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This helps answer the question, “Is Picklebet eSports legit?” since Picklebet operates under a valid gambling license.

Ready! Picklebet Review & Rating 2022

Picklebet was founded in 2017 by two eSports fans with big plans and a strong desire to provide Australians with a new gambling experience. If you’ve ever wondered “Is Picklebet reliable?”, our Picklebet review is a good place to start.

Our review found that Picklebet offers a great selection of different eSports for punters to wager on, including Dota 2. There is also a good selection of general sports to bet on. Our honest Picklebet ratings will show that you should feel safe enough to join Picklebet. So, keep reading our Picklebet review to learn more.

  • Daily betting tips and live streaming.
  • Exceptional selection of eSports.
  • Fully licensed betting site.
  • A user-friendly and functional betting platform.
  • There are no horse racing odds.

We can answer the question, “Is Picklebet eSports legit?” right away, as the brand operates completely legally in accordance with Australian laws. Picklebet does not currently offer a welcome bonus, which is in accordance with Australian regulatory standards.

So, while it may be disappointing that you cannot claim a sign up offer, it is also a positive sign that Picklebet has not attempted to circumvent regulations in any way, which leads to a higher Picklebet rating.

However, this does not imply that there are no incentives on the website. You can still access the promotions page via the menu on the left side of your screen. If you want to see what offers are available for you to cash in, you must first create an account and get logged in.

Picklebet runs a variety of promotions at any given time, so there’s always plenty of bonuses and boosters for users to enjoy. To view other promotions you can claim, check out our eSports betting reviews for the best bonus offers.

Our Picklebet ratings increased significantly as we examined the site’s usability in greater depth during our Picklebet reviews.

Right from the home page, Picklebet’s website has a real “gaming” feel to it, which was no doubt carefully considered by the operator when selecting the appropriate black and green colour scheme, as well as the unforgettable green pickle logo.

The colour scheme makes it easy to read the writing and is overall pleasing to the eye. This design simplicity is an attractive trend we have noticed across many sportsbooks, most recently during our Draftstars reviews.

Aesthetic appeal is important, but what matters most is how well the site is laid out and how easy it is to navigate in general.

Overall, we found the Picklebet betting website to be simple and easy to use. The site’s navigation was straightforward, and the pages load quickly. We were also pleased with how simple it was to navigate the website on our mobile phone and tablet.

Our Picklebet ratings continue to rise, owing to the ease with which the betting slip can be found and used. You should have no trouble finding odds on your favourite sport or game without having to sift through a slew of casino and racing bets.

You should have no problems using the Picklebet website, which is why our Picklebet ratings reflect this. The only minor drawback we discovered that could affect Picklebet ratings is the lack of mobile apps for Android users.

However, iPhone users can download the Picklebet app from their Apps Store. Whether you’re logging into your account, making a deposit, requesting a withdrawal, or contacting customer support via live chat, you’ll find that everything gambling becomes easy with Picklebet.

  • One of the biggest names in esports betting
  • Up to 150$ of welcome bonus
  • Solid range of games to bet on
  • Very competitive esports odds
  • Live streams available
  • €500 welcome bonus to new customers
  • 100% welcome bonus up to €100 available
  • Fantastic range of odds and games at Luckbox
  • Live betting and streaming also available
  • Bets on all top esports
  • Super simple site navigation
  • Esports In-play betting available
  • Ability to bet on NBA 2k20.
  • £100 matched deposit bonus.
  • Variety of games to bet on.

Punters using an online bookmaker’s site want to know that the payment methods are secure and that there are at least a few different payment options to choose from.

We achieved this when we answered the question, “Is Bluebet eSports legit?”. Keep reading if you would love to know the answer to the question “Is Picklebet eSports legit?”.

Our Picklebet reviews looked closely at the different payment options available for you on the site. Gladly, we found that Picklebet’s real money payment methods should all give you peace of mind when making deposits.

Picklebet accepts deposits in Australian dollars made with credit and debit cards and bank transfers via POLi. If you would love to deposit in a different currency, you can use the Picklebet e-Wallet.

Picklebet deposits are processed instantly, and withdrawals are generally quick as well (they tend to take under a day but slightly longer when you make your first withdrawal).

When it comes to withdrawals on the site, you have the option of using a standard bank transfer or a credit/debit card. In most cases, it will take about two business days for your withdrawal to clear before it is reflected in your account.

