PartyCasino Reviews

In canD, it takes me 5 minutes to blow 1000 dollars at a local casino, on the party site, I can play all day and actually win.

I deposited $500 in here and when I won they just kicked me out. I don’t know what happened and I cannot access my account. I reached the customer service so many times and nothing heard any solutions to my problem. I still have some money in my account that is $900.

I’ve been a member of partycasino for approximately 15 to 20 years. I’ve had no problems in the past withdrawing. Now I finally hit big over 50000 dollars and they have been stalling me for a $8800 cash out. Blaming their payment provider, gigadat, but when I contacted them with the withdrawal I.d number they informed me that there was no such withdrawal request. I was told to contact the provider, partycasino to act on my behalf to fix the situation. Partycasino then stalls me some more saying there relevant department will be able to find out where my funds went. Latest update is they are able to do a manual withdrawal for me from the remaining funds I have. But again another stall tactic I believe. Should be within 24 to 72 hours for that decision. I’ve recommended this site for years for their excellent customer service, but now I’m definitely on the fence.

On March 12, I Signed up and deposited $100 at PartyCasino NJ. After I made my deposit and try to play the games iMessage came up saying I was not allowed to play the games because I was not in New Jersey. So I requested my money back. When I contacted somebody from support they tried to tell me that I only deposited $50 and I had a $50 promo which was totally Not true. After a couple emails I sent them a copy of my bank statement showing them that I had deposited $100 not $50. They told me $50 was refunded back to my account which was a lie because it’s still to this day has not been refunded to my account. I have emailed them and I never get anywhere they keep telling me $50 will be deposited in my account and I keep telling them I deposited 100 and I can prove it and I get nothing from them. In my opinion the site is a total scam why can’t they just give me back my hundred dollars and be done with it?

I’ve won and lost money. Some games ok but can be small payouts even on a £1 bet. 16p 34p. Toooo small. Winnings are in account within a few hours much faster than it used to be. Played for years and will continue.

They let me deposit money and then for some reason i wont able to log in , then i sent tons of emails and nothing has been done yet . They robbed me 100usd in 2 mins

I asked party casino to disable my account for 2 weeks as I was spending alot and winning nothing. I’m also on the Gamstop and they still let me play.

I joined PartyCasino in September 2019.

After winning big and consistently I asked my account manager to disable the reverse withdrawal function. I was told that this function is not available.

A few months passed and I had a new account manager. When I asked my new account if this function can be disabled, they said yes with no hesitation. They also said that this function has always been available.

I was shocked that this function could be disabled, even though I was told the payments team could not do it. I then asked my new account manager how much I reversed from the initial time I asked to present and I was astonished at the amount (more than a couple of £k).

I have filed an official complaint and have also got advice from the Gambling Commission.

Very dishonest and unethical from Party, I asked for restrictions to be placed on my account and nothing was done about it.

In a live roulette you have to bet 25 euros at least; in the same live roulette in other casinos you are allowed to bet 5 euros or less; this shows how “fair” Partycasino is. The famous Starburst slot has less winning columns compared to other casinos. Also, since the last “upgrade”, the offer of slots is ridiculously low. The only positive thing about this casino is that they always pay you your (rare) winnings, but although they pay it takes 2 week till the money arrives in your bank .

Been playing Party Casino for a while now. It has upgraded their games based on the latest releases which is good. In the time I’ve been playing Party Casino I depositted a lot of money and won so less. Also when you make a withdrawel they are SO slow with accepting it and it goes even slower to get it into your account, sometimes it almost takes up to 2 weeks, it is really bad, while other casinos can send it into your bankaccount the same or next day. When I tried to contact them and ask them when I can expect my withdrawel they all say something different and none of the given answers was the truth, they don’t even know a thing about it, also they are very rude and not nice to customers. Its a worthless casino and if you like to wait 2 weeks on your money then you might want to play here, but considering all the reactions above, I would never ever do it. Also never accept a bonus, they let you win a little but you are never able to play the money around so you can cash it. is a much better casino!

i joined party casino after visiting their website which offered up to 500% plus 50 free spins,it had no mention of the free spins only being available on mobile.i contacted live help and they where very rude and totally unsympathetic when i told them that my mobile was not compatible.

