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Unikrn has many different ways that you can enjoy betting on esports – Umode is just one of them. With Umode, you’ll be more involved in your gambling than ever. For more info on esports betting platforms, see our GG.BET review and our Luckbox review here.

By far and away the most important aspects of online gambling – especially for new players – is the welcome bonuses on offer with any given operator.

If you can get something for nothing, then you should definitely take it, and anyone who’s even remotely interested in online esports betting is in for a real treat today, as we go through the Unikrn sign up offers available to new and veteran players alike. Read on brave punter, for tips to how you can make the most of your esports gambling experience.

Almost every bookmaker out there is offering sign up offers to new players, as they’re a great way to get customers onto their website and gives players looking to enjoy online gambling a welcome boost to their bankroll.

Unikrn are currently offering a very generous double first deposit bonus, meaning for your first deposit only, you’ll literally get double-bubble.

Want to know how best to take advantage of this cracking bonus offer? That’s what we’re here for. It goes without saying that this first deposit bonus is only available on your very first deposit to the Unikrn website, so it’s a one-time deal.

But even though you can only activate this bonus on your very first deposit, it’s a banger and absolutely worth it. The deposit must be a minimum of $10 and the maximum bonus amount is $300, meaning can deposit anything up to $150 and get double value for it. You’ll also receive 300 free spins to use on Unikrn slots, which adds even more value to this brilliant bonus offer.

Honestly, this Unikrn esports bonus is a good one, but we do need to mention to anyone slightly unfamiliar with online gambling bonuses that the terms and conditions on these offers are subject to change. Sometimes operators can change the small print on these offers at will, so you have to make sure to check the Ts and Cs applicable to your bonus offer before you redeem it. This should help you avoid any complications due to exact wagering requirements and all that jazz – and overall it should help your bonus offer redemption go more smoothly.

One more slight caveat is that the free spins that come with the bonus offer can only be used on Better Wilds, but that shouldn’t be such a massive issue for most players.

  • Don’t sleep on the spins: Most punters that take advantage of these amazing Unikrn sign up offers will be in it for the esports – given that these guys are one of the most specialised esports operators out there. Having said, don’t forget that if you do redeem this promo you’ll also receive bonus spins for the Unikrn slots, something that you definitely should forget about.
  • Wait to make the most: Since this Unikrn esports bonus is percentile based reward, it makes a lot of sense for punters thinking about getting stuck in here to wait. Since you’re getting double your deposit, the max amount you could put into your new account and take advantage of the offer is $150, which would add $300 to your betting account. If you’re thinking about activating the bonus with a smaller deposit than that, go for it, but be aware that this is a one time deal and therefore the bigger your first deposit (up to $150) the better.
  • For god sake read the Ts & Cs: As we mentioned before, there’s always a chance with these bonus offers that you don’t have the right information. Bookmakers change the fine print of their bonus offers all the time, so we cannot stress enough how important it is to give the fine print a once over before you even think about activating a bonus offer. This way you can be sure you’re not going to be tripped up by some technicality later down the line.
  • Pick your esport properly: Of all the tips we can give you to help take advantage of the Unikrn promo codes, this is probably the most straightforward. If you want the best chance to take advantage of the deposit offer, your best chance is to bet on something you know well. Make sure you pick the esport you want to take a punt on properly, so that you know you’re making as informed a decision as you possibly could be. Obviously you want to be betting on something you know, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to rush off hot-headed when you get these big bonuses, only to waste it on the first market you see. Guys: don’t.

Choose your bonus wisely: When it comes to Unikrn sign up offers, you’re probably only going to be able to claim one. That moment where you make a new betting account is the perfect time to pick up some bonus offers, but you only get one chance. This means that your choice of first deposit bonus to use is very important. You want to make sure that whichever bonus you’re looking to get involved with is the exact right one for your betting needs, so make a habit of searching around before you make a definitive decision. Spoiler though: this Unikrn sign up offer is amazing val

How does Unikrn work?

These guys are massive in the online esports gambling scene, offering Unikrn esports bonuses and Unikrn promo codes both specifically relating to esports. They specialise in esports especially, so if you’re an esports fan we highly recommend giving these guys a chance.

What is Unikrn umode?

Umode is Unikrn’s unique take on esports gambling, whereby punters can undertake a completely new style of online betting. It all revolves around your own play and skills, allowing punters to even put money on their own video game matches. Check it out if you’re a keen gamer.

Is Unkikrn legit?

These guys are massive in the esports gambling world, as they’ve created an online betting platform that put esports first and everything else second. Although they don’t have the biggest branding in the world, we can confirm that they are definitely for real and offer some of the best esports betting opportunities on the internet.

Is this the best sign up offer on Unikrn?

