Rolletto Sportsbook

The massive negatives of Rolletto far outweigh the microscopic positives on the site. While one must be somewhat skeptical when reading user reviews, the complaints we saw about Rolletto seem to be well-founded, and we found nothing during our time on the site that reassured us that they were a legitimate operator.

Rolletto Review & Rating 2022: Legal or Scam? Warning: BLACKLISTED

We had no option but to blacklist the Rolletto online casino and sportsbook. After all, it fails to have the proper licensing and simply cannot be trusted with your money. So stick with us as we explore all the ways that Rolletto tries to catch its customers out with its dodgy casino games, lame sports bets and deceptive bonuses!

  • Licencing concerns
  • Reports of payment delays
  • Negative customer service experiences

So let’s talk about the bonuses that Roletto used to dupe new customer. Rolletto offers a wide range of dodgy welcome bonus offers to choose from, which could theoretically be of interest if they are available in your region. For example, we have found offers that offer up to 75% of initial deposits as bonus funds, which may sound interesting — but there’s a significant catch. A bonus is only ever of use if you can actually withdraw the funds that are generated with it, and we have reason to believe Rolleto are underperforming in this vital regard.

If you’re looking for a deal with an operator that you can actually trust, we’d recommend checking out our Pointsbet promo code and bonus review to find out more rather than taking a risk on the Rolletto offering.

We found that Rolletto have clearly gone to great lengths when it comes to confusing their customers. Bad aesthetics and poor design is what this website is all about, and it’s in this area that Rolletto lets itself down. At the end of the day the design is poor, and while we find major faults in the site design, it’s nothing compared to the fact that Rolletto is operating illegally. Check out our 4NJBets review to see how Rolletto matches up to a legitimate site in terms of usability.

Let’s look at why you shouldn’t make deposits at the Rolletto site. Rolletto offers a fairly limited range of payment methods and is particularly notable for its acceptance of cryptocurrencies – always a warning sign!

You can deposit and withdraw with a variety of different crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum XRP, Litecoin, Tether, Dash and Monero. Offering crypto as a payment method is the easiest way for these offshore sites to have successful deposits go through on their platform. This is because the US banks can’t track the destination of theses cryptos as they are decentralized and unregulated by the banks themselves. As such, the push for crypto deposits here by Rolletto is a major red flag for us.

We also found significant negative feedback regarding the Rolletto withdrawal process. Many users have reported issues in this area, identifying concerns such as withdrawals landing late, needing to jump through many hoops in order to even request a payment, or withdrawals simply not arriving at all. So while it’s possible to deposit without any issues, making a withdrawal is a very different story and shows us why you should avoid Rolletto.

Rolletto fails to meet the grade when it comes to customer care. We always recommend that gamblers make sure a sportsbook or casino offers good customer service before signing up. After all, you want to make sure you can get the support you need, when you need it.

Our Rolletto review found that this operator is limited in terms of the options they provide. There are just two ways to get in touch – email [email protected], or use the live chat feature that you can access from within your account. Electronic communication is all well and good, but it falls well below the multitude of options you’d usually expect from the more reputable operators out there.

Furthermore, we tried to contact them ourselves and were made to wait for almost an hour before anyone got back to us. From there, our conversation as not at all helpful. As a result, we were unimpressed and were made even more confident in our addition of Rolletto to our blacklist

Here’s the part where we understand the key reason why you should avoid Rolletto. Just like it’s important to make sure a gambling site offers good customer service, it’s also vital to ensure you only use safe and licensing online casinos and sportsbooks. This is the only way to ensure that your personal data and your funds will be kept safe, so we always check an operator’s licensing during our gambling reviews.

During our review, we found that Rolletto holds a Curacao gambling license. Curacao licenses offer relatively little reassurance to the users, and we’d expect a legitimate operator to want to opt for one of the most high-quality choices out there.

To expound further, this license gives Rolletto the agility to operate offshore and out of the reach of the legal restraints in the US. Essentially, they are operating illegally. Sites like Roletto have been given the opportunity to operate in the legal gambling states in the US but instead pulled out as they don’t want any official gambling authority regulating their site. This is of course for fear of being discovered for what they are, which is a sham.

Our Rolletto review found that this gambling site doesn’t yet offer a rewards or loyalty program to its users, so you may want to visit to find out our Caesars casino rating to see how a good operator performs in this crucial area. As far as the lack of loyalty program goes at Rolletto, we can’t say that we are that surprised.