I have been playing on Partycasino for about 3 years (sometimes almost daily), I usually deposit only 100 or 50. I have to warn all potential players that the games are completely manipulated and rigged.

1. They let you win when you are new or if you deposit after a long break again. But the winning phase only lasts 1/2 days, because if you have been playing for several days or if you have won a larger amount of money (a larger amount being around 100 EUR and more or around 75 % of you deposit), all the games start to behave like crazy: In one of the roulettes, for example, all of the sudden you get 15 – 19 (!) times the same colour in a row and this happens approximately every 10 minutes again and does not stop until you have lost the last cent of what you have won before (And it is interesting that when you let the roulette play without having placed a bet, all of the sudden the 15 etc. same colours in a row cease to come). As for the slots: Some of them just do not let you win anything even if you are new. But for most of them, the settings are that if you are new you just keep winning like crazy (e.g. a deposit of 50 is quickly doubled/trippled or so, all the bonus features appear atc.), but then all of the sudden you just stop winning anything. The same slot that let you win before now behaves like a completely different game, the bonus feature does not appear even after an hour of playing etc. I have experienced this many times, it is almost incredible how obvious the fraud is, the firms that have awarded Partycasino all the certificates are either completely incompetent or are somehow bribed by Partycasino, because the fraud is obvious even for a little child. And I am sure the same applies to many other casinos, too.

2. As for the daily casino bonuses: I have tested them for over one year, but I have won nothing. Two times (out of 500 or so), the system let me win a larger amount (around 150 eur) using them, but after I have won the money, all the games started (like always) to behave like crazy and the money was immediately lost again.

3. I also had experience with a stuck bonus feature in a slot game: This was one of the situations where I have won about 150 euros and then a game was stuck in a bonus feature (which would probably bring me a large win), it took them 7 days to fix it and the potential bonus wins were lost.

So, please be aware that the only way to win in this casino is to deposit, play for a few hours, take the money and run. Any longer playing will cause you to lose lots of money.

HI ive been playing on PPcasino for years and in the last 2 its the worst ive ever seen it no free spins the games play up freeze glitch and everything else happens.
Of course when your on a roll its good then all of a sudden its like the site has gone dead or u feel like your not even playing online losses after losses after losses.
I tried to contact the guys who do the accreditaion and test in asutralia surprise surprise couldnt get anyone
Europa Casino is better at least i got free games

Partycasino seems to have “upgraded” its system. In the past, I got a maximum of 19x the same “color” ( etc.) on roulette, now I get it 23-25x (!). And maybe it would be more than 25x, but I had no money anymore after the 25th spin. And this happens repeatedly.

The world record on a real (i.e. not online) roulette is 30x (and I assume that this occurs probably once in 5 years and not several times a day like on Partycasino).

I just started playing here but I’ve also had the double money and not being able to withdraw problems. This place doesn’t seem as secure as other casinos and I would not reco playing here.

About a month ago I deposited 50 bucks and started playing and won here and there up to 100 bucks all on slots then I started playing blackjack the 3D version I won lots of money on there total of 2100 wow I thought this is amazing so I stopped requested a withdrawal the. I went up put down another 50 and won 1000 then another 50 and won 1000 so for a total of 4100 on blackjack I was amazed. After dealing with them over email im total after a month that my accounts been shut down permanently and my funds seized like really just cause your systems were in my favour I don’t get the pay out shows what kind of company they are.

having played bruce lee at party poker casino, i lost a lot of money trying to get to the bonus, i finally hit bonus, i hoped to recover some or all of my losses, its how most of us gamblers play, the bonus froze, i contacted support (they should be called excuses) they sayu wait, i wait, i keep logging in and out, after lots of complaints , and getting same excuses, i eventually get my stake back for the one spin used to get bonus, but no bonus, they said its in the small print, i was fuming but could do nothing, and now, i’ve just played it again and exactly the same again, froze on bonus, no help, same excuses and same result.

