SlotoCash Casino Reviews

No problems at all ,ask for my first withdrawal on 7/20 and received my money on 7/24 via money graham.

I got my free 50 spins to register and try out the casino. I registered and downloaded game but alas…the games have problems loading. I cannot even finish my free spins to redeem another coupon. It is stuck on “you got 46 spins left, play”. When I push play it either doesn’t load or if it load it don’t show my remaining 46 spins I’ve got left. I’ve contacted help several times but to no avail.

I don´t understand why there are so many bad reviews. I literally had the best service, won 1500$ and was paid.

I have been playing on slotocash for about 10 or 11 years and in that time they were the most reputable, honest and paying out in a reasonable time compared to other casinos I played where I was scammed too many times and of course seized to play . I still have $1,200 from one casino and 1,200 from another pending since Oct. 2021. SlotoCash is a safe and trusting casino to play.

I won a few hundred and sent the documents they asked for twice because they said they could not see it. But I know for a fact they could and they keep telling you that you will get an email from them but it’s only to say they can’t see the documents sent. I am a loyal player but if I don’t receive my winnings. The casino will be deleted and I will unsubscribe.

I won a few thousand and then I was black balled. They removed every coupon for years after that win. They’re unwilling to review your account as well. I haven’t won here since 2019 and yet they still expect me to make straight deposits without any coupon. Very greedy casino and terribly stingy with bonuses. Honest review here.

I’ve tried for eight months to withdraw my winnings and always get the same response. Your photo is cropped and cannot be accepted. Then when I ask if they received my updated docs, it will take five business days to process. I also asked the person on chat to relay the number I spelled out back to me, and got yet another generic response.

My experience has been horrible! Sadly, I am a compulsive gambler and when I asked this casino to close my account with “no option “to reopen, when I got the Urge to gamble again, which is very quickly, they immediately re-opened my account.They do not help people struggling with addiction.

they took 25 off my chi.e card and said they didn’t after I sent a screen shot of my.transactions they said contact you bank. The rep said make another deposit …after the scammed me for 25 already

Not only did they take an extra twenty from my account, they did not honor their bonus terms sent to me in an email the same day. Their payouts are horrible compared to any other online casino. I play at a few and this one has been the tightest ever.

I played with slotocash casino in On May 14th or 15th 2021. They accepted my bank card. I won a little over 1,000.00 dollars. I have contacted them on many occasions to withdraw my winnings. They keep asking me for proof that I live at the address contacted to my bank card. I have sent them tons of pictures of my driver’s licenses, utility bill, and even my mortgage statement. Each time they say the can’t see it. I have sent the same information to 3 friends as well as myself. It is very clear. I am beyond upset. How can they do this? I have never opened up the bonus stuff they send, nor have I ever logged back on to my account with them.

terrible customer service. They don’t respond to any emails, they have become increasingly unreliable and horrid verificatioin process

I’ve played here for years. I have spent alot & I have won alot. I never use the coupons or free play stuff- just straight up deposit.
In all of these years they made me upload my docs twice, until recently.
I am in the process of cashing out 3k and they asked for my docs again. Ok fine, I sent them. Now they said they can’t see them. We’ll I can see them in the pdf I sent- why can’t you see them? Then I was asked to resend them to another email. I’m still waiting for word from them- but I’ll be calling them Soon if needed.
Unfortunately as much as I love the games, many other casinos have these games. Sloto has just been too much of a headache lately. It’s sad to leave them, but for as much as a spend – I deserve better service.

I had 2 charges declined by slotocash but yet my card was charged this happen on 2/26 and they have still yet to resolve the issue so guys pay attention to your charges!

It seems that if you request a withdrawal they immediately send you free spins and if you then play them it voids your winnings and they take it all.

I won money and as soon as I tried to make a withdrawal, they made it impossible, and then took all my winnings away saying some technicality! I was told several times it was my money to withdraw, until I tried to.

