered in a very well-stocked sportsbook, and plentiful around the clock, in-game wagering is available on most International and North American high-power ranking sports. Competitive odds, posted on easy-to-read boards, plus quick ticket confirmation, are good reasons to LIVE wager at Parimatch.

Parimatch Customer Service

A little skeptical, with Russian being their main language, we were right to be leery of the Parimatch customer service department. That is due to LIVE Chat specialists providing consultations in Russian only. Canadians looking for English answers to their questions need to contact Parimatch via email and sometimes translate their Russian language response. After jumping through a few hoops – our questions were eventually answered.

Parimatch Betting Odds

Adding fuel to their pre-match and LIVE wagering options, the list of Parimatch betting odds is long. Though posted on European-style betting boards, Canuck ‘Cappers won’t have any issues reading and understanding the lines. Major events bring a major amount of Parimatch handicapping options. During this review, French Open tennis action was streaming live from Stade Roland Garros and wagering odds numbered in the hundreds.

Parimatch Deposit Methods

Customers have a variety of account funding options in the Parimatch banking area. VISA and Mastercard, debit and gift cards, plus electronic wallets and bank transfers, are the top payment and cashout options. Deposits and are accepted in amounts from $1 to $10000 depending on the method chosen. Strongly advised, when making any online purchase, head to the Parimatch cashier section for banking limits, terms and conditions.

Parimatch Mobile Betting

Recommended over the desktop version, Parimatch mobile betting loads quickly and navigation is very simple. The Parimatach bet app opens with LIVE betting odds, and each individual sport is color-coded which makes the lengthy list easy to scan. Oddly, there is also a lot less Russian language when using a smartphone or tablet. Though an iOS or Android Parimatch app is offered – we use the main site link for login with an iPad and the system works great.

Here’s a quick overview of how deposit on Parimatch.

About Parimatch India

Parimatch is owned and operated by PMSPORT N.V, a company registered at Curacao, meaning the platform itself has an operator’s license from Curacao eGaming, one of the leading online gambling regulators.

Parimatch India

?? Does Parimatch accept Indian rupees?

Yes, Parimatch accepts several currencies, including Indian rupees, as a default currency on the platform.

✅ Can I legally join Parimatch from India?

Online sports betting isn’t legalised, but it isn’t illegal in most parts of India, meaning you’re free to join the site.

? Are there any bonuses on Parimatch for new players?

Yes, there are. In fact, Parimatch offers two welcome bonuses — one for the sportsbook and the other for the casino. Regular players can also receive a wide range of other promotions.

? Can I bet on cricket at Parimatch?

Yes, you can. Cricket is the main available sport on Parimatch India, meaning you have plenty of options to choose from.

? Can I play casino games at Parimatch?

Yes, Parimatch offers a great casino section where you can play slots, table games, live dealer games, and more.

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