Рrince Edward Island online casinos

The smallest province in the whole of Canada, and most unique for a lot of things. Apart from being the only province without a mainland, it is consisted of one big island and over 200 small ones, altogether encompassing the territory of the Prince Edward Island province.

And with about 150,000 inhabitants, it may seem easier like an easier than most endeavours when it comes to governing, but it still requires all the standard living conditions. The local provincial government, given authority through federal acts, has been placed in charge of regulating most social, financial and political matters, including the issue of legal gambling in the province.

Legal Online Gambling in Prince Edward Island

Across the territory, regulations are a bit scarcer. Players and enthusiasts still get to enjoy quite a range of gameplay, and all they have to do is make sure it is legal and reliable. Both land-based and online options are placed at their disposal, with content ranging from regular casino games – slots, blackjack, poker and roulette – to specific variants and gameplay – mega progressives, tournaments, speciality games and more.

Top 4 Canada Casino Sites

Legal Live Gambling in the Prince Edward Island Province

At about 5-and-a-half thousand square kilometres…

Red Shores Racetrack and Casino

… of provincial territory, residents of Prince Edward Island are able to choose from two casino venues. This is the Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at Charlottetown, and its ‘extended branch office’, so to speak, in Summerside.

Both these venues…

… are what would be known as a racino in modern gambling circles, considering the fact that they incorporate a racetrack as well as a live casino floor. When it comes to the gameplay diversity present at these establishments, there is some difference in availability.

More specifically

… the main Red Shores Racetrack & Casino located in Charlottetown features the better part of the offering, while the latter is equipped with a portion of it. Visitors at both venues will still be able to enjoy a variety of slots, but only the former ones will get to experience the thrill at the casino table. In fact, there are about half a dozen poker tables at the Charlottetown location, and with the added betting options – live betting, as well as simulcast wagering – it offers quite a selection to its player pool.

The smaller venue, based out in Summerside, does not feature any table games, but still serves as a welcome addition to the range of land-based legal gambling options.

… quite big when it comes to legal gameplay on Prince Edward Island. The Bingo World establishments spanning across Alberton, Charlottetown and Summerside seem to be getting support from all sides, as players and legislators alike support this form of gameplay as most beneficial.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation…

… is the respective authoritative body put in charge of regulating the gaming industry in the province. As a continuation of its efforts in other territories over Canada, the ALC has been working towards a more comprehensive legislature. Nevertheless, things are still at a standstill, with players flocking to these few locations in search of gaming entertainment.

Legal Online Gambling in Prince Edward Island Province

Due to the presence

… of ALC in the province’s regulatory sphere, their inherent online betting platform is the only one legally available for PEI residents. The bet types on offer are the same as in other provinces catered by the same operator, including Pro-Line, Pro-Line Features, Pro-Line Fantasy and Stadium Bets, as well as Pro-Line Stadium Picks.

Apart from this

Live Dealer - two cards and hand

… no other onshore based and licensed operator has been legally permitted to offer gameplay content to PEI player pool. Nevertheless, the lack of legal prohibition has just as much encouraged other, offshore operators to enter this largely untapped pool.

As such, online gambling content – slots, casino games, sportsbetting, poker, bingo and more – is mainly available through offshore international platforms. These include some Canada-dedicates operators, as well as major international brands making use of the grey area of the PEI gambling laws for as long as possible.

At the same time, players from the province are just as set to benefit from healthy competition between the sites, numerous options and all the top latest gameplay trends (mobile gameplay, live dealer tables).

Finding a Legal Online Gambling Site in Prince Edward Island Province

Considering the fact that offshore online operators service the territory using a loophole in the legislature, many interested players find it tricky to choose a reliable legal online gambling site. Here are a couple of guidelines to the top legal online gambling options in the province to help you sift through the selection and enjoy prime gameplay at all times:

  • Check For Licenses

Just because the casino can’t be licensed in your province does not mean that you should go with unlicensed operators roaming the web. Each reliable gambling website is properly licensed and regulated by their respective jurisdiction, so all you have to do is check for such information on the site. Those licensed by reputable regulatory bodies such as the Malta or UK Gambling Commission will have the information readily available, which is yet another indicator of a top casino option.

  • Explore the Game Selection

Most casino software providers nowadays develop their products in both demo mode and real money gameplay. Make use of this advantage and test out the gameplay mechanics beforehand just to get a feel of the action on the site. What is more, you will be able to explore the diverse categories on offer and see if the site features any preferred slot titles, table game variants and the likes.

