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The biggest problem for most sports betting sites in the United States is the fact that there’s not enough banking options when it comes to adding funds to your account or when you want to remove your winnings. Smarkets can make a significant impact on the market by making sure that all players have a pain-free experience when it comes to transacting on their accounts. The best way to achieve this is by adding a plethora of banking options that are safe, secure and reliable.

Smarkets Sportsbook Review & Promo Code

Smarkets, a European-based sports betting operator, recently signed a multimillion-dollar contract with Full House Resorts, considered one of the most prestigious casino operators in the United States. The partnership will provide both parties access to the sports betting market in Colorado and Indiana in the not too distant future.

What’s even more impressive about this partnership is that players in the United States might also be able to benefit from the innovative betting exchange platform from Smarkets that is currently enjoying huge success in Europe.

You might be surprised to learn that Smarkets already had a foothold in the United States before the partnership took place, thanks to the company owning offices in Los Angeles. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Smarkets would have been part of the sports betting market in one way or another. Smarkets is renowned as a betting exchange platform but also offers a sportsbook product that was only recently launched to the public. The sports betting platform is the first thing that bettors in Colorado and Indiana will see from the European-based company.

Smarkets would eventually like to reach additional regions across the United States. However, for now it will be working hand-in-hand with Full House Resorts through Bronco Billy’s Casino and Hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado, along with the Rising Star Casino Resort in Rising Sun, Indiana, to get everything started.

Players could see the brand-new SBK Sportsbook as soon as May 2020, and it’s for this reason that we decided to take a sneak peek at what players might be presented with once the site goes live.

You can expect SBK to launch with a welcome bonus structure competitive with these offers.

SBK CO welcome bonus

If SBK hopes to survive in what will undoubtedly be a highly competitive Colorado online and mobile sports betting market, it is going to have to come up with a competitive bonus structure to draw in new players. This may include a no-deposit bonus, risk-free bet or first-time deposit bonus.

In the UK, SBK launched in 2019 offering to refund up to the first £20 worth of losses to new players who deposit £20.

DraftKings Sportsbook is a market leader in several other states and awards new players a 20% first-deposit bonus and a risk-free first bet. FanDuel Sportsbook is also among the market leaders elsewhere in the US and offers new players up to a $1,000 risk-free bet.

You can expect SBK to launch with a welcome bonus structure competitive with these offers.

This section will be updated with information regarding SBK’s own welcome bonus when the information becomes available.

Android download for the Smarkets app

Top Features of the Smarkets app

Back and lay bets

smarkets football markets

As a betting exchange, you have the choice to bet ‘for’ an event or ‘against’ an event. This gives much better flexibility with your wagers compared to a traditional sportsbook.

Graphic representations

Smarkets gives striking visuals on the mobile app, and you can use these visuals to check out the betting activity for any market. You can also check the graph to see how odds have fluctuated too.

Live betting

Of course, one of the best aspects has to be live betting. Here you can grab some absolute gems if you are quick on the trigger – and you can make a live bet in seconds with the Smarkets app.

Customisable sportsbook

You should see small stars next to all sports within the app. These stars can be selected or deselected as you see fit. However, when you select these stars, the sports that you’ve chosen will be listed at the top of the sportsbook. This is where you’ll see your favourites, and basically, it means that you’ll be shown the most relevant sports and markets first. After all, everyone has different sports and events that they’d prefer to bet on. So why not change the game and adapt the sportsbook to suit your own preferences?

It really does make sense, and it makes the Smarkets app even easier to use and place wagers from.

Where the moneyline can cause confusion for newcomers is how the odds are presented. Moneyline bets are denoted by positive and negative numbers next to the team names in the game. For example, you might see one team listed as +180 and the other as -210. This odds format is called American odds. You might also hear it called moneyline odds, though it’s used for much more than just moneyline bets.

Sports betting types on SBK

Though Smarkets prides itself on offering extremely competitive odds, the nuts and bolts of betting on SBK remain the same. You choose a game, pick a type of bet and move forward. However, if you’ve never bet on sports online before, you may need an update or refresher for the kinds of things you’ll see.

Types of bets

For one thing, whether you’re on SBK or some other sportsbook, you’re going to find a multitude of options for betting. Most of these are identical to their real-world counterparts, but there are a few differences, so here are the betting types that you’re going to see.

Live betting

Live betting is the most prominent type of sports wager that you won’t often find in retail sportsbooks. The logistics of managing live bets in a land-based book make offering this type of wager quite difficult.

Live betting is a straightforward concept. You are wagering on games that are live or already in progress. This type of wager is also known as “in game wagering” at some sportsbooks. On SBK, it is called “in-play betting.”