As far as we can see – and at the time of writing – this is by far the best sign up offer listed on the Unikrn website. Rarely do we see a deposit offer that’s as easy to take advantage of as this one – and in addition to this the value of the reward is incredible (while there will be some wagering requirements for you to accomplish before you receive the bonus, double deposit isn’t something to be sniffed at).

Where should I use my bonus?

There are many places on Unikrn that you could target for your eventual bonus deposit credits. Obviously the esports sections of Unikrn are most appealing, given how easy it is to live stream and bet at the same time on their website. This isn’t the only option though – Unikrn also houses casino and traditional sports sections. There’s no wrong way to use your Unikrn esports bonus though, so take some time to browse their website and evaluate the options.

Unikrn offers a relatively unique reward scheme – and it’s good news for gamers. You can actually link your favourite games up to your Unikrn account, then earn rewards through their scheme for playing, watching streams and betting on those games. It’s a clever twist on the loyalty programs we usually see, and will reward the punters who are most interested in esports the very most.

Some of the games included in this scheme are: League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Fortnite, CoD, PUBG, Starcraft 2 and Halo 5. Here you’re rewarded specifically for your interest in esports and gaming in general, meaning you can easily combine your gaming and gambling lives into one package.

Esports isn’t all that’s covered though. Unikrn also rewards sports punters for similar activities on their website, so fear not if esports isn’t really your thing. As with any of these offers, you should really go check it out for yourself and see if it suits you – but we have a feeling you’re going to like what you see.

Although not specifically esports related, Unikrn’s current first deposit offer of doubling up your first deposit can be spent anywhere on their site. Anything up to $150 deposited for the first time will come back twofold, giving you much more to play with.

Basically, you register an account with Unikrn, make your first deposit (minimum $10 and maximum $150) and that’s about it. You’ll also get some free spins, but Unikrn aren’t currently listing any wagering requirements for this offer (again, double check before you personally go for it). It’s just that simple, so we can’t recommend it enough as a starting point for punters looking to get into esports betting.

It goes without saying that with this particular offer, you’ll not be able to withdraw your funds. Any winnings you get as part of this deposit bonus comes in the form of bonus bet credits. You’ll not be able to take any money out you win from this bonus, as all it does is double your initial deposit fee. It may seem like a downside but that’s the price you pay for such a generous offer.

As for mistakes to avoid when trying to use this bonus, there are few. With no listed wagering requirements and a straightforward method of claiming the bonus, honestly there’s not much that can go wrong.

One thing we do want to repeat though, is that the minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum bonus is $300. Because this Unikrn promo code is percentile based, we’d highly recommend depositing as much as you possibly can (up to $150) in order to make the very most of this cracking offer.

Overall, we can’t recommend this Unikrn promo code enough. Double your first deposit, and up to such a large amount, is just going to make the betting life of anyone lucky enough to find it much easier. If you’re a veteran gambler who’s looking for a new site, this offer will seem like an absolute no brainer to you.

There are many different offers on the Unikrn website, so it’s not all just about esports. Their casino section needs some love too, of course, and although you can use most of the promo codes in almost all areas of the website, the Casino Golden Hour promo that gives our free Golden Chips for playing Buster Blackjack and American Roulette is the more specialised option.

There’s a bit more to this deal than the earlier one. For starters, you must have made at least 2 deposits in total, and they must total $50 or more to qualify. The bonus only activates on your first session of Blackjack however, so while this bonus is targeting older customers, you must be new to casino games – at least on the Unikrn website.

Should you qualify for the bonus though, it should activate after your first session of Blackjack or Roulette where you spend over $20. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to hit up the wagering requirements for the bonus.

Like the bonus offer we spoke about earlier, there is no bonus withdrawal available for this one. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it gives you less control over how you allocate your winnings.

What you’ll be getting is 20 Golden Chips to spend on Unikrn’s casino games, which is something different punters will value differently, depending how much they play online casino games.

There are many pitfalls you need to avoid when claiming this bonus. For starters, the 2+ wagers of a combined total of $50 requirement to even qualify for the offer is something you just cannot ignore – this is not a bonus for new players.

The winnings are also subject to a 45x turnover requirement before they can be claimed, which is just astronomical and also means that the more you put down on this offer, the longer you’ll have to wait to claim it.

In all honesty, this doesn’t seem like a very appealing offer. New players are basically excluded from this, unless you’re willing to quickly spend $50 on Blackjack wagers, but we wouldn’t. The turnover requirements are also insanely high, which automatically puts this offer much further behind the other Unikrn bonus offers.

When all is said and done, the Golden Chips are great, but it’s not exactly cold hard cash is it? The effort that a player must go through to claim this promotion vastly outweighs the reward gained from it. However, if you’re a fan of casino gambling and enjoy Blackjack and Roulette, this could be the perfect offer for you.