Im from Australia and 5 days ago i was playing partycasino online and played Live Roulette and I placed 5 british pounds on black 35 and won. I also had the same amount placed on other numbers during that game too. I immediately contacted partycasino via their live chat and email and asked why my winnings were not on my account, they apologised and said they would escalate my enquiry to their ‘tech team’ and asked me to give them more time (approx 48-72 hours) to resolve the issue. I said OK and they thanked me for being patient. Its now the 5th day since my enquiry and I have not been credited any winnings to my account and every time I speak with someone from their customer care team I receive the same response- ” I can see that this has been escalated to our technical team I am kindly asking for some more time on your end i am sure that this will be sorted out soon, i do apologize for the inconvenience”
This response is the same every time I ask for an update, followed by ” i cannot commit to a time frame as to when this will be resolved and I do not want to give you misleading information” I then ask to speak with that department and they tell me that they don’t speak to customers. I was even told by one rep that they can see my winnings were not credited to my account and to please allow more time and it would be resolved asap, they emailed me a document with the history of my conversation and told me that because LiveRoulette was a ‘third party vendor’ they (partycasino) have to wait for that dept to respond to them with the result and then I would receive an email after that. Im now starting to think they are stalling? Anyone else had this experience? What can I do ??

The slotmachine was frozen at the bonus system, took them three days to reset the slotmachine. Earlier this year they would helped me(had a palladium level) but since i don’t have that anymore they rather lose a paying customer.

They also changed the cashout system, there are so many websites that cash out way faster now a days. Such a shame to see it getting worse, cause i played there 8 years. Lost a lot, but didn’t mind cause i had a good time, but if they don’t want to help, then I rather lose my money on other websites.

Did they payed u bonus in the end ? Had same problem and they sad its impossible

I’m a very loyal customer on Partycasino. Like last Friday on 30 October I played like 2USD per spin on ZEUS3 and I received the free spins. Wow! Nice! And then the slot was stuck. So I got to the chat support. My slot will be released and i could play the free spins and when so I will receive an email. Like 5 days later I got my 2USD back, but not the free spins. Got back to customer care and they told me, we forward this to tech department and you’ll receive the free spins.

I send an email that i’m not happy and never got any email back from partycasino. I got into the chat support again and then they told me, no mr…..the ZEUS3 slot is back in his Original state and you could not get the free spins. WTF?! Your collegues told me i would get them. So I dialed the Phone number and got a person on the Phone. He told me he knows about my chats and emails, but he cannot give me the free spins. What he can do, is give 2USD. What?! No man, after 1 week of inconveniences, i would like to receive the free spins or like 10 free spins of 2 USD is at least 20 USD. This is also unfair, but a normal deal for loyal customers. Furthermore, I told the man, that they will loose me a customer if their will be no proper sollution. The only solution he could give me, is giving me 2USD nothing more.

I think this i realy unfair. I think the customer servive are thaking a lot of time and furthermore, the service is very customer unfriendly.

I had played at and mostly enjoyed playing at party casino for many years. I have had my share of good wins too. Then I discovered that when using credit or debit card for deposit they sometimes duplicate the transactions. My bank told me this is common and usually my bank fixes it. When this happened again recently, the bank said they couldn’t fix it so I would have to lodge a dispute. I then got a nasty email of demand from party casino with a threat that they would engage people to recoup the funds from me and ruin my credit rating. All over a disputed transaction of 28 US dollars. I was the meat in the sandwich between a bank that had been having weekly glitches affecting transactions and a casino who has made a fortune out of me. $28 is less than one bonus. I was so stressed I asked my bank to just give them the money back but then my bank said the casino had to follow the correct process to prove it was a legitimate transaction and leave me out of it. They said it was between my bank and theirs. Well I haven’t heard another thing about it but I was blocked from the casino in the very first instance. So much for respect for loyalty. Anyway it is their loss because I was a regular player. For anyone still playing there, please keep track of your transactions and please note the charge that is imposed to withdraw funds to neteller is a complete rip off and other casinos do not charge for you to withdraw.