The exact same thing happened to me. It said I had $4500 to withdraw. I played it down to $2500. Again, it said I was about to withdraw $2500.

Then they said I broke a rule? I have no idea how! So, not only could I not withdraw they took $2050 and left me with $450! Seriously? They didn’t even have the decency to say you can’t withdraw and why…so here is $2500. Instead it’s $450. I am beyond livid. J tried to explain it in chat and was “disconnected “ shame on you!

I withdrew 300.00 after playthrough and while my withdrawal was pending. They sent me a coupon for 25 free spins on witchy witch. I met the maximum cash out of 200 and requested another withdrawal. After 2 days went on to check status and was told they were voided because I used the coupon they sent before my first withdrawal was processed.

I used to be super happy playing this site. I have had some luck. Even during times when I was losing, there was generous free play. This is no longer true.
When I question why this is, I am told it is an aid for a player having a hard time winning.
I have had a good run of not winning. I accept this. But I no longer get free play. I have had long wait times on customer chats and then get cut off.
I was told my account does not qualify for free play, nobody can tell me why.
I have been a pretty loyal customer. I am confused. And a little disappointed

This is by far my number 1 most favorite online casino place to be! Everyone is so friendly and super courteous and professional and they give great customer care . I continuously have a great customer service experience and the games are super fun and the payouts are lucrative, easy and in a timely manner.

In this time of the pandemic and fear and uncertainty, this company has remained intact to enable us all to continue to have a happy space to escape to and forget and feel “normal” again even if only for moments of time.
I applaud and commend the efforts of each and every employee willing to stay the stay and continue on for all of us happy customers.

On 8/22/20 I won about 6k with sloto. I put in my withdrawal request. I did not have to send the verification form because I had already did that months ago. I’ve hit a few jackpots with them before but of course played it all back. Bottom line is my withdrawal was processed and sent.

Very Important note:
If you have to wager a bonus do not bet over 10$ until you have met the wager requirements.
It´s super easy to miss in the T&Cs

It does not matter if you did not get any winnings from betting OVER 10$ during wager playthrough. Your winnings will not be processed. Just follow those rules and you should be fine. I hope this helps. I had a long talk with a rep via chat to go over terms and conditions they are friendly and helpful. If there is something you don’t understand I recommend chatting with a rep before spending any of your money to get a better understanding of what you are doing.

On 7/22/20 I played on 2 component coupon consisting of $35 deposit with 40 spins, a second coupon for a straight
$100 no deposit. During play on the first coupon, I won the minor progressive jackpot of $2400. Played down my
balance and the cashier approved a $2000 withdrawal. Having previously sent the required documents but waiting
for withdrawal approval, I was sent denial, due to bets over $10 email! Nto o mention of Sloto casino stealing my entire withdrawal amount only mentioning an over-bet violation. When I finally tracked down the information, it amounted to 3 bets of $12.50, each bet lost with no benefit to my balance. Hardly reasonable to lose $2000 for
3 losing bets! SlotoCash Casino will find any violation of there extreme terms to forfeit a payout. Be-fore warned when playing at this SlotoCash Casino.

I spent over $1000.00 at Slotocash casino in about six months. I finally hit 1500 and quickly blew 600 of that. I asked for the rest to be put on the same card I used to deposit funds. I had to send in all kinds of documents. Now, 4 months later, they say they sent it, but it has yet to show up. I’ve sent bank statements to prove it, and Nothing. I will chalk this up to a very expensive lesson learned.

Customer service chat takes forever. Most of the time they are not helpful anyway. Rude. If you ever won or win anything beware. They remove you from being able to claim offers and comp points if you have a cash out. Their concept of thanking care of VIP players is just a word for them.