As bonus offers go, this one from Unikrn is definitely above average. Double your first deposit as a bonus is a great way to get new punters off to a good start, and although you don’t HAVE TO spend it on the esports markets, if you do choose to do so you’re spoiled for choice. Ultimately the true selling point of this bonus is how easy it is to enjoy playing with it. Unikrn offers a unique service with their esports speciality, and we believe it’s something that punters should definitely check out.

Coffee card offers are promotions that require the completion of certain bets or actions. Matched first deposits are where your deposit funds are matched in accordance with the percentage for that particular promotion. These are just a few examples. There’s plenty more on the bonus rules page. They also make it clear all deposit bonuses have minimum and maximum amounts.

The Interstellar Parametres of Unikrn

Before we plot a course into the unknown, we need to have some idea of what our mission log looks like. As Unikrn is best known for its eSports credentials, people often imagine that what they offer is fairly limited. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They have a betting scope as broad and as impressive as the night sky. That’s right, you’ll not only find a Unikrn eSports bonus selection here but also a more traditional Unikrn casino bonus selection, as well as offering for their sportsbook. In addition, as far as we’re aware, all double as a Unikrn mobile bonus. The only thing that won’t be here is a Unikrn poker bonus because they don’t have dedicated casino software.

Unikrn isn’t just a betting planet: it’s a whole betting galaxy. We’re not going to go into the wider implications of just how cosmic all this choice is. We’ve got an extensive Unikrn review dedicated in that regard, but we thought it was best you know how many stars are in this betting sky before you start looking – just in case the sparkle takes you by surprise.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Unikrn casino and start your gambling experience today. They have everything you could wish for an online casino to have, and so much more. Out of all betting sites this one is easily one of the best options.

The Unikrn Casino Sportsbook is also worth a shot

If you are more the type who likes to bet on outrights or in-play sports with actual human participants instead of virtual ones, you furthermore have every possibility to try the Unikrn sports betting as well! Here you have top leagues for sports such as

  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Handball
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby

and others. Obviously these include beloved Canadian markets like NBA, NHL, Major League, NFL and further delightful must-haves in the world of online sportsbooks!

There are tons more too, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them in this Unikrn review.

2. Unikrn Bonus Code

By this point, you are probably salivating at the prospect of signing up for a new Unikrn account.

Well, the good news keeps on flowing because there is a fantastic opportunity to bag an unmissable welcome package, even without using any Unikrn bonus codes.

unikrn bonuses

Even if you don’t use any Unikrn code and deposit traditional cash into your account, you can choose between three options : the ‘Lit’ 3x match, where if you deposit $/€20 you will be handed $/€60 in bonus funds , or an another 300% match bonus, where you can get a bonus up to $/€300.

If you opt to deposit using your crypto wallet, the Unikrn bonus remains essentially the same just with new terms: Lit is bumped up to 3x, so you can get a 3000 UKG bonus, when you decide to deposit using your UKG wallet.

We have to admit that this bonus offer is really flexible. But the one thing that might be a problem is their payment methods. It is lacking of traditional ones like eWallets for example. So if this is a problem, you might want to check ArcaneBet eSports. You can even use our ArcaneBet bonus code to get the exclusive bonus!

There are promotions dedicated to UMode players too. When you play nine games with the brand you’ll get the tenth free, and if you choose to place your first UMode bet on CS:GO and don’t win, you can get your stake refunded up to $/€20.

Support Options Details
Live chat 07:00 to 23:00 (UTC), Monday – Friday
Contact form You can choose a specific department
Help center General FAQ
Discord 7,500+ members in the community!

Know that Unikrn also has a bunch of additional bonuses and offers from loyalty rewards to weekly free bets and cash bonuses.

Unikrn Betting

When it comes to sports betting Unikrn is a solid choice but they do have a smaller range of more niched sporting events.

Overall, Unikrn’s odds are good, particularly for the biggest events (think Australian open, NBA finals, and EPL football), but not quite as strong for live bets and for more obscure sports like volleyball and boxing.

Despite this, the in-play section of Unikrn is easy to follow and has plenty of stats and information that can help you to make more informed bets.

Some of the best features of Unikrn include their live streaming options for the NBA, European football, rugby league, and Esports. Unikrn also has great bonuses for the biggest sporting events and they offer enhanced odds and outright bets for major tournaments and competitions.

Unikrn also offers cash out for many pre-match and live betting markets meaning you can claim your winnings early on selected bets.

You’ll also find a wide range of virtual sports and novelty betting markets on Unikrn like whether an EPL player will be bought with Bitcoin.

Unikrn Live Betting

With Unikrn live betting you can follow games play-by-play with constantly updating stats to help you make informed bets on ever-changing odds

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