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Tbh I played a lot of casinos and had plenty won money so tried this one out and out of 1300$ on 3 – 4.20$ spins I literally didn’t hit 3 9’s on 234 mega ways games and not to mention getting a bonus or anything else. Live chat disconnected me because whenever you ask them about games not paying they need verification to copy paste how it’s my own fault playing and it’s all fair and random just bad luck. Pretty fishy casino with only Micro gaming games

Hi there just wanna let you guys know to be careful at this Spin and all slots casino. This guys are scammers after I submitted all the right documents they’ll been asking me to delayed my withdrawals about the proof of ownership of my interac account which I used for a long time depositing on this spin and all slots casino and when I won and decided to withdraw my winnings they asked me for proof of ownership which is unbelievable coz if they’re only concern about their customers if they’re really the one who owns that interac account used for depositing on their casino they should ask proof of ownership before their deposit go through but they asked you proof of ownership and when you decided to make a withdrawal on your winnings. That’s when they’re gonna asked for the proof of ownership of the interac account. And after you sent them all of the proof like me I uploaded my driver’s license, bank statements showing my fullname and address which exactly the same details on my drivers license also I sent them a printed screen showing the right emails of my interac auto deposit. They’re still gonna give alibis like the documents I sent them is too blurry which is imposible coz it’s printed screen how come it’s gonna be blurry. And also they tell me that I didn’t provided the right documents that they’ve been asking and a lot of alibis to make your withdrawals delayed. All slots casino delayed my $200 withdrawal for 1 month and 1 week but I still didn’t get it on my bank account they returned it at my casino account. Spin casino delayed my $500 withdrawal for 1 week and 2 days and same thing happened I sent them all the right proof of ownership of interac account and all the right documents they’ll been asking me still I didn’t get it on my account so I decided to reversed my withdrawal of $500 so that I’m gonna do a new process for my $500 withdrawal and to be deposited on my interac account and I’m gonna printed screen it to show them. Guess what happened? They only returned $470 on my account which I’m not aware of the $30 charged for doing the reversed withdrawal coz the support that I talked to didn’t let me know and when I told about it on the other support guy that I didn’t get the exact $500 for my reversed withdrawal that’s when he told me that $30 charged for reversing it which I’m not informed. So yeah this guys are scammers I got proof as I printed screen some of the conversations at every support I talked with regarding my withdrawal issues and how they keep on getting my withdrawals delayed because of they’re bs alibis. I wish this casinos stop from running and don’t operate anymore so that they won’t scam and victimized other people and so that other people will not experienced what they did to me that got me stressed out waiting for my withdrawals to be on my bank account but my withdrawals didn’t come after providing all the right proof and documents. I wish someone report them coz I don’t know where to report them

My withdrawal request of $895 is stuck with them from the past 10 days. Out of this amount $500 is my own deposit. Chatted twice with support and sent all my documents twice. Still in limbo.. my experience really sucks with them.

Well, too bad that I read these reviews after I won $10,000. Jumping through hoops is not even close to what you have to do to get your winnings. I have a legal first name of Francesca, but have gone by Franci my entire life. All my legal documents have the name Francesca on them. My credit cards have the name, Franci. Yet I these “two” people have the same address, email, birthday, etc. Two weeks later and they finally have asked me for legal documentation for the person “Franci”. What. I sent them everything I have for identity purposes. Once I experienced this, I played through my winnings and left it at zero. I will never go back to this site. I spent thousands on this site without ever receiving a dime.

I won 3000 I tried to withdraw. I sent in the documents they asked for. First it was my ID. I sent it in. Then a bank statement. I sent it in. Then they wanted me to send in a bank statement with the transactions showing on it. I had to wait for a new statement to be issued by my bank. Once I sent in the statement with the transactions shown they told me that i need to send in a statement from my Interac account. I don’t have an Interac account. It was done through my bank and that is the only way I can show them. They will go so far not to pay you out so do not play on this site!

I was promised a large number of free spins when joined. I joined but no mention of free spins. I certainly am not going to gamble if the Spin Casino doesn’t honour their commitments at the outset

They have refused to pay my winnings by saying my card is locked which is a total lie. Its 2 months since my withdrawal and they confirmed all my details were correct.

They take way too long to pay out what they owe you. Now for some reason the interac portion of the withdrawal on their side isnt working so I cant pull out any winnings.