Won $5400 took 7 days to verify my account. Then they said I cropped my documents, which was not true, so I played and lost $950 from $5400. Then I had looked today July 4 2020, and my balance is .34cents. I waited on the chat for 45 mins, was given a $60 free chip. Been a long time loyal fan of slotocash for years, deposited thousands of dollars, and I feel ripped off .no one has contacted me back either

I have a pending check from slotocash that they said is on its way. Well 2 weeks later and still nothing. No tracking number. Not a thing. And everyday they say the same thing to me. Just be patient! Well how the hell can I be patient for something that’s not coming? FedEx would have received a package in my name and it would if generated a tracking number. That has yet to happen. Bit apparently they said it’s on its way.

I won 4000 dollars on slotocash. I jumoed through every hoop I was instructed to and they stopped responding altogether once I pointed out Ive done all they had asked.

They validated my address, allowed me access to the account teller, accepted my deposit and then shut down my account.

I spoke to an agent who told me my account had been closed due to an issue with my location services. As I was typing to ask how to get my deposit back, the chat was shut down and the account log in said it was prohibited.

They have been spam texting me for weeks offering bonuses. My internet security from my desktop blocked multiple phishing attempts when trying to access the site.

Plain as day, theft by deception. Avoid this site at all costs.

I have played at SlotoCash for years. I have successfully withdrawn winnings without an issue. However, today I found out there’s a dark side to SlotoCash! I deposited 50.00 with a 100% match. This gave me 100.00. The play through was 3000.00+. Once I had met the play through I had ran to up to over 1300.00. I withdrew 1000.00. I then palates the remainder up to 900.00. When I got up this morning my account showed a balance of 50.00. According to “customer service” at some point I had broken a “rule” (one that is not publicized) regarding Max bet during play through period. This had occurred weeks earlier. As a result, they cancelled my 1000.00 withdrawl and reduced my account to 50.00. No recourse! Bottom line… SlotoCash if fair but at their discretion! If it’ seems too good to Be true, chances are it is.

I loved slotocash and received about $10,000 in payouts. I spent so much money there and was a VIP member. After my last win they took all my bonuses away and took away my VIP status. I did nothing wrong except win too much apparently!

May I ask once you one how long did it take for them to get your payment to you I picked courier service

They voided my winnings because I used a coupon that they sent me after I won $500. What does that have to do with anything? Why send the coupon, to trap me so they don’t have to pay.

Sloto Cash will not let me withdraw my money. I’ve been playin on there for a few months now. I have sent everything I needed to several times. It’s so easy to put money in but a huge problem to take your money out.

I just started playing Slotocash Casino the customer service is really good, respond and help me with all my issue. They even issues me cash back or free bonuses. I’m also “WON” 2 JACKPOTS ” , and had no issues with them payment. They have been really good with me have no problems

Did you use any coupons? And how many days did it take to verify your account if I may ask? I used 1 coupon in the beginning and 1 WEEKLYMATCH coupon so I’m afraid because I won 1000 lol (:

The same goes with me.. They are very fair amd truthful in their dealings, if you play by the rules.. I got paid my first withdrawal

I’ve never won a dime in 2years….I hit on a 42k jackpot which they voided said
the coupon bonus was out dated…how does that happen….if it wasn’t any good it wouldn’t of allowed me to use it in the first place.

I’ve been playing slotocash for 2 years and I also play uptown aces casinos and I can tell you that I have had no problems….as for getting paid never a problem ….all my Bitcoin payments have took 4 days or less and checks I get 2 to 3 days after I putt in and only takes 2 days to clear …..both casinos are great ….I see alot of complaints but people need to read casino rules ….you don’t get loans or mortgage ,and etc with out reading over …. I’m. Just saying….and for the maxbet rule ….if one does do it by mistake as I did it once due to error by me I emailed them and explained in detail and next day got email saying they would make exception this time…. good luck all

I used to love this casino! I’ve won here a few times over the last few months, (I’ve also dropped a ton of $$ here too), after withdrawing my recent win, Sloto’Cash removed all of the standard bonus offers from my account- the standard ones that all. players receive weekly (until they win anyways). I contacted their support team and I asked them why the normal bonuses were removed from my coupons and why did they delete the all of the coupons from my Sloto’Cash “Inbox”, and they said that there are different bonuses for different players. Yeah okay. Normally when you win, the casino will give you even more bonus offers because that’s what keeps you coming back to play. I won’t be playing much here in the future. Players be aware – No incentive to play at Sloto’Cash after withdrawing a few times, because Sloto’Cash actually penalizes their players for winning. I’m just now reading their reviews online and I can see that I’m not the only player that’s experienced this at Sloto’Cash. That’s unfortunate, because I’ve been a very loyal player to this casino. This long time player is now moving on. Good luck all!