  • Pay Attention to Bonus Terms

Bonuses offered by casino operators are primarily intended to benefit the player and boost their winning potential, at the same time attracting them to dedicate more of their play time at the specific site. While it seems as a win-win situation, it is most advisable to check the terms and conditions of the specific offers, including the wagering requirements, bet amount limits, qualifying games, as well as any caps on withdrawal amounts. The No Deposit and Welcome Bonuses are commonly the first ones offered, so you may start from there and work your way to the VIP Loyalty program if the casino has one.

  • Test the Customer Support Contact Options

The customer support is often overlooked when checking out a new gambling destination, as most players tend to focus on games and promos. However, for a great experience, it is best to test out how the customer support works on your new platform, whether they have your preferred contact option and how responsive they are.

Prince Edward Island Gambling Guide – Where to Gamble on Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province that is made up of one main island by the same name as well as a number of smaller islands.

It is one of the three Maritime Provinces and is the smallest one in the nation, both in population and area. It only houses around 143,000 residents. Charlottetown is the capital of the province.

Despite its size, Prince Edward Island has a gambling offering that can rival some of the other provinces in the region.

There are several forms of gambling that are legal in the province, including sports lotteries, casino games, bingo, horse racing, and poker. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has been in charge of the sports betting lottery operations in each of the Maritime Provinces since 1976 after the Lotteries Commission Act was passed.


There are two main locations on Prince Edward Island that offer land-based gambling options. One of these racino called Red Shores Racetrack and Casino, which is located at the Charlottetown Driving Park.

There are more than 210 video slots on offer, as well as regular horse racing, four different table games, and six poker tables.
The other establishment, Red Shores Summerside facility, is located in Summerside, the second biggest town in the province, and offers 40 gaming machines as well as simulcasting and horse race wagering.

The Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission is in charge of regulating video slots terminals, with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation overseeing their operations. In 2008, a new gambling strategy was enacted by the Prince Edward Island government, cutting the number of video lottery terminals in half.
There is a small selection of online gambling offered through the province’s partnership with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which also services Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The platform features online lotteries, interactive games, and bingo. There are no casino games available. In 2010, the provincial government declined to expand and create its own online gambling sector.

Sports betting

The sports betting offering in Prince Edward Island is operated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Bets can be placed at the numerous licensed retailers across the province, such as gas stations and convenience stores. You need to be at least 19 years old to place sports bets. You are also not allowed to bet on single matches; every bet needs to be on a parlay bet, as per federal law.

The odds provided by the Corporation are not competitive compared to what offshore sportsbooks have to offer. The house edge is also high at around 30%.

There are several markets available through this sports betting offering.

Proline Futures allow you to predict who will win a competition at the end of the season, such as the Super Bowl. You can place bets of at least $2 and as much as $100.

The standard Pro Line is a parlay bet with two to eight selections. The maximum bet you can place on this market is $25. The sports that you can bet on include pro and college basketball, pro and college football, as well as baseball, hockey, and soccer. You need to correctly predict every single outcome to win money.

The Pro Line Fantasy option is a parlay bet involving five prop bets for specific teams or players. For example, you can predict which player will receive the most sacks in a football game.

The Stadium Bet is a parlay with up to eight selections and three different styles – points totals, point spreads, and money lines. You can wager between $2 and $250.

Finally, the Pro Line Stadium Picks is a bet where a portion of each entry goes into a prize pool. Whoever correctly predicts the most selections wins all the money. If there is a tie, the pool is divided accordingly.

You can legally place these bets through the online platform. However, many residents use offshore sports betting online platforms as they offer better selections and odds.

Animal racing

Horse racing is popular in Prince Edward Island, and there are a couple of racetracks currently in operation – the Red Shores Racetrack and Casino and the Summerside Raceway. Simulcasts and on-track betting are available.

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency is in charge of supervising and regulating horse race pari-mutuel betting throughout the country. This is the only federal authority that regulates provincial-level gambling ventures.


There is currently no way of legally playing online poker in Prince Edward Island – although illegal, offshore online poker sites are the only option. The Red Shores Racetrack and Casino hosts six poker tables, and the Summerside Racetrack offers some live games.


The lottery in Province Edward Island is regulated by the Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission alongside the Atlantic Lottery Corporation and the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. This includes both ticket lotteries and video lottery terminals.

You are only allowed to apply for a lottery license if you are a charity or non-profit group. There is a $25 fee on lottery winnings garnered by the state.
In 2013, the Lotteries Commission was involved in controversy – no annual report had been filed since 2010, and the commission’s 2012 financial statements were filed two months late.

You can play ticket and instant lottery games through the Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s online platform.


