play club reviews

play club reviews

Furthermore, collecting 10, 60, 350, and 1000 points advances players to the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels respectively. The final two levels are by invitation only. Each level brings with it more rewards, such as free spins, birthday bonuses, cash back offers, special tournaments and competitions, personalised offers, and more.

Play Club Casino Review

Play Club Casino was launched as recently as 2017, but it has quickly developed an excellent name for itself. It has attracted a huge number of players who have signed up to enjoy the massive library of games from many of the industry’s top developers. Alongside the games, members of the casino benefit from regular loyalty rewards and some truly exciting promotions. At the same time, the casino is a very easy place to play thanks to an excellent mobile website, fast and secure banking, and customer support that is never far away. It is a truly impressive online gambling destination and one that all players should be sure to visit.

Pros and Cons

100% UP TO 100 EUR and 100 FREE SPINS

Play Club Casino Bonuses and Promotions

This site doesn’t mess around when it comes to its bonuses and promotions. Players can expect to get pampered by many exciting perks. From a generous welcome bundle to an extravagant loyalty program, Play Club casino online wants to make every single player feel special. Hence, let’s take a deeper look into what you will come across in this division.

Welcome Bonus

Players who decide to register at this iGaming destination will get rewarded with a great welcome package. You can claim 100% up to €200 with an additional 100 free spins. Want to know how you can get a hold of this bonus? It’s pretty effortless. It requires depositing a minimum of €20, and you will instantly receive this bundle. However, remember that you will be ineligible to claim this bonus if you have already signed up with another Aspire Global casino. Having this rule is quite unfortunate for players that fancy playing at its sites. Nevertheless, if this offer is of your liking, this Play Club welcome bonus is perfect. All it takes is one click!

No Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

As we previously mentioned, this platform adores spoiling its punters with various prizes. Whether it’s free spins, deposit bonuses, or competition prizes, you will feel rewarded regardless. Thus, they try their best to make sure they provide players with such regular promotions. At the moment of this writing, unfortunately, we did not come across any free spins nor a Play Club no deposit bonus. However, we know they will update you regularly. If you make a frequent stopover to this division, we know you will eventually find something that attracts you.


We know you are looking forward to seeing what this spicy section has to offer. Yet, besides the modest welcome bonus, we didn’t find anything else in this division. However, as we said, Play Club makes sure players are updated frequently with many new and fun promos. With that said, by tuning in regularly, we know a specific promotion will catch your eye!

VIP Rewards

This casino’s VIP program is everything you need. By simply accumulating loyalty points, you climb the ladder to even better perks. There are currently seven diverse ranks where you can place yourself. You start at New Member and eventually strive towards the highest one – Prestige. From monthly cashbacks, birthday bonuses, and a personal account manager to live tournaments, you will feel luxurious wherever you go. Who wouldn’t relish these pristine Play Club VIP rewards?

FREE shipping (Australia only). Lovingly packaged in a premium presentation box, gift wrapped, sealed with love and delivered monthly to your door.

Play Club – 7 Months

Intentional play prompts for every stage, designed by educators and backed by all the research you don’t have time to read.

We like to think of it as parenting inspiration delivered to your door!

Happy Little People™ Play Club – 7 Months

The seventh month of your baby’s life is busy with new motor skills like rolling, crawling or shuffling. They will explore everything in finite detail and embrace their new language skills – there will be lots of babbling this month!! Your baby loves new games and activities and copying everything you do! Enjoy this new level of engagement and communication.

Allow us to guide you through this new phase of exploration with our activities that are tailored to your baby’s exact developmental needs.

Your Baby’s Current Stage: Stage 3 – COMMUNICATION (6-9 Months)

The Happy Little People™ Play Club activities pave the way for communication and understanding. Your baby is beginning to realise they are a separate person from you and is learning about their internal self. Our activities encourage you to communicate with your little one as they r ecognise and identify their feelings, which are brand new sensations for them. Further, motor skills are rapidly improving as is spatial awareness and their understanding of cause and effect.

At the end of this stage, you will feel confident you have supported your little one through this new stage, built a solid play routine, supported their physical growth and helped your baby gain a sense of emotional intelligence.

What you get :

20 Premium, Play-Proof Activity Cards in a beautiful keepsake box, tailored to your baby’s exact developmental stage.

Milestone Pocket Guide: Your cheatsheet to all the things to expect in the month ahead!

Monthly Milestones & Memories Card: Record those special milestones and memories that you would otherwise forget.

The Happy Little People™ Play Club Community: Join our online community of parents from all around the world who are in the same place as you.