I have deposited several hundred dollars into this casino and was playing on a $100 cashback bonus. I finally racked up over $6k playing BJ and slots and thought it was time to cash out. So I cashed out the max, $4080.00 with fee. Next day it said I broke the max bet rule “which I did” and voided all my winnings, but they left a manager approved deposit of $1000.00 which was withdrawable and no playthrough requirements. Mad and knowing nothing I can do about I started playing again. I got it back up to $5k thinking I would cash out again and get my money this time…..nope. They threw the “max bet rule” bs at me again and voided all but $1k. Not sure if I will even get that but I am definitely done with this casino

I have played there over 7 years. They have taken plenty of my money & I have won some of theirs (of course, they have always gotten @ least 1/2 of it back while waiting for my cash out). Last week, I deposited BTC 2x into their same address by mistake. The 2nd one wasn’t credited & the chat agent along with her superior were treating me like the village clown. Like I was a complete idiot trying to get free $ from them. But I could tell they knew nothing about what I was talking about and had no clue about BTC, wallets, addresses, etc. The “senior” did kick it upstairs, probably assuming they would dent me my credit which was my BTC that I bought which was deposited. I don’t know if she got in trouble for having no idea about how one of the major currencies they deal with works or if they just decided I win too much there, but I have been completely cut off & am unable to do anything but deposit. They told me I am ineligible for Cashback Bonuses after spending $700 straight cash-no bonus $ attached & am also ineligible to accrue comp points, as well.

Accidentally spun once for $62.50 due to a user interface error on the game, which voided my entire bonus balance due to $10 max bet limit. Even though I was only doing $1 – $2.50 spins for the entire $15,000 playthrough, they used this one error to deny remove almost my entire balance >$1200

I made a deposit in slotocash. Dont take the free bonus no deposit. They dont rejekt it. They approve it. But You Will waste your time. The dont payout your winnings If you had more than one free bonus (the 1 deposit bonus and free spins. Is two) so they Will rejekt you winnings.

I’ve played for a couple yrs and had success winning it is a pain in the ass to wait so long on your winnings but all of a sudden they quit honoring coupons for me only explanation I could get was management reserves right to deny coupon using bonus specials . Getting ahold of customer service is horrible on hold forever.

Too all people that having problems just make a Straight deposit without bonuses there will be no problems im also surprised that some people is complaining about the wait its 3-4 days you getting paid why complain about the timing i know some online casino takes 7-15 days ill take 3-4 days any day just do that you’ll have a better experience i one a good 5 times no problem but if u win over 501 it takes 8 weeks by bank if u get the check thats tho only problem 4 stars fot that 1 problem

I put on $25.00 and with their bonus I started with $67 with a playthough of about $1800.00. I won a jackpot of 7100.00 after just a few spins. I won $2200.00 on a $20.00 bet after I won the jackpot and was over 10k at the peek I played it down to $6100.00 before I requested a payout. I sign a credit card agreement but had no idea of this you can’t bet over $10.00 on the playthough. So, of course they voided my winnings and put $44 back into my account which took about a week. You would think they would be glad I burned off over 4k of my winnings. I was spinning for $50 at one point. Called the credit card company and got my deposit back. They locked me out before that though. But, as I write this which is several days later they still have my name scrolling on their website as a winner of the $7100.00 I wrote them to be honest and take it down and tell the folks they denied the win. That will never happen. Run from this casino I know this has happened to many. They are a very dark company.