Online sportsbooks tend to offer live bets in one of three distinct flavors. The first type of live bet you’ll encounter is the continuation of pregame bets. This is when moneyline, point spread and totals wagers are available during the game. However, if you want to make one of these bets, be aware that the estimates the book is offering are now shifting based upon the events of the game, so you will not have the same amount of time to make your decision.

Live bets can also revolve around milestone achievements. If a player or team appears to be closing in on some kind of arbitrary mark, the sportsbook might whip up some quick odds about whether they will get there.

Finally, live betting often involves partial game results. You might be asked to decide about the outcome of a particular period of play. The reason that this type of live bet is so important is due to the granularity that today’s sports betting software can provide. It is now possible to see wagering options for the outcome of individual plays and other small parts of a game.

This ability to drill down to the smallest components of the game dramatically expands the potential number of wagers that a game can hold. It’s not uncommon to see one game play host to more than 100 wagers.

Live betting is front and center on most sportsbook apps, including SBK. It is the predominant form of sports betting on many events. Of course, if you’d prefer to stick with the more traditional types of wagers, there’s nothing wrong with that.


The moneyline is a what most novices think of when they imagine betting on sports. At heart, the moneyline is nothing more than a straight wager on the winner of a contest, with no additional twists. On SBK, you may see this type of bet called an “outright winner”, or something similar.

Where the moneyline can cause confusion for newcomers is how the odds are presented. Moneyline bets are denoted by positive and negative numbers next to the team names in the game. For example, you might see one team listed as +180 and the other as -210. This odds format is called American odds. You might also hear it called moneyline odds, though it’s used for much more than just moneyline bets.

These numbers tell you how much money a given wager stands to win. A positive number indicates that the team next to it is the underdog. It tells you the amount of profit you’d make on a winning $100 bet. Thus, if a team is listed at +200, you bet $100 on them and they win, your return would be your $100 stake plus $200 profit, for a total return of $300.

Conversely, a negative number indicates that the team is favored to win. In that case, the number indicates how much you must risk in order to win $100. Thus, a team at -200 means that you must risk $200 to turn a $100 profit, once again for a $300 total return.

In other words, a -200 line and a +200 line are opposites: bet $200 to win $100 vs. bet $100 to win $200. In practice, the two sides of a moneyline bet won’t quite match, however. This is because the operator is pocketing a little money from each side in order to make its profits.

Point spreads

Second most popular after moneyline betting is the point spread. This is a sort of handicap to make both sides of a bet close to even. It’s a wager not just on the winner, but the margin of victory in a game.

In a spread bet, instead of getting shorter odds, the favorite must win by a certain margin. For instance, Seattle -1.5 / Buffalo +1.5 means that Seattle is a slight favorite, and expected to win by about 1.5 points on average. Players then bet whether the favorite will win by at least that margin, or if the underdog will either win outright or lose by fewer points than the estimate. The team which wins this style of bet is said to have “covered the spread.”

When you go to make a spread bet, you will notice that there are American-style odds alongside the spread itself. These work the same way as for moneylines, but the numbers should be identical or not too far apart because the point of having a spread is to equalize the odds. If it’s truly even with the spread, then typically both sides will be listed as -110. The reason it’s not +100 on each side is the premium that SBK charges in order to turn a profit.


Another common sports bet that you’ll see on SBK is the totals bet. The totals bet is a wager on the combined point total of the two teams in their contest. This bet’s outcome doesn’t depend in any way on which team wins, only their combined offensive performance.

For a totals bet, you’ll be given a line, such as 48.5. This will often end in a half point, though round numbers are possible too and allow the possibility of a tie. You will then decide whether you think the actual total will be above or below the estimate. For this reason, totals bets are colloquially known as “the over/under“.

Like spread bets, totals bets come with a moneyline payout ratio. For the main totals line, these will be close to balanced, usually -110 on both sides. You can also bet alternative totals, with better or worse payouts depending on the number you’re trying to hit.

Futures betting

Futures bets are wagers about events far in the future. They are usually bets about which team will win a season championship, whether a team will make the playoffs, or which player will win a given award.

Because they involve the entire league, rather than a single match, most future bets have more than two options to choose from. That also means that most of the odds will be positive numbers. For instance, even the very best team in a league might only be 25% to win the championship, which would translate to odds of around +300.

SBK and other sportsbooks typically list futures in the moneyline format. Positive moneyline odds can simply be divided by 100 to get your straight odds.


Proposition bets or “props” are wagers on aspects of a game other than its final outcome or points total. They could be bets on just a certain portion of a game, the performance of one team or player, or statistics other than the score. Live in-play betting tends to involve a lot of props.

Outside of the sportsbook context, you’ll also hear the term “prop bet” used for any bet not related to sports or traditional gambling activities, for instance a weight loss bet, or guessing the total bill at a restaurant. Here, however, you’ll be predicting things like a player’s total rushing yards, or the game’s highest-scoring quarter.