FREE shipping (Australia only). Lovingly packaged in a premium presentation box, gift wrapped, sealed with love and delivered monthly to your door.

Please note: Prepaid subscriptions (3, 6 or 12 months) will be delivered in one shipment and can be delivered worldwide. The monthly subscription will be charged every 30 days (a maximum of 18 times—unless cancelled sooner) and shipped monthly for 18 months (within Australia only). Subscription will automatically end after age 24 Months.

The 20 Play-Proof Activity Cards are designed to “spark play” by meeting your baby where they’re at and helping them move forward in their development in subtle yet profound ways. The 7 Month Box engages in a diverse range of play categories, including: bonding, nature, physical, language, sensory, creative, music and cognitive play.

The Milestone Pocket Guide will help you learn about your baby’s development, stage by stage, with just the right amount of information you need right now. Feel informed and empowered as you learn about your baby’s attention span and ever-evolving interests, as well as the key cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and language milestones they are working towards.

They grow up too fast, so we’ll help you document your baby’s monthly growth and achievements with this sweet, custom designed Milestones & Memories Card. Photograph your baby with the age card, and then flip it over and record those special milestones and memories from the month ahead with our quick and easy prompts. Save these special cards so you’ll never forget the precious moments that turned into days, months and years.

The Happy Little People™ Play Club C ommunity is your group of cheerleaders! They are parents in the same place as you: struggling with overwhelm, parent guilt, isolation or are just in need of a good old chinwag and laugh with like minded people. We help each other elevate our parenting experience. You will feel supported, seen and understood. We’re with you through this journey, every step of the way!

They grow up too fast, so we'll help you document your baby's monthly growth and achievements with this sweet, custom designed milestone and memories card. Photograph your baby with the age card, and then flip it over and record those special milestones and memories from the month with our quick and easy prompts. Save these special cards so you'll never forget the precious moments that turned into days, months and years.

We’ll make your lucky recipient (even if it’s you) feel completely spoiled! Just choose your starting age and we’ll take care of the rest!

Convenient (get your time back!)

Our activities are quick to set up and simple to use.

Less stuff, More fun

Stop wasting money on toys that they will tire of in no time.


No waste. Contribute to a better future for your child by using everyday items from around your home. We'll show you how!

Tailored & age appropriate

Just the right level of challenge for your baby’s exact developmental stage. Includes ideas on extending or modifying the activities to suit your baby.

Nurture your child's developing brain

Research-backed intentional play prompts that help your baby thrive through all different types of play: Outdoor, Nature-Based, Sensory, Physical, Musical, Artistic, Messy, Creative, Cognitive, Social/Emotional and Language.

Be their shining light

We empower you with knowledge and inspiration so you can be the guide that helps your baby thrive.

Станьте лучшим спортивным директором!

Системные требования


    • ОС: Windows 7 SP1/8/10
    • Процессор: Intel 1.6Ghz Dual-Core or AMD 1.6Ghz Dual-Core
    • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Intel – HD 3000 Nvidia Laptop – GeForce 310m Nvidia Desktop – GeForce 510 AMD Laptop – Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT AMD Desktop – Radeon HD 5450
    • Место на диске: 250 MB

      • ОС: Windows 7 SP1/8/10
      • Процессор: Intel 2.4Ghz Dual-Core or AMD 2.4Ghz Dual-Core
      • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
      • Видеокарта: Intel – HD 4000 Nvidia Laptop – GeForce 620m Nvidia Desktop – GeForce 710 AMD Laptop – Radeon HD 7550m AMD Desktop – Radeon HD 6450
      • Место на диске: 250 MB

      Club Soccer Director allows users to take part in a real world football environment and recreate events in a real world football environment.

      Third party names are used only to describe actual involvement in such events and for no other reason. No third party (player, club, organisation or other) endorses or is associated with Club Soccer Director and Go Play Games Ltd makes no representation of any kind.

      No proprietary image or likeness of any third party (player, club, organisation, stadium or other) is intentionally used in this software product and any similarity with any graphical element of this software product is co-incidental and does not imply any endorsement or association with Club Soccer Director.

      All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners and Go Play Games Ltd makes no warranty or representations in respect of them.