One of the biggest problems with this site ( and am not alone with this ) is the amount of time it takes for withdrawl to reach my acc, up to 10 days which in this day and age is absolutely ridiculous, have started playing on new site and my withdrawls are back in my bank within max 3 days,and also free of charge for withdraw. Wake up Party Casino and start looking after your clients properly

I played a long time on PC. But I don’t think this is an honnest casino. For example, there is one player who wins jackpot after jackpot. When i complained about this, I got no responce. And the rewards you get as a so called VIP are really BS. It is just a way to get to play you more and spend a lot of money. The also told me that they have a cash back of 95%, but I never ever got 95% back.
Another thing is that if you have won a fair amount of money, the slots do not pay out any more. It seems that they only give winnings if you have spend all of your winnings.

I had lots of trouble trying to withdraw eventually after many telephone calls got it…… go to (all same company) log in and next to log in details click on deposit then you ll see wuthdrawal charge chancers they charge a fee to withdraw 1.50 …. hope this helps

First night I joined party casino I deposited £50 received my bonus,had no real returns,so took a gamble and got up to £20 k..was panicking St the amount,so took a screen shot..stupidly I tried to play for more,but that took me down to 9k. I tried to withdraw, but I could,t find the withdraw button,so rang them up ..this was 6am and there was no probs in them answering.. They suggested I take a screen shot to show them the withdraw problemand ggot back to me within one day and said that it was to do with my web page. Anyways,while I was waiting for the email,I managed to find the withdraw page..its very hard to navigate,but I was not going to give up 9k. I tried to withdraw the whole amount,but was only allowed to withdraw 6k . I suppose they don’t like giving too much away..I had to wait about 8 days for my pay out,but they honoured it and even sent me an email congratulating me :-)..o bought a lovely red hard top convertible for the summer.. Thank you party !!

I have been using Partycasino for some time now, however Partycasino will NOT let me withdraw my money. Every time I select the “Cashier” option – I only get a “Make a Deposit” screen. I have reported this to Partycasino and they state that “nothing is wrong” and then do nothing.

Won nearly 200 pounds off free ten pounds so tried to withdraw. Fair enough they wanted me to deposit ten pounds so I did. Or at least tried to. I tried ywo different cards to deposit with, I kept getting a message saying I had entered my details wrongly, which I definitely hadn’t. So I tried sending 4 e mails but each time the page froze.

The amount of time they are taking to process my withdrawals is enough to put me off any online casino, doubt I will play there again.

I have been playing PC for 9 years and lost to much then i can remeber but thats why they call it a casino. Mostly i play slots and they get worse and worse every time they ad some new slots on the site. They getting slower and sometimes impossible to open. thtas for my a reason to stop playing at PC second reason is in the past loyal players where a rewarded nowadays no more and the 3th reason the bonusrounds are BS you get a lot of free spins and the deliver nothing. I play nowe at jackpotcity i still loose but i got a suprisse last week i got a bonus of 20% of the amount i have lost in the last week, Unanouced something PC would never do.

I registered an account here yesterday depositing 40 US dollars and my money was immediately doubled into my account as offered in promotion but when I started to play it wouldn’t let me go though keeps showing me an error / “issue” as they called it and asks me to contact support, I sent them an email but have not received a reply as yet, I can’t wait to start playing on this site because it’s got lots of my favorite slot games.

Meh no scam, I’ve deposited 20 grand over many years and cashed out a couple of decent wins equaling 15 grand ( was that soccer pokie machine game) . Partypoker is a different story it’s not rigged house edge is the house edge. BUT a lot of Russians playing who obviously have some kind of formula on odds and they gamble like highly efficient calculators.

So anyway casinos are notorious for causing people to lose money I went to a great international casino the other day and 2,000 dollars went in 2 hours on their machines and I was only betting $5 a pop…. Beware of the elvis pokie machine.