On October 31 I won 3000+ I deposited fine when it was time to withdraw everything changed I had to send driver’s license bank statement/ utility bill, I sent everything they kept saying documents submitted was not approved, I sent several times until I gave up played out the,2700 because I couldn’t withdraw. Then they sent 300. Funny, the documents weren’t approved before. What happened? 3000 not approved, 300 approved?

I won $5800.00 dollars and they asked for bank statements, copy of drivers license, proof of address, direct deposit form with proof of email and credit card statement. This went on for one month through email requests. Different people emailing me requests. An email that you cannot respond back. Live chats that keep telling you a decision will be made in 3 to 7 days through email. They finally put the money back in my account. They refused to give me my winnings.

I haven’t been paid in over a month each email gets more specific. Instead of being specific from the beginning. I now have to highlight my own payments because they can’t see them. Make sure you give bank statements stamped by bank highlighted. Don’t let them drag out the process.

I opened a new account and they accepted a few hundred dollars from me with absolutely no problem, then they suddenly logged me out and would not allow me to log back in. I contacted support with the issue and was told that management closed my account and it could not be reopened. When asked why and for what reason they knew nothing. She said I will receive a email within 48 hours from operations. I have never experienced this before to take my money and kick me out for nothing. Seems odd to me.

Made a withdrawl on April 19th for over 4k. Inquired on the 28th as to why I hadn’t been paid, was told Operations was reviewing and would get back to me in 48hrs. Followed up on May 1st and was told still being reviewed. The person in the chat has no info and is pretty much useless for these types of requests. They have now made my account inaccessible so i can’t even check on the progress from there.

I went on chat about 10 times in a 24 hour time frame to inquire about my withdrawal and literally every single time I was told something totally different- the live chat is horrible and it’s like they don’t even work at same casino

Once I won money and withdrew it the site all of a sudden has problems with my deposit. My bank says it went through but it is not in my account. This happened before with another site I played.

I’ve been waiting for 6 weeks now – for thousands and thousands owed to me. No one will respond to me except the chat staff and its not their fault. I don’t know whats going on here but It makes nauseous knowing I have to follow up daily and still nothing is happening, Now Im being told they need more time. So 2-3 months payouts? Maybe a manager will see this and get back to me? Very frustrated

I played live baccarat and they took that option off the official list of games they had
I eon a good sum of money,I did get paid but they don’t like winners

Deposited $50 it never showed up in my account. Customer service was very unhelpful to say the least just gave me the run around. After over 2 weeks not only did I get no answer no one got back to me after countless emails sent to 3 different support emails.

I have been playing at this casino for 20years or so and it is not the same casino I started with. They have always taken their time paying out. I count on about ten days which I’m used to. Take my money very quickly and easily I have direct to my bank. Although lately I have experienced customer service as robotic. I have found they have no game history and I cant believe that I have never noticed that. They have tourney play that they can’t monitor so makes me think not legit. Since they changed name to spin it has not been the same. I suspect a change in the whole site. I no longer feel it is number one.

It has been 5 weeks I have been waiting for my money. They keep saying they are busy……….almost makes me think this place is a scam and don’t want to give the money back. Players beware never experienced this before with any online site

You will have to wait one plus month to get your winnings. I initially sent in my documents to verify my account so I can avoid any future hassle. Two days later I submitted a withdrawal for $1600 then 5000 the next day. Keep in mind the reviewing stage takes 7 days (yes business days). 7 days later upon reviewing the documents they sent me an email letting me know that they don’t require documents at this time and will let me know when they do. Five days later I received the $1600… So I thought within the next day or so I’ll get the remaining of my winnings. Never did! 5 days later they sent an email saying that they need documents again ( the same ones they reviewed initially) I resubmitted again… it’s been almost THREE weeks and no one got to the documents yet. They keep saying they’re working on backlogs. Who knows they might keep asking for documents to keep stalling.

I deposited $25 and another $25 then I kept winning. I won up to $5000 and couldn’t withdrawl so I kept playing and kept winning. Hours passed I didn’t notice because I kept winning and almost won $10,000 which got me more excited so I decided to check my bank because I had this feeling and they withdrawled all the money I had left almost $800.

had an account that was self excluded . This is my fault however I did try to make a deposit and it was rejected . And noone will help me get my money back . Spent 3 hours waiting for chat and 2 weeks waiting on an apparent escalation. Still haven’t heard back from them

I deposited more than 5k , and the was won 2300$ and my withdrawal rest pending .. … And never received my money. Many times I was chatting with the operators, and say my waiting 24h after , waiting 7 Days, afert 7days… I sent all of mi id, bank statement, drivers license and health certificate…. And still waiting and never received notting… When I chatted with the operators kickme off stop chatting, every time Iosse my time andt money.