There seems to be a couple of different sports available to bet on at Rolletto. Given what we know about this site, it is not even close to good enough to make up for the glaring problems on the site.

There was also a distinct lack of any secondary or obscure sports on the site. Furthermore, the betting markets available were poor and barely covered any exotic bets or even fairly standard ones. There are plenty of other sportsbooks to check out on our site and we really suggest that you do so.

One of the main things punters look for when choosing a sportsbook is the odds – you want to get value for money, after all. We’re not surprised to tell you that the odds at Rolletto are nothing special. In fact, they are pretty much below the average of the industry right now. That means that finding value bets at the site becomes far more difficult.

To see how Rolletto’s odds compare to another popular sportsbook, check out our Sugarhouse review , or the review of any other licensed sportsbook — there’s nothing unique about Rolletto’s offering that would justify choosing them over preferable, quality options.

If the FAQ page does not offer a solution, you may reach out to customer service. You have the option of emailing or using the live chat feature on the website. Live chat is the easiest and fastest method of reaching the service, and you will get a response in a few minutes. On the other hand, email helps you make detailed submissions and get a response in a few hours.

Rolletto Overview

Rolletto Casino Overview

Rolletto Casino was established in 2020 and got an operating license from Curacao. Over the few years it has been in operation, it has put in place various features that make it appealing to players around the globe. You can visit the platform to participate in both sports betting and casino gaming. Each of these sections has amazing features and opportunities that cater to any betting style.

While the casino has its headquarters in Curacao, it is accepted across the world and even takes players from countries with restrictive laws, such as the UK. The company is owned and run by a reputable casino management firm called OnyxioN B.V., which also owns other gambling brands online.

This casino has many firsts. One is that it does not collect personal data when you sign up. It is one of the very few that retains total anonymity by not asking for verification. If you are the type of player that loves anonymity, this is the platform to pick. Read our Rolletto Casino review to learn more about other features.

As with most offshore operators, Rolletto offered nothing but pitiful odds across all major soccer markets. Such pathetic odds should give you a decent reason to skip Rolletto and go to US sportsbooks that have better odds as well as parlay boosts and other promotions are way better than Rolletto’s dodgy offshore odds.

Rolletto Esports – Avoid this site

Why Rolletto esports betting is so bad

If betting on real-life sport isn’t your idea of a good time, Rolletto casino also gives its customers a limited opportunity to bet on esports too!

Fans of video games such as Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, League of Legends, Starcraft, Overwatch, Valorant, Dota 2, and Call of Duty will soon find that they can get some pretty sucky odds on tournament matches for all of these video games, thanks to Rolletto’s cosmically bad e-sportsbook!

Players can then to make use of the lame eSports welcome bonus, which mimics the sub-par sports betting bonus mentioned earlier. Or you could do the smart thing and avoid this site completely.

Now, space cadet, you’ve seen what the Rolletto website has to offer you in terms of sports betting, casino games, and e-sports betting, but what’s the rest of the site like? Is there an app? What payment methods are accepted? In this section, as we do in all of our gambling reviews here at Playerbest, we’re going to give you the answers to all your questions! Here’s a hint – it all sucks!

Registering with this intergalactically bad operator

How easy is it to sign up to Rolletto? A total nightmare to be honest! All you need to do is click ‘Sign Up on the homepage and fill in your personal details which sounds easy but it’s actually a tedious and time-consuming task. Remember, minimal safety checks mean maximal risks – we want our readers to join a site that takes fraud and money laundering seriously. So avoid Rolletto!

Not the space-age payment methods you need

There are quite a few payment methods that can be used to make deposits and withdrawals to and from the Rolletto casino platform. Some of these include Visa and MasterCard, bu chances are that your US bank won’t let you make payments at an illegal gambling site. Plus the sight of Tether, Bitcoin and Litecoin here once again shows why Rolletto cannot be trusted.

When reviewing legal US operators, it’s interesting to see that you can make payments with many different e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. However, due to the lack of US license held by Rolletto, cryptocurrencies are not used in an intuitive or forward-thinking fashion; instead, they are seen as a loophole and a way for US residents to deposit onto the site without detection. A risky move when we consider the wealth of negative reviews concerning account funds going AWOL.