      Reviewing a casino’s bonus section is one of the easiest jobs you can do, well that’s if you know what to look for. Most casinos usually give out such information right off the bat, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a potent weapon for drawing-in new players. That’s why Play Club has left us a bit gobsmacked. You would expect that the Play Club welcome bonus would be boldly announced from the rafters for all to see. But no, we searched high and low and couldn’t find it. We guess that’s why the casino wrote on the landing page, “No tricky bonus, no engagement. Just enjoy the wonderful games.” It pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

      Deposits and Withdrawals

      Play Club Casino says that it is committed to CARE, “Customers Are Really Everything.” While this sounds catchy, achieving it is another story. So these claims have to be put to the test, and that’s the purpose of this review. Making real money deposits is straightforward. You just open the cashier section in the “my account” area and select your desired payment method. As with most Aspire Global casinos, Skrill and Neteller will not be allowed when claiming bonuses. So make sure to double-check with customer services when a welcome bonus is put up. Play Club live chat is not 24/7 so you might also want to consider the time. Generally, you’ll be required to put up £10 and no less. We have seen that most on-line casinos gravitate somewhere near this figure so we can say it’s fair.

      Playclub processes requests from most of the popular services. So if your choice is PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, or Bank Transfer, then you’ll not experience any issues. The last thing you want is to be made to jump through hoops before you can get your money. Play Club has tried to make the withdrawal process as quick as possible. In some circumstances, however, the casino reserves the right to ask for additional paperwork. If everything is up to standard, then you can expect to receive your money in three days in this case of Skrill, PayPal and other e-wallets. Play Club says you should allow for six business days before you see the money in your account if you had used debit cards.

      The provider is committed to providing a high-quality provision.

      J W Playclub

      This provision meets requirements Children arrive at the club happy and excited. They show they are fully aware of the routines as they confidently come in, hang their coats up and sanitise their hands. Children are eager to share their experiences with adults and confidently talk about all the wonderful activities they enjoy taking part in.

      They delight in the activities and experiences offered. Children eagerly use their imagination as they play in the role-play school and office. They articulate what they know through their games and interactions.

      Children enjoy creating friendship bracelets and drawing pictures to take home to their parents and are proud to show their achievements. Staff know the children well and value them as individuals. They follow children’s interests and provide activities that help them to build on the knowledge they gain in school.

      Children’s behaviour is exceptional. They are involved in creating the club’s rules and talk about expectations of being a kind friend. Children engage well with each other, and the lovely friendships formed between children from different schools and year groups are evident.

      Older children show care and concern to the youngest children and invite them into their play. All children show a real sense of belonging, including the newest children who settle very quickly.

      What does the early years setting do well and what does it need to do better?

      The provider is committed to providing a high-quality provision.

      She has worked tirelessly to set up this club, following the closure of the previous premises during the COVID-19 lockdown. The provider is reflective and continually reviews how she can enhance and develop the club further for the children and their families.Staff follow meticulous procedures to ensure the effective organisation of this busy club.

      There are rigorous procedures for the drop off and collection of children from four different schools. Staff are deployed well, and they all show a keen interest in what the children are doing. Their interactions are of high quality and they have built strong relationships with all children.

      Staff are committed to offering children a rich set of experiences that help them to build on their understanding of the world around them. Staff plan a wide range of activities and talk to children freely about what makes them unique. They help children to understand differences in people and communities beyond their own.

      Staff have recently planned activities to help children to consolidate their understanding of friendships, road safety and online safety.Children are self-assured and thoroughly enjoy the time they spend with staff. They show that they feel safe and secure, and they confidently talk to staff if they have any worries or concerns.

      Staff are kind and caring, and listen well to children as they spend time chatting to them.Children are very independent. They make choices about the snacks they would like and are encouraged to peel their own fruit.

      Children are actively involved in making decisions within the club. Their views and opinions are valued and respected. Children take on specific roles within the session.

      This gives them a sense of responsibility.Children have lots of opportunities to be physically active. Staff make good use of the small outdoor space and regularly take the children on trips to provide further experiences for them.

      Children play interactive games on the computer. They excitedly dance and show their competitiveness as they play sports games. Children show a great sense of achievement as they spend time mastering new skills or dance moves.

      The provider and staff build strong relationships with parents. There is a regular sharing of information and the provider is committed to listening to the views of parents. She sends out newsletters and questionnaires and involves them in the decisions she makes about the club.

      The provider has built good links with the schools that children attend. She communicates well with headteachers because she recognises the importance of sharing information. Activities are planned in club to complement what children are learning in school.

      Staff work exceptionally well together and are all valued for their contribution. The provider offers regular support and identifies training needs. This helps to enhance staff’s knowledge and skills.


      The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.The premises are safe and secure. All staff demonstrate a good understanding of their responsibilities to safeguard children.

      They act as positive role models and regularly talk to children to help them to develop an awareness of how to keep themselves safe. Staff know the procedures to follow if they are concerned about a child in their care. They attend regular training and are alert to factors that could put children at risk of harm, abuse or neglect.

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