Worst VIP experience I have ever had, all other casinos are having free give aways and bonuses while this casino stays it course with 35% match bonus up to $25, what a joke, won big a few times but the payout time takes so long you end up spending the funds anyway.

I have been waiting for a withdrawal of $500.00 to be deposited in my bank account since November 2nd and it is now November 17th. The reason given was for security reasons. I tried to do the withdrwawal twice but got the same result. I tried a 3rd time to have the money put to my credit card but they said you had to deposit by credit card to get the withdrawal to,your credit card. I made every deposit with my credit card so this does not make sense. There is no way to get in touch with any human by phone. I did the live chats with at least 3 different people tonight and kept getting cut off. They also requested that i send them proof of identity as well as a utility bill and a bank statement that could not be an onlune statement. Who gets paper bank statements these days? They also said their managers will not take any calls. What kind of manager will not talk to their customer? I am not impressed with the lack of response I am getting.

Its been over two weeks since I’ve got anything from them. I won 2444.83 its beginning to be a pipe dream. I always have fun, until it comes time to cash out. They take the money quickly but you surely don’t get it back quickly.

It’s been a week now and I still haven’t got my 1000.00 withdraw, I’ve spent hours upon hours online chat and they keep coming up with new timelines and then hit me with oh you haven’t verified yourself, your I.d. and oh you have to wait 3 business days or we have a mismatch and please verify this and that

I made a successful deposit and it didn’t show up in my account. Yet my bank says withdraw. I tried to chat with someone and they said it was unsuccessful which was bull.

Spin Palace has an Australian website claiming real life croupiers , they do not exist , when I requested a refund or switch to sports betting on my initial deposit . they refused , even though I did not make one single bet .Have made a complaint to ACMA , (Australian Communication and Media Association).

I really do like this casino. I’ve cashed out big. It was in my account within days. I do wish that the winnings were instantly deposited through. The 2-3 days waiting has been a downfall for me to. End up spending it. But with that being said, that’s my fault. I have won lots

No problems with this site nor the withdrawal process. I’m set up for Interact-online so it’s a direct etransfer from the banking team with a password sent to my phone directly prior to the etransfer. when I withdraw winnings. I waited three days for $1000.00 and it was painless. All I can say is fill out every bit of info you can when signing up So everything proving you are who you say you are isn’t in question . And stay away from Visa’s or other credit cards tied to a company or small
Business. You’ll get into all sorts of back and forth etc . 4/5 rating from me on this site.

Hi people so it’s been almost 2 months waiting for my funds to come in n it’s only 1900$!
They ask way too much info and too many questions

Plus my boyfriend won 9000 and they didn’t release it because he used his own business Visa card
After he spent 10 000 + they then tell him he can’t have his funds because he used a business card

. I was so impressed with this casino at first as I go along I keep getting more & more disappointed
Best wishes to th e rest of you

Every coiple of withdrawls I make the site says that there is an issue with the name on the account and they need me to send the information. I speak with an agent and they say everything is good and they have my documents bit two or three withdrawls after and I have to jump through the same hoops over and over. For an international company they sure have a hard time keeping their documents and records in order, although there is never a problem when I deposit.

Fin site. Lota of variety. Withdrawal is pretty simple. It is a computer generated program so once you do made withdrawals you wont win as much for a long time but it does come back I’ve noticed once you have played through the amount you withdrew.
They also stop any daily deals once you withdraw a higher amount. Keep making deposits for about a month or so any they will come back eventually.
This site is here to profit so please know you might win but expect to deposit it all back before any further luck.
In our home we have 5 members who play and have all had the same pattern.

I personally do love this Casino but I also understand its frustrating waiting for our funds to come in fast at times
I believe its policy and safety for Fraud purposes.
Just follow procedure.
Even after cashing out unlike most online casinos wont let us win no more. This one still does

Withdrew 2000 on the 18th and back on my card today. I have 1 more to go of 5k (had a good run) no issues..I was worried tho with these reviews.

