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The complete betting offer from us – hundreds sports betting, including football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball and much more are waiting to memorable events in sports daily on you.

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Rivalo is an online betting provider for sports betting . “The better bet wins” Register for a FREE (you have read correctly – !

FREE, FREE ) app ( web application ) . You have direct access to all games and sports!

Rivalo.com offers online betting for various sports such as football or tennis, you can also compare rates for top providers and Rivalo is a top sport betting bookmaker.

With Rivalo you have your bets safe and our sports betting system works live on the Internet 24/7.

What we offer are no tricks and tips that you can find in various forums for sports betting.

We have pure value for you.

An Odds comparison is always possible, depending on the sport eg .

Golf, bowling or chess, there are also boxes among other things, badminton, hockey and handball as a small selection that we provide – as a sport for everyone.

As for our bonus in sports, they are available all year long, some of the best bets are around futsal, aikido, judo, fishing, casting or similar.

When playing darts, you have to do a little research if something is being offered!

For some games like paintball, snooker, volleyball, motocross, it may be difficult to find results that apply to your ideas, so its good to try out how much you can find.

We speak several languages and many more are coming during the year.

If it interests you, there are many sports betting companies, unfortunately we do not provide a comparison but we are honest and we deliver success for everyone.

The sports wrestling, swimming, softball or skateboarding. it can sometimes happen that Rivalo has no results, thats not a problem, then just try other material like martial arts or skiing, there is a solution for everything.

With us you get scores in real-time and area Livescore, if you miss out on any case and achieve no goal, no sentence, no round dont give up.

Our live betting work guarantees you as much thrill as only you can keep it pure and without worry for a short while on the go.

The complete betting offer from us – hundreds sports betting, including football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball and much more are waiting to memorable events in sports daily on you.

In addition, you may choose attractive rates at many events from a variety of bet types ( 1 x 2, Over / Under, double chance, correct score, handicap, etc.).

You have full control at Rivalo, check your account balance at any time, the betting tickets

Rivalo Sports Betting (Extension) Chrome extension Download

It is the Rivalo Sports Betting (Extension) google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Rivalo doesn’t offer possibility to bet and watch the events on their site. This possibility is given in a lot of bookies and if they want to attract more clients, they will have to fix this aspect.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.” This stands true. However, we’d like to add a fourth recommendation; research your site of choice. That’s why today, we will be reviewing the bookmaker site of Rivalo.

Rivalo is a relatively new and small online bookmaker, established in 2013. This newcomer status means Rivalo Sports is continuously updating, streamlining, and growing with the times. Rivalo is really trying to carve out space in the bookmaker market and uses award-winning software to keep its site easy and smooth. Rivalo also features live betting and a live casino, putting all your wagering needs in one place.

The Pros of Rivalo

For a newbie, Rivalo is doing its best to convince us of its merit. Read on to find out the most significant benefits of betting with Rivalo.

Comprehensive and slick website

Users are greeted by a slick blue, orange, and white theme. This is an excellent aesthetic choice and sets the standard for the rest of the interface. Casual and frequent punters will recognize the standard layout, which is easy to navigate and clearly spaced and formatted. The website interface, listing multiple markets and with an evident focus on football, is probably one of the most appealing aspects of Rivalo. The company has really nailed set out, and user ease. The betting slips are also easy to use and read, making betting a pain-free and straightforward exercise.

Live chat support

Rivalo is boasts support in five languages. The live chat feature is a mixture of automated and manned responses, with options to submit tickets for further review. This support really helps users feel secure in their payments and playing. It’s also has a great pop-up design that allows you to chat with someone about any issues or queries while enabling you to continue betting.

Great variety

This pro point only applies to the sportsbook side of the website. There is an excellent selection of major sporting events on Rivalo. However, the most significant asset is its extensive football odds and listings. All national and major leagues are listed, even obscure games like the Kazakhstan Premier League and Turkish State matches. Chances are, if you are after a more obscure football match, then Rivalo is the bookmaker for you. This variety is fantastic for Middle Eastern and Eastern European punters. You can also find numerous other sporting events on Rivalo, including dominant Rugby, Darts, and Tennis Grand Slams.