Since 2010, the Consumer, Labor and Financial Services Division within the Environment, Labor and Justice Department has looked after the licensing and regulation of charitable gaming in Prince Edward Island. Bingo is a common form of charitable gaming.
There are several bingo halls currently in operation in the province, including:

  • Kensington Lions Club Bingo
  • Lions Bingo Hall
  • Hyland Centre Bingo
  • Gypsy Bingo Hotline
  • Bingo World
  • Bingo Hotline
  • Bingo Country
  • Basilica Recreation Centre Bingo


Despite being the smallest province in Canada in size and population, Prince Edward Island offers its residents decent gambling options.
The province is home to one casino with more than 210 gaming machines, several table games, and poker tables. Horse racing is also held at two locations.

There is a selection of games you can play through the online platform operated by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. The province also runs a lottery and has a decent sports betting offering.

Prince Edward Island Sports Betting

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, and it consists of one major island and 231 smaller land masses. The region boasts several forms of legal gambling and a respectable average yearly income, although it also has one of the lowest gambling rates across Canada.

While the province isn’t blazing new trails in the world of gambling, it still offers more opportunities than the average U.S. state. Gaming in the region is managed on behalf of the province by the Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission. This three-person governing body is responsible for organization and conduct of the various gambling options on the island, and it’s been doing so since its creation under the Lotteries Commission Act of 1976.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation was also incorporated in 1976, and its inclusion was made possible by the passage of the Canada Business Corporations Act. This entity is co-owned by all four Atlantic provinces (PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador), and they take care of the day-to-day operations of harness racing, gaming, and the lottery.

Legal Sports Betting on Prince Edward Island

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation runs a service known as Pro-Line for the express purpose of offering legal sports gambling to the residents of Prince Edward Island (and the other participating Atlantic provinces). Customers may demonstrate their handicapping abilities on the official website, or they can visit a licensed retailer such as a gas station or convenience store.

In order to take part, a player must be at least 19 years old. Since Canadian law prohibits wagers on a single sporting event, Pro-Line also requires its customers to make parlay bets on at least two sporting events. While wins of this sort pay more than single wagers, the odds of successfully picking multiple victors makes the entire process more challenging.

One of the biggest complaints generated by Pro-Line and similar operations across the nation is the less-than-generous odds. While online sportsbooks are constantly delivering better odds to beat their competition, the Pro-Line monopoly allows them to offer inferior odds without fear of being overtaken by a competitor (which is part of the reason why monopolies are frowned on in the first place).

For those who decide to put up with the odds, here are the types of wagers commonly available from Pro-Line:

• Pro-Line Futures – The player attempts to choose the future winner of a championship or league, with wagers running from $2 to $100.

• Pro-Line – The player chooses the winner in two to eight games, and each bet can be from $2 to $25. Available sports include baseball, hockey, soccer, college and pro football, and college and pro basketball.

• Pro-Line Fantasy – This parlay bet can be used to combine anywhere from two to five proposition wagers for teams or players. Individual wagers can range from $2 to $25, and potential winnings increase with the size of the bet.

• Stadium Bets – This online option allows wagers ranging from $2 to $250, and players can choose from two to eight event parlays. These selections can be made in three different styles, including point spreads, point totals, and moneylines.

• Pro-Line Stadium Picks – If you play online, you can participate in this game by picking all the winners for a series of games. Each successful choice gains you a specific number of points, and your overall total is kept track of on the website’s leaderboard. After a certain period of time, the players with the highest score are eligible for various prizes.

Online Sports Betting on Prince Edward Island

While the province hasn’t openly embraced online sports gambling, residents of the island can still take part without fear of legal prosecution. A wide range of Internet books offer their services to resident of the nation, with the Canadian dollar and French language commonly supported.

Professional Sports Teams

Residents of Prince Edward Island enjoy swimming and water sports, but this passion hasn’t led the province to host any major league sports teams. Semi-pro and amateur clubs are the best available options in the region, although you won’t be able to find betting lines for these events.

• Churchill Arms FC – Senior men’s amateur soccer club competing in the New Brunswick Premier Soccer League

• Island Storm – Basketball team that competes in the National Basketball League of Canada

• Charlottetown Islanders – Junior ice hockey team that competes in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League

• Kensington Vipers – Canadian junior ice hockey club that competes in the Island Junior Hockey League

• Summerside Western Capitals – Junior hockey team that competes in the Maritime Junior A Hockey League

The most popular forms of sport on the island include hockey, rugby, soccer, basketball, curling, and golf. Even though the teams may not be of the highest quality in the nation, they still provide gamblers with an additional betting option (assuming they can find a friend willing to accept their wagers).

College Sports Teams

Because of its small size, Prince Edward Island is home to just one university. For readers who enjoy betting on the collegiate sports, this is your only option within the province.