Customer service – No sign of intelligent life here

“Houston, we have a problem” – well, it seems you’re not the only one! Unfortunately, Rolletto has been scrutinized online for its poor customer support. The site is basically lying when it says that it has live chat and email. Real-user reviews claim that support agents are rude, unprofessional, and, at best, non-responsive.

Vile design eclipsed by no app option!

The Rolletto website and its design are overly fussy, ugly, and don’t compare well to some top US sportsbooks. Hard to navigate, badly highlighted, and only some options were accessible within a few clicks.

The sportsbook, casino games, esports betting, promotions, live casino, and mini-games all had their own sections, but the homepage still managed to be cluttered with markets and it was difficult to decipher.

So basically the offshore operator falls short of the mark. With no app available, it leads me to wonder what sets this site apart from legal US alternatives – absolutely nothing!

Explore lame parallel universes with virtual sports

If real-life soccer matches are not really your thing, eSports or blackjack not tickling your fancy, then Rolletto has some limited options to wager on virtual sports. This offshore casino really is pulling out all the stops to get hold of your deposits!

Here you can unlock some fairly lame virtual matches of soccer, basketball, horse racing, dog racing, tennis, and baseball without having to trawl through various other sporting markets first.

Without joining a site that holds a state-specific US license, Return to Player (RTP) percentages are questionable, and a lot of digging is required to uncover their legitimacy. For this reason alone, we cannot suggest trying out the virtual sports section of the site.

Bland selection of welcome bonuses that all suck

As well as the aforementioned sports, casino, and e-sports welcome bonuses, there are also a couple more deposit bonuses that new customers can utilize – if they dare. One of these is the first deposit bonus, which will see you receive a 100% match of up to barely anything on your first deposit on the Rolletto website.

There is also another deposit bonus, this one called the 10% deposit bonus, which will see you receive 10% of your deposit if you get round to deposit for a second time. To be fair, both of these bonuses suck!

Terrible mini-games

There are also a number of mini-games that can be found on the Rolletto website. These games include Keno, Hilo, Dino, Plinko, Chicken, and Dice. They make a change from slot and table games and will switch up the monotony of constantly playing the same games on the Rolletto casino website. However, these games are awful and yet another reason why you should avoid Rolletto.

The Rolletto sportsbook launched in 2020 and is home to a pathetic selection of sporting markets, a poor sign-up bonus, as well as some frankly rubbish odds!

Players of Rolletto can wager on a few US favorites such as NFL, MLB, NHL, or MLS, as well as taking their sports betting activity across the pond and wagering on a small number of international markets such as Serie A, Tour de France, or Wimbledon. All of which you can find at legit US sportsbooks that’ll actually give you lots of customer protection.

The odds on offer at Rolletto are must worse than legal US competitors, plus those using legitimate betting sites can benefit from countless benefits that Rolletto cannot offer, including fund security, account safety, parlay boosts, and other individualized promotions that can enhance your sporting odds.

Overall, we found the Rolletto sportsbook was hard to use and it was lacking of any real firepower. We would advise finding yourself a reputable US sportsbook, and not running the risk of foul-play.

Fans of slot casino games will hate the limited variety Rolletto has on offer here, and I think you’ll hate the lack of transparency too.

When compiling my research of the Rolletto platform it was very difficult to come across any details regarding fair gaming – particularly, any information on the Return to Player percentages.

With a very dodgy bonus on offer, it would have been helpful to be able to see clearly what percentage of my stake would contribute to the wagering requirements. After all, a 40x playthrough of both bonus and deposit is almost impossible as it is, without my slot, roulette, blackjack, or live table action contributing fully. Just another example of why you should avoid Rolletto.

The limited selection of gaming availability is way below all top US alternatives. Plus the lack of a legitimate license and consistent negative press surrounding bonuses and withdrawals is enough for me to advise my PlayersBest crew to abort mission and find another betting home!

Rolletto has really tried to appeal to as many betting demographics as possible, by providing plenty of market availability across all sorts of online gaming fields. However it failed in all of them.

The Rolletto esports offering is well below that provided by legal US operators, with a smaller selection of games to wager on, that barely includes Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and Overwatch tournaments. Live betting is also only available on a small amount of games, with restrictive limits in line with the rest of the Rolletto sportsbook, and an esports welcome bonus that is just as bad as the sign-up bonus offered for users registering with the site for the sportsbook.