There will be no additional transaction fees when withdrawing funds from your Picklebet betting account. The minimum deposit for all payment options is a very reasonable $10, and there are no minimum, or maximum withdrawal amounts specified.

Our Picklebet reviews also noted that, like any other online gambling site, you would need to verify your account before you can withdraw any earnings from the Picklebet betting website.

There aren’t many payment options on the site, but the ones Picklebet does provide are safe and secure, which led us to give them a good Picklebet rating. With this, we reckon that we have been able to answer your question, “Is Picklebet eSports legit?”. We can assure you that your money is safe with Picklebet.

Betting on sports and eSports may be new to some punters. As a result, it’s always a good idea to ask questions like “Is Picklebet reliable?” or “Is Picklebet eSports legit?” when it comes to assisting you with the use of its sports and eSports betting platforms.

After all, you may need some help regarding anything, from setting up your account to making your first deposit.

During our Picklebet review, we discovered that the brand has made a useful live chat service available for customers to contact their customer support team quickly. The Picklebet site’s live chat feature can be found in the bottom left corner or accessed via the “Contact Us” tab in the website footer.

You can also send your messages by email via support@picklebet.com. We discovered that the email response time was within an hour, and the live chat feature required you to wait no more than a couple of minutes before being responded to.

Picklebet has gone to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of its operation is transparent, as evidenced by a large number of easy-to-read guides and FAQs, which earned them a top Picklebet rating like the Playup ratings.

There are also mini-tutorials for each game. The CS: GO guide, for example, goes over everything from opening an account to how odds work and the exotic bets you can place, leaving no stone unturned.

Overall, we were pleased with Picklebet’s level of customer service. They are clearly paying attention to detail and are invested in their clients’ concerns.

  • Notifications
  • Highlights
  • Personalized Feed
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Before signing up with any online bookmaker in Australia, you should always check the legitimacy and security of these sites. Not to worry, we do that for you, just like we did when we answered the question, “Is Ladbrokes eSports legit?”

For our Picklebet reviews, we had to take a closer look at the operator’s licensing and website security to ensure that it is safe for our readers to use. Thankfully, we can report that there will be some good Picklebet ratings since this site is fully licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory government.

This means Picklebet is subject to the same levels of regulation as Australia’s best sports betting sites, and it should offer you a safe, fair, and legal way to bet on sports and eSports.

This helps answer the question, “Is Picklebet eSports legit?” since Picklebet operates under a valid gambling license.

Our Picklebet reviews also found that the operator uses the latest SSL encryption technology to protect your personal data, like banking transactions, account information, etc. This technology helps to keep your information out of the hands of malicious third-party entities.

Picklebet’s membership in the ESIC (eSports Integrity Commission) indicates that it is committed to the integrity of eSports competitions and strives to meet the commission’s standards as an eSports betting operator.

Overall, you can confidently answer the question, “Is Picklebet eSports legit?” with a resounding “Yes”.

Unfortunately, due to Australia’s strict betting regulations, we cannot advertise any Picklebet promotions or bonuses in this Picklebet review. This includes existing customer bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and Picklebet bonus codes.

Picklebet players can view their promotions, and other betting offers by logging into their Picklebet betting account.

Yes. You can see more information about our registration here

Common Questions about Esports Betting Include:

What is Esports Betting?

An esport bet is a type of sports bet where you predict the outcome of an esports match. It can be live betting, pre-match or in-play and it relies on the spectator’s keen eye for video games to see which team will win.

How do I place a bet?

All you need to do is sign up for an account, select your favourite team and choose how much cash you want to spend! Then simply go into our bets page and place your wager with Picklebet!

Do I have to register my own account to bet on Esports?

Yes. You can see more information about our registration here

Is there any limit to the amount of money I can spend on each bet?

Picklebet has a maximum liability we are willing to accept for bets on each market. You can learn more information here.

Why Aren’t There Many Esports Betting Sites?

The team at Picklebet noticed the lack of options available for Esports fans to place bets. This is why we have created Picklebet an Esports betting site tailored for gamers in Australia.

Do the Esports Change?

In the Esports world, there are many different games that people can bet on. There are Esports that have been around for close to a decade such as League of Legends (LOL), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota and others that are more recent such as Fortnite Battle Royale. To make it easy to compare odds across all these games Picklebet has created a dedicated page for each game.

Can We Only Bet on Esports that are in Australia?

Picklebet gives you the ability to bet on Esports matches and tournaments from all over the world.

Who are the Main Esports Betting Markets?