This just happened to me. I tried to cash out at $2100. First it took over a week for them to verify my information, received several e-mails congratulating me on my win. When I tried to cash out,
I was denied, due to the over $10 bids on playthrough.
I sent an email requesting proof of the the amount I played on each spin. Did not get a response so I called and was told that they would send me via email all of the spins and how much I bet.
We will see if they send that info. I don’t recall betting $10 a spin.
I agree with you Bret, run from this casino.

Just an update I Have 3 more withdrawals since my last post. I was put on limited bonuses but have won twice after that. I would highly recommend slotocash I just wish you do more than one money graham withdrawal a week

No problems at all ,ask for my first withdrawal on 7/20 and received my money on 7/24 via money graham.

Finally was able to win enough to cash out. Love the deposit bonuses and absolutely love the game selection but it takes way too long to get paid. 3-4 days for a bitcoin withdrawal? Bitstarz does it almost immediately, however their game selection is much smaller.
I will give them a B- as they have great game selection and awesome bonuses but payout is too long considering they take the money out within seconds, and i would say 9 out of 10 times you deposit, the money will be gone without hitting anything at all. No bonuses, no decent wins, nothing. Very streak-y

Would like to lower my grade. They just denied me and canceled a 410 dollar payout because I used a 15 dollar bonus after cashing out. Admittedly, that is on me as I didn’t read all the terms as well as I should have, but to take away my hard fought winnings over 15 bucks? That’s bull. I am lowering my grade to a C- as I have read over and over about people not getting paid for many stupid, petty reasons.

I’ve been playing slots a little over a year and slotocash casino is great. I’ve won 3 times and processing payment is fast usually 3 days. The first time I won close to six hundred but winnings were voided because I had bet $10 and if you do that they will void your winnings. I gave up for a while and decided to try again, I won $220, and this time I cashed out with $565 minus money gram fees. Was really fast. Loving this casino…

Well glad i was smart to read reviews. Signed up and was second away from making a deposit. Something told me check reviews low and behold look what i find. No deposit from me will be looking else where.

You were the smartest here!

won 1300 went through playthrough..but since it was a bonus my withdraw was denied because i went over 10 dollars in betting on the slots….never seen it in the rules…you would think they would have a way of blocking you from going over 10 on betting and issuing a warning your withdraw could be denied…funny how you find this out after you spent hundreds of dollars playing their games and yes i have won a couple times but never real big…seems kind of a crappy way of finding out after the fact . i wont be playing their games anymore..yes you can say read the terms but i never seen the terms or fact, it only would tell you of what your playthrough was and what your withdraw limit was when you would cash in a bonus …..i would highly advise not playing their games anymore…

Canceled my acct. One week I am a VIP and the next they have put a block on my acct so I can use no coupons. Their rational coupons only for people who do not win. Mind you these coupins have a 30* playthrough. Do not win here people as they won’t let you play with coupons. Also CUST support can take up to half hour. They do pay out but fees high

I requested a $900 payout almost a month ago. Each week they put a new date to process on the withdraw and assure me it will be done and come up with some bogus excuse. You might win but good luck getting your money!

Made two seperate deposits of $100. On the second deposit, I won a nice amount and was suppose to be in the bonus.. Instantly, the screen locked up and never got into the bonus. I called the help desk and was told ” there was a security issue with my account>” Couldn’t tell me why but lost all winnings. SO good luck trying to collect from this site.

At first, when I found this Online Casino Named Slotocash, I thought it was awesome! However, that changed when I deposited $25.00 Received a bonus and won 500.00! The play through was simple, Play through to $1500.00 Dollars so after I played Through I ended up winning $240.00 but when It was time to withdrawal that’s when all the problems started. First, they wanted me to sign a Credit Card Agreement from some form they wanted me to sign in which I did. They also wanted ID and proof of address but when I gave them that info. They sent a Canadian Check for $210.00! I deposited in my Checking account almost 30 Days ago! And still to this day I haven’t seen not one single dollar

I had $1,000 coming and requested a payout. They told me that I can’t get my money because of some promotional thing. I did all the playthroughs and everything. They put $65 back in my account and took everything else. I withdrew the $65 and told them I will never play at their casino again! It’s false advertising and bogus.