Been playing on party casino for a long time. Cash outs Re 24 hours in my bank. Slots are amazing win or lose.

In canD, it takes me 5 minutes to blow 1000 dollars at a local casino, on the party site, I can play all day and actually win.

With out any doubt, the slots are 100 percent random. The claim 95 percent pay out. I can honestly say that I believe that. Even if I lose 1000 dollars later todY when I play.

I played on other sites as well, these stupid restricted bonuses are so predictBle that it conforms non randomness. Party does not do that.

I deposited 2500 three weeks ago. I received an instant unrestricted bonus of 625 dollars. Within 20 minutes, my balance was 4800. I withdrew 4500 and money was in account the next day via electronic fund transfer. Played poker with the other 300.

These guys are as honest as you can get. Last month I deposited 1000 and lost it after a few hours. Normal. 2 months ago I netted a loss of 2000 after all transactions in and out.

Yes they have an edge. Normal. But the most honest site out there.

I joined PartyCasino 3 months ago and deposited a total of around £40, all of which I lost, which was fine. What wasn’t fine was the software had a bug in one of its slot machines (Wheel of Fortune) which meant the slot-reels just spun indefinitely. After waiting for almost 10 minutes for the reels to stop spinning, I closed the software down and reopened it and continued playing.

Without realising, the software had taken the stake I was using (5 cents per spin) and increased it to $1.25 a spin when I continued. I noticed after 4 spins but had already lost $4 (a $1 win in those four spins).

I wrote to PartyCasino’s support – who took nearly five days to answer – and notified them of the bug. They basically wrote back and said “We don’t know what happened but tough”.

I don’t mind losing money on slot machines or gambling sites, since almost everyone does in the long run, I do mind when that software is faulty and the support says “Tough”.

I moved from PartyCasino to SuperCasino – whose support is excellent and whose slots are online and trustworthy. PartyCasino is one to avoid.


Sounds like a lot of sour grapes to me. No one talks about cashing out when there up. I’ve only been playing at partycasino a short while now, no significant wins yet, but i’ll keep trying. As for the party gaming site goes, I’ve been a member of partypoker for a probably about 5 yrs now and never had a problem cashing out. Customer service for me has only been an excellent experience. So I’ll still give party casino a chance for now.

The thing with party casino is that I am sure that they are doing edge for the casino roulette.
in red black game play you will see amazing streaks of up to 16 times the same or the same color change if you are playing the double game. There is a reason that the site is using PWC in South Africa and not a European accountant to do the review of the software.
That the cmpany is listed has nothing to do with the house getting huge advantage, and it is sure that this site together with most online casinos are having a huge house advantage, I would say cheating. Dont waist your money on casino keep your money in the bank or put them in shares “party gaming” perhaps lol because they for sure have better chance of winning than you ever will.

I have been playing Party Casino for a few months now and well as you may all know it’s a con. I started off winning some money as as you guessed it was lost again in a very short space of time. I calculated that i spent more than £1000 on the same game and it never triggered the top price. When i enquired about it i was told it was all down to luck. I was then offered a $5 bonus. Whow how they look after their customers that play constantly and are loyal. Lets face it we all play to win and we don’t explect to win every day but after loosing so much money on one game without winning. How do you explain that. Another thing to watch out for is when you win take your money and run. I noticed that any winnings i received i lost dubble that amout once i played wiyh the winnings.
Party Casino sucks if you ask me

welcome to the world of online casinos 🙂
Depending on how you look at it the 3000 are indeed sort of free. It just requires you to deposit enough money. Then they put up to 3000 bucks in bonuses on top. But there are terms to be respected.

Was playiing games on Then advertisement came on for When I clicked on it said I won 3000.00 . When I downloaded, it automatically asked for credit card. What happened to the 3000 when I downloaded it. Now I’m uninstalling Don’ t recomend anyone else downloading Will tell u it’s free, it’s not.