The popularity and growth of Esports is being driven by the younger generations, who are typically digital natives born after 1995. These people have grown up in a time where video games weren’t just a pastime but rather an integral part of their lives.

Where does Esports prize money come from

Esports prize money comes from a variety of sources including:

  • Game publishers
  • Sponsors: The most common way for Esports to make prize money is through sponsorship deals.
  • Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding has been the fastest growing source of revenue in recent years.
  • Sponsored Broadcasts: Various streaming companies such as Twitch or Youtube may place a bid to get exclusive streaming rights to a tournament.
  • Game developers: Game Developers may also contribute by giving away in-game items as prizes

How Do Esport Players Make Money?

Many professional Esports players have to diversify their income in the pursuit of a professional career. Esports teams make a large portion of their income through sponsorships, prize money streaming and merchandise. This can include:

Sponsorships: These can range from advertising on team jerseys and player streams. Other types of sponsorship include providing gaming equipment, hardware, software, or other materials.

Coaching: Players may also receive income through coaching lessons.

Conventions: Appearances at events such as conventions has become a great way for an esports fan to show support for their favourite team.

Where Can I find the Best Esports Betting Information?

We offer a series of guides to different Esports. Our best recommendation is to become a fan of Esports first! The community is great, the competition is intense and best of all there is no off season.

Where does “Esports” originate? A Timeline of Esports Tournaments:

The term “Esports” (also known as eSports or e-Sports) is a portmanteau of the words “electronic sports”.

Competitive video gaming has been around since 1972 when Stanford University hosted an event called the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics

Retro Gaming

The first international tournament for Esports was held in 1980. Atari sponsored Space Invaders Championship and held the first international video game competition in New York City.

The earliest known use of the word “Esports” was in 1987. Many people would be surprised to know that the term ‘eSports’ predate most of the modern gaming era.

Home Consoles

In the 1990s, video games became more popular and companies started sponsoring players. This included popular games such as Tetris and fighting games like Street Fighter.

Rise of The Internet

The first World Cyber Games was held in 2001 with participants from over 30 countries

Towards the end of 2000’s we saw Esports start to branch out into Genres. This gave rise to many popular genres including MOBAs. Popular first person shooters included Cod (Call of Duty) and Halo.

League of Legends

In 2013, League of Legends became the most popular Esport with 27 million viewers. Championships started taking place in stadium arenas.

Twitch Becomes Mainstream

In 2014, Twitch Plays Pokémon Debuted. An estimated 1.16 million people participated in a playthrough of Pokémon Red with the chat controlling the game. This was the biggest stream on Twitch at that point in time.

As technology advanced, so did Esports – in 2016, there were over 380 million viewers worldwide.

Battle Royale Anyone?

Towards the 2nd half of the 2010’s the Battle Royale genre rose to new heights with games such as Fortnite, PUBG, Apex: Battle Legends and even Tetris 99.

Esports Thrive while Traditional Sport Freezes

In 2020 and 2021, the Covid-19 Pandemic saw a spike in corporate sponsorships in Esports. As traditional sports were brought to a standstill around the world, companies like Honda to offer Esports sponsorships to games and tournaments.

Picklebet Esports

  • Picklebet doesn’t have horse racing markets
  • Picklebet only has an iPhone app

Picklebet Rating: 9/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mason Kelliher

Whether you are into esports betting or not, there are plenty of things to like about Picklebt Australia.

Picklebet is a new betting site and they are still one of the smallest betting sites in Australia which means that you get top-notch customer support, a well-designed betting website and app, and competitive odds for all sports and esports offered.

Picklebet may not have the range of markets offered by the likes of Bet365 or Unibet, but they still feature most popular matches for sports like basketball, AFL, NRL, NFL, baseball, golf, boxing, MMA, ice hockey and motorsports, and are especially strong for tennis and soccer.

Picklebet is consistently adding new sports betting options.

Of course, esports betting is still Picklebet’s selling point (for now). Picklebet consistently has more esports betting options, for a wider range of esports titles than any other Australian betting sites.

Unsurprisingly, CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2 are among the biggest esports available on Picklebet but a range of other games including FIFA, Starcraft 2, King of Glory, Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and pretty much any other professional esports you might want to bet on.

Not only does Picklebet have more esports betting options than other betting sites, but they also have a range of esports betting tips, news, live streaming, and Pick’ems contests all centered around esports betting.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Picklebet became an even more dominant force in the esports betting and sports betting worlds in the next few years.