The school is known as the University of Prince Edward Island, and it’s located in the capital city of Charlottetown. The men’s and women’s athletic teams are known as the Panthers, and they compete in the Atlantic University Sports conference of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Their varsity teams include the following: hockey, rugby, soccer, swimming, field hockey, basketball, and cross country.


Prince Edward Island is the smallest of the Canadian provinces, but residents still have access to a number of gambling options. Racetracks and video lottery terminals are present in the region, as well as charitable gaming and sports betting. While the odds on the latter aren’t player-friendly, this fact is offset by the convenience of making picks online or at the local gas station. Online gambling also provides an additional option, which is frequently used by those who are serious about the hobby of sports betting.

Top 10 Prince Edward Island Sports Betting Sites – Comparing The Best Sportsbooks In PEI

The option to wager on single sporting events is now available online in Prince Edward Island through the online portal on the Atlantic Lottery Corporation website. Residents that are interested in sports betting in Prince Edward Island can make single-event wagers online via Pro-Line and Pro-Line Stadium, which recently launched expanded betting options in the province. While the betting experience at Pro-Line has improved, soon residents will have access to some of the best online sportsbooks in PEI. Below, we’ll go over some of the best sports betting sites in Prince Edward Island and help residents turn the odds in their favour when betting online.

Top Sites For Sports Betting In Prince Edward Island

  • Broker
  • Offers
  • Score
  • Visit Broker

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Some of the best sportsbooks are expected to become licensed to operate in Canada before the end of 2022. With Ontario leading the way towards an open, regulated market, sports fans will be able to sign up and place bets with some of the best PEI sports betting sites at the click of a button. To help fans earn a profit when betting on sports, we’ll rank and review the best sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island.

Check out our list for the best sports betting sites in Prince Edward Island below.

The Top 10 Sites For Sports Betting In Prince Edward Island

    – Best Betting Apps in Prince Edward Island For Parlay Betting – Best Prince Edward Island Betting Site For New Members – PEI Sportsbooks With Sports Betting Tournaments

  • Power Play – Best Live Betting Sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island
  • Sports Interaction – Licensed PEI Sportsbooks With The Best Odds
  • Bet365 – The Best Site For Sports Betting In Prince Edward Island
  • BetItOn – PEI Sportsbooks With Single-Game Betting Options
  • BetVictor – The Most Trusted Sportsbook In Prince Edward Island
  • FezBet – Top PEI Sports Betting Sites For Bonuses And Promotions
  • Shangri La Live – The Best PEI Sports Betting Welcome Bonus

The Best Sports Betting Sites In Prince Edward Island

In Canada, sports betting is expected to bring in meaningful tax dollars that can be used for government programs in every province. According to Play Canada, PEI sports betting is projected to generate a total annual betting handle of over $36 million. As a whole, the market for sports betting in Canada is estimated to be worth $25 billion per year.

As new oddsmakers come to Canada, sports fans will be able to cash in better odds, bigger promotions, and fun new betting formats. To learn more about some of the best sportsbooks in PEI, check our reviews below.

1. BetWay – Best Betting Apps in Prince Edward Island For Parlay Betting

BetWay offers some of the best sports betting odds and promotions online, making it very popular among Canadian bettors. At BetWay, users can take advantage of a wide variety of bonus offers, including free bets, odds boosts, and specific promotions for Canadian sports teams.

New members can register for an account at BetWay to cash in on a welcome bonus that matches 100 percent of their first deposit, up to $200. Accessible via its website or mobile app, BetWay allows users to bet on sports or play online casino games at the click of a button.

Betway landing page for sports bettors in Prince Edward Island

BetWay Review
Best Betting Apps in Prince Edward Island For Parlay Betting

Welcome Bonus Offer:

BetWay is giving away a welcome bonus that matches 100 percent of your deposit, up to $200.

To join Betway and claim this limited-time offer, click below.

2. Casumo Sports – Best Prince Edward Island Betting Site For New Members

Casumo has established itself as a major player in the online gaming industry by adding a world-class sportsbook to its award-winning online casino. New members can sign up for an account at Casumo and boost their bankroll with a welcome bonus of up to $500.

At Casumo, members can use their bonus cash to take advantage of competitive odds for game lines in all sports, including Casumo Specials and other odds boosts. With a strong reputation for taking care of its customers, Casumo has become one of the best sports betting sites in PEI for new sports bettors.

Casumo landing page for sports bettors in Prince Edward Island

Casumo Sports Review –
Best Prince Edward Island Betting Site For New Members

Welcome Bonus Offer:

Casumo Sports is currently offering Canadians a welcome bonus of up to $500 on their first deposit.