The offshore operator’s esports offering is woefully inadequate. I’m also not entirely sure why they have opted to add this particular market into the sign-up offer, as I would expect it to be one of the lesser-wagered sports across the site. So avoid Rolletto at all costs!

The first thing that any player needs to do before signing up to any of the best online casinos in the US, is making sure that they are safe to use. Luckily for you, we do all of this for you with our detailed review of the Rolletto gambling platform. Take a look at our review to see whether or not we think this site is safe enough for you to play on. Here’s a clue: Rolletto is an illegal gambling site.

As you may know, the states in the US are allowed to set their own rules and regulations when it comes to online gambling, this includes the legal gambling age limit. Our review of the Rolletto site will give you some night into what the age limits are for each state that accepts the bookmaker. But remember you shouldn’t really be playing at an illegal site like this no matter what your age is.

Casino gaming online can be heaps of fun but it’s largely dependent on the range of games that you have access to. The best online gambling sites in the US will make sure to provide their players with plenty of the best casino games. Our review of Rolletto will let you know if they are one of these sites by reviewing the list of casino games they currently have. However, we’d suggest that you avoid Rolletto as it has no US licensing.

New players who sign up to online casino sites in the US will often be treated with a welcome bonus. This isn’t always a given, which is why we need to make sure there is a welcome bonus waiting for you at Rolletto. Our review will let you know what you might be able to claim when you sign up to the site. But best to be safe and avoid playing at Rolletto completely.

There will almost always come a time when you will need the assistance of the customer support team on these sites for any reason. As such, we make sure to show you how you can contact the support team at Rolletto. We’ll always give you our own experience of using the support team to let you know how professional we found the service to be. Sadly, this is an illegal gambling site and it’s customer support is pitiful.

Rolletto blasted off back in 2020, and we really hope it falls into a black hole soon!

Rolletto provides a severly limited sportsbook and online casino that covers only a small variety of sports and gaming markets. Plus the odds here are simply terrible. All of which means that the site cannot be recommended by myself or the rest of the PlayersBest crew.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed far too many recurring problems with the site surrounding client funds, fair gaming, and questionable terms and conditions.

When we also see the lack of a legitimate US license, we suddenly begin to see why this particular operator needs to fall off the face of the earth and make way for more credible US operators who plan to adhere to state regulations and place customers at the forefront of their priorities. Simply put, DON’T SIGN UP TO ROLLETTO!

Rolletto sportsbook has a decent way of pampering its new players with an attractive welcome bonus. New punters get a 100% match deposit bonus when the make their first deposit. The maximum bonus is $200, and the minimum deposit is $20.The wagering requirements are ten times the bonus money, and the odds on your bet slip must be 1.3 and above on three accumulators. The bonus can be used on all sports including the eSports.

Games available and Betting Options

Rolletto betting

As a new and growing sportsbook, Rolletto offers more than 15 different sports. This number will rise as the bookmaker continues to grow. Some of the available sports include Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, Darts, Table Tennis, Boxing, Aussie Rules and MMA.

Like in most popular sportsbooks, soccer is the dominant sport offering popular premier leagues and competitions like the English Premier League, and FA cups. Soccer fans will find sports from different parts of the world including Portugal, England, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

ESports lovers will also have a chance to enjoy popular titles like Counter-Strike, Dota2, League of Legends and Rainbow Six. At the moment there are no betting offers on specials like politics and TV shows.

The Rolletto sportsbook odds are attractive and can compete with some of the world’s leading bookmakers. The odds ranges are between 1.95 and 1.97 in the top leagues like the English Premier League for over/ under, WDW, and Asian markets. The odds drop to 1.87 on secondary bets like Both Teams to Score. Basketball and Tennis handicaps are at 1.90. These are fair odds for a new sportsbook.

Rolletto Casino doesn’t provide a dedicated GamStop free mobile casino for its punters. However, the site is optimized for mobile operating systems and runs on browser-based platforms, so you can play on the go. All you need is a compatible mobile browser, which comes with most modern smartphones and tablets.