I won 1500.00 and was approved for payment and have yet to receive it. If I do not get my money, it will be a first, because every other online casino has paid me with no problem until now.

Did u get ur money?

deposited 40 dollars had free spins ended up making it through the playthrough to withdrawl 140 ..well upon live chat with operator u need to sign a form and pencil scratch your debit card pics of front back ..ect ectwow no way..i asked where they were based she said she cant disclose that information..i said fine refund my deposit and keep my winnings I am not going through all that for a scam..i believe this is a total scam..u cant makea decision about a casino and how fun it is until u try to withdrawl…I do not suggest this casino at all.dont seem to worried bout security when u deposit ..then all a sudden they worried who they r paying..really. noo noo noo. she said they were closing my account because I asked for refund..i do not believe I will receive it ..if I do then there shouldn’t be any reason for all that other stuff when u win.

Oh wow. I’m sorry for what you went through. I wish I read your review before making any deposit. I am going through exact the same distraction as you were, they’re making you go through hell experience in your withdraw. I did sent in all requested form. They kept rejected it I had to submitted again n again still did not hear back from them. Please please don’t waste your money n time on this casino. There’s no fun but trouble

Every casino I have played at asks for those forms. Resubmit fax them get a name of casino host and email bomb them until you get your money.

Very disappointed at this online casino. I was very happy that they took my payments from the USA since some won’t. After getting their “free spins” on many occassions I can say it cost me $1,500 for about 2 months of only playing a few times a week. I was never “up” and I would not recommend the site to anybody. I understand the percentages, but as much as I played I can say I was only up one time and they would not allow me to cash out then. I will never play at an online casino again.

I’ve really enjoyed playing at Sloto. Won big a few times, always have good bonuses, and haven’t had any issues with payments.

I’m usually a table game player, but with the amount of free spins and slot bonuses they offer I’ve converted a bit since signing up at Sloto.

I’d def check it out, for no other reason than the awesome deposit bonus and high payouts

Sloto cash is a scam . i have submitted a withdrawal and they say that they paid echeck US and cant get a hold of them. DO NOT PLAY SLOTOCASH

i won one time, i try to withdraw my winnings and the answer waS, 1 st you have to make a deposite using neteller, moneybookers, click2pay…… (my favorite method is credit card), i try to withdraw the winnings to the credit card, wire transfer or check, and they say that they dont pay anyone of that methods, why? dont recommend this site

I played Scary Rich and won wooohooooooo, so I love slotocash *he he

I love this new software. The i slots are the most fun I have had in ages. Only wish that I was luckier at them.

I have played several times at Slotocash, and even got a personal email from the manager when I had a question about a bonus offer. I love their games. Recommended.


SlotoCash Casino makes every part of its offer very simple and easy to access. You will have no trouble banking at the casino. For starters, everything is quite transparent and, more importantly, completely fair. All deposit transactions are instant, with Bitcoin and Litecoin taking up to one hour. You will be able to withdraw and deposit with almost the same methods, but some solutions may be available either as just deposit or a withdrawal, so make sure to check this out when you start.

SlotoCash Casino Pros and Cons: What Makes This Casino Tick

We took a keen eye to SlotoCash Casino in our review, hoping to upturn every stone and see what lied underneath. The result is a well-balanced online casino with a lot to offer and very few things to improve on. SlotoCash surely needs a bit of a touch-up, but we hold the benefits to far outweigh the cons, and here is why.