Click below to sign up and claim this one-time bonus offer.

3. Hopa – PEI Sportsbooks With Sports Betting Tournaments

With competitive odds and betting markets for all sports, Hopa has everything that sports fans are looking for in a great online sportsbook. Hopa also features fun new betting formats, including contests and sports betting tournaments that allow members to compete against one another for cash prizes.

New members can sign up to Hopa to claim a welcome bonus package that matches 100 percent of their first deposit, up to $200, plus 100 free spins. In addition to a welcome bonus, Hopa also features one of the best sports betting loyalty and rewards programs.

Hopa landing page for sports bettors in Prince Edward Island

Hopa Sportsbook Review –
Prince Edward Island Sportsbooks With Sports Betting Tournaments

Welcome Bonus Offer:

New members at Hopa can cash in on a welcome bonus of up to $200 at its online sportsbook.

To visit Hopa and claim your free bonus cash, click below.

4. Power Play – Best Live Betting Sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island

While it is still relatively new, Power Play delivers great odds and promotions for sports bettors of all skill levels. With a user-friendly design and secure payment options, Power Play makes it easy to start betting online. New members can sign up to earn up to $100 in free bets and use their bonus funds to wager on thousands of sports betting options.

Telling friends to sign up can also pay off in a big way. At Power Play, sports bettors can earn a Refer-A-Friend Bonus of up to $500 for referring new members. Power Play also offers free in-play bets for nearly every sport, making it one of the best live betting sportsbooks in PEI.


Power Play Sports Review – Best Live Betting Sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island

Welcome Bonus Offer:

Power Play is giving new members up to $100 in free sports bets with a qualifying deposit.

To sign up for Power Play and claim your welcome bonus, click below.

5. Sports Interaction – Licensed PEI Sportsbooks With The Best Odds

Unlike most online sportsbooks, Sports Interaction is already licensed to operate in Canada. As the official betting partner of four CFL teams, it has become one of the most trusted sportsbooks for Canadian bettors. Sports Interaction offers essential features, like live streaming and cash out options, to go along with competitive odds and markets for every sport.

New users at Sports Interaction Canada can sign up to cash in on a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to $200 and benefit from regular promotions, including free bets, free spins, and more. Sports Interaction also gives fans a chance to compete against each other with free-to-play contests for real cash prizes, like NFL Pick’Em.

Sports Interaction Review –
Licensed PEI Sportsbooks
With The Best Odds

Welcome Bonus Offer:

At Sports Interaction, new members can cash in on a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to $200.

Claim your sportsbook sign-up bonus by clicking below.

How We Choose The Best Betting Sites In Prince Edward Island

The ALC recently expanded the betting options available in its Pro-Line and Pro-Line Stadium products but it still has a long way to go to compete with the best online sportsbooks. In PEI, residents already have access to single-event betting and live betting options but the best sportsbooks take the online betting experience to the next level.

Using a combination of algorithms and expert analysis, we ranked the best sports betting sites in Prince Edward Island, based on brand recognition, safety, security, and more.

Read on to uncover how we chose between the best sports betting sites in Prince Edward Island.

How To Choose The Best Sports Betting Sites In Prince Edward Island

Brand Recognition

Payment Process

Safety & Security

Speed & Design

Customer Service

Overall Value

Betting for Real Money on Sports

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation moved quickly to offer single-game betting on the first day of legalization. Like in Alberta and British Columbia , residents in PEI can already legally place sports bets online via Pro-Line and Pro-Line Stadium. In addition to betting on the outcome of the game, sports fans can cash in on a wider variety of sporting events and betting options, including props and futures betting.

Below, we’ll break down some of the most common sports betting options that are available in Prince Edward Island.

Single Game Betting In Prince Edward Island

Single-game betting is already available in PEI through Pro-Line and Pro-Line Stadium. For the first time, Canadians can place legal sports bets on single events without adding another prediction to their bet slip. The legalization of single-event sports betting also opened up other betting options to Canadians, including props betting and futures betting options. The best sports betting sites in PEI offer money line bets, point spread bets, totals bets, and more.

Parlay Betting In Prince Edward Island

A parlay bet combines two or more selections into one bet, increasing the overall risk and return of a single wager. For the bet to be settled as a winner, all of the selections on the bet slip must be correct. If even one of the selections is incorrect, the entire bet will be settled as a loss.

An attractive option for bettors seeking a higher payout, parlay betting was available in Canada even prior to the passing of Bill C-218. However, the best PEI sportsbooks take things a step further by offering free bets, parlay bonuses, odds boosts, and more to parlay bettors. Sports fans can take advantage of these types of promotions to maximize their return and improve their chances of winning without taking on any additional risk.