I have been playing the partycasino for over one year now, and in the first few months they awarded you with some cash prizes or bonusses or just something nice you could play with. after a while all that dissapeard and i asked why and they said that the more you deposit the more bonusses or cash prizes you get. BS! the more you deposit the more you lose. And it is also true that the more you bet you will get nothing, no bonusround not even a nice spin. Once i won 400 dollar betting 0,40 cents, and i tried it with betting 5 dollar and i won nothing above 100 dollar. And they came up with some kind of bad luck streak, also bullshit. I have complained about this because if you calculad it i have to win 10 times more but that just doesnt happen. They come with offers like 200 dollar cash bonus with a lump sum of 3000 dollar. Never gonna happen. So i said you have got your money back, let me try again? and they said no we can not do this bla bla. BS! In the first couple of months they make you believe that everything is possible but please be awere once you make it to vip you will lose everything!

Lately, whenever I’m in a bonus round, the game just freezes. This mostly happens only on jackpot games. I’ve contacted them many times, but they still could not figure out why. Anyway, when they do release the fund and reward me for the bonus features, it’s always way lesser than what I would get if I was able to play the bonus games out. For eg. when I bet the minimum few cents, they award me only say 50 cents extra for not being able to play the bonus round. Whereas whenever I was able to play the bonus features, a 20 cents bet has fetched me as much as $90+. I’ve complained many times, but to no avail. Anyone else experience this. I’ve been a long time player, but am frustrated by unfair way of resolving a long standing problem.

Partygaming (owner of Party Casino) is a public listed company. Why would they jeopardize their reputation by scamming their players and make them lose comparatively small amounts of money?
If you put into the equation what Partygaming might lose by doing so, then it makes no sense at all. I’m for one will keep playing there because I really think they will be alive for a whole while. Games are more than good. Just in the bonus area they are being stingy.

I was a loyal player at Partycasino for may years, but have closed mine account. Partycasino was/is/went from bad to good to bad again. At the moment it is the worst Casino ever. Live Support can not answer a uestion and only repeating the deposit bonus. Put in a code for extra with your deposit and you do not get it, complain and they just tell you …so sorry, you have to make an other deposit to get the bonus! SURE……………..NOT. Bye bye Partycasino.

this is the worst casino, i played the top gun bonus round and hit the jet 4 times and it said i missed then i shot and missed completely and it said i hit.. BS. the bonus free spins are rigged the high paying icons and wild cards never show up.. i have played 15 bonus rounds in the last week and have not won anything over 100. this site is all bs. I have played for fun and lost over 200,000 credits in the past 6 mths, any of you guys that play for real money are just plain giving it away……

Im playing on partycasino for now like 3 years.First year i hit few times the smaller progressive pots.But the last 2 years im only losing.And yes the awnser you get when you call them on your losing streak is “We re sorry for your losts you must be on a losing streak,but we re sure ur luck will turn around””
Still waiting for last 2 years for this .At least to get back a little from what i lost there.Also while your playing u sometimes get disconnected from my accountpage of the casino,meaning you do play at the slots and when u want to make a deposit it needs you to re-login….Also noticed when that happens no matter what u have bet ,even smaller bets like 9 or 18 cent, u already the full amount.

forgot to add there was a random bonus i got shortly after the mix up it gave me roughly $400 + in instant cash and about $100 in slot/random bonuses that you have to unlock.. it was called riddle.. i lost everything they gave me and when i tried to withdraw just $70 it took about a month long battle with customer service and chat reps and $12 fee + go play mix up.. it actually cost me money to take my own money out…

EVERYTHING said is true. never bet high. i won 7500 once the first day i played played for weeks never own anything lost the 7500 + 11000. Once you hit vip status you can quick find out what certain host can do. all bonuses given were lost and told me i was down on my luck. i also explain when you are at a real casino depending the amount you put in the machine once the machine is full it will pay out. that doesnt apply to anything online. they hook you in but you will altimately lose more then 5 times the amount you win if your luck to win.