Well designed mobile app

Whoever is in charge of the website and mobile app design at Rivalo deserves a round of applause. The mobile app is user-friendly, aesthetic, responsive, and works very well on all devices. The app can be downloaded on all major stores and doesn’t suffer from the glitches or lags that other applications do.

Responsive stats

Rivalo Sports has incorporated a great statistics section on their website. All odds next to matches have the option to view statistics. These include what percentage of Rivalo customers are betting on different outcomes, the game statistics, which TV channel the game can be watched on, and how live betting is proceeding. This is a simple and easy way to keep your wagers informed and intelligent. It’s especially refreshing on the mobile app, which allows statistics to be floated in a pop-up over match odds without taking you from your betting slips.


Rivalo really appeals to an international audience and offers the site and support in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. This site is very much aimed at the Turkish, Brazilian, and Russian audiences, and this is reflected in match choices and football coverage.

Great geographical reach and variety.

If you live in a smaller country, chances are most major bookmakers don’t offer odds on football matches and leagues within your State. Fear not. Rivalo Sports aims to fill this void and offers hundreds of small-time and obscure football league odds. They have matches covered in almost every country in the world and have language choices to match.

Fantasy football.

It’s increasingly rare to find sites that feature and promote fantasy football leagues. Rivalo offers high market odds on fantasy football and easily allows punters to engage with both real and fantasy football.

The Cons of Rivalo

Rivalo is still learning and improving. Read on for the significant cons of betting with Rivalo.

Promotions only for some players

The limited reach and multiple countries banned from Rivalo means that promotions are aimed at only specific audiences. Rivalo offers customers a 100% matched first deposit bonus, but this is only available for punters in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Montenegro, and Turkey. This is super frustrating, especially for their major audiences in Russia and Brazil.

Lower than average football odds

Compared to competitors, Rivalo’s odds are lower than average. This fact dissuades a lot of punters. It also doesn’t help this bookmaker profit margin and commission is set around 5-7%.

D grade rating by Sportbet reviewers

This rating isn’t the end of the world, with many popular bookmakers scoring C or D’s. The ratings reflect customer complaints, payout times, odds, and transparency.

No live broadcasting

Rivalo doesn’t offer possibility to bet and watch the events on their site. This possibility is given in a lot of bookies and if they want to attract more clients, they will have to fix this aspect.

The Final Verdict?

With a growing fan base and a sharp growth in sporting markets, Rivalo Sports is quickly trying to carve out a niche within the European punting market. If you are not a high-roller, you can try to use this website.

Jose de Lima

Essa é uma da piores que já usei. Exemplo. Esperamos in live uma odd chegar a valor quer queremos apostar, dificilmente conseguiremos colocar a aposta pois eles ficam mudando a linha do mercado de lugar. com um layout tão embaçado perde-se tanto para encontrar a linha de gols que ias colocar a aposta, até que o gol acaba saindo aí todos os planos foi por agua abaixo. Isso é um tipo de sabotagem contra o apostador. não merece nenhuma estrela. merece é 0.


VANTEGENS: 1) É uma casa que para punters e já está com suas ODDs bem ajustadas à realidade em comparação com outras casas. 2) Possui ótimos bônus, rollover aceitável, em ODDs admissíveis e sem vencimento. DESVANTAGENS: 1) limitações de entradas no LIVE; 2) Sempre te pedem mais informações no momento do saque, fazendo com que seus saques demorem muito. Mas, análise rápida.

The product’s AI-based insights are multilingual in order to maximise its reach. With an average of more than 20 million insights per year and more than 100 popular betting markets, it offers the perfect boost to sportsbooks’ performance and turnover.

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Simpson (Rivalo). Credibility and prestige hand to hand with soccer’s star Cafu

The interviewee believes this is an exciting time in LatAm. He says if the regulators listen to the operators and work alongside them, the possibilities for the region as a whole to expand are vast.

By Clara Silva, journalist and collaborator from G&M News

How has the company strengthened communication with its customers in recent times? What new products or ideas did come up to stay up-to-date and active in the market and take advantage of the context?