Parlays are a single bet that combines many individual wagers. In order to create a parlay, you’ll choose several bets and then decide how to combine them. SBK will tell you what the aggregate payout will be for the bets and style of parlay you’ve chosen.

Each bet in a parlay is known as a “leg.” As you add legs to your parlay, the odds of winning will get slimmer but the potential payout will increase. This is assuming that you’re looking at betting a straight parlay, in which every leg has to be a winner for the bet as a whole to win.

It’s not uncommon to see recreational players betting parlays with 10 legs or more. Such bets offer payouts that are orders of magnitude higher than individual bets, allowing the chance to win large sums on a tiny wager. However, because they are so unlikely to pay out, parlays are usually one of the top profit centers for sportsbooks and not typically a good investment.

As a middle ground between single bets and straight parlays, you can choose various kinds of round robins. For instance, you can pick four bets and wager on getting at least three of them correct. In effect, such a bet is actually four separate straight parlays, one each on every combination of three bets out of the four you chose.

The sportsbook also accepts real-money wagers placed on a variety of international and US sports and leagues including the NFL, NBA and even college football. As expected, a variety of betting options is also covered by the bookie. In other words, the bookie covers all major betting types including parlays, futures, point spreads, prop bets, totals, and more that are always associated with rather competitive betting odds.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions

The SBK Sportsbook rating goes significantly up when you check the operator’s welcome bonus offering. Every newly registered bettor can get a risk-free bonus of USD 20 for only USD 20 invested. Only bettors who are at least twenty-one years old are eligible for this offer. If you join the sportsbook today and make a deposit of at least USD 20, the sportsbook will refund your first USD 20 of losses in cash. The best part, no minimum odds and no wagering requirements associated with the offer.

To grab this SBK Sportsbook bonus, you need to open an online account here. Before you get there, download the app to your Android or iOS device and join the venue. Then, go to your banking section and make a deposit of USD 20 or more in a single amount. Once your account has been funded, place one or multiple bets on any betting market. In the case of your first qualifying wagers are settled as a loser, the sportsbook refunds your losing stake in cash up to USD 20.

Refunds are credited to your account within twenty-four hours following your qualifying wagers being settled. It is also important to note that bettors have seven days from the day of opening their accounts to place qualifying bets. Unused bonus credits expire seven days from the day of opening your account. At the time of writing this review, the bookie does not offer other bonuses and promotions. However, in the future bettors can expect to be offered free bets bonuses, odds boosts, and similar offers that renowned bookies usually offer.

SBK sports betting app has a variety of ways for you to get money online. You can use the usual methods like debit or credit cards, as well as PayPal and bank transfer. All the deposits are instant, but withdrawals take from hours to seven business days.

Banking Options: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

SBK sports betting app has a variety of ways for you to get money online. You can use the usual methods like debit or credit cards, as well as PayPal and bank transfer. All the deposits are instant, but withdrawals take from hours to seven business days.

Banking Method Deposits Withdrawal Options Withdrawal Time
Credit Cards Yes No N/A
PayPal Yes Yes 2 – 3 days
ACH/E-checks Yes Yes 3 – 5 days
Bank Transfer Yes No N/A

Sportsbook on Mobile

SBK Sportsbook does NOT have a desktop site. All betting takes place on their mobile app, which is available for owners of iOS and Android devices. The sportsbook app is pleasing to the eye. With a lack of distractions and a predominately green/black color scheme, it keeps focus where it belongs – on your online sports betting experience.

After one of the most distinctive online sports betting sites found its way to the United States more specifically to Indiana and Colorado, the SBK app that is powered by Smarkets is available for download. One of the biggest advantages of joining this sports betting site is its remarkable app that works on all modern Android and iOS devices.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions

In this section, we take a look at the SBK bonus department which as expected is loaded with great bonuses and promotions including a generous welcome bonus that is a unique promo offered to newcomers who decide to register here. This sports betting bonus is one of the biggest advantages of joining this bookie considering it features free bets alongside several other generous surprises.

For its newcomers residing in the United States, the bookie offers a great bonus for all those who register and make a deposit of at least USD 20. In this case, the bookie refunds your first USD 20 in losses. It is important to say that this refund offered comes as withdrawable cash and not credits that you can use to place more bets which makes it a genuine refund that we rarely see in the online sports betting industry.

There are certain terms and conditions which apply to this offer that you should carefully check before you claim the bonus. First of all, the offer is only valid for seven days after registering and making a qualifying deposit, so make sure you use it in time. To take part in this offer, you must be aged 21 years or over and located in the state of Colorado and Indiana . Other common restrictions such as rollover requirements and minimum qualifying odds are not applicable to this offer.

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