An example of a parlay bet betslip

Props Betting In Prince Edward Island

One of the most popular ways to bet on the game, props betting is starting to gain steam in Canada. A props bet is a wager that isn’t directly tied to the final outcome but involves an individual event in a match. Residents betting in PEI can use props bets to get more specific with their wagers or cash in on their knowledge of individual players by placing player props bets.

The best betting sites in PEI offer a long list of props betting options for each contest, including game props, team props, player props, and more. Some sportsbooks, like Bodog, also allow bettors to use their imagination to create custom props bets.

An example of a prop bet on the NHL

Futures Betting In Prince Edward Island

For sports fans seeking an opportunity to make long-term investments, the futures market is a great place to start. A futures bet is a speculative wager on an event that takes place sometime in the future. The best sportsbooks in PEI offer season-long bets, including the outright winner and division winners in every sport, along with season-long player props and season specials, like the NFL MVP Award.

An example of a futures bet on the NHL

Is Sports Betting Legal in Prince Edward Island?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Prince Edward Island.

Prior to the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, Canadians were limited to making parlay bets and participating in pool-buying schemes. But following the recent amendments to Bill C-218 , the Criminal Code of Canada now permits single-event betting on sporting events, fights, and e-sports.

Each province is allowed to determine what products will be offered to players and how they will be made available. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation moved quickly to offer single-game betting to residents of New Brunswick , Newfoundland , and PEI on the first day that it became legal on Aug. 27.

In Prince Edward Island, Pro-Line remains the only legal form of sports betting. Yet, sports fans can still cash in on better odds and promotions by signing up for an online sportsbook. While Bill C-218 paved the way for single-event betting in Canada, there is still some grey area when it comes to placing bets with offshore sportsbooks .

Gambling Sites are generally considered illegal in Canada unless it is conducted and managed or licensed by a provincial government. While Canadians cannot operate a sportsbook without a license, there is no language in the Criminal Code of Canada that makes it unlawful for residents to place bets online with offshore websites.

That means Canadians can still bet online with sportsbooks in PEI and collect their profits without breaking the law.

Who Can Bet On Sports In Prince Edward Island?

In Canada, sports betting and other forms of gambling are governed at the provincial level, so each province is responsible for determining its own legal gambling age.

The Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission regulates gaming in the province. In Prince Edward Island, the legal gambling age is 19 years old. This law also applies to online casinos and sports betting sites like alc.ca , which welcomes players 19 years or older.

Before placing a bet, there are certain rules that residents must follow in Prince Edward Island. In addition to an age requirement, sports betting sites in PEI will require members to provide accurate account information, proof of their identification, and more. When registering for an account, it is important for users to read all of the terms and conditions associated with signing up.

Depending on their location, members may also face restrictions that stop them from accessing their account. Some Prince Edward Island sportsbooks may be subject to geofencing, which prohibits users from logging in and making bets when crossing the border into other provinces and foreign countries.

To learn about some of the common requirements for online sports betting in Prince Edward Island, check out the chart below.

Who Can Bet On Sports Online In Prince Edward Island

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sports Betting Online

The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act opened up the sports betting market in Canada.

For the first time, Canadians can legally access single-event sports betting and live betting options that were previously unavailable at local retailers. For sports fans looking to cash in on pregame odds and in-play betting opportunities, online betting is already available through the online portal on the ALC website.

Below, we’ll break down some of the main reasons that sports fans choose to place bets online instead of at local retailers in PEI.

Comparing The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Online Sports Betting In Prince Edward Island

What Are The Best Sports To Bet On In Prince Edward Island?

In Canada, sports fans can reduce their risk by placing single-event bets on sporting events for the first time. Pro-Line has already expanded its sports betting options to include single-game betting, props betting, and futures betting for all sports. Without having to add a second selection to their bet slip, residents sports betting in PEI can profit from their sports knowledge like never before.

Below, we’ll go over some of the best sports to bet on in Prince Edward Island.

Sports Betting on Baseball in Prince Edward Island

While other sports are enjoying their respective offseasons, baseball gets all of the attention from sports bettors during the summer months. Since baseball is considered a money line sport, fans don’t have to worry about winning the game by a certain margin of victory. It also features one of the longest regular-season schedules in any sport, making it one of the most profitable sports to bet on. In addition to MLB betting, baseball fans can also cash in on odds for minor league baseball, college baseball, and international baseball leagues, like the KBO.