Right..so pretty good generally, I’m about even at 12k but if you win and withdraw, pretty much you may as well send all your details all over again as quick as you can, as after your pending withdrawal isnt pending anymore, roughly 24- 48hrs then you will get asked for something to confirm which is a pretty much another 48hrs, then chuck a weekend in, time difference ( I’m in NZ, ) and you’re looking at about 7 days before you hopefully get your cash…and to be fair , you will,dont waste your time with live chat..they will make you feel lovely but cant actually sort anything, hence the reason you cant email direct…it is all about waiting waiting waiting…dont bet while you are waiting as your “luck ” seems to be less then when you’re off the radar. Seems ok and reasonably legit, although I have started using paysafe to deposit as the casino has way to much info on me for my liking…but hey,i gave them it.. have fun, i have..but still sceptical. Lol

Hey David, I happened across these reviews tonight and read with Surprise and concern at the amount of people who are not receiving or are still waiting some months later. Then I came to yours and you are a fellow Kiwi so it gave substance to what I was reading. Mate, if I had put money into a casino, had a win, and they didn’t or wouldn’t pay out I would not let it go until they did pay out no matter what Takes, wouldn’t you? I over the five years of pain intermittently with Spin have never had a problem Around receiving any winnings and unlike yourself they are always paid (after pending for the two days) instantly on the third day into my account. I Once had a Very significant win about three or four years ago (just got my second one Wednesday night) and I have to admit that because of the amount they may not pay out or find a reason not to. However there it was promptly in my bank three days later. I can’t fault this casino in that department. I have not played on Spin for quite awhile but I had no concerns until now lol.

I have had nothing but problems from Spin casino, I signed up and deposited $200 and just started winning when all of a sudden the game errored and I could no longer log back in.
It has now taken me two months so far to get this sorted, I asked for the ballance in my account to be paid out and was told to send through ID, utility bill and bank statement which I sent but still no payout of my original deposit.
I have chatted with them on their chat service so many times and always get told that it’s been esculated to the operations dept and will be sorted 24 or 48 hours and two months later still no money!

Well, too bad that I read these reviews after I won $10,000. Jumping through hoops is not even close to what you have to do to get your winnings. I have a legal first name of Francesca, but have gone by Franci my entire life. All my legal documents have the name Francesca on them. My credit cards have the name, Franci. Yet I these “two” people have the same address, email, birthday, etc. Two weeks later and they finally have asked me for legal documentation for the person “Franci”. What. I sent them everything I have for identity purposes. Once I experienced this, I played through my winnings and left it at zero. I will never go back to this site. I spent thousands on this site without ever receiving a dime.

I have been using spin casino for some time now.
I am vry happy with their service.
All my winings are deposit straight to my account through interac once or sometime twice a week.
Only past three weeks I have withdrawn 3700$. From mu winings.

i won 1400$ ive been waiting for 3 weeks now for my withdrawal every time something new comes up, i sent in my i.d. and my bank info, it was approved.. then i waited, i came back a few days later and was told it was put back in my casino account… huh? i asked for withdrawal! seems back and forth to me,

I’ve waited for over 20 hours for a deposit to be credited to my account. Spin casino says it’s the bank but it isn’t. If you do win, good luck trying to get your money right away. My wife just waited 8 days for them to deposit money owed to her from the casino.

I opened an account with them got on the casino and went to deposit. After making a 50 $ deposit there system kicked me and wouldnt let me back in. After an hour on a live chat with them the said I got kicked for self exclusion. After proving I never had an account with them they said it would be 48 hrs for a response . I would get my money back in around the same time . I wouldn’t say a scam exactly but I want to know how a system can be smart enough to catch self excluded people from making accounts but not smart enough to do it until AFTER they deposit their money.

Well I’m surprised, but definitely happy, I won $2100, after first couple of days playing and after reading some reviews reluctantly thought I had no chance of getting the winnings, but 72 hours latter after providing details, money is cleared in my credit card account.

Was very worried after reading all the reviews. I won 44k took 1 week after they received my ID but got every last penny.

Nearing the completion of documentation, identify me and stuff like that I got a representative that because I mention the word “pay my bills” followed by acknowledging that this was a typo and I’m borrowing money off my sister, she locked my account and told me I could be 6 months before it’s unlocked. What can I do from here? I applied for my withdrawal on the 19th of May and then every time I complete a process something else comes up. Can anyone advise me what to do?

Aw yes I am too waiting for a withdrawal of 2000.00 my first withdrawal of 700.00 was ok I guess .but I’m not sure why it takes so long on other withdrawals. I sent in my identification and still nothing. It’s been 1 week.i screenshot a conversation I had with the on line support and sent that along too with my identification..if I dont get my money soon ..I will research a different site and try them .