Picklebet australia

Picklebet caters to new punters with an easy-to-use betting site, betting tips and live streaming

Online Sports betting is organised with the Sports punter in mind. Bet on a variety of Sports, including AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA, Formula One racing, soccer and more! Place multi-bets on Sports and Esports to up the ante and increase your odds. Check our betting tips so you can make your bets with confidence.

Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker

Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker

Bet on Esports and Sports. Picklebet is an Australian made and owned next gen online betting app.

Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker

App Details

App Screenshots

Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker screenshot-0 Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker screenshot-1 Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker screenshot-2 Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker screenshot-3 Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker screenshot-4 Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker screenshot-5 Picklebet: Aussie Bookmaker screenshot-6

App Store Description

Bet on Esports and Sports. Picklebet is an Australian made and owned next gen online betting app.

Bet promotions, Esports news and an Esports live stream are all available on the Picklebet app. Access Esports betting and Sports betting markets and bet on major Sports like football, basketball, soccer and lots more!

Picklebet is the home for Esports betting. As an Aussie bookmaker, we are proud to offer a wide range of online betting markets for the Esports punter. Watch our Esports live stream and catch the action live as you bet. Our Esports bet markets include CS:GO, Dota 2, FIFA, League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant and more!

Online Sports betting is organised with the Sports punter in mind. Bet on a variety of Sports, including AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA, Formula One racing, soccer and more! Place multi-bets on Sports and Esports to up the ante and increase your odds. Check our betting tips so you can make your bets with confidence.

Download Picklebet for an exciting and easy to use Esports and Sports gambling app. Below outlines what our app does, endless fun is what it is.

– Esports community for the gamer and sports enthusiast alike
– Bet on your favourite Esports tournaments
– Live stream Esports without leaving the app
– Read up on Esports news and tournament previews on the Picklebet blog
– CS:GO, Dota 2, FIFA, League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, Rainbow 6 and more

– International & Aussie Sports betting markets at your fingertips
– Unique sports promotions on login
– Login and join pick’ems for Sports tourneys
– AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA, baseball, soccer, tennis, rugby, ice hockey, MMA, Formula One racing, boxing and more!

– Play Esports & Sports pick’ems
– Place multi-bets and stack winners to secure the bag
– Betting tips and insights for informed judgement calls
– Bet market and Esports news on the Picklebet blog

– Aussie made and owned bookie
– Esports community for Australian betting fans
– Esports betting tips for all Picklebet users
– Unique bet promos once you log in

Online betting and gambling for the Sports and Esports punter. Download Picklebet and enjoy the ride. Have fun, be free.
The Picklebet team is dedicated to building remarkable products for the Esports and Sports community; designed to entertain and deliver fun, engaging experiences.

As you can observe, Picklebet does not have a wide variety of options for payments. The ones listed are safe and secure. So if you are wondering is Picklebet safe? – Yes, it is! As we mentioned, it has adhered to the guidelines set up by the governing body.

Esports Markets Extensive selection of games and betting markets

We introduced you to Picklebet as an esports betting site and now is the time to talk about Picklebet’s best features – the extensive esports markets. The website was created with the aim to make it the “most renowned esports wagering platform.”

So, Picklebet esports market is HUGE. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, you will still be stoked to find such diversity. Players can bet on CounterStrike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Overwatch, League of Legends, FIFA 21, and many other popular esports titles.

You can literally pick from hundreds of Picklebet esports markets available on the site. For instance, any given match will most likely have extensive betting markets: like first kill, total maps, match winner, score, and much more.

Apart from this, our Picklebet review found a wide coverage of esports leagues. With over a dozen popular esports league, you will have something to bet on throughout the year. Its like Picklebet makes sure that they have big and small leagues covered.

For esports bonuses, keep an eye on the promotions page.

The streaming user-experience on Picklebet mobile app is very good. The live broadcast will open in a small window at the top of the screen, meaning that you can bet and watch at the same time. If you want to enjoy only the live game, just press the ‘Full Screen’ button to expand the window.

Picklebet App Payment Methods

picklebet app sign in

Picklebet offers a very limited selection of payment methods on both mobile apps and desktop. You can deposit only via POLi or credit/debit cards. On the positive side, the whole process is very simple. All you need to do is visit the cashier from the top menu, pick the banking option and confirm the payment.

The only withdrawal methods available are bank EFT and credit/debit cards. Note that all withdrawal request sent before 4 pm will be processed on the same day. After that, it usually takes around 2 working days for the money to reach your personal account.

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