Betting on MLB Baseball at Power Play in Prince Edward Island

Sports Betting on Basketball in Prince Edward Island

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Canada, thanks in part to the recent rise of the Toronto Raptors, Canada’s only NBA team. Pro-Line recently started offering odds on NBA games again, giving sports fans a chance to profit from their basketball knowledge. Basketball fans can cash in with NBA betting odds or place wagers on March Madness, NCAA College Basketball, and international basketball leagues, like EuroLeague Basketball.

Sports Betting on Football in Prince Edward Island

Like other Atlantic provinces, PEI doesn’t have its own Canadian Football League team. Still, American football remains very popular in the province. Despite their home loyalties, nearly as many football fans in the province follow the National Football League as well. Thanks to The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, football fans can bet on individual games, like the Grey Cup and the Super Bowl for the first time. In addition to NFL betting, Canadians can bet on the CFL or NCAA college football games.

NFL Betting in Prince Edward island

Sports Betting on Hockey in Prince Edward Island

Ice hockey is Canada’s national sport and it remains very popular along the East Coast of Canada. Like baseball, hockey is considered a money line sport, making it one of the most profitable sports to bet on, especially for Canadians. In addition to NHL betting, the best PEI sports betting sites will also offer odds for AHL games and international hockey leagues, like the KHL.

Betting on the NHL at Shangri La in Prince Edward Island

Sports Betting on Soccer in Prince Edward Island

As one of the most popular sports in the world, it should come as no surprise that residents betting in PEI also love to bet on soccer games. While it doesn’t have its own professional team, soccer is very popular in PEI. Canada has three Major League Soccer teams, making the MLS one of the most popular soccer leagues in Canada. In addition to MLS betting, residents can cash in on odds for some of the world’s best soccer leagues, including Premier League, La Liga, Series A, and Bundesliga.

The Best Sports Betting Bonuses In Prince Edward Island

Claiming bonuses is one of the easiest ways that bettors can boost their bankroll and earn more money while betting online. The best online sportsbooks give away perks to new and existing members for betting on sports, including a bonus just for signing up. Before registering for an account, sports fans should search for the promotions that best suit their betting style.

Sharp bettors can get the most out of their online betting experience by signing up for more than one sportsbook to cash in on multiple welcome bonus offers. Residents betting in PEI can also take advantage of other promotions, including free bets, free spins, cashback offers, and more.

Casumo offers all new players a 250 CAD bonus in Prince Edward Island

Free Bets In Prince Edward Island

Signing up for a sports betting account gives members access to a one-time welcome bonus that often matches 100 percent of their first deposit, up to a certain dollar value. The best sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island also give away free bets, free spins, parlay bonuses, no-deposit bonuses , and more. Residents betting in PEI can use their bonus funds to boost their bankroll, improve their chances of winning, and have more fun while betting on sports.

Every promotion will have different terms and conditions that come with accepting the bonus. Before claiming a bonus, it is important for members to read all of the rules and requirements that are associated with the offer.

Free bets from PowerPlay in Prince Edward Island

Rollover Requirements

Every sportsbook will have different rules that must be satisfied before receiving the bonus or withdrawing the bonus funds. The best sportsbooks in PEI make it easy to understand all of the terms and conditions involved in the promotion.

Most times, a promotional offer will come with a wagering requirement that determines the amount of money that must be wagered before either the bonus is granted or the profits earned using the bonus can be withdrawn.

Also known as a rollover requirement, it is one of the most common terms and conditions attached to promotional offers. In addition to a rollover amount, it may also involve an odds requirement as well. The wagering requirement can be expressed as a multiple of the deposit or a multiple of the deposit plus the bonus.

Since every bonus has a different rollover requirement, it can be confusing for sports fans to find the best sports betting bonus for their particular needs. Below, we’ll compare some of the welcome bonus offers and rollover requirements at some of the best PEI sports betting sites.

Comparing Welcome Bonuses At The Best Sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island
Brand Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Sportsbook Bonus Rollover Requirement
Bet365 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $200 in free bet credits 1x Deposit
BetItOn $10 Free Bet Bet $15
BetWay 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $200 10x Deposit
BetVictor 100% Matched Bet, Up To $300 None
Casumo Sports 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $250 8x Deposit + Bonus
Hopa 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $200 35x Bonus
FezBet 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $150 1x Deposit
Power Play $100 Free Bet None
Shangri La Live 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $500 7x Deposit + Bonus
Sports Interaction 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $200 1x Deposit

Sports Betting Loyalty Programs In Prince Edward Island

For frequent bettors, finding an online sportsbook with a good loyalty and rewards program can help add instant value to their sports betting experience. Similar to new casinos, the best online sportsbooks offer special bonuses and exclusive perks for their most loyal members.