I have been waiting 21 days for my withdrawl of 1500. My first big win of 1800 was deposited within 2 days as I sent in my id and utility bill when I withdrew the first time. This second time they said I needed to resubmit id and my utility bill again. So I did and they said it wasn’t accepted and asked for my birth certificate. So I sent it. After 4 live chat conversations they said my withdraw was approved. That was 5 days ago. I’m still waiting…

I have personally had no problems with the casino and have has good experience with online chat at site and
are helpfull.

Have withdrawn 65000 so far ranging from 1200-17000 have had some sessions total 20k plus.
48hr withdrawl is the biggest downside to withdrawl process to tempting to reverse.
134000 deposit 64000 withdrawl but was givin ample winning and opertunity to be at least even or even profit if was not for reversal.
Seems that once its in the withdrawl stage the money reversed plays differntly than fresh deposit money.,same affect as when take a deposit match bonus better chance for winning until when play through is around 75% complete becomes difficult to hold and balance can dissapear fast.

Watch play through carefully if you intend to wthdraw with any balance left. Days of the week and times of day seem to also play a big factor in winning or loosing.

I have been trying to withdrawal my winnings of $448.16 but it states that it’s pending. Everytime I log back in it’s still pending. I have also tried to reach out to technical support but there’s never any responses. And how come there isn’t a phone number to call in these types of situations?

I won 2300 ( cashed out 2200) it pended for 3 days. I sent my ID documents in and I was sent an e transfer this morning. Have to admit I was skeptical reading some bad reviews but happy to say spin casino came through.

My withdrawal pended for 3 days. I received my winnings a week later.

I made my first payment to this casino, its been almost 24 hrs and have not seen it come threw! I talked to 5 different live chat people and no one can confirm where my money went! They all stop answering me as well! My bank said it was deposited!

I would not recommend playing on this site.
I have been waiting over a month for my winnings and they still refuse me.
There is a notice up, stating they are under review as they do not pay out their winnings.

I ask for a withdrawal of 500$, and after two months still waiting for my money. You have a live chat or e-mail, but it´s impossible to talk with someone higher

Took over 2 weeks and countless hours of finding ridiculous documentation to verify my Id, proof of address and bank statements to withdraw the little money I did win. since then, I have relentlessly lost thousands of dollars with little to no game time between deposit and having lost whole deposit. I’ve used a lot of sites and had some ratshit experiences but this by far the worst.

Its Nov 29 2019 I recently have put in a request for a very large withdrawal. It’s been 9 business days in pending! Even with reverse withdrawel staring me down after requesting the tab option to be removed with no success I still stay patient. I’ve been gaming with spin palace for 4 years. Only a few withdrawels some around 5k +. All were very fast and reliable. Funds instantly available. I hope they stay true to there words with all these unresolved complaints going around.

I deposited $50 with Spin Palace casino and refused to accept the welcome bonus as I know this is usually tied in with some pretty shifty T&Cs.. I won $205 to which I withdrew the money and received a confirmation Email. I was told I would receive another Email once the withdrawal had been processed. I am now 8 week’s into my withdrawal and after countless attempts to collect my winnings via this companies live chat and Email, they are yet to pay me out.

I started playing and made some money so I made a withdrawal. Two days later they block me from my account and said that I asked to close my account a week before which I just opened the account. After chatting with a rep they said you need to send in verification. I did this 7 days ago and they still won’t give me access and still have my bank account information and money. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. And they have done nothing to make me feel like my information is secure.

Won many times with no problem receiving the moneys but my girlfriend played there and won twice , recived the moneys , two weeks ago she won 500 cad and requested the withdrawal and waited seven days for the transfer of moneys which she did not received. Contacted chat and they check and requested first time utility bill which we email them , next few days they ask for ID and we send them Canadian citizenship card , 2 days pass and now they ask for an ID with a date on it . They could have asked all that with one email

I am from Canada, I made two withdrawals like two weeks ago and still waiting for a deposit, spoke to them on Friday and said all was good, was congratulated and said it should be deposited in 3-5 business days. I keep contacting them but aren’t no help…. On another note they give you bonus and you have to use it on the game selected by them, and once the going gets good they shut you down and once you go back to the game you just end up losing, one way or the other they make sure they get back the majority of the money

I’ve played here for two years and always thought of it as a safe Casino until this morning . When I went to sleep at 1230am I had over 15k in my account. I woke up to .05 left at 6 am…… I was told my 15 k had been played through. I can’t beliebe this is happening I’m literallly so betrayed! Who blows 15,000 in 5 hours ….. they now it’s BS but won’t do anything because I believe they are totally behind it.