Rolletto Online Games Section

rolletto games

Players on Rolletto can explore a wide range of classic and contemporary casino games without GamStop restrictions. The game lobby features standard casino products, including slots, jackpots and table games. Simply click on Casino on the top menu bar to start playing games other than sports betting. The popular offers include:

  • Online Slots:
    Rolletto Casino has 3,809 online slots not blocked by GamStop, so you can easily find your favourite title. Whether you prefer classic three-reel fruit machines or fancy contemporary titles with top-quality graphics and cinematic effects, the casino has enough options to keep you engaged. All slots are independently audited for fair results.
  • Online Bingo:
    Lovers of online non GamStop bingo websites will be glad to play on Rolletto Casino which offers several 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games. Some of the popular games include Park Bingo, Hot Bingo, Sassy Bingo, Cupid, Bingo and Chef Bingo, among others. There are more than 20 bingo games to explore.
  • Online Poker:
    Rolletto Casino is one of the top choices when looking for poker operators not covered by GamStop. Players have access to many poker titles including All Aces, Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, Poker Dice, Fruit Poker, Casino Stud Poker and many more. Simply search for poker titles using the search bar on the casino lobby.
  • Online Lottery:
    Blocked players searching for GamStop free lotto sites can join Rolletto Casino to enjoy existing lotteries without any restrictions. Although the site isn’t big on lottery games, players have access to various options, including Revolver Gaming’s Lotto Lucky and Oryx’s Lotto Is My Motto. The lottery games are available on both PC and mobile.
  • Online Roulette:
    Rolletto Casino is home to many roulette games, including English Roulette, French roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette. Live casino punters can also explore Live Roulette and other exciting titles, making Rolletto one of the desirable roulette sites not with GamStop. To start playing roulette games, head to the Table Games section or search directly from the search bar.
  • Online Slingo:
    Players can search for Slingo games on Rolletto Casino from the search bar. The platform doesn’t have many options and is not the ideal choice for Slingo sites not affected by GamStop. However, its game lobby keeps expanding, so we recommend keeping tabs with the site for new Slingo titles.
  • Online Scratchcards:
    Rolletto Casino has a decent number of scratchcards to keep punters happy on the platform. Players looking for trusted scratchcards sites not on GamStop can play here without self-exclusion restriction. Popular scratchcards include Lost Vegas Survivors, Luxor, Star Raiders, Blood Queen, Scratch Match, Monsters’ Scratch and Happy Holidays, among others.
  • Other Games:
    There are many games to explore if you are bored from playing slots, roulette and poker. The table games section features enticing blackjacks and baccarat games. Keno and arcade games are also popular among Rolletto Casino players. Other games include dice, dino, mystery boxes and fortune wheels. The platform hosts more than 4240 independent games.

Betchan Casino Beauty and the Beast

Rolletto sportsbook review, rolletto sportsbook review

Trading games to Earn Bitcoins, rolletto sportsbook review. If you are more into the world of finance than you are into games as such, you will be thrilled to hear about Spark Profit. Spark Profit is a simulation made specifically for the purposes of having fun with currencies without actually having to spend money. It is the ideal place for you if you want to try out your luck with Bitcoins. Mobile games to Earn Bitcoins. Bitcoin casino io bonus 17 мая 2021 г. You can read about each one in the detailed review and find every single detail you are interested in. 12 мая 2021 г. — roletto casino review.

Roletto is a crypto-friendly online gambling spot by onyxion b. That opened its virtual doors late in 2020. Rolletto casino – crypto casino review bitcoinplay [2020] wild tornado casino – crypto casino. Accepting players from numerous countries around the globe, rolletto represents an interesting choice for those looking to try their online luck, in particular. Com is an online sportsbook also offering baccarat, blackjack, esports, live dealer games, live/in-play betting, other games, roulette,. Rolletto sportsbook offers attractive odds, a wide range of side bets, live streaming and no kyc on the crypto deposits. #5 sportsbet sportsbook review – 8/10. Rolletto sportsbook offers attractive odds, a wide range of side bets, live. Rolletto casino review 2021! read 11 player reviews, see rolletto casino ranking and rating based on 22 votes, find bonuses & full information.

Rolletto sportsbook provides a variety of pre-match and in-play betting options. In summary, rolletto is a legit and trustworthy platform that. Sports and casino sportsbook review. Raiting: (46 players voted ). Reviews for crypto sportsbooks with scores for user experience, odds, range of bets

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Rolletto sportsbook review
Deposit and withdrawal methods – BTC ETH LTC DOG USDT, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Bank transfer.
Rolletto sportsbook review

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