  • Powered by Real Time Gaming
  • Features close to 200 games
  • Certified for fairness by Gaming Labs
  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface
  • Convenient banking methods and speed


  • Support can be slow at peak times
  • The user interface could use some touching up

Once you have completed the registration process it’s time to pick from the games. For your convenience, the casino has further categorized the available games in several other categories, including slots, table games, video poker, speciality, and progressive jackpots.


A key part of any casino experience is the availability of games. When it comes to gaming, SlotoCash has you covered. Players will be able to choose from a good variety spread across several main sections, including Featured Games, Slots Games, Other Games, and New Games.

To access the full portfolio in a slightly more dedicated setting, though, you may want to download the casino platform. The instant play platform seems to get things right all along, with players at liberty to pick every game they like.

Naturally, to access any of the products, you will first need to login, which is a simple process. It requires a registered account that takes only a minute or two. We advise you to provide your information during the registration period accurately.

Once you have completed the registration process it’s time to pick from the games. For your convenience, the casino has further categorized the available games in several other categories, including slots, table games, video poker, speciality, and progressive jackpots.

There are some 120 slot games by Real Time Gaming, a premier developer of casino products. Similarly, you can choose from six different progressive jackpot games, including Megasaur, Spirit of the Inca, and more. If you truly enjoy taking control over your gameplay, though, we feel roulette will be a tad more appropriate for you.

You see, a game of roulette provides players with immense value as it allows you to conceive and execute strategies. Roulette is a dynamic game with straightforward gameplay but the room for personal growth as a player.

SlotoCash has been very happy to oblige and provide you with two of the most popular versions of the game, and specifically American Roulette and European Roulette. As you will see when you play, American Roulette has a slightly more challenging environment due to the double zeros, but then again, it offers a unique betting opportunity.

The house edge in European Roulette is not nearly as high, and many players opt for that version of the game. Either way, SlotoCash has put a lot of effort into its roulette games and they are among the most popular games you can enjoy.

One of the main advantages of signing up at Sloto’Cash is that there are tons of bonuses for every type of player. The welcome deal is by far the most impressive, allowing you to redeem up to $7,777 as promo funds and 300 Slot spins across your first five deposits. Remember to input the relevant Sloto’Cash Casino bonus codes on checkout. Here’s how it’s spread out:

Find Authentic Entertainment in the Live Casino

We live in times in which you’re no longer required to play table games against the computer. To join a session with a real-life croupier where you can chat with other players, all you need to do is log in and click on “Live Dealer”. A new window will open, sending you to an exquisite lobby from Visionary iGaming. Do note that Sloto’Cash Craps is not available in a live form, but in all fairness, there aren’t many studios that offer such dice games.

SlotoCash Live Casino

Here’s what you need to know about Visionary iGaming streams. They’re generally quite lively, and there’s always music playing in the background. The dealers are professional, chatty and can speak English and Spanish.

Three main genres are available:

Roulette – A total of four broadcasts that follow the standard European and American rules. You can pick between three betting tiers, with the overall range being $1-$1,000. SlotoCash Casino allows you to play with a croupier or select auto tables that spin the ball automatically. The latter is a good choice for those who want to get in more rounds quickly.

Blackjack – Here, you can either go for a standard Blackjack table or pick “Early Payout”. Both follow the same rules (Vegas Strip), but there are notable differences to the player experience. The regular tables have seven open seats, so you might have to wait and bet behind if they’re full.

“Early Payout” is a one-to-many product, meaning that the dealer will distribute cards on three community positions, and you can activate one or more of them. In this SlotoCash Casino Blackjack, everyone gets the same initial cards, but individuals choose what to do from thereon. You can take “Early Payout” at any point before a bust, which is like a late surrender option with a small house edge. Both Blackjacks come with the “Rummy” and “Pairs” side bets, while the general betting range is $10-$2,500.

Baccarat – In a nutshell, the “Baccarat” and “Super 6” are almost identical. The only difference is that the latter has an additional side bet, which makes it the better option if you’re into these wagers. You can place stakes between $5 and $1,000.

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