I opened an account here deposited 50$ and won 700$ as soon as i made the withdraw they closed the account and know telling there is no such account with them.

I am a Australian, And With no Email notification to close my account,, They closed it taking my deposit and no option to withdraw, They should have notified me befor closing my account, I have over 100 emails from them in the past 8 months all with Log onto your account to get BONUSES

My experience is as follows: I had difficulty withdrawing and had to explain and answer questions before they would release funds. Bottom line I could not withdraw without having to talk to someone which in my opinion made little effort to make me feel welcomed.

I’ve had a few little wins nothing over $500 and the withdraw process has been a week tops, so over all I find it really good never had any problems, you don’t win often though with is the only down fall, I know someone who won 60 thousand he was paid out sweet, know a few people who have won 5-10 thousand wish that was me lol

Had a win, withdraw was taking awhile, asked in LiveChat why it was taking so long, they said it was released a few days ago. A few days passed, still nothing, went back to livechat – they said the funds were being held to settle a transaction dispute. I had no knowledge of any dispute and They could not give me any details. They advised me to check with my bank, my Bank, my bank knew nothing. They are refusing to pay me the money.

i dont know what you people talking about. i am from canada. i won 700$ , i requested the withdraw on tuesday, i gave them my bank information and the money was deposited to my account on friday. i had one of the best customer service, i was chatting with one of the gent(rasheed) and he was very helpfull.

2 hours ago I Was playing the game immortal romance on Spin Palace , I have won the ” big win” of 4600. A few secondes later my credit balance is 102$. I contact technical support And all he tells me, your Winnings are automaticaly add to your balance…. Yeah but there is 4498 missing. Anywho, I decide to call them instead, they told me they don’t see any of my activities on the game. And each and everytime they do some research on my profile, they hang up. I called 2 or 3 times same woman answering “already moved on to another client” voice, sounding irritated that I’m calling,again… She said that if the phone hangs up again, she will call me back. -_-‘ she didn’t and we all know that She won’t. I didn’t like my experience With the supporting team. Spin Palace is a no for me.

I was given false information by an agent on the phone who led me to believe if I deposited today the I would be able to withdraw my obey plus and bonus money without reaching thoroughfare (which they put up by $1200) . The support wouldn’t acknowledge that the thoroughfare was put up, told me I must have misunderstood but then refused to have the phone call listened to. Told me I was not allowed to listen to it. Would not give me the contact details for her supervisor or transfer me after I asked 7 times. Would not transfer me to the manager. Told me she was able to deal with all my requests. I informed her that I didn’t feel she was understanding my requests then and I’d like to please speak to her sypervisor. She refused. This was all for $20 that i stuck in. Thats all it was. As the guy on phone said he’d make sure I could withdraw it.

I have tryed for the past 3 weeks to obtain a $100 withdrawal from spin palace after 1 week was told my bank details were wrong , emails phone calls an a sent void personal cheque an the told me yep all good after 2 week of holding periods even told yep its 2/3 day from my bank after 7 day holding because there behind more email no details are wrong !

wow how i was dreading receiving my $1660 (30 deposit) after reading some of this forums testimonials.
my withdrawal took 4 days (i am in australia) to reach bank account.the 24/7 online support was fantastic,allaying some fears i had after reading some of your codswallop.
fantastic site.stay away from bonuses .nothing is for free.i play mainly table games but had a small crack at the slots and won 600 after 4 spins.go down to your local slot shop and it is the same-

I have to disagree with accepting the bonus money…2 days ago I deposited $50 cad..and accepted the 100% match offer…giving me 50 cash and 50 bonus to play with…well with that I won my way up to $7011 cad…and made a withdraw of 6000…that’s the reason I am checking these reviews and forums…to see if they are good on their word and pay on time

Played there for the last four years,won many times always payed within week,last couple of time I won,always want my banking info again,hassle won 900 2 weeks ago still not there.

Spin palace are way behind others in my opinion great games and so on but the withdrawal process is pathetic I have had several with them and now a week seems to be the normal wait time where as other casinos are a lot quicker

Great casino. Won over $15000 . Quick withdrawal at the most 4 days. Never had any problems. Yes, sometimes you lose.

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