I find what you guys are saying to be true, Party Casino has to be the worst casino ive ever played on. You can make like 4 or 5 sets of 3 (symbols ) on a screen and still not even get your bet back. I always get in the habbit of winning a little at poker then letting the casino eat it. Another thing I do not like is they state the more you wager the more likely you are to hit a Jackpot line. That basically should turn away most of the clients who like to play 20-50 dollars on like a 1 or 2 bet away. Another thing is on certain games like graveyard bash you can tell when you are getting the free spin bonus simply because the reels stop 10 times faster when its going to land, so when you get 2 scatters you can already tell the 3rd will not land. Party casino got its last dollar from me.I recommend Titan or Colleseum for casino’s great games esp irish luck on titan,,and for poker stick to full tilt.

Ok what i don’t understand is why oh why i got to the bonus round betting 4.50$ a shot i won 6800$ and my vip host told me partycasino already new what u won! I did not understand what that means do u? anyway i won 6800$ and with in 1 hour it was all gone it was like dead dead dead that was before the x-mas, the last 3 weeks i must of spend 4-6k on a game called KINO it was like a drinking machine, i was thinking of maybe just maybe talking to a lawyer what do you guys think.

Ithink/believe party in general is manipulated like crap, what the guy earlyer said is treu, they favor the bad players and bad cards… look for yourself… uwill win 1-2x and then u just wont win anymore whatever u try no matter how good u are…
About the casino, that really is a big joke
i spended like 10000 dollar ifnot more… so iknow what iam talking about… what the guy earlyer said is so treu the games are manipulated as hell, when u bet low uwill some prizes, but when u start betting bigger u wont win nothing at all, and even when u go back then to lower bets, forget it then u are screwed and it just wont give anything anymore… ihad on 1 night 2000dollar and i did like all bets from 1 dollar to like 90 dollar (is max) doesnt matter i lossed all the 2000 whitout getting a proper prize…
Also i contacted them once about a multiplyer i thought it wasnt right, (they claimed it was) well the same day i never had so many multiplyers ever seen yet today… and after i won a reasonble amount i lossed all again because it just wont give prizes (above the amount u betted)
About theyre custemer service… u do get only automated mails and when u ask deeper they just dont respons… very very nice (and no the mail wasnt bad mannerd…)
Iwant to point to all gamblers:
plz do yourself a favor and dont go there not for poker nor casino because u will loss no doubt about that…

I only play for fun. It would be nice if Party would give you enough money to play like they used to. also, if you could carry your winnings over to the next game. Party Casino is the best one I have found.

the poker site is hopeless because everyone with crap cards win alot. They gave me a $25 credit to use and guess what? lost 5 times a row on blackjack! no wonder why it was bonus credit maybe the computer can tell?

Gaming at Party Casino is not fair at all. The odds of winning are very slim. Also, I have noticed while playing slots that there were game manipulations, in the sense that you win at lower wagers and lose at higher wagers. At this casino, the graphics are not bad, but the games variety is very limited (they do their own software; probably they may add more games in the future). I have also noticed that their software changes, in the sense that when you play for fun, you win generously, but when you play for money, your odds of winning are 10-20%. The connection is extremely poor. If you were disconnected in the middle of a game, sometimes you find that the game was not saved after you re-connect. This could be disastrous if you were disconnected in the middle of a multi-step game involving free spins and extra bonuses. This happened to me, and they refused to compensate me unless I could identify the game (i.e., the spin) Id number), which was impossible for me to pin-point because I did not keep record of the exact time (by minute and second) when the disconnection took place. And finally, their customer support is way below expectations. You send e-mails, and the replies you get back seem as if they were generated by some dumb machines (they don’t answer your specific questions or concerns). Look for another casino to spare the frustration and rise of your blood pressure.

Didn´t like their poker site. Not because I thought they are rigged (I think the player posting on this site is very one-sided anyway) but found the player support simply rubbish. I still gave the casino a try and although I´m ahead money-wise I´m still not sure about the rest. Games are ok and for some reason also the customer support but somehow I simply expected more. They claim to be so big and still make a quite mediocre impression to me. I give it 3 out of 5 points.

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