Having only been in the role since April 2021, I would say we are just at the start of our journey of initiatives across Latin America. Given the Copa America (South American National Teams soccer competition), start of the local seasons and the Euro’s all happened this summer, we had to actquickly in some areas in order to be part of the conversation.Our strategy is evolving, and we have many different activities in the pipeline for the remainder of this year and in the lead up to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

What digital marketing strategies did you use?

I think it depends how you want to use Digital Marketing. Is it a reach and more of a branding exercise or do you want to get really targeted and focus on performance? I am a big believer in utilizing content to stand out where possible and its then about getting the right partners on board to work with.

How did the company come up with the idea of hiring Cafu to be its brand ambassador? What results did you get so far?

We evaluated many options to kickstart wider activities for Rivalo. Our aim was to associate Rivalo with an ambassador that was well known across Brazil, but one that would also not split opinion. Cafu as the most capped Brazilian of all time, an ambassador for his Nation in his own right and an absolute gentleman. So he was the natural choice for us.He has not only brought credibility and stature to the brand, but he is also a fantastic person to work with when completing all of our content and partnership productions.

With global lockdown due to the pandemic, many online operators experienced huge growth. How did you take advantage of this particular context?

Land-based activities have obviously been affected a lot over the past 18 months. This naturally is going to accelerate the transfer of activity to online faster than we have previously seen. I do think there is still a place for offline.This will always be present, particularly in the casino space as it provides a unique entertainment experience. However,operators did need to ensure that they provide a strong online experience during this period. Those that were not prepared from a product perspective probably lost out on gaining market share to rivals.

How are you implementing the affiliates system? What advantages does Rivalo offer in Brazil?

The affiliate or -more precisely- the partnership model plays a big part in the acquisition mix for any operator, especially the smaller or new entry brands. This is an area that we are currently updating and will be in a good position to take advantage of opportunities throughout the next 12 months.


Today, in Latin America, there is a trend in which many bookmakers are sponsors of traditional football clubs. Why is this happening? How can bookmakers contribute to these clubs?

There is no getting away from it. Football as we know is the most popular sport to bet on and obviously carries a massive following as a result. One thing I have noticed so far is that the football fan in Brazil is definitely more tribal than elsewhere. Their team comes before anything else, even the National squad, so tapping in too these audiences can elevate your brand and get a quick awareness lift.I have worked with some of the biggest European clubs previously and it all boils down to what you want to achieve. You need to ensure that, within those contracts, you can activate the rights to the benefit of your brand. This normally carries a large cost as a result, so you have to weigh up what is the right option for your brand at any given time.

What is your point of view regarding LatAm gaming market development?

We all know that the Latin America market is evolving. It’s exciting like in the early days across Europe, when every brand was jostling for position. We have a license in Colombia and, obviously, more markets will follow suit over the next couple of years. I think if the regulators listen to the operators and work alongside them, the possibilities for the region as a whole are vast.Sportsbetting and, particularly, online casino are still in their relative infancy in Latin America, so I think there is a lot of headroom for growth.

Speaking about Brazil, how would you describe their players gambling behavior? What are their preferences?

Fundamentally, motivations for gambling are the same whatever region you operate in, and player traits are similar. What has struck me, however, are the different player values across the regions and how different they are by region and product. This is something I think operators have to understand quickly in order to position themselves correctly and ensure they provide the right service and offering to their desired audience.


Many operators have Esports in their catalog, a vertical that has been expanding in recent years. What is Rivalo Brazil’s position about them? What will be the future of this vertical?

I have had conversations on Esports as a betting medium for many years now. I am personally still not convinced, but I am sure there are others a lot more knowledgeable than myself in this area who could tell a different story. As for Rivalo, we offer Esports on site as part of our products catalog and will monitor any developments in this area.

Rivalo will receive exposure via daily content and specific campaigns across Liga BFA’s digital channels, besides displaying the brand’s logo during ESPN games broadcast, sponsored highlights, and other televised spots.

Engaging Audiences Present Growth Potential

Rivalo’s interest in partnering with Liga BFA can be explained by the popularity of football in the country and the potential its audience presents for sports betting operators.