New members can claim a welcome bonus just for signing up and use their bonus cash to climb the loyalty and rewards program ladder on their way to earning VIP status. At the best PEI sportsbooks, loyal members can gain access to exclusive promotions, VIP Tournaments, and a personal account manager to handle their daily needs.

How to Start Sports Betting in Prince Edward Island

The best betting apps in Prince Edward Island make it simple to open an account and start betting on sports. In a few minutes, new users can register for an account, make a deposit, and earn free bonus cash.

Since gambling is subject to certain rules and regulations, members will have to enter and verify some of their personal information before placing a bet online. Below, we’ll guide new users through the registration process at Power Play, one of the best sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island for live betting.

Step 1: Sign Up For An Account

To begin the registration process, new users will need to open their web browser and visit powerplay.com.

Once the Power Play website has loaded, click “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner of your screen and prepare to get started.

Step 2: Enter Personal Details

Getting set up with an account at Power Play is quick and easy. First, users will have to provide some of their personal information, including their name, date of birth, and email. Next, they will be asked to verify that they are at least 18 years old and can choose to receive information on special offers, including free bets and more.

To Sign Up To Power Play, Members Must Enter Their Personal Details

Once users are ready to move on to the next step, they can proceed by clicking “Join Now”.

Step 3: Enter Valid Address

In the next step, members will be prompted to provide a valid Canadian address. After inputting all of the information, click “Save Address”.

Step 3 Manitoba Enter Valid Address

Step 4: Claim Bonus

Now, members are ready to claim their welcome bonus and submit a qualifying deposit. To qualify for $100 in free bets at Power Play, new members must make at least two bets of at least $5.

Step 5: Complete Deposit

Next, members can choose to submit a deposit. To select a payment method, click on the appropriate icon and enter the amount of the deposit. Click “Deposit” to submit the payment.

Step 5 Complete Payment Method

Step 6: Make A Bet

Once members have made a successful deposit, they can finally place their first sports bet. Members can navigate to the betting markets that they are interested in and make selections with the click of a button.

To make a pick, simply click the odds for the selection. Once all of the picks have been made, go to the bet slip and type in the amount of the wager. To place the bet, click “Bet Now”.

How To Make A Bet At Power Play Sportsbook

Are There Any Betting Limitations In Prince Edward Island?

While residents betting in Prince Edward Island can already place single-event bets online with Pro-Line, there are still some betting limitations in the province. Bill C-218 made it legal for Canadians to place single-event bets on sporting events, fights, and e-sports. However, popular betting options like horse racing and politics were not amended in the bill.

In Canada, betting on horse racing remains subject to the same limitations. When betting on horse racing, pari-mutuel betting is still the only legal form of gambling at the racetrack. With pari-mutuel betting, gamblers are not placing bets against the house. Instead, they are wagering against other gamblers that have placed bets on the same race.

Similar to horse racing, betting on political events is also subject to certain limitations. While it is not illegal to offer odds for political events in Canada, it may represent a conflict of interest for government-run corporations. For now, only crown corporations, like the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, can legally offer odds for betting on Canadian political events, like the 2021 federal election.

For residents that want to wager on Canadian politics, there are some online sportsbooks that are accepting bets. Sports Interaction is one of the few sports betting sites in PEI that allow residents to bet on Canadian politics.

Other Types Of Online Gambling In Prince Edward Island?

Most gamblers in Prince Edward Island have an interest in betting on more than just sports. The best betting sites in PEI also offer odds for horse racing, greyhounds, e-sports, and virtual sports, among many other options.

While alc.ca has yet to officially make its online casino available in PEI, several online sportsbooks allow residents to cash in by playing casino games online. Residents can test their luck at an online casino by playing slots, table games, live dealer games, and more.

More often than not, online casinos offer more lucrative promotions than their sportsbook counterparts, including bigger welcome bonuses and better loyalty rewards.

Example of another type of gambling available in Prince Edward Island: Roulette

What Is The Best Site For Sports Betting In Prince Edward Island?

There is no right or wrong way to bet and every sports fan has a unique style of betting. Since everyone has a different tolerance for risk, the best sports betting sites in Prince Edward Island will come down to personal preference for individual users.

Sports bettors will be drawn to features and promotions that are tailored towards the way that they bet. While parlay bettors might value sportsbooks with big welcome bonuses, single-game bettors might opt for a sportsbook with a welcome bonus that offers a matched free bet instead. Other gamblers may also want to play online slots, table games, and more.

For residents that want to try their luck at an online casino in PEI, Sports Interaction is a great place to start. New members at Sports Interaction can benefit from a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to $1,000. To take advantage of this one-time bonus offer, click below.

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