Football in Brazil is the second-largest NFL market outside of the US according to a recent study, and with this expressive audience, Liga BFA is seen as the gateway to the NFL in the country as it has already attracted the commercial focus of the North American league.

Football in Brazil consistently ranks among the top 10 most-watched and wagered sports according to another survey conducted by the Federal Government, and this audience presents Rivalo with an opportunity to pursue growth in collaboration with Liga BFA.

Julie Moraine

With 4 years experience as an analyst, Julie—or ‘Jewels’, as we aptly refer to her in the office—is nothing short of a marvel-worthy in her attention to the forex and cryptocurrency space as she quickly became the first pick to co-pilot education to the masses with Mike.

Alvaro Ochoa , Country Manager at Rivalo , also highlighted that revenue generated by sponsorship agreements with betting brands has kept teams and leagues afloat during the pandemic.

SBC Digital Latinoamérica: Grassroots can be a beneficiary of sports betting sponsorships

With sports betting legislation looming over the Latin American region, it is imperative now more than ever for gambling brands and sports teams to place fans and customers at the forefront of collaborations.

Discussing how brands can make the most of agreements with sports teams and organisations, industry leaders on the ‘ Marketing in a changing regulatory landscape ’ panel at the SBC Digital Latinoamérica event delved into topics including sports sponsorships and regulating partnerships.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer at Parimatch International , Dmitry Belianin , it is essential to maintain a ‘dialogue’ between sports clubs, operators and audiences, as betting companies – which have to declare how much they spend on advertising – take an increased interest in partnering with teams and leagues.

He explained: “Sports sponsorship is a very important part of any business and I know that in Mexico, for example, there are a lot of companies – not just from the sports betting or gambling space – using this as the acquisition and brand building channel. This kind of sports sponsorship is helping both the team and the audience to find relevant products to earn some money but I still think that should be regulated.

“Mexican teams’ uniforms are full of emblems and sometimes it’s up to 15 sponsors on one single uniform so you can barely see the player behind that ad wall! There is room for regulation, but I think that’s a very important part of the game and I wouldn’t disallow that because at the end of the day, sport betting companies will find a way on how to advertise. It’s just a matter of your approach.”

Alvaro Ochoa , Country Manager at Rivalo , also highlighted that revenue generated by sponsorship agreements with betting brands has kept teams and leagues afloat during the pandemic.

“I agree in the sense that sponsoring has helped, especially to Colombian teams that have been hit hard in their finances,” Ochoa reasoned. “The closing of the stadiums and not being able to sell tickets to a live audience has really hurt the finances of teams. Had it not been for sports betting companies that basically filled that gap or that void with fresh resources, we would’ve seen a lot of local leagues failing that are struggling financially.

“But you have to do it in a responsible way. You don’t want a jersey full of stickers and competing advertisements running some in-stadium type of advertising, such as the video walls, the LEDs and then you have the jerseys full of those logos, so it helps.”

The gambling firm has since shifted its focus to lesser-known clubs which are in desperate need of funding, having been hit hard by the financial effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

He continued: “That should trickle down to the leagues that are not just soccer. We are trying to get ourselves involved in supporting amateur leagues and grassroots movements. Not all your primary focus should be on the main leagues.

“There are a lot of different athletes in different leagues that we support, and we as an operator can do that. So, it’s looking beyond the top flight and trying to understand where you can support with advertising in those local teams, not big leagues and grassroots.”

Learning from other industries’ mistakes was the consensus of Juan Camilo Carrasco’s – a Partner at Asensi Abogados – philosophy, with the panel moderator warning that if operators do not moderate their advertising inventory now, they may be legislated against it.

He remarked: “We know that in Colombia, the regulator is already thinking about programmes of responsible gambling and creating the metrics to understand how the advertising should be regulated in terms of marketing and how to avoid creating the same problem that the tobacco industry created some years ago, and the experiences in sports.

“Moderating responsible advertising should be the message from operators to regulators so that they can address correctly and avoid legislation against advertising.”

SBC Digital Latinoamérica, on 2-3 March, is the premier online conference and exhibition for the betting and gaming industry in Latin America. Delegates can register for free here to join the event live or watch the conference sessions on demand.

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